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CPC and CPM segment for further explanation).

In short, this analysis tells us we would be better off promoting this keyword and product

in the form of article marketing, forum marketing, and social media marketing, unless of

course we can afford such a high click cost. I would avoid promoting this product using

this keyword with CPC simply because the campaign would be very expensive. This tip

alone will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Far too many people get into CPC and CPM marketing and have no idea that it will cost

them that much every time someone clicks on their promotion link, whether that person

buys the product or not.

Without a clear-cut strategy you will burn through your advertising budget in no time

without any results to show for it. This method of advertising can be dangerous territory,

and it is best to stay clear of it until you have done EXTENSIVE research and fully understand the ins-and-outs of it.



Whether you choose to become involved in a MLM or affiliate marketing, there is one

facet to becoming successful online that is more important than anything else in the

networking arena and that is TRAFFIC!

If there’s one thing you take from this book, it needs to be this simple truth;

Traffic + Good Opportunity = $. No Traffic + Good Opportunity = No $!

There is just no way around it. If you master how to drive traffic, you will succeed. If you

do not, you will fail. Simple as that.

When you embark on your journey of “Internet Marketing” you must fully understand

that your number one goal is to drive traffic to your opportunity. There is NOTHING

more result producing than this, and NOTHING will break your spirit faster than not

having it.

The reasons are obvious. Traffic means prospects, and prospects mean leads, and leads

means sales and or business associates and that equals $$$.

So let us get right to it. Let’s look into the deep, vast realm of Internet traffic, and how to drive some of it straight to your opportunity. We’ll start with social media:


Since the invention of Facebook the world has changed, especially the world of “Internet

Marketing”. Thanks to the inventors of this social network, it is now possible to post your

opportunity on your “Wall” with either a link, or an enticing ad copy, and attract untold numbers of prospects with a click of a mouse. Do not underestimate the power of this

market place, for it stretches across the world and commands an unbelievably MASSIVE

audience, one in which you can tap into within seconds!

Where else can you have access to over 600 million people, with millions of possible

prospects? It is a very exciting platform and it’s all FREE! As mentioned, you can post your opportunity on your wall, and on your friends walls, and in designated groups

relevant to your niche. For example, if you are promoting a weight loss product, you

would join specific groups on Facebook relevant to that product, and promote it to them

as well.

The only thing you should realize is that you have to be considerate when marketing on

FB and here’s why:


It is easy to spam there (or at least what the administrator’s consider spamming) and they

do NOT put up with it. It’s understandable, no one likes to check their mailbox and find a

flood of gibberish and sales pitches, which is what happens far too often on Facebook.

Eventually, their site filters will detect if you are spamming, and your account will be


So, how do you go about promoting your opportunity without spamming? Simple:

Number one thing is to post your opportunity in the manner described above, and when

posting to YOUR wall, you want to post it between 3 and 4 hours apart (only post once a

day in groups, and only once a week or more on your friends walls).

Now, I know some of you reading this are saying to yourself;

“Three or four hours apart? I work for a living. I don’t have time to do that!”

Not to worry, there is FREE software that you can program to post your ads for you.

Personally, my favorite isSeesmic. This program is super user-friendly and lets you post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Buzz, Chatter and more -simultaneously, or

separately if you chose. Type in your ad, schedule it to run every 3 to 4 hours, and you’re

done. You can be advertising in your sleep!

Another popular program isHootsuite. Same deal there; 24/7 advertising! Yet another Any one of these programs will help you stay on a consistent marketing schedule while you are busy living your life.

One bit of advice I would like to admonish when promoting on FB; don’t send to other

people’s inboxes (although it is quite common a practice by many). Unsolicited emails is

“spam” in its purest form, and chances are, many recipients will mark it as such. As a

whole, it is repelling, and counter productive. You’ll be wasting your time, and getting a

lot of people very unhappy with you.

Remember, many people on Facebook are there for the social experience, and while it has

never made much sense to me to take a picture of what I’m eating for dinner and post it

as my status, many people do just that. They are not interested in business opportunities,

all they want to do is play on their virtual farms, and tell their friends what color socks

they are wearing.

That is their choice, and it should be respected.

One very effective trick when promoting on Facebook is add likeminded people into your

network of friends. Think of your friends list as your marketing base; it is where your

prospects and potential customers will come from.




Now, here’s a challenge when promoting on Facebook; if you only have 50 friends on

your list, then you won’t get much exposure. Remember, it is a numbers game. You need to add friends daily, but here you must use caution.

