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1. Learn How To Make Money On The Internet For Dummies What Works?There is so much information floating around out there, if your a beginner to making money on the internet it can baffle your mind, or down right confuse the hell out of you. You want answers on what works?

2. Affiliate Marketing And Clickbank For Dummies ( Take Dummy Comments All In Good Fun I Know Your Smart) Your probably strolling along the Internet looking for a legitimate way to earn some extra money from home. You have also probably heard about the affiliate marketing business model, and how it could make you a few …...

3. Seo Tutorial For Beginners @ Newbies I am gonna run al you beginners out there through a brief tutorial on seo so at least you will have some idea of what search engine optimization is al about so you can get your new websites, or blogs to rank highly in the major search engines like […]

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7. Increase Website Traffic ( visitors ) 50 Free Proven Strategies That Work Must Read!

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8. Learn Affiliate Internet Marketing Training For A Beginner. How To Get Started With Your Own Profitable Online Business? First off let me be the first to congratulate you on taking the initial steps towards a brighter, more rewarding financial future by taking the initiative to start your own online business from home. Again, congratulations […]

9. Rapbank Affiliate Program Review. I am gonna start this blog post off right and get straight to the point. I love the Rapbank marketplace. No beating around the bush for me. They are officially my favorite place to find all kinds of good material to buy, and review. And if I find the product helpful, and of value, I […]

10. Blogging For Beginners And Dummies. Blogging can be fun, and lucrative, but also very challenging. What are the challenges facing todays bloggers? If your just starting out picking a lucrative evergreen niche that will be around for years to come can be your meal ticket for long term blogging success. You do not want to […]

11. Cheap Low Cost Traffic Sources If you want to earn money online as an affiliate marketer then your gonna need some cheap low cost traffic sources. Because like it or not traffic equals money in the increasingly competitive online World. I am sure you can respectively agree without low cost targeted traffic your blog, or […]

12. My Newest Internet Marketing Strategies For 2011 What I Am Doing? With Googles new algorithm changes article marketing has basical y died in my book. The only article directory I am gonna submit too in the near future is Ehow is a how to article directory that I have used in the past sparingly. The reason I like Ehow is the articles you submit are not [...]

Let's Get Started Shall We?

Learn How To Make Money On The Internet For

Dummies What Works?

There is so much information floating around out there, if your a beginner to making money on the internet it can baffle your mind, or down right confuse the hell out of you. You want answers on what works? And what the hel is just downright wasting your time? These are scams, or time wasters as I like to call them.

Wel , I have put together a list of what to do if you want to cut out al the bullshit and start putting together a profitable money making machine that can earn you money on autopilot even while you sleep.

Owning a blog, or website, is like having internet real estate. With a little hard work you can own your own park place. If you decide to just leave it there and put no time @ effort into your online real estate such as blog, or website maintenance which involves building backlinks, and adding unique content on a semi regular basis. You also must remember the internet marketing aspect of making money with your blog, or website, such as social networking sites like Twitter, and Facebook.

Create a Facebook fanpage, participate in online forums related to your niche, video marketing, comment on blogs related to your website, or blogs niche for starters. If you do not market your blog, or website you may as well throw in the towel. Instead of parkplace you will have the equivalent of mediterranean avenue or baltic avenue in monopoly. Not the kind of internet real estate that you want to have to pull in the big money online. The online money wil not magical y appear by the website fairy. It’s gonna take some hard work, and effort on your part to make a good income on the internet.

Don’t Be A Dummy Follow These Proven Steps To Start Cashing In On The Internet On A Regular Basis

1. Don’t Be A Dummy – Start a real internet business by researching a niche you have some interest in @ at the same time can potential y earn you a nice amount of cash at the same time. It is far easier to succeed if you have an actual interest , or a passion, in your website, or blogs main area of focus. P.S. Do not forget to update your website often with unique original content. The latest Google farmer update penalized 1,000′s of sites on the internet with unoriginal copied content. Be original and write your own blog posts Google wil reward you with higher search engine rankings.

