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“Twitter is ranked as one of the 50 most popular websites worldwide by Alexa's web traffic analysis. … blog entry ranked Twitter as the third most used social network based on their count of 6 million unique monthly visitors and 55 million monthly visits. …a blog ranked Twitter as the fastest-growing site in the Member Communities category for February 2009. Twitter had a monthly growth of 1,382 percent, Zimbio of 240 percent, followed by Facebook with an increase of 228 percent.”
Source: Wikipedia

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There are many e-books out there telling people how effective traffic from Twitter is, but most of them fall short in revealing how it is actually done. Some “Twitter Gurus” are even charging as much as $100 for their ebooks or secrets. I will save you the inconvenience from buying them and share my knowledge FREE of charge. Moreover no software is necessary to successfully implement this technique.

How do you attract traffic from Twitter?

For those who are not familiar with Twitter, it is a type of Social Network whereby you “follow” somebody’s tweets/messages. When you decide to follow a person, that person has the option to reciprocate. If he or she follows you, then your tweets or messages will appear on his or her Twitter page. There are two ways you can attract traffic from Twitter (a) People reading your profile and clicking on your website link on the profile and (b) From the Tweets/messages (with links attached to the Tweets. I will explain further on this later).


Methodology to get traffic from Twitter


This guide will be in 3 parts:


(1) Setting up a Twitter Account – The Do’s and Don’ts


(2) Techniques on how to attract huge followers and translates into

00006.jpg00006.jpghuge traffic


(3) The Experiment: Monetize your Traffic



Part 1: Setting up a Twitter Account – The Do’s and Don’ts

If you have a Twitter account, proceed to Part 2.

To start of, you need a Twitter account.
1) Visit
2) Enter your desired nickname.

Please don’t use spammy nicknames. Nicknames such as Supercashmachine, EarnMoney247 and the likes will put people off when they view your profile. It is important to remember, No followers mean No visitors.
Make sure you select your desired nickname according to your interest; better still use your real name if you’re famous. The idea is to have interesting nicknames to encourage web surfers to take a peek at your Twitter profile. E.g. of good nicknames are: garden4life, Music_Depot. The nickname tells us immediately what the interest of the person is.


3) Once you’ve set up your Twitter
account, proceed to
Settings>Account>One Bio Line” tab.
At the “Bio line” section, please state
briefly your interest e.g. gardening,
music, business etc. And, make sure you
end your “Bio” with your website URL.
Twitter by default uses URL
shortening service to abbreviate long
URLs. So even if you do not shorten your
URL, Twitter will automatically shorten it


for you. It is advisable to set up your own account so that you can manage and control your own shortened URL. Click here to get your own

4) Insert also your website URL at “Settings>Account>More Info URL”.


Preferably use your own account to shorten your URL, otherwise Twitter will generate its own.


00012.jpg5) Proceed to “Settings>Picture” tab. It is advisable that you upload your own photo to give personalized feel to your profile.

Do not upload copyright picture for your profile. You do not want you Twitter account to be suspended. You certainly do not want your


Twitter account to be suspended when you have 10,000+ followers.

00014.jpg6) Generally, your Twitter account is ready. Feel free to browse and customize the rest of your profile.


Customize your Twitter profile and make it interesting and refreshing using MyTweetSpace.



Part 2: Techniques on how to attract huge followers and translates into huge traffic

After setting up your Twitter account, you need to create an account with TweetLater and Twollo to automate the “recruitment” of your followers. These two are web-based automation services “white listed” by Twitter. You can be rest assure that you will not be blacklisted.

Setting up TweetLater account: Free of Charge


Essentially, TweetLater automates your “Auto Welcome” to your new

followers, send your customized welcoming message, “ Auto Follow”, “Vet Followers” and “Auto Unfollow”. These will be further explained in details once you’ve set up your free TweetLater account.

Basic things you need to set up with TweetLater
1) Proceed to TweetLater and click here to sign up for free.
2) Once you’re logged in, at the dashboard, proceed to “Accounts>Add Account” tab.

00017.jpg(a)Check the Twitter button and click “Continue”.



(b) At “Add a New Twitter Account”, enter your “Twitter User Name” and “Twitter Password”. i.e. key in your actual Twitter ID/username and password. TweetLater will communicate directly with your Twitter account for the automation to work.

00019.jpgPlease make sure you have entered your Twitter User Name/ID and password correctly.



(c) Please check the following boxes: “Auto Welcome”, “Auto Follow” and “Auto Unfollow” and then click “Save”. There are other options as well; it is up to you whether you want to check them.


It is important to note that you will not see new followers at


least for the first 8 hours because TweetLater will cross check for new


followers within the said period. So, please be patient. You can check your automation statistics at “Accounts>Automation Stats” tab

00025.jpg3) The next important thing is to enter your welcoming message at “Send This Message”.

You must not leave this step out . When someone follows you, TweetLater will automatically send a Direct Message (DM) to the new follower. It is crucial that you do not “over sell” your website. TweetLater puts it quite succinctly “The message should not be about you, it should be about your follower and your future interaction with your follower.”
E.g. a non-spammy welcoming message: “Hi there, Thanks for the follow. I hope you’ll enjoy my tweets on gardening [insert your shorten URL website here]

00026.jpg00027.jpgImportant to include your website URL in the message as it will direct traffic to your website.


00028.jpg4) You’re basically done here, next is proceed to Twollo.