A year ago you could add 100 friends a day and never worry about being stopped, but in

the ever changing “Zuckerberg world”, they’ve lowered that number dramatically. Now

you can send out about 10 to 20 a day (maybe a couple dozen more if you do it at a

snail’s pace). Regardless of the tedious nature of building your list, you need to be

consistent. Set a goal everyday to add friends (people) to your list.

Here’s how you do it:

Sign into your Facebook page (if you don’t already have one (you would be one of the

very few who didn’t) you can go here to sign up for free:

and locate the search bar above your wall.

If you are in a MLM type in; opportunity seekers, business seekers, work from home,

mlm seekers etc. If you are in Affiliate Marketing type in what ever is relevant to your


Pick a group with several hundred (preferably) members. Next, click below the title on

the member’s link (i.e. 567 members) and a window will pop up where you will see all

the members in that group. You then click the button “Add as friend” on the right-hand

side of the window:


This will bring like-minded people and individuals that are seeking opportunities into you

friend’s (your prospects) list. As well, you can post your opportunity in those groups.

WARNING: If you add too many friends too fast you will be suspended from adding

anymore for a few days. Do not panic, it happens to all of us. During this time, do not

try to add anymore or you will risk having your account permanently suspended.

When your Facebook “probation” period is up, then you can resume… but do so slowly!

Now, I hope you’re sitting down for this statement; remember I said it’s a numbers

game? Facebook is only a “super platform” when you have 1,000 to 3,000 people on your


The more numbers you have, the more people will see your opportunity, the more traffic you will get to your site, the more opt-ins you’ll get, and the more conversions you’ll


Here’s another secret; Have more than one account! In order to effectively market on

Facebook you will need 3 to 5 accounts with preferably 1 to 3 thousand friends in each

account (5,000 friends is the maximum any one user can have on Facebook, and it should be your ultimate goal) and, when one of your accounts is restricted from adding any more

friends, you can simply switch over to another account and add friends there.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “That’s a lot of work!”

All I have to say to that is; “How big is your “why”?”

Naturally, it takes time to build up such numbers. It’s a steady, disciplined action that

needs to be taken daily in order for Facebook to become an truly effective marketing tool

for your niche or business.

This is probably why so many people spam on it, because they don’t want to take the

time and energy to do it right. Don’t be like them. Do it right, it’s well worth the effort.

There are other methods to market on Facebook as well. I suggest you take advantage of

what are called “Pages” or “Fan Pages” where you can create your own page for your

opportunity, and send your friends an invitation to it. This is another very effective

means to get your business in front of the masses.

Facebook can be a GREAT marketing bitz, you just need to keep in mind that connecting

with people, and building relationships is the most important key to making it a remarkable business platform.






To be honest, this one’s a bit of a challenge. In order to effectively market on Twitter it

takes many accounts and THOUSANDS of followers. That’s just the cold, hard truth.

In order to get that many followers, it is a delicate balancing act (unless of course you’re

a celebrity).

You need to first sign up for an account

*Make your username relevant to your niche or MLM (i.e. if you are in the weight-loss

niche you would name your account something like “Lose the weight now”, or “Burn

The Fat”. If your MLM isMCA or another multi-level structure, create a username like; “Drive a car? Make Double Commissions while doing it!”).Remember, relevance is

critical in promoting your product.*

Once your account is established, you need to look for people who can benefit from your

niche or business. Click the “Who to follow” link in the search bar at the top of your

home page:

Then type what ever is relevant to your opportunity into the search box:

Next, begin to follow those who are relevant to your niche or opportunity:



This will begin to build your marketing base on Twitter, but be careful when doing this.

If you follow too many people at one time, twitter will conclude that you are spamming

(even though you’re not) and they will suspend your account. Just like with Facebook,

only add 10 or 20 a day.

Unfortunately, you can’t just go following hundreds of people, hoping they will return

the favor, and get the process over quickly. Again, it takes time and persistence. But,

there is a good way to attracted followers on auto-pilot, and that is to attach a RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed to your profile.

The good news is; this too is FREE.

First you will need to sign up for a free Google account if you don’t already have one: Next, head over to: to get your auto content system up and running:




Type in a search phrase in the “Search Terms” box such as; “Marketing” or “MLM” or

“Internet Business” or any phrase you can think of relevant to your niche such as weight-loss, quit smoking etc..


 Set the “Type” to “Everything”.

 Set “How Often” to “As it happens”.

