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After teaching High School Mathematics for twenty two years, I decided  to do some writing. I taught High School Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Biology, Human and Social Biology, Physics, Integrated  Science, Geography in the past and I am capable of teaching subjects in the Social Sciences field.

A few years ago, the new Elementary School Curriculum was introduced  in my country and there was a sudden need for Mathematics books to reflect this. That was when I decided to get copies of the new Elementary  School Curriculum and I started to write. The new Elementary  School Curriculum is integrated in nature and because I have experience  in teaching different subjects, I was able to integrate the lessons in this book.  

This is the  first in a series of seven books that will cover the new curriculum for  year one to the final year leading up to examination. This book can be used globally, because the core content for Mathematics is the same internationally. 

There are many activities designed for students regardless of their intelligence  level. Many colorful diagrams, photos and illustrations were used to attract the attention of students. I would encourage parents to print his book when it is downloaded and work through all the exercises with their children.

It is my intention to improve this book regularly so that Teachers, parents and students benefit fully.  

If you are a Publisher and would like to get in contact with me to distribute paperback copies of this book globally, my e-mail address is