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By reading this document, you assume all risks associated with using the advice given below, with a full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may occur as a result of putting this information into action in any way, and regardless of your interpretation of the advice. You further agree to hold harmless both jointly and severally Scott Boulch and/or his affiliates, partners, corporations, suppliers and representatives. It is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to apply any of our information in any way to your business operations.

“My lack of ability to properly use English, and strange sense of humor” Disclaimer This document is meant to be the closest thing I can have to a conversation with you, it is not intended to be a grammatically correct, error free, politically correct stuffy white paper. Please read this for content and not context. If there are any die-hard grade school teacher types out there that feel the need to email me and point out every little mistake, please don’t bother! I know It makes me look stupid but being grammatically correct never made me one dime! Besides it’s a FREE report and I hope that if you get just one good insight from it then it will be worth your time reading it, errors and all! Hey have you heard the one about the Editor that made a million dollars? No? Me either! © 2010 Scott Boulch Your next step is to visit this site: Brent DuBose - Phone: 678-835-7659 - Email address: I know You… You are sick and tired of chasing online income and wondering after so many months or years and so many dollars spent, why you are still not profitable.

I know You… You are tired of all those awesome looking pre-launch videos that seem to get magically promoted simultaneously then all lead to a disappointing $2,000 dollar price tag during video number four!

I know You… You can tell that something is amiss and just doesn’t feel right about seemingly perfectly timed and coordinated product launches and promises of a new and better way to earn income online.

I know You… Your credit card balance is ten times as large as the biggest single month of earnings you have made online.

I know You… You get conflicting advice from every single Guru and then scratch your head when they promote each other’s conflicting products and trainings.

I know You… At the end of the day you just can’t seem to decide what niche, or market to follow and worse have no idea how to create a compelling product even if you do decide!

I know You… Along each step of the way, you become more cynical and less hopeful, less inspired and less able to afford the next bright shiny object that’s on the syndicate’s launch calendar!

I know You… The “Hail Mary” pass that could save it all and turn it all around has come and gone and still, no long term wealth, no free time, less time spent doing the important things in life that don’t involve chasing money.

I know You… because I am you, and I know how gut wrenching it can be to chase your dreams at the expense of personal relationships, marriages, health, and bottom line happiness!

I know You… because you are my customer and list subscriber and in spite of the fact that some have gone on to create true wealth online, the majority of you have not, and you are struggling.

Struggling to pay the mortgage, to keep the family afloat, to spend time with the ones you love and maybe even carve out some personal time for yourself all while trying to win at this game of online marketing.

Your next step is to visit this site: Brent DuBose - Phone: 678-835-7659 - Email address: So what does this have to do with The Death Of Email Marketing?

Nothing, and as you will soon see, Everything!

In September of 2006 I wrote a free report called “The Death Of AdSense”.

In just three short weeks that report generated a list of over 35,000 people who were all thinking the same thing, that AdSense was dead; it’s just that nobody had the guts to come out and say it.

I released it just as one method of earning income online was dying, and another was about to take its place. Some that took advantage of that massive change in online income generation made fortunes and others sat and watched as their AdSense incomes dried up to a fraction of what they once were.

Since then and over two million dollars in online earnings later, I have had the good fortune to play in the Internet Marketing game.

I’ve played the game as a business builder creating some massive incomes online, as a consumer spending thousands of dollars on trainings, seminars, software, and as a seller of how to products and software.

During the few years since I released “The Death of AdSense” I realized that most of us face very similar challenges that keep us from making the income we want online and starting our own business.

On a daily basis we deal with Guru Confusion, Email Inundation, Multiple Nightly Webinars, Teleconferences, Weekly Launches and Pre Launch videos to watch.

We have the courses we purchased last week to consume and wait… here comes another one this week that we “Must” have according to the person that sold us their course last week.

Our credit cards are maxed, our eyes are tired and Dammit where is that vacation to the beach that we should be on by now, or better yet why aren’t we living on the beach and working that highly outsourced 4 hour work week!

In this report I will be making some bold and unpopular predictions. But just as I did back in 2006, I have looked at the writing on the wall, and if you look closely you will see massive opportunity as one marketing method dies out and another takes it’s place… and it’s hiding in plain sight!

Your next step is to visit this site: Brent DuBose - Phone: 678-835-7659 - Email address: Email is Dead!

Or at least terminally ill!

And in that statement there is a fortune to be made!

And Yes YOU can make that fortune if you recognize it, take action on it and yes god forbid go to work!

Here is the “Big Promise” of The Death Of Email Marketing.

Tapping into the Biggest Online Trend in the last Ten Years, Creating Massive Wealth & Leapfrogging The Entire Internet Marketing Community in the Process!

Sounds like a bold claim doesn’t it?

Well consider this…

What if….

What if you could tap into a technology that everyone in every civilized nation in the world uses, that is superior in quality, and lower in price, and that virtually nobody is offering to millions of customers… YET?

Do you think you could carve out a small percentage of a market so massive that literally everyone you talk to is a potential customer?

This is truly a game changing moment for you if you grasp the concepts and specific action plan laid out in this report.

The world is changing, and changing at such an accelerated pace that opportunity presents itself on a daily basis. There are now so many opportunities and ways to create wealth that we actually get paralyzed by indecision!

However, once every few years an opportunity presents itself that is so massive in its scale that entire new industries are born and fortunes are made.

Right now in the fall of 2010, is one of those times!

Your next step is to visit this site: Brent DuBose - Phone: 678-835-7659 - Email address: So what can you expect from the few minutes you are going to spend finishing this report?

Contained in the rest of this report you are about to find: A way to create an Immediate Residual Income based on a new technology.

A way to Separate Yourself from the generation of that income.

