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Smart Marketers Resource for Starting and Operating your online Business
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When I started my online internet marketing business, I had to pay for a lot of tools and resource. it is now possible to start a business online using nothing but free resources avaliable on the net.

This list has been compiled for those starting their new business and also for the experienced internet marketer.This is not an exhaustive list on marketing freebies to be found on the internet but tried and tested resources.

Take your time and look through this list. It will prove to be a valuable resourse. It could end up saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars that could be spent on other part of your business.

Arthur Donald

Antivirus softwares

This list below gives a list of good quality antivirus software


Microsoft Windows Defender (Spyware Protection Beta)


This is microsofts new free program that is effective and really works well on removing viruses and protecting your PC.


AVG Anti Virus Free


This anti virus software not only scans you computer but also filters your incoming and outgoing email.


Spybot Search and Destroy


This free antivirus software normally picks up stuff and software don’t see.


Adaware AntiVirus


A free anti virus software that's also very thorough.

Word and Text Proccesor



A free word processor similar to microsoft work. It can be used for a wide variety of so many things.


Open Office-free office suite.

This office suite has so many function avaliable that would have probably cost you a lot of money if you had tried the get the same quality elsewhere. This software contains a word processor, which can even be used to produce ebooks.

You can make powerful presentations, animate objects in 3D design. This free software offers you so much more.




I haven’t tried this processor yet but I have heard some good reviews about it. It contains many application many of paid word processors use.

PDF Converters

Neevia Online PDF Converter


it will Convert files up to 1MB to PDF files online free. Convert as many files as you like.


Happy Freebies


Converts word files (doc) and PostScript files to pdf files online.

Graphic Tools

This arts and pictures are in the public domain which you can acquire and download free and use for your website, ebooks,files,reports, advertising and any other purpose.


Clip Art And Graphics Free


This site here is highly recommended.


Free Website Buttons


Another Free Website button tool.

Payment Processor


I also recommend paypal to anyone. I have been using paypal for many years both for buying and selling. Many online merchants are now using paypal. If you have ever bought anything online, you will notice that most of these merchants have a link to paypal.

Paypal is also ebays sellers fovorite. You get your money instantly when someone purchases from you without waiting a weeks or month to receive your money. You can also apply for their debit card program and you will be able to withdraw your money at anytime and anywhere.

Paypal charges a small fee for transacting business with them.



This is another good payment processors but only sells digital products. You also have the ability to list more than one product. There is a setup up fee of $49.00 and a $1 + 7.5% per transaction.

If you are interested in been an affliate, clickbank offers many variety of ebooks that you can promote with good commision.



This is another good payment processor on the rise. It is almost equivilent to clickbank. You can sell both digital and physical products and your payment can be gotten instantly just like paypal. There is not fees to set up your product on paydotcom.

Affiliates will not be able to promote your product until you have had a sale.




Another Payment processor. This is not widely used like the rest above.

Mal's e-commerce
The free service on this site gives your clients a variety of paying options.

Copy Writing Resources


Clayton Makepeace


Here you will get a free online newsletter from one of the world's highest earning copywriters. This here is a great resource.


Dan Kennedy Audio Turn Your Business Into An Instant Cash Flow Machine


This is a Free audio teleseminar from Dan Kennedy


Michel Fortin


Michel Fortin Copywriters Board

Gary Halbert Newsletter...
Gary Halbert's hard copy newletters would have cost you a ton of money to acquire but you can get all these completely free contains the copywriting secrets from the world's best copywriter.


Craig Garber

11 Simple ways you can use to Electrify Your Sales Copy – Free Ebook from the "King of Copy".

Gary Benevencia
Here's some great tips from the legendary copywriter.

Clayton Makepeace
This Free online newsletter comes from one of the world's highest earning copywriters.

How To Find A Hungry Market Online
58 minute audio and full report on how to find a market of cashed-up buyers online by Australian copywriters Andrew Cavanagh and Jesse Forrest.

Keyword Tools Resources

Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool


This is one of my favorite tools. You can use this to check keywords that have been searched for on the internet.


Google Adwords Keyword Tool

You will be able to get related keywords that are seached for frequently on Google.This is a great search engine optimization tool.

Wordtracker Free Database Trial

Wordtracker helps you test key words for popularity and compares that popularity to the number of websites competing for that keyword. You will be able to target your marketing on powerful neglected keywords with very little competition.


Search Guild Keyword Difficulty Checker

Free Resale Rights

You can get resales right to some high quality products. Here are the list below.


Free Resale Rights


Master Resale Rights to Software and Ebooks


More Resale Rights and More


Another good site.

Resources of Books You can Reproduce and Sell for Free

Project Gutenberg Public Domain Directory
This site lists over 20,000 books and over 500 audiobooks in the public domain that you can download, edit and sell.This site contains alot of useful products you can use. You may also use them as incentives to get subcribers

Online Books Library
Another good site with public domain material. I have used, researched and sold some ebooks from the sight. I highly recommend it.

Wikki Books
Another good resource of products you can edit and sell.

Free Web Hosting



You will get 3 months worth of free webhosting with the hosting site. This site offers a whole lot more option compared to other hosting account who give away free lifetime hosting. If you decide to covert to paid hosting, the fees are very low and affordable. Highly recommeded.


Mysite Free Webhosting

MySite will provide you with a solid, reliable free website hosting service that millions of customers already rely on to power their websites. It is well used by new beginners and has an easy sitebuliding tool.You can add additional features like CGI, PHP, Microsoft FrontPage, MySQL databases, Advanced Stats, etc. to your website, without ever having to move your website.


Goblin Free Webhosting


Another free and good hosting provider.


Research Tools

Well, If you want to be sucessful with your internet business, you will need to do alot of research. Research is the key. Below are a few resource which will be beneficial to you for research.

1. Google Catalogs


2. Google Answers

3. The Internet Archive Building an 'Internet Library'
4. Ads archive, greeting cards of automobile, celebrity, audio magazines
5. Search Systems - Largest Free Public Records Database Collection
6. http://www.SalesCircular
7. Price Watch® - Street Price Search Engine
8. Welcome to Lavasoft
9. UltimateZip - The Archive Utility for the new Millennium - Email Newsletter Directory
11. The Free Directory of Ezines for Free Fiction, Marketing, e-Publishing, Tutorial, and Business eBooks Downloads.
13.Lycos Communities
14.Google Groups
15.Yahoo! Message Boards

Recommend Readings.

Below are some few ebooks I suggest you should buy to increase your knowledge on your internet business. These ebooks will be worth a 100 times more than the amount you will be pay. I also suggest you utilize the free resources of ebooks you find through this report before spending your money on ebooks. It can be quite addictive.

Fund Raiser 1.0

Need To Raise Funds For a Project!
Fundraiser 1.0 is a program that many For-Profit and Non-Profit business, entrepreneurs, and income seekers are using to raise funding online for various projects. You could raise up to $11 Million in funding online with no loans, no banks, and no commitments. Learn how!

Operation Money Pump This method outlined in this book which show you how to generate quick sums of money in no time.


One Million Ebook

This site contains an exhaustive list of ebooks, software, articles, reports and public domain materials. This membership site is free which will guarantee you updates for life and you will also receive weekly reports, Articles, and Public domain materials, etc every month. I suggest you take a look at it and consider this opportunity. This is an internet Goldmine.

The EBay(R) Newbie Course


If you are interested in selling on ebay, this is the course I will recommend to you.


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