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Total profit per



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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Also, remember, your hard work is all done. You’ve got your product and copy in place. Now you just kick back with no work and no effort!

You’re earning $3.81 for every single letter that you mail out on the rollout!!! That’s with the same effort and risk - no more. Your earnings are up from $1,835.90 to $3,813.57, a very doable 108% increase!

And you’re no fool! How long do you think it would take you to ask this question?:

How many names can I mail to?

Grab hold of this one! Direct marketing is not a crapshoot! Once your project is producing profits, you simply roll out on success. The numbers get larger. It’s that simple. Also, in this populous country of ours, there’s hardly a category that doesn’t have 1,000,000 or more names.

1,000,000 x $3.81/ltr = $3,810,000

Wowee! Multiplication was never this fun in school!

Since you have to think anyway

But wait! Let’s do a little more math, trying on a few

You might as well think BIG!

different sets of the ‘universe’ of names for people

- Donald Trump interested in your product. Let’s say, averaging the effects

of dilution (reaching to people beyond the first levels of predisposed interest in your product) and duplication (same names on different lists), your response rate takes a staggering drop of 40% down to a 5.91 response rate. That would bring your profit per letter down to a meager

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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$2.02 per letter mailed. Everything else remains the same, of course, as it has been tested to be effective. Let’s see...

Names 1,000,000 2,000,000 5,000,000


$2.02 $2.02 $2.02

Total Profit

$2,020,000.00 $4,040,000.00 $10,100,000.00

How would you like to make $2,020,000 in a couple of years?

The good news is you can!

What if you do a mail out and

Reality Chicklet. What if you’d done a mail out of a 1,000

letters and lost money? How much? The likelihood of a

lose? How much can you lose?

The likelihood of a zero return is

zero return is almost infinitesimal... especially if you’re

following a good sales letter checklist! It’s only when

almost infinitesimal.

you’ve got the numbers that you launch yourself into a


So, you can lose some money... but not very much. Then, of course, it’s made up for with the winners.

It’s Not a Crapshoot, But It Is A NUMBERS Game! ...

The big event is to get a definitive win in an optimized test marketing effort, and then roll out with the winner!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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If you have a stinker... two things:

1. you probably made back some or most of your money... so it wasn’t a washout. You’re not gambling like that.

2. you’ve also received feedback on what’s not successful. Proceed as the market indicates, testing something different, such as a different headline, a higher or a lower price, a different offer, or a different guarantee.

This is optimization - getting the highest return possible

√ out of every dollar you invest,

√ out of every ad you run,

√ out of every process you employ.

Place two ads side-by-side. Nine times out of ten, there will be a significant difference in pulling power, attributable to headline, offer, bonus, premise, or a group of other things which I promise to discuss with you in greater depth.

Optimization is essentially a scientific process wherein we test, or try out, different alternatives to find the better one. We can’t tell by guessing, even by ‘educated guesses’. But the marketplace will always reveal its preferences.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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So your business becomes, in effect, an arena of science.

When you test something and you

You don’t risk very much. But trying a few alternatives will

know you have a winner

usually give you one that far outperforms the others...

there’s no risk involved

That’s the one you rollout with!

E. Joseph Cossman

This is every business person’s dream... And you’ve got it in mail order. There’s nothing like it!

√ To have definable, knowable profits!...

√ To control and eliminate risk!

Because, when the numbers are secure, it’s like you’re playing with a rigged table... Of course you’re winning!!!

...And the best is yet to come! So far, you haven’t seen anything but the beginning! I can’t wait to show you how you can pyramid your profits to over $100,000 from a single customer - starting with just a $337 sale!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Information Marketing

Every business is first and

There are two distinct aspects to business. If you understand

foremost a marketing vehicle.

this distinction, you’ll be light years ahead of 95% of your

Only after you understand that


does your brilliant and badly

needed product stand a chance in

Most people do it wrong... poor product, low prices,

today’s competitive marketplace. ineffective advertising, traditional opportunity... No wonder they fail! You won’t have to do that.

Ted Ciuba

Most people don’t understand the rudimentary division in business between the two prime divisions of business - any business.

Every business consists of the core expertise - that is, the product or service that is offered.

However, many people stop there, thinking they’re in the design business, or consulting business, or landscaping business, or oil business, or railroad business, or dance

business...They’ve only got half the picture at best.

The real business that every business person is in is the marketing business. Cars, insurance, information products, etc... these are the particular ‘vehicles -’ each separate ‘business’ chooses to do business with. That is, one person or company chooses to originate mortgages (vehicle) as their method to make money (the common end of all Whatever else you do, you are

business). Another person or company chooses to sell also in the marketing business

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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antique furniture and trinkets (vehicle) as their method to make money (business).

Every business - all business - Is MARKETING. Without marketing, you have no productive activity. There is no income. There’s just a product in a warehouse or a garage or a skill lodged with an individual or a firm.

Most people don’t understand this simple distinction. Your business is not really

‘health products’ or

‘business opportunities’ or

‘mortgages’ or

a ‘search engine submission service’ or

‘indigenous products from Bolivia’ or

Civil War artefacts.

Your business is really letting the people that might be interested in these products know that you have them, at a high value, and they can make their lives immediately better when they get them.

That’s marketing!

One easy way to sprint ahead of your competitors is to simply realize that you’re in the marketing business. Leave ‘em eating your dust!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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To Optimize... to fully optimize your results, you should take your understanding to the next level. You’ll more fully optimize when you conceive both your product and marketing

maneuvers as including substantial elements of each other, simultaneously affecting and being affected by each other; independent and integrally connected.

Fortunately, it sounds a lot worse than it is... In theory you might think you need to be versed in Eastern mysticism. In practice, I’m just talking about reverse engineering. The most successful enterprises are those that select their market first, according to where they find a starving crowd and then adopt and develop their product with an eye to what that market wants. After having decided on your product, you then develop and launch your marketing plan with your market and your product both clearly in mind. Talk about targeting!

