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Hidden Secrets of MLM


By Rick Freeman

Hidden Secrets of MLM Success


Hidden Secrets of MLM



The information presented in this report represents the views of the author as of the date of publication, based on his experience on the topic detailed within. This report is for basic informational purposes only. The author is not engaged in rendering any legal, professional or financial advice. The author and the publisher do not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information. The services of a professional person are recommended if legal advice or assistance is needed. While sources contained within this report are assumed to be reliable at the time of writing, the author and publisher are not responsible for their activities. Earnings or profits derived from using the information contained in this report are entirely generated by the ambitions, desires, motivation and abilities of the individual reader. While every attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author and the publisher cannot assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. No part of this report may be altered, copied or distributed, without prior written consent of the author or publisher. All product names, logos and trademarks are the properties of their respective owners, who have not necessarily endorsed, sponsored or approved this publication. Text and images used within this publication which are available over the Internet may be subject to intellectual rights and may not be copied. The author or publisher disclaims any personal loss or liability which may arise from the utilization of any information presented within this report.

OK that’s the necessary legal stuff out the way, let’s get on and learn how to get some MLM success secrets.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Beginning

Chapter 2: It's About Being Real

Chapter 3: A Secret and Treasure

Chapter 4: The Bigger Picture

Chapter 5: Teaching Others

Chapter 6: The Right Questions

Chapter 7: Life Lessons

Chapter 8: Imaging and Teaching

Wrapping it Up


Hidden Secrets of MLM



Here is the chronicle of a young man on the brink of resigning the business, who distinguishes that the secrets of MLM success lie inside him. It's a tale that's altered a lot of lives.

It starts at an opportunity meeting, where the storyteller meets amazing networkers.

Over the course of a week, the storyteller’s life is metamorphosed as he soaks up lessons about leadership, beliefs, values and life purpose, hearing, championing other people, and more.

This is more than just a feel-good story.

It's a first-hand, insider look at the life and success in Network Marketing, this book has the might to really alter your life and raise your business to the greatest level.

And, beyond Networking, it's about fresh properties of productivity and fulfillment in each area of life... explaining how to undergo successful living along with successful network marketing.

Study it and truly understand what it feels like to be a Network Marketer.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


Stories About How People Used Network Marketing

Strategies To Become The Most Successful Networking

Uplines In The World

Chapter 1

The Beginning


I’ll never forget this. The night I first met the great networker, the hotel room was jammed.

When I walked in, I observed a particularly large swarm of individuals gathered around somebody in the front of the room.

I took aside a distributor I’d met previously, pointed to the group and inquired, “Who’s that over there?” She said, “That’s the Greatest Networker you’ll ever meet ... Would you like to meet him?”

“Certainly,” I said. She took me over.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


The Lessons Begin

He was listening intently to what a woman standing directly in front of me was talking about, when his eye caught mine.

He looked me directly in the face, extended his hand to me, and stated, with a warmth that really shocked me: “Hello. It’s truly great to see you.” He told me his name and asked me mine.

I stuttered – really, I bumbled. His grip became a little firmer and he asked, “How are you?” I said, “Fine, thanks”. And he responded,

“Truly?” Before I had time to stop myself, I found myself telling him how I was truly doing.

He heard me in a way I’ve never experienced previously. I really felt him listening to me. I told him how my business and my life were going and that I wasn’t cut out for network marketing.

He smiled and squeezed my hand again and asked, “Would you have a little time after the meeting to spend with me?” Before I could get to my “No”, I heard myself say, “That would be excellent”.

Following the formal part of the meeting was over and the groups of fresh distributors and their sponsors were departing together, he addressed me.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


He smiled at me with that same noticeable warmth as previously.

“Come on”, he stated, taking me by the arm and moving off through the door. “Let’s get some caffeine and something to eat.

Have you had supper?”

He stated with a warm laugh that he could use something delicious.

I agreed – laughing right along with him. It felt great to be with him.

He’d surely altered the way I was feeling in an unusually short time. “So, what do you like to eat a lot?” he inquired.

And before I could answer – he said, “It’s an earnest question.

What would you most love to eat – right now?” I took in a deep breath and stated, “Italian”. “Excellent!” he said.

“Me too.” As we journeyed to the restaurant, we made small talk.

