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Welcome to Online Dating Tips which could help you get the date of your dreams if you just take a little time to do a few simple steps that will assist you with dating online.

The very first thing you need to do is register with the right type of dating sites that are likely to contain details of numerous men and women of all types and likes, so you can find someone suitable for you.

I recommend you start with the sites below. Registration is free and these are the type of sites that will work best with this course. This is your start to meeting your ideal partner online.

STEP 1. Click on the links below and register with all 3 – this ensures you get the best selection of people to approach. (In case the links don't work, copy and paste the urls into your browser.)








Now you have registered for the sites, the next step is to create your profile for the sites.

There are many online sites that will include counters so that you may see how many viewers look into your page every day. Some of the sites will even make the information public, that is when they will post your information for everyone to see.

This will go without saying that the longer that you are a member the higher your number of views will be. However you may have noticed that others who may seem to be similar to you countless views every day while you simple get one or two of them.

If you are serious about online dating and it is important to understand why you are not getting a large number of the views, you need to correct the problems. The more that view your profile, the more likely you will be to meet someone with the relationship that you want.

First of all, you will need to grab a person's attention. Be certain that you have a location picked out so that when people use the search option based on location your name will appear on their list. Find out what the information is listed when you perform a search.

Many dating websites will give the users the option to create a

"headline" for their profiles and this as well as age and location is given to the searcher and they can choose to click on your name and continue on to your profile.

You should be sure that you have a picture uploaded. (We cover photos in the next chapter.) Many of the people will only consider contacting people who post pictures.

If you do not have a picture on your profile, you will arouse suspicions of the other online daters. Otherwise it will seem like you have to hide.

Any picture even if you consider one that is not so flattering, is better than none at all.

You should always write a creative headline and always worry about your user name. The headline "looking for a date" may not get many good views based on its generic qualities.

However a headline like "Anyone like Rihanna?" shows that you have different interests and are up for a possible real life meeting.

Your user name will work in much of the same way. Joel 123 will never get as many messages as EaglesFan2003. Make sure that your name and headline say something that you want them to know.

However bring attention in a good way and stay away from disgusting sexual names and phrases, which are unattractive to most users and will show you in a light that may not be right.

As a final step, you need to reply to messages that you receive even if you are not interested. Many sites will list the percentages of messages that are viewed and how often you reply.

Someone who sees that you only view 20% of your messages and even further only rely to 8% of them may be discouraged from giving you a message. However if you view 100% of your messages and reply to 85% of them, he or she may not be so shy.

You need to be honest, responsive, and creative. With some hard work your profile can gain the popularity that you see some others have.

The more views that you get will mean that the more likely you are to meet online daters that have similar interests as you do. It is in your best interest to create an attention getter for your profile.