Easy. There’s only 3 things;

1. Market

2. Product

3. Marketing.

Easy. When you know how!

WHEN you know the secrets, it’s a breeze. Kind of like the juggler, keeping 5 balls in the air...

Easy, when you know the secrets. Then it’s just developing the flow that comes with mindful and engaged experience.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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We Have A Very Strong Bias

You and I... We want the business that offers us the most advantages with the least disadvantages, don’t we? Maximum returns for minimum effort. Right?

Maximum money in minimum time.

That’s why you need to know about Information Marketing. That’s what we call the direct response marketing of information products. When you combine the advantages of direct response marketing and information products together in Information Marketing you’ve just found the best business there is!

It’s trouble-free, profitable, and reliable.

Successful, Savvy, in

There is no more ideal product than an information product.

tune with the trends...

In a nutshell, it’s got a high perceived value, it’s cheap to

Using Today’s Simple

reproduce, and very affordable to ship. Losses due to

Technology Tools like The

damages are virtually non-existent. Your prospects are easy

Phone, A Fax and, Above All,

to find, cheap to approach, and easy to convert.

Your Computer Hooked To The

If you operate your Internet Business as an Information

Internet, Working Part-Time

Business, all these advantages are multiplied exponentially!

From Your Home, You Can

There are NO costs associated with digital delivery - there

Quickly, Easily, & Safely Earn

are NO product costs. Further, it costs you NOTHING to

Well Over $100,000 Per Year

send an e-mail to your customers... E-mail is free! The

in... Mail Order ‘in the Internet

Internet is a revolution that is benefitting YOU!


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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Online and offline, all of these things make a setup for the perfect business... Which is what Mail Order in the Internet Age is all about!

No need for employees, expensive overhead... You can live your life on the beachfront, if you want. Or from home in Spokane, working part-time, if that’s where you want to live.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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- The Marketing of Information -

Direct Response - The Greatest Method

Direct response marketing, or ‘mail order’, is a method - one way - of conducting the marketing and selling function of your business. There are many more, such as

1. opening a storefront and letting people walk in or

2. sending a sales force out to make calls,

but mail order is the most elegant, trouble free, affordable, and profitable.

The principles of direct response marketing can be used to sell darn near anything! Just think of your own experience as a consumer and as a person who’s seen lots of ads in magazines,

newspapers, the radio, and on TV (Among other places).

Companies are using direct mail to successfully sell furniture, magazines, gourmet food, jewelry, fine wine, electronics, kitchen ware, clothing, toys, magazines, cigars, records, golf equipment, home loans, business opportunities, insurance, credit cards, computers, software, adult things, works of art, shoes, vitamins, cameras, office supplies, printing, wigs, flowers, gardening plants and equipment, books, cosmetics, videos, exercise equipment, real estate, real estate plans, pet supplies, collectibles, newsletters and much more!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Think there’s any opportunity in mail order? Nobody’s become a millionaires overnight. The first successful letter that Gary Halbert wrote has already pulled in over $700 million! (Using conservative estimates... others place it 3-4 times as high!) He wrote it one evening after they turned the electricity back on in his house!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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It’s Easy To Find Your Market

We affectionately call Gary Halbert the ‘wildman’ of the copywriting profession. He once asked a group of aspiring marketers a simple question. “Assuming,” he says, “you’ve got a hamburger stand”, he continued, “and you could have any one feature concerning your business... What would it be?”

The motivated group shouted their answers:

Killer advertising!

The best location!

Reliable help!

The best hamburger around!

A price lower than my competitor’s!

The cheapest price!

And so it went... After all the answers were out, and he’d written them all on the board, he asked everybody to review the list, to think again... ?Are you sure there isn’t something else? If you can only have one thing?”

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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A few more things were mentioned, actually repeats or variations of things already on the board.

Then Gary, getting close, huddled with the crowd and whispered into the mic, “if I could only have ONE thing, I’d want”...

A Starving Crowd!

Instantly everybody knew Gary was right.

With a starving crowd you don’t need any advertising, any location will do, because they’re there, and they’re hungry. They’re MOTIVATED TO BUY!

And if it takes a few minutes longer to get their burger, because you’re short one unreliable employee, they’ll wait. And nobody asks if you’re the ‘best’ burger around...

By the way, I’ve never met anyone over 12 years old who actually thought McDonald’s had the

‘best’ burger around... Have you? Of course, you know, no one sells more! This should illustrate to you that it’s more than just the ‘best’ burger that makes for financial success.

And, when a person’s hungry, and you’re the one there, you’re not compared against some competitor’s pricing, because there are no competitors... (for this reason you want to develop your U.S.P. - Unique Selling Proposition. More on eliminating competition later.) And how’s this for a sweet note?! With all these advantages, you’d be a fool to give your customers the ‘lowest’ price and not make any money for yourself... And likewise not be around to serve them another day...

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Things are totally different when you’re selling to someone who’s aggressively seeking you out!

If you’ve ever been a salesperson, you know what a dream this is!

Well guess what? It’s not a dream in mail order!

The advantages that you have with direct marketing allow you to target niche audiences. You only spend your advertising dollars in areas where you know people are predisposed to your product or service. People who are hungry to buy from you!

Different people read different magazines and different e-zines. Different people frequent different newsgroups. They, like every human being, are just following their interests. Therefore, when you advertise in different publications, you are advertising to people with a professed interest in the subject matter. Everything from The Economist to The Globe, The Wall Street Journal to People, the Hog Farmer’s Update to Guitar Player, Vintage Porcelain Dolls to Sniper.

