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Chapter   I     Education


How useful was high school?


How useful was college?

Far Left and Far Right

Beware of Idealism


Chapter   II    Oh, to save the world


A      Baptism by fire


Living in Slums

Domestic Version of Peace Corps


B      Reflections


Social Work in the Past

How Not to Study a Gang Banger

Liberal Psychobabble

Social Work Myths

Welfare Reform

The Homeless

Hazlitt on Poverty

Why Immigrants Pass our Poor

Advice to the Poor


C   Independence


How to Kill a Care Home

A Suicidal Friend

Neighborhood Care Homes


Chapter   III      Land lording


A Bad Neighborhood

Living with Bums

Legal Nightmare over Rented Room


Chapter   IV  The light goes on


A     Liberal pitfalls


Liberal Myths

The Liberal Media

Social Classes and Liberals

Liberal Spin on Riots


B     Economics


Discovering Milton Friedman

Discovering Thomas Sowell

What the Free Market Wants

Minimum Wage



C     Values


The Decline





Liberal and conservative positions

Traditional Values

People, places, publications, think tanks


Author’s bio