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              Quality vs. Quantity: JoJo’s from a gas station, or gourmet fries drizzled with Demi-glace and blue cheese crumbles?



              The better quality of Twitter followers you have on Twitter, the more money you will make per tweet. It’s rumored that Kim Kardashian earned $10K for a tweet on Sponsered Tweets. You want your following and the product your tweeting to match. If your followers are young girls, you want to tweet about Love, horoscopes, celebrity gossip, etc. If your followers are 40 to 60, you want to tweet about Luxury items, Spa & Health, Depression, Mom stuff, etc.

              Once, I got the idea of how to tweet properly, everything fell into place. It was a marketing psychology of sorts, a hidden mastery of something that made money or it didn’t. I was excited about it and started to analyze my following to see who they mostly were. I began following people that would match the tweets I wanted to tweet, brilliant huh? I’m sure you guys learned this years ago and I’m just acting like an idiot right now.

              I also learned that MyLikes analyzes your followers when you join, based on using Algorithms, but that could be a myth, just like the myth that Corvettes are cool. Sorry over 60 guys. . .

              These Algorithms are everywhere, and they’re more complex than the G-spot. These metrics can assess your Twitter followers and tell how much fat and muscle your account has. They can adjust the price of your MyLike tweets based on your overall Twitter health. This could all be shit, but gosh golly I’m certain it’s real. Anyways, I was determined to trim the fat and went about deleting shady, non-speaking eggs and obvious bots with the Cindy Crawford mugshot and the Russian bio. I had it down to mostly the U.S. and the U.K., perfect complimentary countries on different time zones.

              I began to tweet MyLikes tweets one every hour or so. I was nervous about tweeting these “tweets” too often because I didn’t want to become a Bot, kind of like the Matrix in a way. I needed to keep my cover and still be

              In the first few hours my balance on MyLikes was $1.00! It was instant gratification. I could tweet a MyLikes ad and look in my “History” of tweets I tweeted through MyLikes, and see the tweet with the cents earned beside it. I could see how many people “clicked through”, and if anyone Retweeted the message. After a few days, I had $5 dollars in there! Not much, but for 3 cents here and 5 cents here it was astounding to watch it add up.

              I only had about 35K followers on Twitter at the time and half of them were leftover from the Erik Narcissist days, so they were probably dead or so impervious to my erratic personality changes, that they didn’t look at me anymore. If I had synched my niche better with my following, I would have made tons more. After two weeks, I made $45 dollars with MyLikes, not tweeting that much. Like I said, maybe one an hour mixed in with other inspirational tweets and from free news sources.

              After I tweeted a MyLikes Tweet, I would cover my tracks by deleting the older MyLikes Tweet. So, if anyone went to my Wall, they wouldn’t see tons of spammy tweets. I then experimented with frequency and found more money in more tweets, but at a cost. I noticed more unfollowers. I was losing 30 to 50 followers a day, if I tweeted too many MyLikes Tweets, so be careful.

              The other beautiful thing about MyLikes, is the very simple dashboard and the payment receivables. You get an electronic invoice in your dashboard, every Friday, of all your paid tweets. You can gauge which ones were the most popular by looking at the “Click Through Rate.” I would then chose three of my most popular tweets and reuse them the next week, as long as they were still available.

              You add your Paypal email to receive your weekly payment every friday. It’s easy and no hassles. I wouldn’t even worry about taxes, unless you’re pulling in more than $600. I am really happy with MyLikes.

              After I got comfortable with MyLikes, I started snooping around. “If it wasn’t for those pesky kids!” says the bad guy who gets busted by Scooby Doo and the gang. I went to the “Leaders” area and looked at what the top twitter accounts were making per day using MyLikes. I was floored to see some accounts earning 400 to 600 dollars a day! I looked at their followers and most had 500K to a million followers. Occasionally, there would be a couple accounts that had only 60K followers making $80 to $100 a day. How is that possible, when I was only making $15 a day at most? Because their following was in perfect alignment with the type of tweets they were tweeting. TWEET TWEET. If I keep typing TWEET, call a doctor. Also, some of these accounts were on a suicide mission, because when I went to see what they tweeted and when, I noticed every tweet had a MyLikes link. It looks bad, but apparently they were earning good money, so WTF.

