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By Mark Riddix

Buy Like Buffett

Everybody wants to know how to make money using the Internet. You spend hours and hours trying to figure out how to add some extra money to your income. Well good news, this post will show you how to make money using the Internet. This is without a doubt the longest post that I have ever written. It took me over 10 hours and totals 3,750 words! Here are 101 Ways To Make Money Using The Internet.

1. Target direct ad sales.

While ad networks are a good option, you may find more success contacting advertisers yourself. There are millions of advertisers out there that are dying to advertise their services on your site. A good place to start is by looking through the ads that are currently running on your site. You may be able to get a better deal by contacting advertisers directly.

2. Join an affiliate program.


You can earn a portion of sales that are converted from your site by becoming an affiliate. Affiliates earn a portion of web sales.


3. Allow sponsored posts.


Many advertisers will pay you for the right to post content on your website. Be sure to disclose that you were paid for any sponsored posts and make sure that it is only for content that you support.


4. Join a specialty ad network.


Specialty ad networks are great for sites with a specific niche. There are specialty ad networks for technology sites, financial sites, news sites, political sites, personal development sites, and so on.


5. Sell your domain name.


You don’t have to actually build a website to sell it. You can buy an unused domain name and list it for sale. If you select a popular domain name then people will pay you to buy it.


6. Write a newsletter.


A newsletter is a win-win situation for you and your readers. Your site’s visitors are able to gain useful content and you can earn a little extra spending money.


7. Write an e-book.


E-books keep growing in popularity. You can combine a few blog posts together and create an e-book with loads of information. Readers love the low pricing and length that e-books offer.


8. Write a book.


Writing a book will provide you with royalty income for years to come. You can use your website to distribute it.


9. Write for eHow.


Sites like Ehow pay writers to write How To articles. These are short concise articles that pay $15.00 per post. You can make a little side money writing these articles.


10. Sell your website.


If you have built a popular website that attracts a significant amount of traffic, you could always sell it for a sizeable sum. You might be surprised to learn that a reasonably popular site can sell for the mid five figures.


11. Create a job board.


Websites like jobamatic offer job boards that will pay you as visitors search for jobs on your site. Not only are you providing a valuable service, you are getting paid for it as well.


12. Create an online store.

Internet marketers love the Internet because it provides them with a medium to sell products through. You can reach an audience of people around the world who may be interested in your products. Starting your own online store gives you the ability to sell products from your own domain.

13. Offer referrals.


Refer other bloggers to companies that offer payments for posts and reviews. You can get a percentage of the sale.


14. Design a website.


There are tons of people looking for help with their individual and business websites. If you have an eye for design and are good with HTML codes, you may want to look into starting your own website design company.


15. Start a blog.

24 hours new channels and blogs are killing off the newspaper industry. You can provide accurate up to date information that your viewing audience would enjoy. Blogging is easy if you write about things that you are knowledgeable and passionate about.

16. Create a gaming website.


You don’t have to know a lot about video game to create a gaming site. You can make a fortune by creating a simple game that only took you a few days to create.


17. Create an application.


Apps are the hottest things going on the market. Apple, Google, and Palm are always looking for up and coming developers that can create apps that they can sell in their online stores.


18. Sell your photos.


The stock photography market has really exploded online. Companies like iStockphoto will pay you royalties for your photo images.


19. Provide technology help online.

I cannot tell you the number of times that I could have used a 24 hour online technology site. There is nothing more annoying then having a tech issue that you can’t figure out. Price isn’t a concern when you are trying to solve a problem that you cannot find a solution too.

20. Become a virtual assistant.

The need for virtual assistants is on the rise. Companies are outsourcing many of these jobs because it saves them money and benefits. Companies are looking for knowledgeable, experienced assistants that can professionally deal with clients.

21. Become a debt settler.

Debt is a problem for most Americans. You can help them with their debt problems by negotiating lower payments and settlement amounts for them. You can do this for a small fee and right from the comfort of your home.

22. Become a head hunter.

One out of every six Americans is unemployed and looking for work. You can fill that need by helping them find employment. Contact employers and set them up with potential job applicants. You can set them up with qualified applicants.

23. Sell your items on eBay.


You no longer have to host a garage sale. There is an online market for your used and unused items. You can sell your unwanted goods on sites like eBay and Craigslist.