Thus, if you have a dazzling new guitar wah-wah pedal, you don’t waste your resources

advertising it in The Wall Street Journal, do you? Few guitar players read The Wall Street Journal. But they do congregate in the pages of Guitar Player or its online equivalent, don’t they? Here’s your starving crowd!

The same thing goes, in reverse, if you have a businessman’s product. Sure, some guitar players are businessmen, with businessman’s concerns... But, statistically very few pickers are businessmen. Therefore, you wouldn’t waste your money on an ad for a businessman’s product in Guitar Player. But The Wall Street Journal for a businessman’s product? There’s your starving crowd!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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And with either publication you wouldn’t advertise a great new high protein, high body building hog supplement that would increase hog farmers’ yields by 23.9%, would you? But if you’re in the Hog Farmer’s Update... There’s your starving crowd!

Thus you see how niching goes. ‘Everybody’ is not your customer. You’re always seeking to optimize the value of your investment, so you only pay to reach people who are predisposed with an interest in your product.

Your costs are lower, your prospects are more responsive. And the money you make is

multiplied many times over. It’s easy to ‘Get rich in a niche’. It’s likely you’ll go broke trying to sell to ‘everybody’!

Whether by advertisements in publications or you rent mailing lists of proven mail order buyers of similar products, or you advertise in e-zines that attract your type of buyer, with direct marketing you approach your exact specific market. It don’t get no better than this!

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel! They’re there, gathered together in a little area and you’ve got them.

It’s entirely legal and ethical! Understanding how direct marketing works literally gives you a license to print money.

Who Should Use Direct Marketing?

Some people have the mistaken notion that direct marketing is only for mail order companies.

You already know better. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Direct response is truly the only kind of advertising that any company should ever do. It’s about maximizing your revenues! Minimizing your expenses. It’s trackable. It stimulates sales.

Conventional advertising doesn’t work. It’s not trackable. Why would you want to ever do anything else other than direct response advertising?

To maximize its effectiveness, even your Yellow Pages ad should be direct response oriented.

Not only will you make more money - because you’ll have an offer that inspires action, but you’ll know whether or not your ad is working. You see, every time people ask for the unique special you’ve identified in your ad, you know they’ve seen it in the Yellow Pages.

It’s the same online and offline - direct marketing brings a bundle of particular benefits to any business in the world!

Mortgage professionals, dentists, chiropractors, lawn care professionals, hair dressers, computer programmers, publishers, manufacturers, software developers, restaurants, consultants, speakers, printers, salespeople, nutritional companies, and almost any other business you can think of all use direct mail to generate leads and customers like mad. Watch your mail... or e-mail.

Direct marketing offers you the ultimate in marketing firepower - ALL your money goes to effective marketing... with no waste on people who could never buy. Hm-m-m-m.

Ads And The Mail

The basic selling devices of direct response marketing are ads and the mail. You’ve no doubt seen millions of impressions, so you know what I’m talking about. Something you may not be aware of, however, is the 2 standard approaches these devices use.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Lead Generation and Direct Selling

Any ad or sales letter approaches the selling effort either with 1-step or 2-step selling. Lead For all the exciting facts simply

generation, or 2-step selling, refers to the process of getting

an interested person to respond at a low level of

request your... FREE Special

involvement and then stepping them up to the intended sale.


Any time you read, watch or hear an ad that invites you to

respond for a ‘free special report’ (a very powerful sequence of words!), or ‘free information’, you’re seeing 2-step advertising in action.

When they request it, they’ve taken step one in this sequence.

The free special report arrives, and it’s loaded with valuable information. Its sole purpose, however, is to get you to buy the product or service being offered. Some marketers refer to it as a

‘disguised’ sales letter. It is.

When they order the product, they’ve taken step 2.

Direct selling, or 1-step selling, most frequently involves mailing a full sales package to a prospect with your first contact. In fact, however, any ad that asks you to send money is a 1-step ad. Thus, for instance, you see many advertisements in magazines, papers and the TV that ask you to send anywhere from $3 to $79 dollars to purchase the product. That’s 1-step, selling directly from the ad.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Even with affordable products, but especially with more expensive products, it’s easier to capture the sale with 2-step selling. That’s why I’d recommend that anyone start with 2-step marketing.

A more sophisticated approach actually combines both approaches. For instance, an ad or mail piece might 1-step you into a $19.95 book, which might in turn, even while delivering full value for your purchase, invite you to get involved with a bigger, more benefit-laden course on the subject or opportunity. Thus you’ve got a 1-step ad, with the product itself working as a 2-step special report.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Publicity Can Make You $1,000,000

Fame, riches, love, FUN, relationships, prestige, respect!...

It can all be yours...

With a few press releases - literally, with a few clicks of your left mouse button - you’re an instant expert, an authority on your topic or product. And, aren’t you? Whatever it is you sell, you’re the expert on it - compared with thousands and hundreds of thousands of others...

How about being a guest on radio talk shows...

√ appearing on Larry King?...

√ TV... Oprah, Donahue, Sally, The Today Show?...

√ Newspapers... The Washington Post, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle?...

√ Magazines like Time, Forbes, Popular Mechanics?...

Think it might boost your career?

One single piece of publicity in Family Circle, earned Harold Moe $3,591,000. Most people think Moe did okay.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Perhaps you’ve heard of Paul Hartunian, who offers simply the best entrepreneurial publicity course in existence today (available at ) He

earned a smacking kool $400,000 for 2 hour’s work. At that rate it’d take him an hour and 15

minutes to earn $1,000,000! We’re talking leverage here!