Really, I made small talk.

He simply kept asking me questions. He just seemed so curious, so intrigued in me – and so easy to speak to.

I likely told him more about my life in those 10 short minutes than I’d ever told anybody before.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


We entered the restaurant with the captain’ and the greatest networker appearing to be the very best of acquaintances; and I noticed smiling exchanges passing constantly between my host and a variety of waiters and clients.

As we took our seats, I noticed, “You certainly live in a different domain than I do.” “How’s that?” he inquired.

“Well, everyone is all grins and warmth and friendship . . . you appear to know everyone, and they all know you and like you.

“ Tell me”, he inquired, “what’s present for you when all of this

‘grinning and friendshipping,’ as you call it, is going on?” I inquired,

“What do you mean?”

“What’s here, like in the air around us – what do you notice is present for you?” I took in a deep breath and answered thoughtfully. “I feel jealous,” I told him and curious, also.

I wish to understand how I may have my life be like this.” “Tell me,” he inquired“, what do you truly want your life to be like?” So began a 2-hour supper.

All he did was ask me questions. And all I did was to tell him principles I hadn’t ever shared with anybody!


Hidden Secrets of MLM


“Look, where’s all of this going?” I inquired. “You’re asking me questions and talking about things that nobody’s ever said before.

He didn’t say a word – simply leaned forward, and turned his head toward me, as though he wanted to make certain to catch every syllable I spoke. I felt feelings well up inside me. Huge feelings.

Crucial ones. I felt suddenly really sad. “I simply want to be a success,” I told him. “I’m so tired of not having the cash to do what I want . . . to provide for my family. “ But . . .?” he asked.

“But, I don’t know how”, I replied. Network marketing doesn’t work for me. I looked over at him and inquired, “What’s wrong with me?” He let his head fall back and consulted at the ceiling.

He took a big, long, deep breath and asked, “How would you like me to show you how?” “Yes!” I cried out. “Good,” he said. “We’ll begin tomorrow. Here’s what I wish you to accomplish . . .” He handed me a sheet of paper with his address and told me to come to his office the next afternoon after I got off work.

He reached into his briefcase and drew out a package. “Here,” he stated, “this is your homework. I need you to study this before we meet tomorrow – all right?”


Hidden Secrets of MLM


He paid for supper and drove me back to the hotel where the meeting had been. I watched him go then I went home. I opened the book with enormous excitement. I stopped cold. There wasn't a word in it.

Each page in the book was completely blank!

Chapter 2

It's About Being Real


Time literally crept by that following day. I had to go to the meeting...I couldn't stand it any more.

When I got there the main house, it was simply splendid! As a matter of fact, this was the sort of house I’d always dreamed of having. And horses grazing in the fields.

As I arrived at the paddock fence, I called the nearest of the horses. Just then, I observed a horse and rider coming out of the woods, cantering toward me. It was him.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


Truth Lesson

The mare I’d called to and the coolest marketer reached me at the same time. “Well, you surely got her attention. She doesn’t come to simply anybody.

“It’s great to see you. You’re 60 minutes early,” he noted. “How are you?” He walked over and extended his hand.

“I’m great,” I replied“, . . . and a bit anxious.” He laughed, another one of those thundering laughs of his, and stated, “You do learn fast.

Thanks for being so truthful. What are you anxious about?” “Well,” I stated as I pointed in a sweeping motion that took in his property,

“this isn’t where I generally find myself on a Friday afternoon.

This is a pretty amazing place you’ve got.”

“You know,” I told him, “I've a dream of owning a place much like this”. “Great,” he stated, “would you like to purchase it?” “I doubt it’s inside my budget at the minute,” I stated, sarcastically.

“I don’t recall stating how much I’d sell it for – did I?” “No”, you didn’t.”


Hidden Secrets of MLM


“So how do you know whether or not it’s inside your budget?” he inquired. “All right”, I sighed. “How much?” “2.6 million”, he expressed flatly. “Do you wish to purchase it?”

“Stop it!” I took a firm stand. “This is absurd. You know I don’t have that sort of cash!” “I don’t know that,” he stated.

“And that’s not what I inquired. I inquired if you wished to purchase it. Do you – yes or no?” “This is senseless,” I snarled.

