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The Nice Guy Virus


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Published: 3 years ago

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Book Description

Hello, my name is Doctor Zee and I am a prescribed nice guy. As you probably have guessed, I am not really a Doctor, but will be acting as one in my next series of e-books for one particular purpose: to try and help you treat what has afflicted many of us in our lifetimes, the nice guy virus.Why write under the pseudonym of Dr.Zee? Well just like the letter Z in the alphabet, it is very common for nice guys to finish last. What if I could show you how to still be a great guy and yet attain the results of finishing first in dating and love? I will share some of my most dreadful mistakes, in order to help you avoid similar bouts of disaster. The techniques in this book do work and we offer a step by step system that will make you a dating machine :)

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