Setting up Twollo account: Free of Charge



What’s Twollo all about? In essence it is a webbased automation tool that searches for fellow Twitters of the same interest. Which is why it is important to state your
interest in your “Bio” in your Twitter profile. You might be saying, “Hang on,
why am I trying to follow others when I want people to follow me instead
Well, the way Twitter works is, if you follow someone and the person you
follow shares the same interest and likes your profile, they will follow you
back. Both will mutually benefit from this system. But I have a little secret
that will help bring more traffic to you than to your followers.

Basic things you need to set up with Twollo
1) Proceed to Twollo and click here to sign up for free.
2) Login with your Twitter ID/Username and password and follow the instructions.
3) At “Interest> Twitterers talking about”, enter your interest e.g. Gardening, Garderning Tips, Work from Home, Earn Money Online


4) Then configure how many people you want to follow and in what language. Number of people to follow ranges from 10 people to Unlimited Number. If you select 10 people, Twollo will search for 10 people with same interest and then stop. If you select “an unlimited amount of”, Twollo will continue searching for infinite number of people with the same interest.


5) Once you’ve entered your configuration enter “Add”. And that’s it. 6) To test whether you have done it correctly, click on “Quick Run


7) Then, check your Twitter profile whether the number of “following” has increase. The people you follow, in turn may follow you back. That’s how you build your “follower” numbers.

8) And that’s it, set and forget it – Everything will be done automatically from now on.

You may not find a sudden surge of followers because of various factors. (1) As this is a free service, Twollo allocate its resources equally among its members and therefore you will be put in a queue with the rest of other Twollo members. When it is your turn, Twollo will search and update people you are following (2) The people you are following chooses not to follow you back (Please do not be offended) (3) Give people time to follow you back, not everyone check their Twitter account daily. (4) The “interest” you have selected is not that popular. Therefore, add variation of your “interest”, e.g. gardening, gardening tips, garden tools, fruits, fertilizers and etc. By adding variations, the number of “followers” will increase


dramatically, subject of course to how popular the “interest” is.

As for the little secret I mentioned earlier on how to drive further traffic to your website or Twitter profile; the method is to have regular tweets/messages and adding your URLs at the end or beginning of the tweets/messages. “But I don’t have time to tweets/messages everyday, what should I do?” you might ask. The answer is to automate your tweets/messages by using either one or all of these web-based automated tweets senders: (a) TwitRobot (b) Twitterfeed (c) Twaitter

How to use TwitRobot?

00034.jpg1) Visit TwitRobot. Click here to register with TwitRobot.


2) Click on “Twitter Login


00035.jpg3) Enter your “Twitter ID/Username” and “Password” and then click “Allow


00036.jpg4) At the Dashboard menu, Click on “My Tweets” button



5) It will open “My Product’s Advertisement tweets”. Create as many tweets/messages and add your shortened URLs at the end of each tweets. Make sure the tweets/messages are under 140 characters or your shortened URLs will be cropped out.

00038.jpg6) Once you have done entering your Tweets/messages, click “Auto Posting” button.


00039.jpg7) At the Auto Posting section:



Set the interval of your tweets, i.e. every 3 minutes to every 6 days. There are three choices of tweets: “RSS Feed”, “My Product’s Advertisement” and “Some Random Auto Tweets

8) Checked “My Product’s Advertisement” box. Make sure you have entered your lists of tweets/messages in step 5.
9) For the sake of variety, also checked the “Some Random Auto Tweets” box as well and/ or “RSS Feed” box. However, you are not able to insert your shorten URLs
10) Set your “Priority” settings accordingly. If you want “My Product’s Advertisement” tweets/messages to be sent out more than “Some Random Auto Tweets” and/or “RSS Feed”, then set “My Product’s Advertisement” priority higher.
11)Then, click “Save” to save your settings.
12)At “Current status”, click “Start”. Check your Twitter profile to view your posting. Your task is done.

How to use Twitterfeed?

00041.jpg1) Visit Twitterfeed and create an account for free. Click here to register with Twitterfeed.

2) Once logged in, click “Create New Feed” and follow the instructions in “Step 1: Create a new feed” which is basically to connect to your Twitter account.

00042.jpg3) Click on “Connect your feed to your Twitter account



Please ensure that you are logged in to your Twitter account before you click on the “Connect your feed to your Twitter account” button


4) Next step, please click “Allow


5) “Step 2: Give your feed a name and add your URL”. Enter your Feed Name and the URL of your RSS feed and then click on “test rss feed” button. If the test says “ok”, proceed to “Advanced Settings”.


6) Then click “Advanced Settings”. The configuration is self explanatory. At “Post Content”, select what you want to post from your RSS feed. If you choose “Title only”, the tweets will display the Title and at the end it will automatically insert the URL of the Title.


7) If you wish to insert your own shortened URL, select “Description Only”. Enter your shortened URL at “Post Prefix” if you want your shortened URL at the end of the tweets. If you want the shortened URL at the beginning of the tweets, select “Post Suffix”. It is advisable to use “Post Suffix” to avoid you shortened URL to be cropped out.

8) Click “Create Feed” and you’re done.



How to use Twaitter?

00049.jpg1) Visit Twaitter and login using your Twitter ID/Username and password. Click here to register with Twaitter.

2) To automate and recur your Tweets for an indefinite period, typed in your tweet/message and then click “Twait”.


3) “Schedule your message” menu will expand. Click on the “Recurring” button. Set the date and time of your first schedule tweets.

00051.jpg4) Select how often you want the same tweet/message to be sent: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.


00052.jpg5) If you want the tweets/messages recurred indefinitely, then select “No end date



6) Finally, click “Schedule” to save the tweet/message setting.
7) To check the status of your schedule tweets/messages, click on “Scheduled Messages

00054.jpg8) Try to create as many tweets/messages and change the recurring time for the delivery of each of the tweets/messages.



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