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About Us

Holiday Feet Wellness Centre provides acupuncture, counseling services, foot reflexology, body massage, Scraping(Gua Sha) and Cupping. Our practitioners are experienced and highly qualified with an extensive training in their areas of expertise. In our integrated service, our staffs provide a wide range of healing programs to the local community.

We strive to provide the quality that ensures you will always be happy visiting us. In order to provide the best service, we have packaged our "hardware" and "software" and list it as our principle so that all your needs are under our consideration.

1. Excellent location: in the center of downtown Vancouver, only three minutes walk to Robson street, five minutes walk to the English Bay.

2.Private single and double rooms used to protect your privacy and free you from disturbance and noise

3.Relaxing environment, including pleasant interior design, air conditioning, smoothing background music, fire equipment and detectors and an efficient ventilation system.

4.Unlimited wifi connection.

5.Clean and spacious washroom.

6.Hygienism is our first priority. We promise to provide an neat environment and clean facilities - including newly washed towel, newly cleaned massage beds and chairs.

7.A team consists of experienced and professional therapists.

8.Modest rates with a variety of promotional package.

9.Team spirit for the excellent of customer service - always keep in mind that "customer is always right".

10.Never conduct unethical and tasteless behavior.