Threads of Regret


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Published: 6 years ago

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Book Description

Threads of Regret is the prequel to "Lovely Strings," an epic-sized novel about seven women (all strangers to one another) who are summoned to a cabin in a southeastern Kentucky woods for the reading of a will. They are told in the letter from the law firm that the person who died wished to remain anonymous until the day of the reading. However, a large storm causes the bridge to become inaccessible and they are stranded there before the lawyer arrives. One of the women out of the eclectic bunch, has the idea that they should begin to share their stories in hopes of finding out how they are connected so they can figure out who has died. It's a great idea but one that is not welcomed by all. One fears having to reveal things about herself and even wonders if bad things can be inherited too, especially after she finds out who the deceased is. Then, as the women begin to learn more about each other, parts of the mystery begins to unravel and the women begin to see how they are connected. Though they find out the answers to a lot of questions, there is still someone waiting and longing to be found who no one even knows exists. Threads of Regret takes you to a time before the women meet at the cabin as it reveals some of the circumstances that helped lead them there and some of the "strings" that connect them.

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Regina Russell

After my children were grown, I finally went to college and majored in creative writing. Now, I have the time to weave the stories I've always wanted to tell and the life experience to make my characters real.

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