24. Become a paid survey taker.

You aren’t going to get rich filling our surveys but you can make yourself some pocket change. There are lots of sites that will pay you money to fill out surveys. Surveys provide companies with useful information that will help them effectively market their products.

25. Become a copy editor.


Most online sites need a copy editor to proofread material before it is posted online. They make sure that the information is factually correct and void of grammatical and spelling mistakes.


26. Become a book reviewer.


Book publishers are always looking for individuals that can offer a review of their client’s published works. As a book reviewer, you can get paid to offer your honest thoughts and opinions.


27. Become a freelance writer.


Many writers make a living as freelance writers. They write articles for a ton of different websites that publish their content. Sites like Problogger and offer job boards that will help you find blogging jobs.


28. Start a payment processing business.


This is a market that Payal dominates with little to no competition from other companies. Create a business that allows individuals to submit invoices and receive payments from vendors.


29. Become a franchisee.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of starting your own business, you can buy into an existing franchise. There are a lot of retail and IT based businesses that you can start from home. This removes all of the marketing headaches from the franchisee.

30. Become a motivational speaker.

Motivational speaking is no longer restricted to boardrooms and hotel conference rooms. You can do business coaching and sales & management training right from your computer. All you need to get started is to be inspirational and to have a track record of delivering results.

31. Start a food delivery business.

Americans love to eat and food delivery is big business. Companies like the Little Pie Company and Mike’s Pies make money shipping desserts all across the United States. You may need to get a business license from your local health department to get started.

32. Become a consultant.

Consultants are always in demand as companies look for ways to improve operating efficiency. You can apply your area of expertise to a number of different fields. There are medical consultants, financial consultants, technology consultants, business consultants, and etc.

33. Become a publisher.

Starting a publishing company is very inexpensive and can yield big results. You get to help people realize their lifelong dreams by publishing their literary works. You can publish books, magazines, e-books, poems, and any other writings.

34. Become a tutor.

Thanks to Skype and other video conferencing tools, tutoring no longer has to be done face to face. New technology lets you offer tutoring services from anywhere in the world. You could offer tutoring services for SAT prep classes or help with a term paper.

35. Start your own ad network.

Online websites are always looking for ways to monetize their content. You can provide them with a way by starting your own ad network. All you need is a website and a list of potential advertisers to contact. You can earn residual income brokering deals for online publishers.

36. Offer online personal training.

Hiring a personal trainer can be an expensive proposition for most people. You can fill a need by offering online personal training to clients that are trying to lose a few pounds and build some muscle. You can provide them with a personalized fitness plan and a customized meal plan.

37. Become a website broker.

Online sites are bought and sold everyday. Individuals are often confused as to how much to offer for a site and how much a site is worth. You can help mediate this transaction as a broker. You can assess the value of the site and get the best deal possible for your client. You can also get a percentage of the sale amount.

38. Sell SEO software.

Anyone that has ever created a successful website knows that SEO is huge. Webmasters and site owners are always looking to increase their websites rankings in Google. This is where SEO software comes into place. You can sell software with tips that will help site owners get the fullest potential out of their websites.

39. Start a travel company.

Booking travel has moved online. Whether it’s for a trip to the Bahamas or just a getaway to Florida, more people are turning to the Internet to book their excursions. You can take advantage of this trend by starting an online travel company. You can arrange personalized packages that will enable you to compete with the Expedia’s and Travelocity’s of the world.

40. Become an Internet consultant.


Analyze company’s status on the web and offer them strategies to increase their visibility and improve their chances of success.


41. Make Youtube videos.

You can make money on Youtube by becoming a Youtube partner. Create engaging videos that attract a lot of subscribers and you will be allowed to register as a Youtube partner. You can make a compelling series of videos that are informative or create videos that are laugh out loud funny. You can then place affiliate links in your videos that will get you paid.

42. Trade currency.


Trading currency is dangerous and has a lot of risks involved with it as well but there is also the possibility of making lots of money. Websites like Forex give you the power to trade currency 5 days a week 24 hrs a day.


43. Trade stocks.

Daytrading was popular during the 90’s and is regaining steam during these tough economic times. You can buy a stock that is cheap, hold it a little while, and sell it a few days later. This is a risky strategy that involves timing the market properly but it has paid off for some traders.

44. Create website themes.

As any website user will attest to, a good theme can either make or break your website. You can start a business selling themes to wordpress and blogspot users. A good theme is well worth $60 and up because it will capture the attention of site readers.

