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The Reason I Make $1,000 a Day
and You Don't

The Rich Free Guide – – COPYRIGHT 2008 *You CAN distribute this book. You cannot sell this book. You cannot alter this book. You CAN put this book on another website and give it to readers for free.


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Introduction 3
Chapter 1: The full $1000 a day method 6
Chapter 2: 10 programs paying $100 to $1000+ per lead 10
Chapter 3: 10 general ways to get 1000s of free leads 17
Chapter 4: 10 specific revenue-generators 30
Chapter 5: The rich concept 35
Conclusion 38


Unlike most paid get rich schemes this is a
100% free complete + distributable get-rich
guide. Follow this entire book page-to-page
and make a guaranteed passive income.

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Let's settle one thing. Making cash online is possible. Just head


over to a site called Host Gator and click on their affiliate


program link. You know what it says? Refer 99 people a month


to Host Gator and make $74,250.00 in 6 months time.


But that is not what this book is about.


Hang on.


It kind of is what this book is about. This book is about getting


99 leads worth $12,375 and paying less than $12,375 to do it.


That makes sense, right?


If I give out a list of programs that offer $100+ per referral


then would it not be Your Task to find a method to get each


referral for less than $100 and keep the rest? In fact I have


some ideas about how to not spend a cent and still get those


referrals. Let's propose I give out a method to get 1000 hits for free. It is


reasonable to assume 1 in 100 of them will sign-up at the site I


provide. You earn $100 commission on each one.


You therefore then make $1000 without spending a cent.


Sound too good to be true?


Here is what this book reveals (free):


1. The full $1000 a day method
2. 10 programs paying $100 to $1000+ per lead
3. 10 ways to get 1000s of free leads


So I am offering programs that pay $100s in cash per lead, and


then I am offering a method to get those leads free.


Hard to believe, right?


Here are 2 thoughts that go through people's heads at this


point… 1. Is it legal?


Yes and do not even think about using the old "sign up and I


will split the commissions with you" trick. I am not down with


fraudulent strategies. Getting illegal leads causes bans and loss


of income. This is a 100% legit system. If you do not want to


play fair then this book is not for you.


2. WHY, Oh WHY would you give this out for free?


I am so sick of these sites asking people to pay hundreds of


dollars to learn how to make cash online. Most of them don't


even work. I am never going to ask for your money, so don't


even think about taking that wallet out!


I do not want anything back. Ok – well some promotion would


be nice. Send this book to your friends and I will appreciate it.


But other than that I do not expect anything.


Or you might not be having these thoughts at all and just be thinking "SHOW ME HOW". In that case, let's get to it.

1 The full $1000 a day method

$1000 on auto-pilot is much easier than most believe it to be


to achieve. You just need to tell people about cool websites and


products that fill their needs and get paid a handsome


commission for it. This book automates that method as much


as possible.


In this book I have handpicked the best of the best of the
affiliate programs that are generating MILLIONS DAILY for


affiliates. I have also revealed the secret web promotion tactics


for free that those other sites are charging thousands to teach.


I have set up these strategies so that all readers with no


previous knowledge in affiliate marketing can pick up this book


and after spending a few hours a week make a lifetime passive


income that is on auto-pilot after the first month.


High Returns with 0 Investment


There are 5 errors most people make when building a passive


income that stop them from generating a lifetime income. This


book ensures that these errors are avoided because it offers


leads creating:


1. Lifetime Commissions


Most programs offer commission for a few months and then


stop – I have listed programs that offer lifetime commission.


Begin making a passive income now and keep making one in


the long-term future.


2. 2-tier commissions


You will make dual-commissions on each lead – generating up


to $1000+ in potential revenue per lead. Most online affiliate


programs fail to offer this and leave people earning pennies. Become an Amazon affiliate and make $5 selling 10 books…


Become an affiliate of the programs in this book and make up


to $15,000 for the same 10 leads.


3. Repeat commissions


You will be paid each month per lead. Unlike regular affiliate


programs those in this book are MONEY MAKING MACHINES.


Each of the programs offered in this book have received 5-Star


A+ reviews from all of the leading marketing sites.


You will make dual-commissions each month for life.


4. High conversions


In the online world some products and programs sell well and


others do not. This book has selected the top programs that


are guaranteed to generate successful leads.