              I started noticing a pattern with the highest earners on MyLikes. They used celebrity pictures, like Will Farrell, someone funny, or sexy, like Bieber or Kutcher, called it a “Mock” or “Parody” account, and spouted off one-liners. It was kind of clever. Then there are the “Google Facts” accounts, that give insightful facts. Then, the most popular of all, teen girl tweets. There are many of these spread around Twitterville, like Meth in the Mid-West. These teen tweeters have a shitload of followers and they all say pretty much the same thing.



              Back to Twitter for a minute. As you may have gathered by now, I have been all over the map with my Twitter account. First, I was Erik Narcissist, bugging the Japanese with my obnoxious sounds; Second, I was Mr. WriterGuy, tweeting World News and plugging my ebooks: Third; I’m CEO guy, using inspirational quotes and adding my MLM link once in awhile. Obviously, Twitter is adaptable with this. Don’t worry if you no longer like your Twitter account. You can change everything about it without deleting it.

              You can go to your profile and change your name; you can change your username in “Account”; and, you can change your background under “Design”. Everything is changeable, so don’t worry. Even if you get suspended, or go to “Twitter Jail”, there is a way to get unsuspended. It’s way more lenient than Facebook.

              Followers on Twitter are essential for anyone who has something to say or sell. Do not get discouraged with unfollowers, there’s lots of people out there who think you have to delete half or more of your followers to gain new followers. This is not true. You can keep everyone who is following you.


              Which brings to the forefront, one of my most prized possessions: This program is what helped me get out of the 5,000 follower slump for months, to break into new highs, reaching 40 to 50,000 followers in four months. It analyzes your Twitter followers and tells you who is following back and who isn’t. This is key to unfollowing. Only unfollow people who don’t follow you. It’s pretty simple.

              When you sign up with, give them your Twitter address, the one with the @ symbol in front of it. Set up your profile and let it show you your followers. There will be categories to the left.


              Before I forget, this program is only $19.95 a year for the “Earth” package, which deletes their branding from your “direct message”, which can be paid quickly through your Paypal. If you don’t have Paypal, you need one to get paid by MyLikes, and other online businesses you come across. If you have your own website and want to sell your products you would need to have a Paypal shopping cart as well, to make shopping for your products as seamless as possible.

              I want to get to the point with Justunfollow. I follow a certain system every day which only takes about an hour or two. This is not wasted time. You are going to gain a lot of followers for only $19.95 a year. This is far better than 1,000 fake followers for $10 for a one-time fee.


              In Justunfollow, go to “Automate”. Check the box that says “Auto DM” This is very important.  This is where you can leave a message, like “Check out the New Release of my vampire book, it’s FREE. (add link here).” This message will be seen by everyone who follows you, directly to their email. This is very effective if you word your message carefully, meaning something catchy but no belligerent or offensive. There’s a lot of offensive messages these days.

Uncheck the boxes after “automatic tracking”. You don’t need to tweet your unfollower stats. It’s boring to others and makes you look like a beginner.

              Once, you have settings configured, go back to activity and leave it there for now. What I want you to do now is follow everyone who looks interesting and the type of person who might be interested in your product. Do this until your Twitter limit is reached for the day. If your Twitter account is fairly new, you can only follow about 200 a day. But, when you start to reach 2000, you can follow more each day, as long as your Followers number than your Following number. That’s why you don’t want to follow everybody, because you want that cushion.

The quicker route: Buy 8000 fake followers at

This will allow you leg room to unfollow and follow a lot more. The whole point of following a lot is to get people to see your direct message from justunfollow. This is where you have a link to your opportunity. This is mine:

Nice to meet you! We're looking for individuals who are driven with a desire to make a change in their lives:

I’ve gotten 500 leads from this message!