 Set “Volume” to “All results”.

 Set “Deliver To” to “Feed”

Put in your email address, and click “Create Alert”.

On the next page, go to the far right hand column and click edit:




Make sure the box net to the “Save” button is set to “Feed” and not to your “Email”

(unless you want mountains of email sent to you every few minutes):

Leave “All results” the way it is, and click “Save”. Next, right click the orange icon next

to the link; “Google Reader” and click “copy link location”.

No you have your RSS feed, and you are ready to attach it to your Twitter account.

Next, go to “ and click the “register” button to set up your free account.

Put in your email address and make a password, fill in the “Captcha” and click “Create


Next create a name for your feed (i.e. Network Marketing), then right click inside the box

that says; “Blog URL or RSS Feed”, and click “Paste”:





Next, click the button that says; “Test your RSS feed”.

When it comes back “OK” scroll down to the button that says; “Continue to Step 2” and

click it.

You will now be on a page entitled; “Feed Publishing”. Select the “Twitter” link:

Then select the second option entitled; “Authenticate Twitter ”:





Give permission for your feed to access your Twitter account:

You will then be redirected back to “twitterfeed” where you will scroll down to the

bottom left-hand-side of the page and click “Create Service”:

You should see a green bar that says; “Service Created Successfully” (if not you will

have to go back and repeat the steps):

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and on the left hand side click the button that

says; “All Done!”:



You have just created your first RSS feed! What does that mean? It means that you are now automatically posting to your Twitter account new content from the feed you

created, as it is posted on the web.

This keeps your Twitter account consistently active with new content, which will draw

people to you and they will follow you. So now you are attracting targeting followers on


As discussed before, you will want to set up several accounts, all with RSS feeds,

attracting followers so you can build your Twitter marketing base. This will take time,

but after you have about 300 to 500 followers, you can begin posting your ad/link onto

your tweets and market to the worldwide Twitter community.

If you already have a well-established Twitter account with many followers, you’ll be

ahead of the game with this technique, depending if those existing followers are targeted

to your niche or opportunity.

Keep in mind that Twitter is really strict about how many times you can post an ad per

day (they don’t care how many times your RSS feed posts, just ads are restricted). I think

the maximum allowed before Twitter gets its “feathers ruffled” is 4 per day, but don’t

quote me on that. Be sure to check out their TOS in regards to business opportunity

postings, for it changes from time to time.

There is also several software programs that markets by targeting other people’s tweets for keywords.


We have all seen the viral “Youtube” videos with the kitty-cat being cute and going nuts,


Repeatedly the “Nightly News” shows a clip of a video from “Youtube” that has captured

the attention of the entire world.


Now, picture your business video getting just a fraction of that audience. Can you imagine the potential?

“Youtube” is a FANTASTIC marketing platform! You can share promotional videos

instead of just posting words and links, and this has a powerful effect on your potential

customers/business associates.

As an example; within an hour on the first day I opened my account and posted a

promotional video, someone signed up to one of my opportunities. I’m not saying that

will happen to you, but as the saying goes; “you can’t score if you don’t take the shot!”

Once you have signed up for a MLM or affiliate program (or any other business for that

matter) there should be promotional videos with your opportunity (if not, there is plenty

of software online where you can create your own video explaining your opportunity).

Head on over to “Youtube and open a free account by clicking the “Create Account”

button, and providing your information. Once that is complete, you need to begin adding

friends, just like on Twitter and Facebook.

Now, there are two ways you can do this. You can do it the mind-numbingly-slow-and-

tedious-hard-way; by manually looking up videos that are related to your business or

niche, and subscribing to users and adding them as friends.


You can downloadTubetoolbox and literally start building your “Youtube” base overnight on autopilot!

This is a very POWERFUL tool! It is by far the most user-friendly and efficient method

for building a social media-platform that I have EVER used. I WISH they would come

out with a comparable version for Facebook and Twitter

You can download the program and try it for free here:

Build Your Youtube Account On Auto Pilot!

After the trail period is up, it will cost you $10 a month, with a one-time set up fee of

$20.00, but I have to tell you, of all the “tools” that are out there, this one is

simply the BEST, and so worth the money. In a month’s time you can literally

send out 15,000 friend requests! (It would be more, but Youtube has a restriction

as to how many you can send per day, fortunately it is nowhere near as strict as

FB or Twitter).