I am not exaggerating… most of the products in this book are


downright awesome and popular leading Brand-names.


5. Promotion materials


Rather than endorsing spam and long-hours of marketing this


book puts people who are seeking these exact programs Into


Your Hands. You will learn the exact methods to get free leads


fast. Just point and click, and make cash!


Sign up to the programs in the below section and then use the


simple promotion methods provided in Chapter 3-4 to start


making a massive passive income for life. Remember to follow


these steps and do not give up – this does work.


Important Note


Some of the programs below are updated from time to time so


go to the website at to make sure this is the latest edition of the book. This is Edition 1.

2 10 programs paying $100 to $1000+ per lead

You do not need to use all of these programs. Check each one


out in depth and then decide on one or a few to use. You will


find in Chapter 3 and 4 all of the information needed to start


making cash with these programs after signing up with them.


1. Forex Sign up as an affiliate


To sign up click on sign up now!


The demand for simple online stocks trading is huge. Forex


affiliate program offers $250 + 10% of all earnings. If a person


You Referred makes it big on the stock market then that could


be 10% of $1k, $10k, or even $1million+ in commissions. If a


referred lead loses then You Still Make Cash!


The results of this program are incredible. The average Forex


lead can result in $1000+ and even $10k+ revenue.


I explain the sources to acquire leads for Forex in Chapter 4.


2. Site Build It! Sign up as an affiliate


To sign up click on the affiliate program at the top of the site


Site Build It! is THE most powerful business-based cash


making machine out there. The average affiliate makes $200+
per lead per month for life
. The program offers a powerful set


of tools to target different audiences and generate revenue.


You will receive a package in the e-mail 2 minutes after


completing the affiliate registration form with exact information


about how to make cash. In Chapter 3-4 I provide some free


methods to generate leads for revenue using Site Build It!


3. Implix Sign up as an affiliate


Implix offers an excellent set of tools for webmasters. Some of


their software includes a newsletter manager… e-book maker…


3D product cover maker… and more innovative tools.


Each affiliate is offered top-notch tools that make it simple to


promote their products. Implix offers lifetime commissions of


up to $100+ per month per lead.


4. MoreNiche Sign up as an affiliate


To sign up click on the affiliate sign-up link


MoreNiche is the next generation of affiliate marketing. Sites


like ClickBank and CJ do not come close to the revenue this site


offers. MoreNiche is an entire network that offers total guides…


training… hot programs… and promotion kits for affiliates.


Their site even features a popular discussion forum to ask


questions about each step of the process. MoreNiche offers a


high commission rate on all of the top products their merchants




5. Lunar Pages Sign up as an affiliate


To sign up click on the affiliate link at the top of their site


In June Lunar Pages paid their top affiliate over $50,000.00 for


1 month's commissions. Their program offers up to $100+ per


lead and is one of the best web hosting services online. You need 60-80 leads to make at least a guaranteed $5000.00


per month. I will demonstrate a good method to get a lot of


free leads for Lunar Pages in Chapter 4.


6. Market Health Sign up as an affiliate


To sign up click on sign up now!


Market Health is not just a site. It is an entire affiliate network


for leading health products. You will gain instant access to earn


50% commission on a product(s) of choice paid right into Your




Sell the best health items and get handed half the sale cost


Right into Your Pocket. Remember to read Chapter 3 and to


use all the methods in Ch 3 to set up lead-generators for a few


of these products and start making a high income.


7. Residual Sites Sign up as an affiliate


Residual Sites offer cheap pre-built and monetized websites.


For example: if a person wants a site about Crafts or Cooking it can be purchased with the template + site files + running ads


+ full-featured site setup from $19.95 at Residual Sites.


Residual Sites offer up to $119.70 base + per month per lead


commission. In later chapters I will suggest the best method to


get leads for Residual Sites.


8. Nobel Dialing Sign up as an affiliate


To sign up click on the affiliate program link at the top of
their site


Nobel Dialing is a one of a kind product that a person either


gets excited about or passes right over. Need to make a phone


call from one continent to another? Nobel does that with the


cheapest possible, fastest, and easiest possible method.


Their site works great and their service is super-popular. I had


a friend who paid $200-$300+ a week in international calls. I


told him about Nobel and he now spends just $50 a week and I


now make $20 a month from that single lead. Nobel is a true life-time service that once referred a person will


continue using. Nobel offers lifetime commissions on all new


customers. Find 20-30 people who make frequent international


calls and the passive revenue numbers begin to stack up.