That’s not the greatest prize for a single press release, but

Family Circle featured the book

most people would think that’s pretty good for a man who

of self-published author, Harold

woke up one morning to his radio alarm, got motivated by

Moe, How To Make Your

the news, ran to his word processor and compressed the guts Paycheck Last.

of his inspiration into a few paragraphs. He became famous

That SINGLE piece of publicity

and rich as the man selling the Brooklyn Bridge.

brought in over 180,000 orders at

$19.95 each. Just in case you’re

If you know how to use publicity, you can get rich off of it.

wondering... that’s $3,591,000 -

In 60 Days!

If you try to sell - using the media for an advertisement -

you’ll be an


instant loser. You’ll only last the 3 seconds it

takes to interject filler... On the other hand, if you get interviews and name and face recognition and you don’t make any money, you’re also a loser. Fame without money is not acceptable.

Fame with money is very good.

Fortunately, it’s simple to convert yourself into a winner simply by understanding a few crucial things about publicity.

It all basically refers to treating the media as you would any marketing target - by giving them what they want - and collecting a willingly paid price for doing it.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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So your solution is to offer the media news. That’s what they want. And as part of that ‘news package’ that you’re giving them, is a mention of your contact information, an address or phone.

It’s a simple deal that the media knows.... the deal of the day. But you can only count on it if you ask for it.

It doesn’t have to be a dream...

Easy, Instant, Cheap - Technology-Advantaged - Predictable,

and 10 Times More Powerful Than Paid Advertising!!!

Here we are, face-to-face with the outrageous power now in the hands of the little guy - with home based technology. Simple stuff, really. Like a computer with Win-Fax Pro... and a

telephone line. You write a guaranteed-winner press release (because you know how to do it) in a few minutes. Then you fax-blast your press release to thousands of media sources with the click of your mouse.

A broadcast-faxed news release

Publicity gives it ALL to you! It’s easy, instant, cheap,

is what got me a TWO PAGE

technology-advantaged, predictable, and outrageously


effective!!! - 10 times more powerful than paid advertising!


Let’s start with writing a release. Unlike a sales letter,

If I bought two pages of

which may run anywhere from 4 - 44 pages, a good press

advertising in Forbes, I d pay

release is a single page. Double-spaced!

between $50,000 and $75,000. I

paid 15 4c . Which price do you

And, while writing a sales letter can be a mindbuster, to say

like better: $75,000 or 15 4c ?

the least, the standard press release consists of just 3

Paul Hartunian

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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First, there’s the ‘story’, in which you summarize everything. Second, there’s the ‘backup’, in which you create credibility for the source. This can be as simple as, “according to Doug Dukes, who’s ridden the rails now for 22 years...”. Doug’s story will now have credibility because he IS

an authority on railroad hoboing. The third section is the concluding “close’, where you go for the throat (excuse me, the ‘sale’).

Press release writing really is that easy. In fact, you’ll suffer if you complicate it more than that.

There’s another thing you should know about in the newsrooms of America & the world. A fax vibrates with urgency. Mail - as you’ve evidenced by sending it through the system that takes days instead of seconds - can wait. Nothing to it... What’s a few more weeks? (Not the way I want to run my publicity campaign!) Mail has become antiquated. It’s dated before it crosses the newsroom portal, and it’s treated that way.

Oh, by the way, there’s now a software program that can deliver your press releases straight to editors’ desks by e-mail. It contains something like 3,000 publicity contacts that you can reach with the simple click of a button. To get the full skinny on it, as well as to order the valuable

software, check out APress Blaster at http://www.InstantInternetMarketing/resources/

If this little pinch of publicity has you yearning for more, don’t go anywhere! More later.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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The Simple Tools Of Direct Marketing

Believe it or not, we’ve already identified all the tools of direct marketing. They’re as simple as advertising (whether classified or space ads), sales letters, publicity releases, the mail, the Internet, the fax machine, and the telephone. (Telemarketing is one application of the telephone.) Any entrepreneurial-minded person has the ability to use all of these tools, easily.

Advertising and direct mail are the old reliable staples of direct marketing. They work. They work good. When you have a good product, and you have good copy, you just put these

mediums to work, and they churn out money for you regularly.

Publicity can offer you financial and credibility rewards that dwarf the returns from paid advertising, and it can do it for literally pennies of the cost of ads!

Get Rich Quick On The Information SuperHighway

However, the Internet is the hot new medium of direct response marketing. In fact, it’s gotten to the point that 2 essential components of any well-addressed business include the URL and your e-mail address. Without these items, you’re looked at as a dinosaur. It sure happened fast...

within a couple of years!

© MMIII by Parthenon Marketing all rights reserved

“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Fortunately, the same principles hold true on the Internet as anywhere else. Offer a good product with good copy, making a good offer, and you’ll get orders. The three things that are amazing about the Internet are

√ how cheap it is!

√ the speed with which you can transact business! And

√ how great your reach is!

Truly, the Internet and the worldwide web have gotten so cheap that there’s really no excuse not to be on the web. And, by the way, e-mail is now a great way to do your publicity campaigns, driving down the penny-pincher price of publicity to zippo!

And web space? Today, if you’ll do a search on the Internet under free web space, you’ll find acres of it! We also offer certain programs to put you on the web. We’ll place you on the web, do all the work and programming for you, optimize your marketing programs, and send all the orders from your site directly to you! We’ll make all the arrangements for processing your credit cards, so that you don’t have any trouble at all! All you do it participate in the greatest revolution to ever hit the marketing world.

To get more details on this killer, instant web publishing project, send any e-mail to our specially setup for you autoresponder at It’s free.

But, cheap on the web doesn’t equate with ineffective! When you run an ad, for instance, you’ve got a lag time of a few days to a few months before the ad comes out and you see results. Not

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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necessarily so on the Internet. We got our first inquiries for a $997 product we put up on our web site within 5 minutes of putting the offer up. It didn’t cost a penny to put that on the web, either!