A way to Lock in that income for life, or until the next major technology shift this huge occurs again…

A way to Apply the leverage of the Internet to acquire that Income.

A way to tap into the Social Media Marketing Craze without ever sending a tweet or logging into Facebook or any other social media site!

A way to tap into the Outsourcing Craze without ever hiring one employee, virtual assistant or overseas worker!

A way to tap into the Local and Small Business Marketing Craze without ever having to become an expert in SEO, PPC, Or Social Media!

A way to Leapfrog the rest of the Internet Marketing Community who are just now starting to explore this massive trend.

A way to Unplug Yourself from the constant ringing of voices demanding your time and attention and money.

A way to Focus on One, Massive, Universal, Global, Wave of Behavior the likes of which we have never seen and may never see again.

A way to Market a Technology that you don’t have to create, that is priced at or below the market, that fits in every business in every industry and in the hands of every entrepreneur everywhere.

A way to Market a Technology that is More Addictive Than Cigarettes, that is Growing Faster than the Population of the Earth and that Many Risk their Very Lives for on a Daily Basis!

And maybe the best part, you can start today with a total cost of less than $100 per year!

So how’s that for Bold Claims?

Your next step is to visit this site: Brent DuBose - Phone: 678-835-7659 - Email address: O.K. now that we have the “I don’t have the money to participate” issue out of the way you can relax and focus on the message of “The Death of Email Marketing” Knowing that there is no $2,000 gotcha at the end!

Before we get into the specifics of The Death of Email Marketing, there is one very general problem that needs to be addressed and will be solved in this report.

The Myth of False Momentum…

Here is the bottom line. You cannot learn your way to financial success or online income.

If you have been around the internet marketing community for more than 24

hours you know that literally every single day we are being fed a glut of must have products that claim to be the missing link in our income.

They claim that if only we scrape together another $2,000 and run up our credit cards one more time, then this will be the one that gets us over the top…

(Flat Out Lies!)

No course, no training, no seminar, no software, technique or strategy will ever make you a dime.

What we end up with when we buy (and sometimes even consume) a new must have training course is simply more information and a false sense of momentum!

The truth is we are no closer to achieving our goal after we buy and sometimes consume the latest bright shiny object than we were before we bought it.

It’s not until we Do Something that there is any potential for generating income and it’s not until we take action that we are in any way closer to our goal!

The problem with the never ending stream of education and how-to courses is that we get so caught up Learning that there is no time left for Doing anything but learning!

False Momentum is the feeling we get by buying more stuff that promises to lead us to income. It’s not truly moving us forward; it’s actually crippling our chances of success by distracting us from the real issue… Generating Income!

Your next step is to visit this site: Brent DuBose - Phone: 678-835-7659 - Email address: And with the saturation of product launches in the Internet Marketing Community, there appears to be something we “Must Learn” about once a week!

We are in a state of Education Paralyzation!

At some point we actually have to Stop Learning, and Start Doing!

Before you think that this report falls into that very False Momentum trap, I can assure you that contained in these pages is something you can go do immediately (without learning anything else) that can create a substantial income for you.

What you need is a viable business model not another how to course, and I promise you by the end of this report you will have in your hands not only a viable business model; but a way to tap into the biggest single shift in communication we have seen in our lifetime!

This report will also be short and to the point.

If I do my job correctly, this report will simply expose you to a massive window of opportunity that has opened, and then show you how to tap into the income stream it creates.

Now you can stop the myth of false momentum and start the generation of a significant residual income.

Just one more word of warning before I get into the details.

This massive window of opportunity that has just opened closes a little bit every day and the unique timing situation you find yourself in should not be taken lightly.

Today is September 25, 2010, By October the Early Adopters will be all over this trend and by New Years it will have spread across multiple markets. By the summer of 2011 it will be the Hot New Way to generate income and by the fall of 2011 there will be a mad rush into the market.

If you are unfortunate enough to get this report late in 2011 or early 2012 you’re now playing catch up and you missed the land grab!

A massive change has occurred in the way we communicate with each other, our friends, fans, subscribers, business partners and most important our customers!

Your next step is to visit this site: Brent DuBose - Phone: 678-835-7659 - Email address: Those that recognize and capitalize on this change early can potentially make millions of dollars. Even better than the upside potential, the best news that goes along with the size of this opportunity and the scale of change that is occurring is the simplicity of turning that change into income!

Email Marketing is Dead… On to the proof!

Your next step is to visit this site: Brent DuBose - Phone: 678-835-7659 - Email address:


You’ve Got Mail!

Ah, the good old days! Do you remember

when email was something you looked

forward to getting? In the early years of

“Electronic Mail” we would rush to the

computer when the little recorded voice told

us “You’ve Got Mail.”

Now… Not so much!

You know that when Hollywood makes a

romantic comedy about a topic that it has in

fact become part of our culture.

Email has evolved from something we

looked forward to, into a time sucking

productivity killing pariah.

We are now as desensitized to email as we

are to car alarms going off in a parking lot!

We are in a constant battle to empty our

inbox and waste massive amounts of

productive time dealing with the crap we must wade through every day.

The importance we place on email has plummeted and even the most important email gets lost in the glut of marketing messages and spam.

We no longer look forward to email, we now dread dealing with it.

It’s now estimated that 90% of all email goes unread or is spam!

An entire industry was born creating products to deal with spam and viruses passed around through email.

When I sat down to write this report I was about to dive into massive amounts of research proving how ineffective email is compared to ten years ago. I was ready to bury you with statistics and charts and graphs but then I realized I didn’t even need to go that far to prove that email is dead.

Let me instead just ask you a few simple questions about your own experiences and see if the “Proof” is not already self evident!

Your next step is to visit this site: Brent DuBose - Phone: 678-835-7659 - Email address: Inbox Blindness, Inbox Apathy,