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I can now say, taking my 16 years of experience, and the fact that I am now making serious money on-line, that there isn't any real secret to on-line success.

For me success is a pathless land.

You can't really say that you know exactly how to get there, and you can then transfer this knowledge to other people, so they can be successful themselves.

All you really can do, the one who wants to be successful, is just to prepare the surface for success to come to you.
If I want to use an allegory, I would say that it is like demanding that a wind will come to one's room.

One can't really demand it, but one can do everything in his power to make the house ready for the reception of the wind (opening the windows, for example).

If you truly want a successful everlasting Internet business, you must do a little thing every day to grow your business.
For me that is the real magic!
The Magic of Doing.
Doing something little every day, and then with a bit of luck you will be successful.

Yet, this simple concept, that may seem absurd, is what most people fail to grasp, and implement.
They buy the latest money making product on the market, they try it out for some time, and then when they don't see immediate results, they move to the next money making product, and so on.

I don't say that you need to stick to a product if it is no good, but I do say that you need to invest in a product for some time before you decide to abandon it.

Now, there is still the question, which of the many money making products should you stick to.

Well, I have bought literally hundreds of "money making" products on and off the Internet, and I have come to a conclusion that the best way to start seeing some results is by investing one's money in step by step mentoring.

If I am going to invest my hard earned money with a person who says that he can show me the way to success. I want him not only to talk about the money or point his finger towards the money, but actually take me by the hand, and walk with me until we reach the money.

Only logical, isn't it?

Logical, but I am afraid that most people who claim that they can help you earn money only give you some general tips or general steps that you are not sure how to implement.

You also need to have a burning desire to be successful. I see a lot of people who are trying to earn money on-line, but fail because their reason for becoming successful is not strong enough.

Reason for doing anything in life is very important, and it what makes one a success, and another a procrastinator. Procrastination seems to be one of the major factors which cause people not to reach their full potential.

Yet, if one's reason to become successful is strong enough he will override his tendency to procrastinate.

For example, you may know that building an on-line business will really boost your life, but the reason for wanting to build a business is not so strong in you. So, you will procrastinate by doing other things.

Yet, if someone gave you a strong reason why you should build a business, like pointing a gun to your head, you would have built your business in no time.

So, reason is the fuel which must be in place for one to be a success.