After exchanging e-mail correspondence back and forth a few times - at zero cost - just 5 days after we’d placed the report online, we received our first order. It was an international order, from Switzerland! We would never have placed an ad in a single Swiss paper or magazine, but, on the web he searched us out and sent in his $997!

I can’t imagine a better direct response vehicle than the worldwide web! Also, the majority of people on the web have credit cards. Not only does a credit card make it more convenient to buy, this very convenience successfully encourages credit card holders to spend more money. Get a web site and let them spend that money with you!

The general truth with web and e-mail advertising is that you need to tone down the hype factor.

Provide good solid information, and build a relationship.

Truly, it’s my humble opinion that those who aren’t looking at the web today are somewhat blind!!! Missing a great portion of the fortune they could have! But don’t worry... If you’re not going after it, somebody else will!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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- The Information of Information Marketing -

Information - The Greatest Product

I want you to get rich. But I also want you to do it in the most rapid and trouble-free way there is.

So, no, I’m not going to suggest you sell hamburgers... But I do want you to sell to a starving crowd... I want you to sell information products!

Believe me, there is no better product than a ‘how to’ information product. Information products have a high perceived value, which makes them easy to sell - at high prices - which, of course, means your profit$ are outrageous!

Not only that... but, take your pick! Your opportunities to furnish information products are unlimited! Think about the millions of information subjects out there!... Everything from fly fishing to flight in covert operations... Tax compliance to tax avoidance to taxidermy and calling a taxi in Manhattan. Gaming to goldmining...

Pick your passion. Take your pick.

Also, the thing that eats most peoples’ lunch, isn’t hardly a factor for you: you don’t need any inventory! This is another particular and recent benefit that business in the Information Age gives you! - the breakthrough of publishing-on-demand makes it possible for the little guy to get rich overnight! You can get started without any inventory! Then, when the orders come in, the

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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products are cheap and easy to produce. ...And if you’re delivering your products over the Internet, products are FREE and require no effort on your part to produce!

By the way, if you’re interested in the savvy Internet tool that can let you do everything we’re talking about, check out You can even get a free 30-day test drive of the system, to see if it’s right for you.

Definition Of An Information Product

But first!... I think I’m getting ahead of myself... “What”, you certainly may be asking, “do you mean by information products - b ooks?

Here’s where you part company forever with all the well-intentioned, conventionally bred, mis-profit-informed people of the world. Books? Well, yes and no. Books, as you see them in the bookstore -, no. At least, not if that’s all there is.

You can’t make enough money on books for books’ sake. But, used strategically, you can make a killing.

Through conventional bookstore channels, your profit on a book is minuscule. Believe me, even if you self-publish, but distribute your book through conventional channels, your share is minuscule. Like $7 on a $20 book. Even at that, you’ve got to pay for advertising at every turn.

Not to mention the cost of the book itself, which may be $2.00 - $3.50. Then there’s other costs...

Authors don’t make money. Publishers make little.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Of course, if you have a book that really takes off, if you’re that one person in 2,000,000... you may end up with a $100,000 TOTAL profit. But, friend, I didn’t write this book to tell you how to earn $100,000 on a book, but $100,000 or more every year!

By staying in control and selling by direct response methods, you can net $15.00 on that same book. Then, when you have a million seller, you’ve got $15,000,000 in your pocket!

How You Really Make Money In Information Marketing

But that’s only the beginning! What you want, and what will make you rich, year in year out, with niche sales, is information products! And just what are ‘information products’? Simple: books, reports, audio cassettes, videos, diskettes, CD-Rom’s... This kind of thing...

But first, let’s back up a bit...

There’s more about books. The only time you’d want a ‘book’, is when it is strategically positioned to do more for you than simply be a ‘book’.

To illustrate this idea, as well as what we in the direct response ‘how to’ industry mean when we talk about ‘information products’, take this very book, Mail Order in the Internet Age, for an example.

The book sells for a mere pittance of its true worth... It’s aimed first at ordinary folks who want to earn an independent, prosperous living. Secondly, it’s aimed at every business person in the world - especially those interested in the new world order of E-Commerce. It truly contains

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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closely guarded secrets - such as this very one we’re discussing now - that can literally make you, or any other person who reads and acts on it, millionaire rich.

However, as a budgetable purchase, it’s available to everyone who wants one. Nobody is priced out of the market. And products at this price level fit well within the bargain range that newspapers, newsletters, magazines and TV talk shows like to offer to their readers... Especially since it’s on a topic that appeals to so many people - making money from home, on the Internet.

So I’ve created a product that can get millions of dollars worth of free publicity.

And every interview can mean $100, $1,000, $10,000 or more. For free. Because you always have your toll free number published with all publicity.

When I do a Los Angeles radio show and get 507 orders in 45 minutes, I’ve packed in a cool $10,125 - of which $8,958.90 is mine to keep - profit after expenses. Not bad for an hour’s work, no?

But, as you may have already noticed in this very book I offer my reader a number of other products that give them the ultimate tools they need to be super-successful! There’s the course created in conjunction with this book, the Mail Order in the Internet Age System, as well as references to others, such as the publicity course we talked about earlier.

To use an analogy, let’s say you’re a teacher teaching on any subject. Let’s pick one... Mountain climbing! Now, when I come to your free introductory class, or read your free special report, or buy your low-cost book (all information products) because I heard you on a radio interview or read one of your ads, I find you’re teaching me how to climb mountains. I find you sharing unselfishly with me, the benefits of your interests, experience, and expertise. Some of the glories

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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of the sport, as well as some of the dangers I need to be aware of today. A little bit about training. Maybe you describe a tense trip up the face of the treacherous El Capitán, and get me fired up to challenge that same mountain in Yosemite National Park.