He stuck up his hand – I quit talking. “Yes or no?” he asked once more. “Do you wish to purchase my house?” “No. Don’t be idiotic,” I stated.

“I'm not being idiotic,” he said. “But – you are! Among the most idiotic things an individual can do is to not tell the truth.” “You're lying,” he stated sternly.

“Please,” he said, “tell me if what I'm about to say is true or not: you'd love nothing more in this world than to purchase my house.

I'm asking merely if you'd like to purchase my house – yes, or no?”

“Well, if you put it that way – yes, I’d like to purchase your house.” 12

Hidden Secrets of MLM


He smiled. “I do put it that way,” he said. “Tell me, do you frequently have trouble answering the questions individuals ask you?” “Well . . .”

I began, but then shook my head and went silent. I looked up at him, attempting to read something from his face – desiring to find the correct answer there someplace.

“There's no correct answer,” he stated, as if reading my mind.

“There's only your answer, today, to the question.” We stood in hush for some time. When I finally got up the courage to look at him, he stated, “Look, in our relationship together, I take a firm stand that you and I speak the facts.

I believe that will be hard for you, as you don’t listen, not yet. What you hear me stating is colored by what you say to yourself about what I'm saying. Is that true?”

“Yes,” I told him. He nodded and carried on. “Did you study the book I gave you?” I didn’t know what to say.

How do you study a book without a word in it? “Yes or no?” he inquired, with patience.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


“Sure,” I said. “Well, what did you think?” “I'm not sure . . .”

“Great!” he shouted. “Come up to the house and tell me all about it.”

I wasn’t sure what to think. So, for the minute, I attempted to think nothing, and just watch where I was going.

Chapter 3

A Secret And Treasure


The home and its surroundings were even more impressive from a closer look.

Everything was simply magnificent. Individuals actually lived here –

and as if to prove it, 3 bounding dogs merrily greeted me as I got out of my car.

“Oh, you’ve been properly greeted, I see”, the he said, as he came through a door in a high stone wall.

“Might I introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Silver?” He patted the heads of a big, fine-looking pair of silver standard poodles.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


“And this is the Duchess”, he stated, ruffling the fur of a Border Collie. He said, “Come to my office”.

His office was comfy and lived in. “You’ve got quite a library”, I noted. It was an understatement in the extreme.

“Yes,” he stated, surveying what must have numbered well over a 1000 books. “I like books. I love info of all kinds – do you?” +

“Info?” That was a curious way to put it. “Certainly,” I stated. “So tell me”, he inquired, “What did you think about the book I gave you to study?”

“Of all the books I've ever read – that's the most crucial book of all.”

Behind The Mystery

I searched his face to distinguish his expression. I questioned if he were kidding . . . if he may be playing with me.

He was looking straight at me open, expressionless. “Well . . . I don’t know,” I stated. “Great,” he responded. “Perfect.” I didn’t understand what to say.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


“There’s a tale I wish to tell you,” he stated. “Would you care to hear it?” “Certainly.”

“In Japan, a lot of years ago, it was the tradition amid Buddhist monks to move from monastery to monastery, looking for the teaching of the masters.

As was the custom, the master would serve up tea and they'd talk.

“One young monk was an especially outstanding pupil. “ One day, he went to a really famous monastery attached to one of the most hallowed temples in Japan.

The young man solicited an audience with the master, in hopes of being accepted as his student.

“The young man was showed to the master’s chambers at once.” The master came in and they bowed to one another.

“The young man told the master of his travels, of the teaching he had heard, of the monks he had ‘bested’ in his hunt for Truth.

The master heeded intently and recognized the young monk for his wit and intelligence.

The master started pouring tea for them both.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


The young man turned to the Master: ‘I wish to stay here and learn with you, for I sense that here, contrary to with the others, there's much you have to provide me . . .’

Suddenly, the young monk exclaimed out in pain , jumping up from the floor . The blistering hot tea had splattered all over his lap!

“The master sat sedately and continued streaming tea – which was overflowing the student’s little cup and spilling over the table onto the floor where the young man had been seated.

‘‘ What are you doing, I have been burned! Quit pouring! The cup is brimming over!’

“Depart from me, young man,” the master stated. ‘I've nothing to teach you. Your cup is overflowing with all that you know and all that you believe you don’t know.

Return to me when your cup is void and you're ready to experience what I have to give."