Go to the Nobel info page in Chapter 4 to find out how to get


hundreds of leads and make thousands per month for free.


9. Marketing Tips Sign up as an affiliate


To sign up click on the affiliate sign-up link on left sidebar at
their site


Using the promotion methods I teach in Chapter 3 it is simple


to make $100+ per lead using this excellent site.


Marketing Tips features dozens of top-grade products that can


be used for marketing, promotion, and revenue building. This


market is in HIGH DEMAND at the moment and these products


are selling at incredible speed. Tap into it using the methods I


provide later in this book and make a fortune from this site.


10.Treasure Trooper Sign up as an affiliate


To sign up click on the advertise link at the top of their site


Most affiliates do not make more than $1000 a month with this


program but it is EASY to promote: No sales are required. It is


100% free for subscribers and offers lifetime commissions.


This is a site that ANYONE can use free to make $10-$100 a


month from filling out offers and surveys. But do not bother


wasting time on this pocket change! Refer people to it instead


and make 20% of their earnings.


Use the methods I discuss later on to get the free leads. Even if


each lead makes $10 a month, get a few hundred people to


sign-up free, and earn $500+ commission each month forever.


This is a great cash-generator because it requires 0-investment


from the person joining and offers returns for both the affiliate and the referred user. Using Treasure Trooper both parties win.

3 10 ways to get 1000s of free leads

Decide on a program(s) or sub-products above to promote


after logging in and exploring each affiliate control panel and


then use these 10 methods to start making incredible amounts


of revenue.


These 10 techniques can be applied to all of the above


programs. For strategies specific to each one see Chapter 4.


You will receive an affiliate URL text link for each of the above
10 programs. Use that link in the below promotions.


1. Hub Pages


Hub Pages is a powerful article writing site in itself that offers


instant traffic and promotion. It offers 4 INCOME STREAM


levels for writers. You get paid into Google – Amazon - EBAY


and Kontera accounts for each article.


Get an account at Hub Pages and then start writing informative


articles about one or more of the above programs. Example:


· Make an article about the benefits of web hosting


· Brainstorm ideas on what web hosting is (use wikipedia)


· Towards the end of the article outline the benefits of


Lunar Pages and their services


· Use Your affiliate link


· Make the article as short or as long as needed


In the example of web hosting make another article about what


makes a good web host, another about what makes a bad one.


You can find all of this info using Google to research it in a


matter of minutes.


Read this before using Hub Pages and use it on the products in


this book. Create 10-15 well-written articles about one or more


and receive 1000+ pageviews per week for life.


Hub Pages is a niche based social site where good writers are


rewarded. Continue to write a few dozen articles for Hub Pages


each month and get millions of potential leads. Each "Hub"


(each article) is on auto-pilot for life and generates: · Hundreds of potential referral leads each week


· Instant Google adsense clicks


· book sales


· Contextual ad dividends from Kontera


· EBAY auction commissions


(On auto-pilot)è Fill in the above program info in the profile


once and earn lifetime commissions on several levels from each


article. Even earn commissions without promoting a product in


articles! Here are some articles I have written about the above


programs that earned thousands:


· "The cheapest international telephone rates in the world"


· "Good Hosting is like good Pizza"


· "Forex trading for dummies"


Titles like this have a high chance of getting attention and


getting into the spotlight. Get a single article with 1 affiliate


link into the spotlight and be sure to make thousands each


month again and again and again from that article. Do not


just write an article titled "Click here for good hosting." Sell it.


Be creative and have fun. The cash will come pouring in later.


2. Social Networking


Got some good articles up and running and some positive


feedback coming in? Now it's time to increase that traffic even


more. Join the following sites and submit each article URL to














·Health Ranker






You should see a Submit link on all of these sites. Submit each


article to them and receive even more visitors to each article.


Search for other articles on those sites and add some friends of


fans first to increase the amount of clicks each article receives.


Receive more lifetime commissions with each new article that is


submitted to these social networks.


3. Blogging


The alternative to using Hub Pages or article sites is having a


blog to post articles at. WORDPRESS blogs attract instant


traffic. Just starting a blog and writing dozens of articles each


week can cause it to become super-popular fast.