45. Flip a website.


You can buy a website on the cheap. Build it up and then sell it to another buyer after a few months. Imagine if every few months you flipped a website for $5,000. You would start generating a nice income stream.


46. Become a customer service representative.


Companies will pay you to respond to voicemails, answer emails, and even respond to live chats. You can provide customer service to clients from around the world without ever stepping foot outside of your house.


47. Become a link aggregator.

You can carve out a nice niche for yourself by finding the best sites in a particular area and organizing their links on one site. This will give Internet users one place to go to find the best sites for their specific interest. You may also find that ad companies and other sites will seek you out for advertising opportunities.

48. Write a Wikipedia article.

Wikipedia may not pay writers but other people will. Many local authors are looking for writers that can write a Wikipedia article about them. There are also people that will pay for help in editing their profiles and pictures on Wikipedia.

49. Become a researcher.

News organizations and online magazines are always looking for researchers. They need individuals that can verify facts and research topics on a daily basis. All you need is an Internet connection and time to land one of these jobs.

50. Become a web hoster.

You can either start your own web hosting company or resell accounts to larger hosting companies. Starting your own hosting company requires lots of server space to maintain user accounts. The easiest thing to do is resell accounts where another company is responsible for the website hosting.

51. Create resource hubs.


Squidoo and Hubpages are two of the biggest information hubs on the Internet. These sites will pay you for assembling relevant content for their sites.


52. Bid on jobs.


Writers and designers can big on a variety of projects on sites like elance. Project managers list the project, date, and rate of compensation. You determine whether you want to bid on the job or not.


53. Make a wordpress plugin.

Deigning a wordpress plugin is not only a great way to increase traffic for your site but it can bring in some money as well. Many wordpress plugin creators post links so that grateful users can donate money for all of the time and effort that it took to create the plugin.

54. Teach an online course.

Leverage the power of the Internet so that it works for you. You can teach an online class at a community college or a 4 year institution. Another option is to offer webinars that teach people something that always wanted to learn.

55. Be a link builder.


Website owners are always looking to get links from sites with high page ranks. You can act as a conduit between sites and help negotiate deals. The smaller site may pay you a fee for all of your efforts.


56. Sell your paintings.


Talented artists can sell their artwork right over the Internet. provides a free exchange for artists looking to buy and sell their work.


57. Sell your music.


Are you the next breakout star on American Idol? Gifted musicians can sell their recordings on Blastmymusic and Cdbaby.
58. Become a data entry specialist.


Data entry may be tedious and boring but it does offer hourly pay. You can create employment for yourself by inputting data in company databases.


59. Create a directory.

Sites like charge a one time fee of $299 so that members can be listed in their directory. You can create a directory of top rated sites and charge an annual fee or a one time fee to site owners for the listing.

60. Work for provides information on just about any topic that you would like to learn about. This content is created by guides. As an guide, you could easily make $500 or more in monthly income.

61. Create a ringtone.


The cellphone ringtone market has exploded since the advent of the smartphone. Developing a hot ringtone can bring in millions of dollars for the ringtone creator.


62. Design a logo.

McDonald’s and Apple are living proof that every company needs a logo. You can make money by custom designing logos for small businesses and startups. Who knows you might just design a logo for the next Fortune 500 company?

63. Become a currency converter.


You can start your own e-currency converting business. The e-currency business involves converting electronic currency into real dollars. Your profit is the percentage of the amount that is exchanged.


64. Become a tester.


Did you know that you can get paid to play video games? Game designers are always looking for beta testers to find glitches and bugs in their newest games. You can make a nice living playing video games.


65. Work as an online document translator.


There are plenty of opportunities for individuals that can fluently write in more than one language. Sites like and have a host of jobs for document translators.


66. Work as a job interviewer.

Companies are finally using modern technology to screen job applicants. You can take advantage of this trend by working as an evening interviewer. You can use video, telephone, or email to ask questions of potential employees.

67. Write business plans.


A business plan is essential to the success of a business. A well crafted business plan can generate hundreds of dollars for the plan’s writer.


68. Write ads.


You can earn big bucks writing ads that catch the attention of online users. All it takes is a little creativity and marketing ability to land a few advertising gigs.


69. Provide mentoring services.


Share your success with others by becoming a mentor. Offer one on one mentoring services that will train mentees and help them replicate your success.