We sat in hush for a while.

Finally, he spoke up. “You want a great deal to be a success in Network Marketing, don’t you?”


Hidden Secrets of MLM


“Yes,” I replied. “You understand some things about how to do this business – right?” “Yes.” “And you understand, too, that there are a lot of things that you don't know about – right?”

“Yes,” I responded. “There's nothing which you now understand, and nothing about what you believe you don’t understand, that will help you produce the success you want.”

“The key to your success dwells in what you don’t understand that you don’t understand. Do you understand?” No,” I told him honestly. “I've no clue what you’re saying. How may I understand what I don’t even understand that I don’t understand?”

“You can’t,” he stated. “That’s the mystery.” When I viewed my watch, it was a little past 1:00 a.m. We'd been talking for nearly 6 hours.

The whole conversation had been about me – my past, present and future. I was left with a feel of enormous peace – and freedom. I felt someway more hopeful and really alive.

Throughout our talk, he would ask me if such and such were among my values- those crucial qualities that were most significant to me.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


“Values come in pairs, one providing for the manifestation of the other, he stated. Just one by itself is incomplete . . .”

“Hold off!” I interrupted. “You mean, always? How come in pairs?” He appeared to like the interruption. “Excellent question!” he beamed.

“Tell me: do you understand why you've two eyes?” “Bifocal vision .

. . depth perception,” I said.

“Correct! Very good. It doesn’t appear like we’d truly need 2, does it? Either eye works fine on its own.

However working together as a pair, they add to ‘vision’ the depth perception. "And one eye ‘anchors’ the vision of the other”. “It’s the same with your values.

One affirms the other. Together, they let your vision operate in depth.”

“Look at what you were just telling me. Do you see how ‘success’

and ‘freedom’ are related for you?” I answered that I did. I remember telling him how much of my life, I’d felt ensnared . . . how without success, I felt like a captive.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


“So you may say,” he continued “that ‘success,’ for you, supplies for the expression of ‘freedom.’ That the one really gives the other a reference point, a context for its existence.”

“Right, I see – they work together . . .” As we carried on talking, I discovered additional sets of values I had: gratitude and recognition . . . adventure and play . . .

communication and power . . . Assistance and contribution . . .

partnership and leadership .There were others. These seemed the most crucial.

Then he inquired, “What is your life purpose?” That was the greatest question anybody had ever asked me.

I started envisioning a number of scenes: some funny ones, a few pitiful ones (from while I was growing up) – and a whole bunch of things I’d never accomplished before.

It was awesome how many different and fantastic things were there!

“How did it all end?” he asked. “It was funny,” I said. “It ended right here, right in this room.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


But rather than you sitting where you are now, I was sitting there.

And there was a young woman sitting here where I am now, and I was inquiring about her life’s purpose.” He shut his eyes and we sat in silence for some time. “So, what’s your life purpose?” he inquired again.

“Teaching,” I said. “I’m a teacher . . . and an author – and what I teach individuals is how to be successful and free. I show them how to accomplish their life’s purpose.

And”, I added, “I make a profound difference in 1000s, even 1000000s of individual’s lives.”

I can't tell you what an extraordinary sensation I felt as I said those words.

Chapter 4

The Bigger Picture


I spent that night in a guest room. It was rather late when we’d finished talking, and since he’d asked me to go to a training he was giving early the following morning, he asked me to stay the night.


Hidden Secrets of MLM


As I was about to get ready for bed, I recognized that I hadn’t phoned my wife! I found a telephone and called to let her know I wouldn’t be home till the following day.

She was really curious to understand what had occurred thus far –

We hadn’t talked like this in years.

Intriguing . . . I thought, as I hung up the telephone. I woke feeling more alive and happy than I’d been in years.


I showered fast and went down the stairs. There was a fire in the hearth! On the couch was a bundle of clothes tied with a brilliant red yarn with a note on top.

It stated: morning. Here are some clothes and sneakers for you.

Hope they fit. Sneakers? For a training meeting?

I looked at the clothes, which turned out to be a bright colored jogging suit with a white polo shirt and gray rag-wool socks. This was going to be an unequaled meeting, I believed.

At 7 sharp, he walked through the door bearing a large tray. “Good day . . . good day. How are you?” “Br