Like Hub Pages blog articles provide lifetime traffic and leads.


Blog 10 articles about hosting (for example) and that will mean


100s*10 visits per month. If the base commission is $65 and


out of 3000 visitors 10 sign up that is $650 per month on auto




Reading this book and thinking about starting a blog? Then do


some articles and advertisements of these affiliate programs.


Don't believe that programs like Google ads will generate a


passive income. The top bloggers make the most cash from


high earning affiliate programs like those in this book.


You also get some good looking banner ads with most of these


affiliate programs to use in articles and in the blog side bar. The fastest method to make millions blogging is to pick an area


to blog about such as Forex or Site Build It! and then to read,


read, and read, and learn about that topic. Then blog about it


using the high-earning affiliate links as advertisements.


I know a blogger who makes a living blogging about whatever


he likes… he just places a few Forex ads on his most popular


articles and makes massive amounts of revenue as a result.


4. YouTube Hits


This is one of the fastest methods to start making cash right


now. Most people reading this book believe I want them to


market the affiliate products… but it's more important to have
than it is to be a marketer all the time. Make a hilarious or


"hot" YouTube clip and it could get 10 million views overnight. I


know this person (below)… when he first put this clip up it got


50-60 views, and 1 week later it had 4 million:


Click here to see it – also the news piece here


He got 4 million hits but got paid through AMAZON (a few


dollars per lead). Promoting the programs in this book instead


can earn 1000x that amount.


YouTube is also in high demand for instructional & educational


videos. Start making videos like "Never be overcharged for


international calls again" or "Pre-built sites – Pros and Cons".


Don't be afraid of going on camera, or otherwise make a clip of


the cat doing something hilarious or something entertaining


outside. Here is how to make cash on YouTube:


1. Make a good video clip. iMovie for Mac and Movie Maker in


XP or vista is a good software.


2. Upload it to YouTube after getting an account.


3. Now for the "Description" field enter "See [Your affiliate link]


for more info about…"


4. Subscribe to dozens of other channels to get free exposure.


5. Pick a popular related video and click "Post video response"


to link Your Clip. Select it from Existing Clips.


6. Your video will receive at least a few hundred views and can


even explode to thousands and millions if it is good enough. Making a lot of entertaining or informative clips about these


products will generate large amounts of lifetime leads.


You can also make more if the videos become super-popular


through the use of YouTube's revenue sharing program. You


can earn $200-$300 PER DAY into Google adsense if the


YouTube channel is popular enough. YouTube members who


have thousands of views to their videos can sign up to this


revenue sharing 'Partner Program' on YouTube's site.


Remember that when writing or making videos most of the
information needed to make content such as 'Pros and Cons'
and 'How hosting works' is ALREADY THERE on the affiliate site.
Most send an e-mail with loads of info to share with others.


5. Facebook


Start a Facebook group (left sidebar) related to the program


that is being promoted. Invite friends to join. Inside the group


post articles or direct affiliate links to these related programs.


This works well for people with lots of friends but will not work


otherwise so I will not write much more on this.


6. Squidoo


Squidoo is another Hub Pages alternative that offers a lot of


powerful tools to post affiliate links and articles about almost


all topics. Squidoo allows posting of more affiliate links than


Hub Pages and is less strict about format but it has a larger


learning curve.


Squidoo also offers revenue sharing and allows writers to


create articles (lenses) about with links in them. People are


earning a lot of cash there… promoting low revenue earning


programs, so the high revenue programs in this book are huge


cash-generators at Squidoo.


Once there, do a search on "how to make money on Squidoo."


There are dozens of well-written guides that explain the exact


process of writing interesting articles and adding a few affiliate


links to promote products & services.


To become more familiar with Squidoo read their site intro and


help guides first. People are making a living off Squidoo so it is


worthwhile spending some time understanding how it works.


7. E-Mail Marketing


E-mail marketing is an underestimated method of promotion.


For example, there is a massive market for web hosting, more


and more people set-up websites each week. I have used over


20 different companies but Lunar Pages was the best (this is a


personal testament) so I have no problem recommending it to




Send an e-mail out recommending the best products from the


programs above to people on an MSN list, e-mail address book,


or other friend network and this could result in more leads. E


mail a friend who often uses international dialing about Nobel.