2. Don’t Be A Dummy – Start a self hosted wordpress blog. Let me sink this point into your head or your internet business will sink faster than the Titanic. Pay for website hosting and buy your own domain name. A dummy will invest all his or her time and energy into a blog that is essentially owned by someone else. If you are using a free hosted blogging platform like blogger, or you are setting yourself up for internet failure right off the bat.

Don’t come crying to me when one day your blog gets deleted because you violated one of their ever changing terms of service. ( Which can happen for pretty much anything trust me I am speaking from experience when I myself was just a beginner to the internet and earning money online). Smart affiliate marketers and internet marketers in general only use free hosted blogging platforms to mess around with or for backlinks to their main money blogs.

3. Don’t Be A Dummy – Learn as much as you can about search engine optimization. Smart internet @ affiliate marketers know that the best kind of traffic that you can possibly have to your website, or blog is free targeted search engine traffic. These are actual people coming directly from the major search engines that are looking for what you have to offer. This traffic converts into you making more money from your internet business. Keyword tip: Target keywords that are buying keywords and try to rank highly for them to get the most money from your website, or blogs traffic.

4. Don’t Be A Dummy – Start an email list a.s.a.p. I waited a couple years to get mine started which was a big mistake when I finally realized half the battle of making money on the internet is building a responsive email list from your blog, or websites traffic. The bigger and better your email list is the more money you will earn online from your internet marketing efforts period! Internet Marketing Tip: Once you reach about 500 email subscribers starting doing adswaps with other internet marketers to grow your list a lot faster this wil also make you some great extra cash in the process.

5. Don’t Be A Dummy – If your trying to make money online from affiliate marketing. Which in a nutshel is making money from recommending a product, or service to anyone on the

internet in exchange for a commission. If they buy that particular product, or service through your affiliate link you will earn a commission and make money. But, to be successful you need to learn all you can about affiliate marketing. Be a student of the trade. The more you learn, the more your gonna earn period! The best Dr’s do not become the best overnight. It takes years and years of training for them to master their chosen trade. Think the same way with your affiliate marketing career – only the learning curve is a lot shorter. Learn while your earning on the internet. Always brushen up on your internet marketing skil s so you can put yourself in the best position possible to make the most amount of money from your online business as possible.

Here Are A Few Of The Top Affiliate Programs You Can Make Money With On The Internet: 1. Commission Junction

2. Linkshare

3. Clickbank

4. Share-A-Sale

5. Amazon -

Congratulations, you are on your way graduating from a dummy into a ful pledged internet marketing machine. P.S Your not a dummy anymore either…… Dummy comments are all in good fun!

Cheers To You Making More Money On The Internet, And To Your Online Success Jay.

Affiliate Marketing And Clickbank For Dummies

( Take Dummy Comments All In Good Fun I Know Your Smart) Your probably strolling along the Internet looking for a legitimate way to earn some extra money from home. You have also probably heard about the affiliate marketing business model, and how it could make you a few bucks to pay off some bills? All this is true and more.

Online affiliate marketing is a multi – bil ion dollar yearly business. Want to get in on the action? Let me walk you through the basics of affiliate marketing, Clickbank, and how to turn your free time into some cold hard cash. Buckle up, sit tight, and prepare for the coolest ride of your life.

What is affiliate marketing exactly? A form of marketing where individuals promote a business in exchange for either a percentage of the sales they generate or a specified amount for each lead generated.

In Dummy Terms Translation: Promote an affiliate product. Customer buys that product through your affiliate link, or banner. You earn a commission. You can also get paid just for directing traffic to a vendors website if you choose this option this is called cost per lead. Its your life the choice is yours! You can generate affiliate sales in any number of ways.

Through Classified Ads You Place. Think Craigslist, and Backpage these are 2 great places for dummies to start. If you have not read the bum marketing method by Travis Sago Google it fast. The bum marketing method is free and its a great place for dummies to start learning the basics of affiliate marketing.

Through Your Blog, Or Website: Once you get past the initial dummy phase of affiliate marketing you are definitely gonna want to start your own affiliate marketing blog, or website.

It is not mandatory but highly recommended. This way you can control your content and your affiliate income will increase with proper ground work on your part.