70. Promote other blogs.


You can get paid to be a blog promoter for other sites. Use Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Delicious to bring exposure to other sites. You may be able to negotiate a fee that includes a percentage of potential ownership.


71. Write a press release.


Good writers can make money writing press releases for new companies, authors, and product launches.


72. Start an auction website.


You can build your own auction site that lets sellers sell their goods on your site. Charge a lower fee than competitors and you may end up with more business than you can handle.


73. Sell a subscription service.


Offer a paid membership section for your website. This could apply to any site information that you consider potentially valuable.


74. Create podcasts.


Podcasts have the same potential to generate ad dollars that videos do.


75. Start a temp service.


You can make money by finding jobs for your friends and family members. It won’t cost them one red cents since employers will pay you for finding them attractive job candidates.


76. Ad Networks


There are a ton of ad services that can help you create an income stream. They pay publishers based on either cost per click, cost per impression or cost per action.


Listed below are 25 popular ad networks.
77. Google Adsense


You can always go the traditional route and use ad services. Google Adsense is still number 1 in terms of online ad sales.


78. Feedburner


Feedburner does more than just burn your feeds .You can also post ads in your feeds and get paid whenever someone sees them.


79. BlogAds


BlogAds lets you set your own prices for selling your ad space. You have to be invited to join by an existing member.


80. Adsdaq


Adsdaq is relatively new to the advertising industry. The company offers an array of ads that pay per click and impression.


81. Clickbank


Clickbank offers payouts that range from a few cents up to $100 dollars.
82. Adify


Adify offers targeted content for niche blogs and publishers.


83. Adbrite


Adbrite is an ad exchange where publishers can find advertisers for their sites.
84. Technorati Media Network


You may not have been aware that Technorait has a media network. Technorati Media has an ad network for publishers with unique content and a decent readership size.


85. LinkWorth


LinkWorth promises to pay publishers 70% of recurring monthly ad revenue. They offer text links, inline text ads, and sponsored content.


86. Chitika


Chitika is unique in that it is search targeted ad network. You can set uo ads that only display to new visitors.


87. Flexoffers


FlexOffers is an affiliate network marketing that offers a variety of products for publishers.
88. Commission Junction


Commission Junction is one of the more popular sites for making money online. They offer ads from many big name ad companies that pay publisher upon conversion.


89. Text Link Ads


Google may penalize you for using Text Link Ads but they can be a great source of revenue for your online site.


90. Amazon Associates


Amazon Associates is one of the most popular affiliate programs going. This is a great advertiser for sites that are popular with readers of books and products.


91. AdEngage


AdEngage is known for its targeted text ads and photext ads. You get to set the price of the ads that are displayed on your site.


92. MaxBounty


MaxBounty boasts that it is the highest paying ad campaign for affiliate marketing. Publishers are paid under the cost per action (CPA) model.


93. Kontera


Kontera takes relevant keywords and turns them into automatic ads. The ads are run as inline text ads on your site’s content.


94. HerAgency


HerAgency is unique in that ads can only be posted on female oriented sites. This advertiser is appropriate for sites whose largest demographic is women.


95. Microsoft Advertising


A lot of publishers may not be aware that Microsoft has a publishing network just like Google. If you can’t get in the Adsense program, Microsoft Advertising is a good place to start.


96. LinkShare


LinkShare promises to help affiliates monetize their websites. Commissions are based on conversions.
97. Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser lets advertisers bid for ads on your site. Publishers are paid based on the number of clicks received daily.


98. Rubicon Project


Rubicon’s Revv platform offers over 600 ad channels to a variety of publishers
99. PubMatic

PubMatic has solutions for small and large publishers. The Self Service Platform provides ads for smaller publishers. You need to have over 100 million impressions per month to be accepted into the PubMatcic Premier network.

100. Yield Build


YieldBuild promises revenue greater than even Adsense. The company uses algorithms to place the best performing ads in the best locations on your pages.


101. ValueClick

ValueClick is one of the largest most established publishers in the cost per click industry. Well that's it! 101 ways that you can make money using the Internet. I hope this list helps you on your online money making journey.

©2010 Buy Like Buffett. All Rights Reserved.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

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Mark Riddix is the founder of He has also published the book,Your Financial Playbook. Visit us on the web at Buy Like Buffett.

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