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Insanity Boot Camp

Change Your Financial Life in 90 Days or Less


Discover the potential of online marketing in this unique business book. Topics covered in this book include the author’s experience in the military and how it contributed to his success in both network marketing and online marketing. And while many of the examples and illustrations in this book come from his experience in network marketing, the book is “opportunity neutral” and is safe for sharing with your business partners.

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Disclaimer: Military boot camp is tough and can push you to mental and physical exhaustion. I know because I’ve been there, and have served with both the Air Force and the Army. Outside of boot camp I have conducted ground patrols and convoys in Baghdad, hunkered down in bunkers in the Persian Gulf, and loaded cargo planes for combat airlift missions to Panama, Grenada, Libya, and dozens of other nameless hotspots around the world. Thanks to the extensive training I received from unsung heroes like Sergeant Martin and Technical Sergeant Egan, I managed to survive these challenges and have since learned how to apply my boot camp training to the business world.