Not to mention, you can send an equal amount of promotional videos directly to each of

your friends AND to anyone, and everyone, who is on “Youtube” whether they

are in your friends list or not! This is just the tip of the iceberg with this thing!

It also comes with instruction videos to take you systematically through the process of

building your “Youtube” audience. Once you begin to useTubetoolbox you will see how efficient it is in getting your business videos in front of thousands,

with next to no effort on your part.

Again however, I can’t say this enough; keep in mind that as you search for videos and

people to add to your list, you must keep them relevant to your niche or

opportunity to be most effective.

It is so complete a system, there is scarcely anything else for me to say on how to build

your “Youtube” platform. Download it, learn it, use it, and SUCCEED!


By definition a traffic exchange is just that. You join a platform, with a vast group of individuals on it, who are all advertising their opportunity with the use of text ads, banner

ads, solo ads, html ads, etc, etc, etc.

Many people don’t find them useful, and argue that everyone on a traffic exchange is

only clicking on your link in order to receive points and exposure for their opportunity,

creating a type of circle-jerk scenario.

For the most part, that is a legitimate claim, but there are ways in which to take advantage

of this form of marketing. Many do not take the time to learn how to use them properly,

and miss the opportunity they hold.

It is true, if you plaster an advertisement for your MLM -or whatever- you are just going to get a lot of useless traffic. People will click on your link (because that’s how it works)

but rarely will anyone bite, or more importantly buy. The reason for this is obvious;

everyone there is promoting their business…why would they want yours?

There is the occasion that someone will find your opportunity interesting and sign up, but

a lot of your traffic will be just the engine of the platform churning.

A good strategy when using traffic exchanges is to offer what everyone wants there…

TRAFFIC! They don’t want another business, they want traffic for their opportunity. So,

one idea would be to become an affiliate of a traffic generating system, and promote that

to them. You can then build a relationship with them, and introduce your other business opportunities to them on a much more personal level, which will likely result in a



Remember, marketing online is no different from marketing in “real-life” in the aspect

that relationships make or break the business. Successful Internet Marketers know that building relationships with people builds strong online businesses. So always keep in mind how you can build relationships with people by focusing on what they need, rather than what you need. That is one of the great keys to success, on and off the Internet field.

Here is a list of some good traffic exchanges, as well as information on traffic generating

systems (some of which have affiliate programs where you can actually earn cash for

promoting them):



SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

This method is simply to complex and vast for me to spell out. It takes a series of videos

to lay it out correctly. The best thing I can offer is to refer you to a man by the name of

Wayne Sharer. He has a great set of tutorial videos on the subject as he is a “Master” at

SEO and other Blogging techniques. His information is very informative, and he

relinquishes some interesting “secrets” on how to find the very best keywords, and how to get the search engines to pay attention to your site. He also shows where to post your

blogs for great exposure. I am very pleased to have his information in this ebook.

Together with the technique I exposed earlier regarding keyword research, this is a

powerful combination.

Here’s his link: Wayne Sharer's Keyword Search Analysis


These videos are FREE, so take the time to watch each one carefully and take notes.

They will teach you techniques that many Internet Marketers do not know!


Blogging and article marketing are fantastic ways to drive free traffic! This method has been in effect for quite some time, and there is a deliberate and precise science behind it.

Basically, it is exactly what it sounds like, posting articles related to your niche or

opportunity in blogs and on article posting sites. Now, many people are not writers, nor

do they even like to write, and they feel this is a great challenge for them. There are

plenty of “article out-sourcing channels on the net in which to choose from, if you are one of those who either does not have the time nor the patience to write.

Now, it has been said by many experts in the field, that article marking is growing less

and less effective (likely due to the restrictions many blogs are putting in place in regards

to posting links for business opportunities).

There are hidden techniques however, to make the most out of your online articles, and

Wayne does a great job of fleshing them out.

Empower Network is a GREAT blogging strategy, especially for beginners who don’t

know the first thing on how to build a blog site, or where to begin. You can get your blog

from “Empower Network” through theEZ Money Method”.

This site is tied together with them. It walks you through step-by-step how to set up your blog, AND how to market it! Here is my personal blog through “Empower Network” as an example.


Many people chose to buy their traffic, instead of having to learn the ins-and-outs of how

to obtain it for free (actually, the term “free” is a misnomer because you will be spending

quite a bit of time learning the ropes and implementing your Internet Marketing


To be honest with you, this is a waste of money. It RARELY produces any worthwhile

results and to be quite blunt, you’re fooling yourself if you think throwing 25k hits at a

website will make you rich. The main reason behind this is, this is untargeted traffic that

is not relevant (there’s that word again!) to your opportunity or product, and most of it is from dropped websites over-seas, that is funneled to your URL.