Now that I’m better educated, I’m rearing to go! You’re the expert and kind friend who has provided me all this low cost, valuable information. Who am I going to go to when I need pants, a jacket, boots, a knife, a hand warmer, properly packed emergency food and water? How about spikes and a hammer, ropes, pulleys, and safety gear? How about a club, where like-minded companions can meet? How about a newsletter describing 2-3 of the world’s best spots for mountain climbing every month?

And do I care if you make a fair profit on the merchandise? Just like anyone else would? But you’re my friend - you’ve demonstrated it beyond any doubt. I already know and trust you...

I’m coming to you!

That’s the power of information products. To create a multiple buyer, a lifetime friend and purchaser. Remember, though I give many example of my own experience, these principle are universal, and they apply to whatever valid product in the world you’re selling!

So, returning again to the products I might sell to people who read my book, Mail Order in the Internet Age... These additional products have a higher dollar value, of course. So if only 5% of those original publicity-won customers purchase an additional $500 from me within the next several months, I’ve made an additional $12,500! Add that to the original $9,985, and now I’ve made $22,485!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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You know why I’m in information marketing!

$22,485 for an hour’s work!

Believe me. You’re getting real insiders’ secrets. This is not something I would share around the pastry table at a church affair, or something I’d share in conversation at a Belle Meade social event.... Or even at the racetrack over cervezas (that’s beer, for you diehard gringos). But, because I want you, as an entrepreneur and valued friend to know the truth, I share it freely with you.

What if you only work a few hours a week? $22,485 x 3 = $67,455.00. Entirely possible.

So here we are, back where we began. What are information products? Simple, they are reports, brochures, booklets, books, manuals, audio tapes, video tapes, diskettes, and CD’s.

And, here we are again, in today’s Information Age, these are all ridiculously easy to

accomplish! You can learn to create and/or acquire information products of your own with just a few phone calls. It’s never been easier than it is today! Later you’ll read about ‘How To Get Your Own Million Dollar Product’. It contains full details.

High Perceived Value

If Halbert is remembered for the ‘starving crowd’, perhaps Ciuba will be remembered for the

‘info junkie’. I guess I should be ashamed of it.

The starving crowd speaks to a passion that must be fulfilled... Junkie takes that hunger one step further... Junkie recognizes that every person in that crowd will again have a driving hunger to

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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fulfill. Tomorrow. Same place. Same time. Same great profits! Perhaps even more than once a day! ... Every person in the crowd will be hungry again in a few hours, all morality aside... The junkie needs a recurring and ongoing ‘fix’.

But let’s talk about differences now. Under normal circumstances, there’s a big difference in

‘relative values’. Everybody and his brother’s selling ‘food’. This drives prices down to where it approaches the value of what the person could provide for himself or herself. I mean, people can prepare their lunch at home and bring it with them.

It’s different with a junkie. A junkie can’t do the alternative thing of ‘fixing’ their own passion, be it sex, drugs, or rock-n-roll (lapsing back into my 60's roots). This RAISES the price IMMENSELY as well as providing for ONGOING, REPEAT BUSINESS!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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You Can’t Live With Yourself If You’re On The Take

PAY ATTENTION! In this discussion of junkies and their passions, don’t infer that I would ever recommend you do anything illegal. I am NOT recommending you do anything illegal,

immoral, or deleterious to life, fame, or character. Your own or anybody else’s. That would be the height of stupidity! And against everything I stand for.

My whole philosophy is about enjoying life and helping you enjoy to life, too! The stupidest thing you could ever do is get involved with anything illegal, immoral, or destructive of your health, character, fame, or freedom - or of others.

When I talk about an ‘info junkie’ it’s a metaphor and analogy to illustrate certain things...

• The easiest thing to sell is something people want.

• The best thing to sell is something people want badly!...

• They’re going to spend their money with someone... Why not some of it to prosper you?!

• If you’re selling something that people want over and over again, that they can’t get anywhere else, then you’ll get rich!

• There are millions of info junkies - the whole society is an info junkie - to get you rich.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Your profits will blast out the roof!

But you can’t live with yourself, your wife, your children, or your God if you’re on the take.

Don’t take my word for it! Just look around. Those who are take advantage of humanity’s foibles never win in the long term.

I am talking about the distinctly moral phenomenon of making a substantial profit while contributing to humanity’s development and well-being.

On the give, you enjoy the true riches of life. More than just material wealth... True riches in every dimension! It’s too easy to be a contributor enjoying life to do anything else! And, my experience teaches me that’s the only way you ever really enjoy the riches that these mail order techniques can lay in your hands...

What characterizes a junkie?

Someone Who Can’t Resist Spending Big Chunks Of Money!

What does this mean?

Market reports, books, audios,

In the information marketer’s eyes, an info junkie is

videos, diskettes, CD-ROM s to

someone who can’t resist spending big chunks of money.


Someone who consumes information, in their own topic of

interest, be it fashion, web design, import/export, gourmet

coffee, teaching skills, medical malpractice, or even something as mundane as rice (there’s a whole rice industry, don’t forget).

These people have an insatiable need for more information!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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A junkie just can’t get enough of your product... Except for only temporarily - and that’s short-term.

And it’s high priced!...

There’s literally thousands of different fields of interest, but let’s talk about the business opportunity junkie. I can talk freely about this addiction, because I’ve got it!

There’s hardly a week goes by that I’m not sending off for reports, books, or courses of various values, from free to $1,000. Several times a year I go flying away to some high priced $2,500 -

$10,000 seminar.

And I’m supposed to know all this already! And I do know more than 99.999% of the population at large, and 98.6% of other marketers... “But”, I tell myself,

“...if I learn only one little thing, one new distinction, one new technique... or if this speaker helps me see something I already know in a new way that stimulates a new action on my part... Or if I get the motivation to do something new or different...

Then I’ll make back multiples of what I’ve invested in this program”.

And, of course... there is a reason why I would say this to myself... The reality of the matter is, it happens again and again and again!

