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Fanpage Power Profits

Fanpage Power Profits

How to Dominate Any Niche Using Your Facebook Fanpage

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Fanpage Power Profits

Thankyou for picking up a copy of my latest cash cow report

– Fanpage power profits.

In this cash cow report I am going to show you a powerful, easy system you can use to dominate almost ANY niche on Facebook

We know that Facebook is getting so much attention that it is now getting more traffic than Google.

In this report I am going to show you a process of finding a niche market and how you can dominate that niche on your Fanpage and lots of “hungry” buyers in a short space of time.

You can use this method for CPA offers too but for the purposes of this report I am going to stick to Affiliate products – i.e. from Clickbank.


Fanpage Power Profits

Getting Started

The first thing to do in order to get started is to find out what niches are hot right now.

The first thing I would do is head over to Clickbank and browse al the different markets that are there.

For example, if we browse the Sports section category of Clickbank we can see that there are several products that appear on the first page.

These focus on Basketbal , Golf, Tennis and sports such as Martial Arts.

Remember these are huge markets and people are wil ing to pay a lot of money for these products to help them

“improve” their game.



Fanpage Power Profits

For example, we can see that Basketbal Scoring Secrets is one product that is on the first page on Clickbank. This product pays just over $53.19 per sale.

The squeeze page is pretty good too.




Fanpage Power Profits

Now the next thing I am going to do is head over to Facebook and type in “Basketbal Scoring Secrets” to see what comes up.



Fanpage Power Profits

We can see that there are just 3 Fanpages for this main keyword and the main Fanpage is promoting the Clickbank product.

And yes this is a page for the Clickbank product – the owner of this Fanpage is not the creator of the product!


Fanpage Power Profits

We can see that this landing page welcome tab is very attractive and has lots of cal -to-action features that

“persuade” the user to click the like button.

In this case the user wil click “Like” to get their Free Gift.

The link to the “Free Gift” points to the squeeze page.

So when the person clicks this link they wil be taken to the Clickbank link and their cookies wil be stored on their server.

Which means after watching the free video they want to purchase the course you wil get paid for each sale.

This Fanpage itself has just over 493 Fans.

The great thing about this page is that it also appears on Google.

For example, if we type “Basketbal Scoring Secrets” on Google we can see that it appears on the first page.

This is powerful because this Fanpage wil end up getting Autopilot organic search engine traffic as a result of this.



Fanpage Power Profits

In just a few months this page has attracted quite a lot of people.

So why is this important?

Wel the first thing I want you to understand is that Facebook is changing.

Facebook is not just a place to make friends anymore. It is a place where you can actual y promote products, get feedback and look for products that cater towards a certain market.

So for example, if we head over back to Clickbank we can see that there are literal y hundreds and hundreds of different 8

Fanpage Power Profits

niche markets you can dominate and start promoting using your “POWER” Fanpage.

Why do I cal it a “power” Fanpage?

Simply because this strategy puts your Fanpages on steroids.

The idea is to create at least 50 Facebook Fanpages on different niche markets and then monetise those pages and start promoting Clickbank products.

By doing this you wil dominate your niche easily before this gets too saturated.

For example, let me head over back to Clickbank and show you what I mean.

Let’s pick a category. So for example, for the music category on Clickbank we can see that the following products appear on the first page.



Fanpage Power Profits

We can see that the following niches are popular.






Fanpage Power Profits

The next thing I am going to do is head over to Google Keyword

Selector tool and see what people are typing in relation to these niches.

I am going to type in the keyword “Guitar” and see what comes up.

As you can see there are lots of different keywords that come up in relation to the keyword Guitar.

For example, “learn how to play Guitar” generates 6,500

searches a month.

If we head over to Facebook and type in this keyword we can see that competition is fairly low and no one is real y taking advantage of this keyword. Furthermore, there are not many Fanpages that are promoting any Clickbank products.



Fanpage Power Profits

I can also see that “Guitar” is stil the most popular searches over the last 30 days according to Google Insights.



Fanpage Power Profits

So this is what I would do.

Create 5-7 Fanpages on various niches from Clickbank and name the Fanpages according to the phrases people are searching for on Google. For example, how to play Guitar etc.

• Use an Iframe Landing page (You can get these created for as little as $5.00 from

Here are some Gigs you might want to check out.



Fanpage Power Profits


• Next thing you might want to do is monetise the Facebook page. You should use an Iframe welcome tab with video option and a field where people can enter their email address.

Here is an example of an excel ent Fanpage that is promoting a Clickbank product.

If you want to include a landing page on your Facebook then then you might want to get something like this created ( see below).



Fanpage Power Profits

As you can see this has a lot of cal to action features and makes the user “eager” to enter their email address to get the free gift.

The more Fanpages you have the more chances you wil have of making money.

For example, you could have the following format.