In the beginning I used to hurl as much traffic to my pages as I could through these sites,

thinking my business would explode, only to end up frustrated when nothing happened,

even after 50,000 hits! I began to question whether actual people were clicking on my

opportunity, or if it was a “bot” doing it. The later is likely the case, and in my personal

opinion the only one making any money off these traffic sites are the owners, and not so

honestly at that.

It takes TONS of this “redirected traffic” to gain any leads. I suppose if you hurled 1

Million hits at your site, then you might see a sign-up or two, but you are better off

spending your money elsewhere to promote your business.

I’m sure sales do happen, but if you chose this method, may I suggest while the hits are

being delivered, you implement the other means of free traffic that is emphasized in this

manual. That way you keep building while you are praying for the traffic you bought to

produce a result. = )

Here are some sites that may interest you if you think buying traffic will work for you:


To continue from the earlier segment, I will now explain further CPC & CPM marketing:

For those of you who are not already aware, CPC stands for “Cost-Per-Click” while

CPM stands for “Cost-Per-Thousand” (The “M” is not a type-o. It stands for the Roman numeral “M” which represents 1,000).

“Cost-Per-Click” advertising is simple enough. Every time someone clicks on your link

on an advertising site across the web, it costs you a pre-determined amount of money.

This cost can be anywhere from $0.05 to $20.00 (and much more in some cases). It is

based on the amount of money you are willing to pay for certain keywords as I explained in the earlier segment.


You can see how imperative it is for you to do the research I outlined before, so you

don’t end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars in advertising with this


“Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions” is where you pay a pre-set amount for every one-

thousand impressions that your advertisement is shown on the internet. This method can

be substantially less expensive that CPC, however, it all depends on how good your ad

copy is, and how well your product converts/sells.

With CPC, if your ad strikes curiosity enough to make a person click on it, but the

product or service is not very enticing and doesn’t convert well, then that click will likely

not produce a sale, but you still have to pay for it. On the same token, if your ad is not

very enticing while using CPM, then very few people will click on the link promoted, and

you will not generate sales that way either. A very big key to advertising this way is to

make sure your ad copy is sound (great even) and your product has a very high

conversion rate. If you feel that you are not capable of writing a solid ad copy, there are

manyfor-hire individuals and companies online that can assist you, but still, there are no guarantees.

I strongly suggest that you read up on this advertising method, for as I mentioned above, it can quickly become drastically expensive if you are not sure how to do it properly.

After you have mastered how to market with these techniques, here are some high traffic places in which to advertise using CPC and/or CPM:




You hear this word a lot online when it comes to Marketing. Unfortunately, far too often

the “secrets” you read about are nothing more than well known techniques that perhaps

only YOU have never heard of.

I’m proud to say, what I claim to be secrets in this ebook are just that; secret methods on

how to build your online business, and get ahead of your competition, and save yourself a

ton of money in the process. There’s no way to do it completely free, for the old adage is

correct; “It takes money to make money”, but I’ve given you a short cut that will keep

most of your dollars in your pocket. As a matter of fact, I even include a proven, time

tested method on how to help fu

nd your business .

These are very exclusive tips, and Wayne Sharer’s SEO videos are a great example. I’ve

actually asked around about some of his techniques, and I was quite surprised how many

marketers were unaware of them. To me, that makes his program a true “secret” of

Internet Marketing.

Another fantastic example is Jamie Lewis’ program. While it is not free, and to some it

may seem a little expensive, it’s an awesome lesson on how to save you a small fortune

from future mistakes. Another one of Jamie Lewis’ programs, is an advance lesson where he will actually work with you one-on-one and immediately produce income

with you via a web-cast!

These programs are a remarkable foundation in which you can build your online

business, and it’s told to you in very simplistic form, which is critical in order to avoid

“information overload” and confusion. Jamie is very down to earth, and has the fruit-on-

the-tree when it comes to his success.

Again, much advise online is labeled “secrets”, when most are mere “tips”. These

programs are far-and-away true secrets of the trade.

As far as tips go, I’m not going to take up a bunch of pages on this, for woven through

this entire ebook are tips, principles, and secrets, but I will offer this one piece of advice; You cannot make a million dollars without making one dollar first.

I realize that sounds like a “DUH” statement, but it is far more relative than you realize.