Just like the rush and the reward the junkie gets from his drugs, I get the same thing from the information. I do experience a surge of ideas and activity. And money.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Another thing that characterizes a junkie, is that he needs to up the dosage to get the same kick.

Higher qualities, greater amount - $19.95 book, $497 course, $5,000 seminar.

That’s what you want - someone who can’t resist spending big chunks of money! That characterizes a junkie. When you can hit on a junkie crowd... your fortune is assured.

Like I said, I know this market...

I’m not a fisherman, or a cook, or a model railroader, or an ornament maker, or a chiropractor, an NLP practitioner, a language teacher, a Tarot reader, or an oboe player, a pediatrician, a mountain climber, or a Harley rider... But the same thing holds true in these markets, too. One little distinction - to an info junkie - in his or her area of passion - is worth it all.

P.S. I always think that as marketers, we are the luckiest, because, for us, those distinctions result in a greater bottom line. YES!!

But from collecting porcelain plates to walking on fire, you name it, there’s people who can’t get enough information!

Sewing, model trains, warfare, engineering, literature, hot rods, cultures, politics, investments, web development, sculpture, collectibles, precious gems... money-making opportunities...

religion, charities, medical practitioners, C.P.A.’s....

We are all info junkies, because we all are interested in making our lives better. Somebody’s involved in any interest area you can name - from survivalism to sophistication. And like a

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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junkie - people will pay whatever they have to pay for information. Then they’ll clamor for even more, of a higher quality and a higher price!

My question to you?...

Somebody Has To Supply The Info Junkies... Why Not You?

Test me on this... For every group of interests there are buyers... People want security, want to have a good time, want to make money, want a good relationship, want to appear attractive to the opposite sex, want the latest edge in their sport, hobby, profession or career...

These interests and these markets exist with our without you, wouldn’t you agree? And wouldn’t you agree that these people will buy from someone?

Why don’t you become the seller of goods and services to the group of people that interests you most, and profit thereby?

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Your Profit$ Are Outrageous!

In fact, to

Question: If you were going into

outsiders, the profits we make are nothing short


direct marketing today and didn’t

obscene. Even the oil companies don’t do as well as you

and I do. Believe me, you’ve got to be careful who you tell!

have a product, and had no

money, how would you start?

Let me give you a TRUE example of the outrageous

Answer: What I would do is take

markups we enjoy! In Diversified Resources, Inc., one of

an existing product that s out

the companies I’m affiliated with, we sell the Paper Profit$

there - not create a new one -

Course. It’s a course on buying and selling cashflows -

and figure out a way to market it

mortgage payments, leases, annuities, judgements, lottery

on a direct basis, do a test for as

winnings, car, marine, and airplane notes.

little as $600 - testing 1,000

names. I’d pick a product that

The course teaches people how they can make upwards of

already has a proven track

$1,000 per hour in the cashflow industry, easily over


$10,000 per month. The ‘product’ itself consists of a

- Ted Nicholas

manual with 2 cassettes, a special report, and a cover page.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Here’s our actual costs:



Printed Text


2 Cassettes


1 Special Report


1 “Thank You” Cover





When you consider that people pay from $97 to $497 for these manuals, things really start looking good! At $97, we make a 1,470% markup. And when we sell a $497 manual, which we regularly do, that’s a...

7,942% markup!

Try doing that in the stock market!

How is it possible to sell a manual for $497? Some people, you know, don’t believe it can be done... But it can be done quite easily... In fact, after I strolled the 8 second commute from my breakfast room to my ‘office’ (spare bedroom) this morning... in less than 10 minutes, 2 orders have come in. One for $152.00. The other for $997.00. Our most popular product is the full $737

Paper Profit$ course.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Can you see why I’m such an advocate of a home-based information products mail order and Internet Marketing business?!!

P.S. If you’d like to enjoy the same type of prosperity, with the identical products we are doing it with... stay tuned. I’ll share exactly how you can make it happen!

So, how is it possible to sell a manual for $497? By this point you already know, don’t you? The city is Junkieville, in the land of Information Products. NO other product allows these kinds of margins!

But, a 7,942% markup!?? Here’s the distinction...

You’re selling a map... not the paper.

Maybe it’s true that it only ‘costs’ you $6.18 to put a course together. But, because of the information it contains, it’s worth FAR more.

I could imagine, couldn’t you, that a thinned paper napkin which had the route to a pirate’s treasure drawn out on it could command a very high price?

It’s the perceived value thing all over again... You’re not selling the cost of manufacture of the

‘product’, which is only a napkin, but the information contained and revealed in the product.

Actually, the ‘information’ is only ‘necessary’ as a means-to-an-end. Face to gleaming face with the pirate’s chest of jewels and doubloons, the napkin buyer may drop that napkin on the ground...

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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It’s the end object, the treasure which animates the buyer’s heart, and opens the springs of his wallet.

In the same way, the value of learning how to work from home and make $1,000 per hour in a clean mail order business is a treasure! In spite of the simple Kinko’s fact that - measured in terms of paper and ink - it only costs a couple bucks to print up. ...or, delivered online, there’s ZERO cost! Your own cost is not the issue. The treasure is!

Believe me! You’re learning all the secrets right now that make this kind of money available to you.

Same thing with a diet program. You’re not selling a ‘manual’ or a ‘video’. You’re selling a program that will make your client attractive to the opposite sex, and make her feel good about living again.

Successful marketers understand this distinction, and execute their programs with far greater success.

Always sell the treasure.

Same thing about an asset protection program. You’re selling to a rich man who fears that the government, an attorney, an employee, or the public may try and take away what he’s worked so hard to acquire. The value of preserving a multi-million dollar estate is not measured by how much it costs to manufacture a manual and a video tape.

