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Writing Rich Marketer Poor Marketer has been a determined effort… we have written this eBook with the intention of making people aware that  becoming rich is not  something that  is too difficult  to do,  not with all the tools that we have at our disposal right now. What does becoming rich mean? For us, it means having enough money to meet our needs. Not having to worry where the next installment or bill will be paid from.  Having a security of  work and steady income.  Most importantly,  being rich is the power to be able to do what we want with the people who mean the most to us.


This is what we think being rich actually means. But, a lot of people have an entirely wrong idea. They think it is an uphill task to become rich—they think they cannot do it without having some amazing skill or talent or getting a lucky break from somewhere.


Lucky breaks do not happen. They need to be created. Opportunities need to be created. And this eBook is where you learn how you can do that… how you can gain control of your own life.


In Rich Marketer Poor Marketer, the first thing you will see is how to improve your mindset, because that is the most important thing. You have to remove the thought of the inferiority complex that you have created for yourself and move on with confidence. You have to make adjustments  in  the  way  you  think.  Being  rich  may  not  require supernatural talent in the way you think it does. It is all about putting the right effort in the right place. It is all about living your life, and planning your strategies, in the right manner. This eBook takes you through a journey—a journey that tells you what you need to do in order to get there.


This is the world of the Internet. The Internet has seeped into every aspect of our being. We cannot refute that fact. And the rich marketer cannot forget that truth either. In fact, the richest marketers of today are people who have harnessed the power of  the Internet  to make their  lives  better.  They have grown,  and they have expanded their business to never-before limits,  with the help of the power that the Internet world provides them with.


That  is  the  reason Internet  marketing  becomes  a  very  important aspect of the discussions that you will find in this eBook. You will find that we talk about implementing the right marketing strategies that can elevate your position in this world and take you to the pedestal other  people  haven’t  reached before… at  least  not  on such a sure footing.


One of the other things that have been given great importance to in this eBook is the art of reaching out to your niche. Contrary to what most people think, the niche does not already exist. A rich marketer will  try  to create  this  niche.  They  will  develop the  need for  their business  within this  niche  and that  is  how they tap into the  vast potential that a highly targeted niche can provide them with. In this eBook,  you will see how you can create a niche within a niche.  The narrower you go, the higher your chances of successful sales will be. Your  demand will  increase,  and as  the  demand for  your  product increases, you will become a richer marketer.


Another very important thing is that you have to build a brand name not  just  for your business but  also for yourself.  You have to make yourself popular. You have to create a scenario in which even if you launch a new product or a new business, your name will pull it along and make it successful. Like all other successful people out there, you should be able to run your business on the strength of  your name alone.  People  should  start  to anticipate your  next  product.  Is  that possible? Yes, this eBook tells you how you can go about it.


So, prepare to read this eBook. As you read it, keep your mind open. Let the ideas flow.  The eBook can just give you the raw material to think… the eventual visualization and implementation is your talent.