It's too easy for one to surf around the Internet and see opportunities everywhere – often becoming confused. Many opportunities cost money to join, and promote (other than the


free techniques outlined in this book). At first, don’t work on too many opportunities at

once. When you have one business generating an income, then you can expand to others.

I know many people will disagree with this, but it is a simple Internet Marketing “tip”

that is not often shared. Focus all of your time and energy on ONE niche/business at a

time. UNLESS it is a business likeEasy Money Method that has three great businesses tied together in a single system, along with a marketing funnel that goes along with it. I

have to tell you however, that type of business is a rarity!

That word “Focus” is very underrated in online marketing. I see so many people doing so

many things, it’s hard for them to keep track of them all. This is silly to me, as it is better to do one thing "great" then many things "fair" in my opinion.

If the primary business/niche you choose is not growing properly, then you can focus on another. On the same token however, don’t start a business/niche, promote it for three

days, and then decide it doesn’t work. That’s not what I’m talking about.

Successful entrepreneurs (or “cyberprenuers”) are in it for the long haul, and they start

with the end in mind. They work toward their vision of what they want their business to

become. That is why, at the beginning of this ebook I talked about dreams and your

reasons why you want a successful online business. You need to see your business already successful in your mind.

Take some time to decide exactly what you want your business to be over the next 5, 10,

even 20 years. Then set aside time, every day, to visualize the mental picture of your

success. This falls directly inline with theLaw of Attraction and most successful Internet Marketers know the power of practicing this technique.

Whenever you choose a business, you must keep a vision of what you want it to become

clearly in focus. With this insight, it makes daily decision-making much easier.

After all, with a clear-cut vision of what you want your business to become, you can

always ask yourself, “Will this action move me closer to creating the success I’m

visualizing?” If the answer is “yes”, you know you can move forward confidently.


Well, in order to avoid “information overload” like I mentioned, I think that will do it for

this ebook.

Naturally, there are many more aspects to Internet Marketing, and we have scratched but

the surface, however this is a VERY good introduction for you to begin your “Internet

Marketing Internship”.

These techniques and principles will help you begin to realize the amazing potential that

lies within you, and the power of the Internet, to turn your goals and dreams into reality.

Is there work involved? Absolutely. Are your aspirations worth it? Only you have the

answer to that.

This ebook is merely a guide to get you started, and if you have been in Network

Marketing for a while and have hit a slump, it is meant to get your creative juices flowing


To recap:

⇒ Check your mindset daily!

⇒ JUST DO IT! (To quote Nike). Start brainstorming and thinking of all the ways

you can get your message out, respectfully, and without spamming (because no

one likes that, and it is completely counter-productive).

⇒ Brush off the ones who think what you’re doing is a scam, or if they are not

interested. Let it go. There will always be someone who is looking for exactly

what you have, and you will find them, you just have to dig deep, and NEVER

stop digging!

⇒ Never give up! Never quit! Never surrender your dreams and aspirations; they are

true possessions in the ever-changing ocean of life. Never let go of them!

As you can see you have opened an entire world through these pages… I sincerely hope

you follow your heart and implement these teachings.

I believe you were not led here by accident… you were meant to read every word.

Of course, I cannot guarantee your success, for alas…it is up to you. Ultimately, it

depends on how big your “why” is, and rests solely on your actions and determination. I can tell you however; if you refuse to let go of your dreams, and fight with every ounce

of your being for their existence, they will happen.



Just remember, define your “why”, and never look back. And, if you follow these lessons, techniques, and instructions, I’ll bet dollars to dimes you find yourself on a crystal-clear-beach one day thinking to yourself;

“I’m sure glad I don’t have to work that job for another 30 years!”

Remember, life is too short to accept mediocrity. It is far too brief to live in quiet

desperation, and not live up to one’s full potential. After all, we never know how much

sand we have left in the hourglass.

I leave you on this personal note;

In 1986 I lost my best friend…he was only 21. Recently, after visiting his grave, a song

came over the radio as I was driving home that says it all;

“As the cold wind blows across the graveyard I think I hear… the voice of my old

friend whisper in my ear; I’m gonna stop looking back, and start moving on, and learn

how to face my fears. Love with all of my heart, and make my mark, I wanna leave

somethin’ here. I’m going out on a ledge, without any net, that’s what I’m gonna be

about; I wanna be runnin’ when the sand runs out.” ~ Rascal Flatts

God bless you…and may He bless all you hope to achieve.


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