I recommend a self hosted WordPress blog for various reasons for affiliates if you are planning on making this your one and only money site. If your a dummy you use free hosted platforms like Blogger for your money site. Why wouldn’t you? Only a dummy would let Google control there blog, al there hard work, and can delete your blog for any reason they seem fit. A smart affiliate wouldn’t do that would they? I think not!

( Authors Note ) Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme it is a proven business model that is gonna take some work on your part. If your lazy and think that money grows on tree’s go back to playing your Xbox and stop reading this blog post. Affiliate marketing is not for you! Only the strong survive, if your lazy and weak minded you will get chewed up and spit out in the long run. That Xbox is probably sounding better and better to you ha? Lol…

Affiliate marketing is not that hard in fact it is one of the cheapest start up businesses you can run from home. In fact you can actually run it for free in the beginning if you choose too. Once you get better at it and start making a few sales then you can pay for webhosting etc… very cheap only $5 to $10 dol ars a month for you dummies, and cheapskates out there.

Remember affiliate marketing is a legitimate online business treat it as such. There will be some costs down the road if you want to make the real big money one day, be prepared.

Ok So What The Heck Is Clickbank? And How Can Clickbank Make A Dummy Like Me Some Big Fat Affiliate Commission Checks?

Clickbank is an online affiliate marketplace where you can sign up for free to be an affiliate.

Clickbank has over 10,000 digital products for you to find something to promote and earn some money. They have so many products even a dummy like you should be able to find something to put your new found Internet marketing skills to the test. If you sign up for a free Clickbank account your no dummy your a smart affiliate.

Why Should I Sign Up For A Free Clickbank Account? Its simple, Clickbank can fill your affiliate account with some big money. But you must be motivated, willing to learn affiliate marketing, and willing to work hard to get your share of the big Clickbank pie. Clickbank only deals with digital products. Did I mention you can make up to 75% commissions on a ton of products in the Clickbank marketplace?

What Are Digital Products For Dummies? What is the Internet based around? If you guessed information, than give yourself a big fat pat on the back, you earned it your no dummy. People are willing to pay big money for quality information that solves a problem.

Content is king online and quality information is what people want. Maybe they are looking for some information on how to earn money online? How to get an ex girlfriend back? How to drive more traffic to your website, or blog? Self help information, Software, Language software or info, Green energy products, Sports. You name it Clickbank has it.

Digital products can be instantly delivered over the Internet after payment is successful y made. This is great for your customer. No waiting on shipment by mail, they get a quick fix instantly. After the product is ordered its delivered in literally nano seconds to your customer.

Everyones happy!

How Does This Benefit You As A Clickbank Affiliate Marketer? You get your affiliate commission instantly and the vendor or owner of that product can pay his or her affiliates a lot more money. In fact up to an astounding 75% commission on the successful sale of an affiliate program. Why? After the initial program is created most of the revenue, or affiliate income generated by successful sales is pure profit. No shipping costs, overhead etc…. With digital products you can earn a lot more cash on each sale over physical products like Amazon for example. This savings is then passed on to you the online affiliate marketer.

Now You Dummies know the basics of affiliate marketing and Clickbank. Your next step is to go sign up for your free Clickbank account and start making some cash. After you do this I promise to stop calling you a dummy! Just kidding everyone, good luck with your new found affiliate marketing career.

As Always To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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Seo Tutorial For Beginners

Seo Tutorial For Beginners @ Newbies

I am gonna run all you beginners out there through a brief tutorial on seo so at least you will have some idea of what search engine optimization is all about so you can get your new websites, or blogs to rank highly in the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If no one can find your new site than how are you gonna earn a lot of cash from your new business? You can have the best online business in the World but if no-one can find it it is rendered virtual y useless. This is where learning how to rank highly in the search engines comes into play and this little seo tutorial for beginners will get you started in the right direction.

Oh, and before I forget. If you want a great course on seo training for beginners click on that big banner to the left. You will get a special 2 for 1 deal by clicking that big banner. Google Dominatrix, and the course how to cash in off of the newest algorithm change Google Farmer.

This a great course for beginners, and even advanced internet marketers. Enough about that.

Here is a few seo tips you can use right away to rank higher in the search engines and put more cash in your pockets.