              The system that works for me is this:


              A) Follow around 8 AM. Follow until Twitter says, “You are unable to follow anymore at this time.” Don’t do anything more but maybe a couple tweets before bed.


              B) A week later, go to your “Non Followers” and unfollow 500 BEFORE you follow.

              C) Follow again until Twitter gives its “Unable to follow” message.



              After a couple weeks you will see your numbers rise faster than they ever have. People will be viewing your website and product more, since you have your link provided in the “Direct Message” on Unfollowers.

              Another thing that brings followers is the content of your tweets. Just like I said with using MyLikes, you don’t want to seem like a Spam Bot, or overly aggressive. I like to mix up my tweets with news tweets from and spiritual & motivational quotes from various sites.            





Let’s skip a couple courses and move on to desert!


              The biggest discovery for me was when I discovered Clickbank. It’s funny that I had never heard of it before, maybe people want to keep it a secret, because it’s really that good.

              Clickbank is perfect for people who use social media to promote products. As we already mentioned, you understand the concept of tweeting something and receiving a few cents which add up to a sizeable chunk if you have a lot of followers. If MyLikes is considered a fancy drink before dinner, Clickbank is the main course!

              The first time I made more than $50 at one time on the internet was with Clickbank. Just like posting an ad from the MyLike product page onto your Twitter wall, you do the same with Clickbank products. The big difference here is you’re getting 50 to 75% commissions for the product you promote. So, if the product you promote is $100 and someone buys it through your link, you just made $50!


              To sign up, go to and sign up. Configure your settings. If you don’t have an Employer Identification Number, don’t worry. If you make under $600 a year you can use your Social Security Number. Don’t worry, this is a legitimate site, a true business that’s been around a few years, and that’s just what you have to do these days if you want to get paid online.

              After you validate the email link they send you, you are ready to promote products. You would click on the tab “Marketplace” at the very top. You will see categories to the left. Select a category that you find interesting. Let’s pick “Health & Fitness”, because it’s so popular.

              You will see the name of the products, a short description, and stats at the bottom. You can see if there is reoccurring billing by looking for the two blue arrows next to the other icons. Another stat to look at is the “gravity”. The gravity is the “draw” of the product, or popularity. Of course everyone wants to lose weight, so the “Gravity” of the Health products is higher, a lot higher, but you also have a lot of other people promoting it who you have to compete with. Fortunately, with digital information products there’s enough for everybody.

              Once, you decide which product you want to promote, you click the promote button to the right of the ad. A separate window will pop up to the left with two links. The first link, in black, is the one you will copy & paste. The second one, in blue, is the HTML code of the link that you would place on your website.


              I know I mentioned Google’s link shortener to use for shortening links earlier, but Google does not like too spammy of a link, so you might want to use to shorten the first link in the Clickbank pop-up window. Once, you copy the first link in the window take it over to TinyUrl and put it in their link shortening window entitled “enter a long URL to make tiny.” After you do this, click “Open in another window”, to view the product’s home page. In your browser on the product page, you should see your nickname from Clickbank at the end of the web address, or URL.

Okay, if it’s there close out of that window. You know the TinyURL link works, so copy & paste the tinyURL and go over to your Twitter page. Create a catchy phrase, like: “Lose the belly fat from the Holidays”, then add the link, and post! Remember to not post these links too often, and blend them in with your regular comments. It’s up to you if you want to delete older Clickbank posts or leave them. Some Twitter accounts post nothing but affiliate links. It’s your call, but if your followers know you as a soft gentle person, then suddenly your posting all these products, you might lose some of them.


Another thing that Online Marketers are making a killing from is creating a website solely for promoting Clickbank products and other Affiliate program products.

