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About has a list of around 120 companies that are looking for YOUto take part in online surveys and focus groups. In return they will pay you cash or prizes for your time. All the companies are different but in general you can expect to be paid between$1 to $15for each survey you fill out!

I live in Europe , and I got 0,75 €, 2€ and 3,50 € this week for surveys and a 20 € voucher (from a bookstore) for a 1 hr discussion (focus group) about healthy snacks for kids.
I regurarly win books, CD’s, DVD’s, movie tickets. I sell them on eBay. This month I also got free coffee, lasagne, cream and champagne. This last year my sister won tickets for a spa treatment (3 days !), a holiday for her and her husband to Morocco (plane, hotel, food : everything paid for), a holiday for 4 in France, a money prize (+/- 2000 US $), tickets for Eurodisney Paris…
We won’t get rich taking surveys, but we get paid in cash and win nice stuff ! Excellent Reasons To Take Paid Surveys !