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DIANE D (the Musical Drama)


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Published: 7 years ago

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DIANE D The Musical Drama is a musical, drama, psychological, thriller about a family owned Charity and Entertainment Organization. This story involves 3 generations of the Diaz-Davidson family. The family's Charity and Entertainment Organization performs shows around the country and the world to raise money for charity. DIANE D The Musical Drama involves fistfights, violent tempers, arrests, superhuman strength, jail time, hospitalizations and mental illness. The lead character of this story is a young, gorgeous, sexy, attractive, half-black/half-Dominican female named Diane Denise Brown as known as Diane D. Diane D is around 24 years old. She was born in the Dominican Republic. She now lives in New York with her family and is married to Michael, a handsome black man from New York. Diane D is a professional gymnast, a professional dancer, tap dancer and a singer. She is also a personal trainer and has some background skills in the martial arts. She is a very athletic person. She also works in a hospital. On her spare time, she rides motorcycles with her Jamaican cousin Dana of ‘DANGEROUS DANA‘. Diane D’s parents, Mary and Barry and Mary’s parents, Margarita and Tomas, own and run a Charity and Entertainment Organization which was started by Margarita and Tomas back in the Dominican Republic. Diane D sings and dances on stage for her parents and grandparents’ Charity and Entertainment Organization. Her two brothers Nicolas and Mickey sing and play guitars for their family‘s organization and her husband Michael is the leader of a band that plays for the organization. The Charity and Entertainment Organization also have an All-Boys Baseball Team, an All-Boys Basketball Team, an All-Boys Dirt Bike Competition Team and an All-Boys Break Dance Team which includes around 60 boys altogether ranging from ages 10 - 14 from different backgrounds and cultures. The Charity and Entertainment Organization’s All-Boys Teams also includes a set of strikingly handsome identical twin hunks Mike and Mitch who are 12-years old. Mike and Mitch are half-white and half-Puerto Rican. They are tough. They are juvenile delinquents. They constantly get into fights with other boys. Their break dance team do break dance performances and hip-hop dancing. They also play sports with the Charity and Entertainment Organization’s All-Boys Teams like baseball, basketball and ride in the dirt motorbike competitions. They have tween girls and girls of all ages screaming for them all the time. They are young heartthrobs. Older girls even admire them. Mike and Mitch usually ignore their female admires. They have no interest in girls at the moment. They just want to be boys, hang with other boys and do boy things. Diane D, her brothers and her husband do other charity events with their family’s organization, but there is a dark side to Diane D. She has a very bad temper. She can be very violent and vicious when she is pushed. She can be a physically strong person, especially when angry, just like her cousin Dana. Diane D would get into a violent fit and vicious rage under certain circumstances. She loses her cool when she catches two of her back-up dancers drinking. She loses her cool on a TV Talk Show when male audience members ask her personal questions. She loses her cool and threatens her Jamaican lover’s girlfriend over the telephone telling the young woman that she’s going to come to her place of residence. The young woman becomes shocked when she hears Diane D describing her place of residence. She becomes horrified to discover that Diane D knows exactly where she lives and maybe even knows how she looks like, because as far as the young woman knows, Diane D has never seen or met her before, or has she. Diane D goes man-hunting for a date for a High School Dance she is suppose to appear at and perform. When one of the men finally agrees to be Diane D’s date, his wife finds out about it. She goes and looks for Diane D. When she finds Diane D, she angrily confronts Diane D! She then pays a price for it. Diane D and her family appear at an elementary school one night so that Diane D can perform for a charity case there. After Diane D’s singing performance inside a crowded auditorium is over, a chubby little black boy named Marcus approaches her. He brings Diane D to a private area in the school and tells Diane D that there is no charity case in the school. He confesses to Diane D that there was never a charity case at the school that the entire charity case was all a hoax planned by him and his brother. He tells Diane D that he and his brother tricked her and her family into thinking that there was a charity case at the school just so that she can appear there and perform. Diane D becomes shocked when she realize that there was never a charity case at the school. She is shocked when she realize that she and her family had been tricked into coming to the school. She starts to become sad. She then becomes angry. She then goes crazy and terrorizes the little boy right inside the school!

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Doris Miller

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