10 Facebook pages on how to play the Guitar products on Clickbank

10 Facebook Pages on how to play the Piano on Clickbank 15

Fanpage Power Profits

10 Facebook pages on Weight Loss 10 Facebook pages on how to make money online 10 Facebook pages on how to create your own Iphone App By using the Facebook “Bulk” strategy you wil be creating lots of Facebook pages in a short space of time – thus DOMINATING the niche.

You might want to outsource this by hiring someone from Odesk or Elance so it saves you a lot of time.

Make sure you have an Iframe welcome page tab that can capture people’s name and email address so you can build a list at the backend.

You might also want to keep an eye out for Celebrity Facebook Fanpages. For example, competitions such as X

Factor and Britain’s Got Talent are constantly going to be creating brand new stars.

For example, just the other day I created this Facebook page -


This page has 98 fans and it is growing every single day on complete Autopilot.

I am going to monetise this page with a welcome page tab and promote this using Amazon Ads once the popularity of this guy soars.


Fanpage Power Profits

A real y cool site you can use as an aid for your Facebook pages is

This shows you the popular categories that are hot right now on the web.

In the next section of this report I am going to show you how you can rake even more profits from your Facebook page by selling your Facebook Fanpage, without getting into trouble.

If you have a Facebook Fanpage and you are dying to sel it then the first thing you should do is firstly have set up a central hub for your page.



Fanpage Power Profits

A central hub is like the one shown below.

As you can see this Facebook page has just over 4,340 fans right now.

I have not touched this page at al .

If you look at the Insights for this page we can see that the most traffic comes from Google 




Fanpage Power Profits

This is powerful because I have managed to snap up a good keyword rich domain both for the Facebook Fanpage and the website central hub itself. (appears on First page)


Fanpage Power Profits

As you can see both my Facebook page and the website appear side by side, on the first page – this means I can easily sel this Facebook page on Flippa or any other marketplace.

By having a central hub website AROUND your FACEBOOK

page makes it easier to sel your Facebook page.

If you said to someone I am sel ing my Wordpress website –

which appears on the first page of Google, and has over 4000+ Fans, you are most likely going to get lots of interested people.

Remember you are going to be sel ing your website at the frontend and sel ing the Facebook page at the backend.

By sel ing the Facebook page WITH the website itself the value of your website wil automatical y increase.

The best way to make money from this strategy is to snap as many keyword rich domain names as possible and then create a Facebook page around your keyword rich domain.

Then simply flip the site + the Facebook page on Flippa 

If you want to dominate the Clickbank marketplace then you need to create a Facebook Fanpage with the right keywords, the right hub and the right welcome page iframe tabs on your page.

The more pages you have the more money you wil make –




Fanpage Power Profits

Creating a Facebook page is free and takes just a minute or two.


Target niches that wil have a lot of fans in a short space of time.

E.g. music, celebrities and movies (there are tons of movie Clickbank offers you can use).

E.g. Check out this Facebook page on “watching movies online”.

This page is very basic and the user is not taking advantage of the monetisation features.

He has just over 29,496 fans!



Fanpage Power Profits

Another real y powerful section on Clickbank is the “gaming” section where there are lots of different sections for Clickbank products. For example, Mafia wars and Farmvil e are two examples.



Fanpage Power Profits

Mafia wars has excel ent conversions on Facebook because there are lots of people playing this.

All you need to do is take a look at the stats below.

As you can see this Fanpage for mafia wars has just over 16

mil ion fans!



Fanpage Power Profits

You can use another cool strategy of making money by promoting Clickbank products using Facebook.

This strategy also involves Facebook pages. You are not going to create these pages but simply outsource this by having someone to go to related groups and post your Clickbank affiliate links on the wal s.

Make sure you target groups/pages that have over 20k members.

For example, check out al these different Mafia wars pages that fal under this category.


Fanpage Power Profits

Make sure you do not overdo this or you wil get banned from posting ;) This is why it is best to outsource this part.

Remember to be smart and creative with your Facebook pages when it comes to creating “bulk” pages.

The more pages you have for different niches the more money you wil make – simple.

So just to summarise here is the process you should follow.

1. Create 50 Facebook Fanpages on different niches from Clickbank (outsource this)

2. Monetise your Facebook images – use Images and use Iframe landing pages – Here is a simple Iframe APP from Wildfire you can use (there is a tutorial video on my blog on how to use this app).

Another Iframe app you can use is

Adding this app is real y easy.

The beauty of this App is that it can save you lots of time if you have HTML code or CSS code you simply want to paste.



Fanpage Power Profits

This is a kil er App so use it to your advantage 

3. Drive Traffic to your Facebook pages by using Facebook ads or use SEO techniques using the “hub strategy”.

4. Flip Your Fanpage For Profits on Flippa!

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide.


Fanpage Power Profits

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