Go to and pick a name that loosely relates to the product(s) you’re selling, like FatLossCity. Make sure it’s available. If not, keeping searching until one you like is available. These names are only $10.99, unless you found a Premium name by accident, then it’s like $2700 to buy it!


Then you need to find a host to host your website name. This book is mainly about Twitter, so Google "How to make a website”. But, I use iPage & Bluehost. iPage is like $50 a year and you can host unlimited domains there, not just “park” them, but work on them also. I recommend using the Wordpress platform, through your new host, for every website. There are a lot of add-ons (plug-ins) that make your site function like the professionals.




              Twitter is awesome! So, if you have a lot of devoted followers, same goes for Facebook, post your referral link, shortened hopefully by using or and your followers will check it out. Don’t post this message more than once an hour, and mix it up with different words, and use relevant hashtags at the end of your message, like #jobs #news #fb #ff #SEO #CEO #MLM, Don’t use more than two hashtags per tweet!




              Making money online is getting easier every day. Social media platforms are becoming interconnected and more people are joining together to help promote each other and their products. There is a hidden opportunity right under your nose for you to monetize. Look around, think Rich and let your subconscious take you into uncharted territory where entrepreneurs are lounging with their ideas & mingling with brilliant like-minded people.

              The more people acting together as one, with more positive energy, the more things will change for the world. Look at the first Facebook Revolution in Egypt. Power in social media numbers. This is the most exciting time in our lives, as I write this the World is supposedly going to end on December 21st. What the people don’t realize, the people who think it’s going to be the Apocalypse, it’s actually going to be the end of a two thousand year cycle, not the end of Us.

              Where I live, Marijuana and Gay marriage is now legal. Marijuana couldn’t even get legalized in the 60’s! We are opening our minds finally, and there will be a ripple effect. With this, I hope everyone is blessed with a little more gratitude, perseverance for the right things, and realizing that spreading happiness is as easy as waving your hand to your neighbor, or something like that. . .







              Erik Christian is a . Entrepreneur. Animal Activist. Top Social Media Strategist.Passionate about Network Marketing. Lifestyle Trainer



Copyright 2015. Erik Christian




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Eric Caprarese’ born in Alexandria, Virginia.  At the early age of 9, Eric began his first business venture selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts door to door.  From ages 10-14 he worked on numerous farms throughout Northern Virginia doing odd jobs.


Eric struggled through school while suffering with undiagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, although he graduated from Stonewall Jackson High school in 1985.  Pursuing his education he later graduated from Radford University in 1989 with a BA Degree in Political Science, a Minor in Spanish and a Functional Minor in Psychology.


In 1991 he began East Coast Sun Systems, Inc. which distributed Tanning bed|tanning equipment and supplies throughout the USA which soon became one of the largest distribution companies throughout the nation.   With a strong desire to be a part of the nutritional supplement industry, Eric invented the first weight loss gum called “Shapeletes” which he distributed throughout the Salon Industry.  Within 24 months New Body International, Inc. and a year later Botanical Labs, Inc. were born with a vision of distributing high quality nutritional supplements that would positively impact the lives of people around the world.


Manufacturers represented by his companies were known for their high quality products, strict efficacy guidelines and low end pricing due to mass production. Both nutritional ventures were sold to begin a well-known and respected marketing company,  Viper Marketing, Inc.  Viper Marketing has been focused on providing superior products, pricing and service to a more focused demographic and has utilized the internet for larger global distribution.  After years of steady growth, Viper Marketing, Inc. distributes nutritional supplementation on a worldwide scale to over 60 countries.


Within this time span Eric has become a well-known international marketer in the network marketing industry as well as being a featured public and motivational speaker. To date, he is considered one of the country’s most successful network marketing representatives, with close to a half a million marketing representatives in his personal organizations across the globe.


Eric was recently awarded the title of Honorary Founder by his network marketing company and was also voted “Top 100 MLM Mentors” by his peers worldwide and joins the highest ranks of elite network marketers in the world.


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