Seo Tutorial For Beginners Tips And Steps To Take

SEO Tutorial Tip 1. Put your keywords in your domain name. Some marketers are saying Google is putting less importance on domains with the keywords in them, but that is not what I am seeing. Just do a quick search on Google for some keywords you want to go after that are related to your blog, or website. For example: I just did a search for earn cash make money online do you see who is number 1 for that keyword phrase? Here is number 1: www. earn- Here is number 2: www. earn-cash-make-money-

How about the keyword learn affiliate marketing? The number 2 result is

How about the keyword phrase affiliate lessons? The number 1 listing is

How about the highly competitive keyword phrase earn money online? The number 3

listing when doing a search on Google is

Let us try one last one the keyword phrases SEO Tutorial? Results number 5 and 6 on Googles first page are seo-tutorial. and

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Go ahead and try it yourself….. I bet you come up with similar findings. Now do you see how important having your keywords in your domain name is for you to build a solid seo foundation and to get free targeted traffic to your blog, or website, from the search engines? Choose a keyword phrase with low competition, and high searches, so your domain name can dominate Googles first page for that particular keyword phrase.

SEO Tutorial Tip 2. If you have a blog, or website make sure your site title or meta tags have your keyword phrases that you are trying to rank for in them. Pick 3-5 keyword phrases and use them for your sites title, and the description of your site for optimal seo performance.

SEO Tutorial Tip 3. Make sure your sites content has your keyword phrases in it. Google loves content that is what the internet is based around so give Google what they want. Highly optimized, great content, and they will give you what you want. higher rankings in the search engines, and better seo for your website, or blog. Quick seo tip for beginners - Do not stuff your keywords everywhere in your sites text use them moderately. Remember: Your site is for people first, and the search engines second.

SEO Tutorial Tip 4: Build high quality backlinks to your blog, or website. You can comment on forums by making a signature link with a link to your website, or blog. Every post you make in that particular forum will be free advertising for your website, and a high quality backlink.

Join some of the major sites like,,, etc…

etc….. When you set up your free profile on these sites make sure you have a link to your blog, or website, in your forum profile for a free, high quality backlink from the search engines. You can comment on blogs related to your niche, this is a great seo strategy.

Comment on popular blogs with a link to your website in the url box. There is no limit on the number of backlinks you can have pointing at your website. The sky is the limit. There is an old saying in the internet marketing community. He, or she, with the most backlinks usually wins the seo war. So keep building quality backlinks to your site at a steady pace, Google will reward you for it.

These seo tips will get you headed in the right direction beginners. Good luck with your new blog, or website. I hope you start earning some good cash from your seo efforts down the road.

I hope you enjoyed my quick seo tutorial for beginners. As always cheers to your online success, and putting more cold hard cash in your pockets, and purses.

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So you have probably just started your new Website, or blog and do not know the first thing about getting targeted traffic through proper search engine optimization. Having a website, or blog online is your little piece of Internet real estate that no-one can control but you. If you are in it for the long haul and you are looking into blogging I would highly suggest a self hosted blog. The free blogging platforms like blogger can be deleted by Google and all your hard work will be flushed down the virtual toilet. Trust me when I say this I have been there and done that and it is definitely no fun.

Enough of the small talk let’s get down to business! Here is how to drive free targeted traffic to Google, Yahoo, and Bing from the search engines using some simple search engine optimization techniques!

If your website, or blog is not getting any free targeted traffic from proper search engine optimization then how in the World are you supposed to make any money from your new Internet business? And who wants to pay for traffic if they can help it? Not me! And I am sure you would answer the same way.

Paying for traffic via pay per click methods is a temporary fix to running an online business.

Search engine optimization is a free strategy that can have targeted visitors to your site in minutes with proper keyword research. At least when you are first starting out online and you do not have hundreds if not thousands of dollars to hand over to Google? Google has enough money why make their pockets even fatter if you do not have too? They do not want your site to be getting a bunch of free traffic from their search engines. Why? Because they want you to be dumb and run pay per click campaigns to make their pockets even fatter.

Google is only worth bil ions and billions of dollars are you? It is time the small business owner g