The value of an information product is measured by the benefit it brings to the client’s life.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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It’s not about how much 78 pages of a manual and 240 minutes of video tape cost... Just like romantic days of pirates and buried treasure, it’s not the faded whisper of a napkin the client wants... It’s the treasure!

Sell maps.

Easy And Cheap To Create And/Or Acquire

We’ve already seen how incredibly affordable information products are to ‘manufacture’. No special equipment is required. You can do it all at your neighborhood copy shop.

But you’ve got to have something to copy, don’t you? That’s the most important thing, because if you don’t have a product, you can’t have a sale...

And not only the product, which is only 2 of the formula, but the sales copy too! A complete proven, working marketing plan. A sales letter that works!

With ebooks, resale rights give you the opportunity to sell the product of another, using the effective copy that they’ve already tested and proven. and you keep 100% of the revenues.

Incredibly, these rights can sometimes be very easy to acquire.

If you might be interested in the resale rights to a range of high quality ebooks, ask the eBookWholesaler Member that supplied this ebook to you.

You sometimes get extra books as a bonus..

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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When you get the rights to a product AND marketing system that’s completely setup, and

proven, with a history of success - you’ve just taken the keys to the kingdom in your hands.

No ads to write, no products to create, no special skills to operate it. Guaranteed to make money.

Easy To Handle

Handling information products is a breeze. I’ve got a close friend in the restaurant business...

o Throwing out food all the time...

o Food spoiling before he cooks it...

o Food spoiling after he cooks it...

With printed books, it would take 3 years before something went bad on our shelves. But, as you’ll see in the next section on ‘Publishing-On-Demand’, we never have inventory sufficient to last 3 years... More like 3 days....

Shipping is easy with information products. No special boxes or packing required. Shipping damage is practically unheard of in the information industry. In the hundreds of thousands of paper products we’ve shipped out, we’ve never had one returned defective. Contrast this with the fact that it is shipping that kills a lot of more fragile products.

Plus, it’s cheap to ship information products. Today there’s a multitude of ways to ship these products, from the postal system, to UPS, to Airborne, to DHL, to a host of other easy options.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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Of course, if you’re delivering your products over the Internet, there is no handling and there is no delivery cost! And electronic books, ebooks, never become “spoiled”!

Info products are compact, and relatively lightweight. You couldn’t find a better product to pack and ship, for low cost and no problems.

Easy To Produce: Publishing-On-Demand

One of the other multitudinous advantages this business offers is that you can do this whole business utilizing publishing-on-demand.

This makes it quick, incredibly easy, and even more outrageously profitable!

First of all, you’ve got to have a product to sell, right?

NO! You can sell it first, then, when you have all the money for it safely ensconced in your bank account, then make it!

The Internet has taken this ‘publishing-on-demand’ business marvel to a whole new level! When you’re delivering your products digitally over the Internet - e-books, real audio, real video, software, etc - there’s absolutely NO PRODUCT COST!

The product is waiting for delivery and, even after delivery, you still have 100% of the original, waiting to clone itself again for your next paying customer!

Mama mía!

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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The Entrepreneur’s Dream. Literally, publishing-on-demand allows you to start your business on a shoestring!

If you’re going the web-delivery route, check out

If you’ve got hard products to deliver, just trek on down to your neighborhood copy shop, give them your master, and wait while they run your manual.

We pay 1.04 cents per page. You can too, if you explain that you’ll be doing this regularly. But even if you have to pay 2.24 cents a page, you’re paying with the customer’s money - that you’ve already received! Not yours!

When you need to copy some cassettes, well, we buy our cassettes from Christian Duplicators (1-800-327-9332) for just 374 each. They also sell several high speed tape duplicators, so you can do your duplications in house, if you want to. We do. If you’d rather contract it out, you can find a ‘cassette duplicator’ in your local yellow pages that will run them for 504 each, with labels. What could be easier?

You can copy videos on your home recorder or pay $2.00 - $3.50 each to a duplicator.

The three biggest killers of businesses are overhead, accounts receivable, and inventory.

Operating your business by publishing-on-demand, you don’t have to have any of these!

You don’t have any overhead working from your home. None at all! No rent, no leases, no employees, no taxes, no nada.

© MMIII by Parthenon Marketing all rights reserved

“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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You don’t have any accounts receivables. Not in this business! What that’s saying is that you don’t have anyone owing you money. A debt they may be slow or negligent to pay. While

expenses march on... You get your money up front!

And you don’t have any inventory, a money eater for normal business, which has to pay for inventory before they sell it... Pay and pray to sell... I don’t like it.

This publishing-on-demand feature of information marketing is much better! Don’t you think?

Information Marketing - The Ultimate Business

Look no further! When you dream about direct response marketing of information products you’ve just discovered the world’s ultimate business. One that showers oodles of money on you, while requiring very little of your work or effort. THIS IS GOOD!

So how do you get rich in information marketing? That is the question!

The answer is get started!

Ready, Fire, Aim!...

It’s the entrepreneur’s creed. If you’ll just get started with what you know at this point, you’ll develop! There’s a cybernetic feedback loop that refines and empowers your efforts. You learn to a point... then, to actually make money, you must jump in and play the game. Then, from the experience and insight of playing, combined with the knowledge you continue to mine from your courses, you apply your new learning to a higher level of performance. Continuously.

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“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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It’s not complex. If you will do a minimal amount of passionately fun work. Most people won’t, and they therefore never create a life... Thus, they remain roped and bound by their lousy j.o.b.

But this business offers you so much more than just money. It gives you a lifestyle! It gives you the total freedom and independence you want, need, and deserve - the time and the money to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with who you want, how you want!

Distinctly, quality of life.

© MMIII by Parthenon Marketing all rights reserved

“Mail Order in the Internet Age” by Ted Ciuba

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