It will help them save on costs and give lifetime commissions.


Note: It is illegal to send out spam mail, but e-mailing personal


info about a product to a friend is acceptable.


8. Offline Promotion Strategies


Offline promotion is another effective method to acquire a large


number of leads. Put a poster up on bulletin boards or hand out


basic leaflets to local residents and it can have great results. You can even do up a basic information sheet about hosting or


international dialing offers and give someone $20 to deliver it


to 1000 houses around the area. Just make sure it does not get


delivered to houses with a No Junk Mail sticker, but otherwise


most people will find the info useful.


You can get a lot of leads using this method… use a free site


such as Meta Mark to convert long referral URLs to super-short


jump-links if needed:


9. Forum Promotion


Posting at forums and adding a signature with an affiliate link is


an effective and indirect method of promotion that generates a


lot of leads. The main aim is to participate in related forums


and rather than promoting the links through direct posts to add


an interesting signature is more effective. The more interesting


a post is the more people will click on the signature.


10. Paid leads


Some people started reading this book assuming it would be a


simple process to create a passive income. The fact is that it


either requires 20-30 hours or more of upfront work before a


lifetime commission high enough is established. Or otherwise it


requires a cash investment – it is either a time investment or a


cash investment.


1. MONEY Does Not Grow on Trees, BUT also 2. The average


household spends $10k+ per month on products and services


that are not that great!


Therefore the process of directing their spending to better


products & services is not that hard. Getting paid 10% upward


commissions for each lead therefore makes a passive income




Earlier in the book I mentioned that paid advertising that costs


$10 per lead to provide leads worth $100 would require zero


work and provide instant passive revenue. The problem is that most advertising agencies charge $1+ per


ad click which means for a $10 lead 1:10 people that click the


ad would also have to purchase the product.


However a few months back I found PERRY MARSHALL, an ad


words instructor who writes on how to advertise for as low as 1


cent per click.


This means that for $5 it would be possible to purchase 500


clicks to a particular advertisement. Consider his strategies first


prior to just jumping into an ad-campaign with an over-priced


per-click cost if considering paid options to find leads.


You can also request popular bloggers to write a review of one


of the above products for as little as $5 at Sponsored Reviews.


Some of those bloggers are getting 10s of 1000s of unique


readers per post, making this a more popular promotion option when starting a new blog is too much time and trouble.

4 10 specific revenue-generators

This chapter provides direct strategies for obtaining free leads


for the high-earning programs described in Chapter 2. Most of


them build on Chapter 3… providing unique strategies for each




Remember that blog owners can just add the banners for each
product to their blog to promote them instead.


1. Forex


Go to Google and search for "Forex forum" "Stocks forum" and


other queries to find Stock trading forums. Sign up and add the


affiliate text link provided to the signature area.


You can just post in the General Discussion area or introduce


yourself as someone who is new to stock trading and just chat


with people on there. Each Post You Make will be stored on the


web forever and will receive hundreds of views each month. Spend 2-3 hours each evening posting at these various forums


and people will be clicking on the signature link more & more.


You can make $1k a DAY from this alone after a few weeks.


I don't recommend writing posts that encourage people to click


the affiliate link. Just add it to the signature and then pretend it


does not exist… have fun chatting with people on there about


whateverè Log-in to the Forex affiliate panel in a couple of


weeks and see cash earnings go through the roof.


2. Site Build It!


I cannot offer much more information than what is given in the


Site Build It! in the affiliate control panel because it is most


powerful in itself as a promotion tool. Log-in and create a new


affiliate link to see the dozens of options for targeting. Choose


a targeting option and use methods in Chapter 3 to promote it.


3. Implix


Implix is not difficult to promote because of the unique product


range. Creating articles and blog posts about the needs these products fill is a good method of promotion. For example create


an article about the benefits of their newsletter software.


4. MoreNiche


MoreNiche provides a diverse range of products that require


specific targeting.


Go to the control panel and click on 'get links and resources' to


browse their products and also go to the Forum to ask for


direct help in promoting them. Their STEP BY STEP guide also


offers some guidelines to find leads online.


5. Lunar Pages


The fastest method to attain Lunar Pages leads is to create


blog posts or articles about web hosting or post on webmaster


forums with the Lunar Pages signature link.


6. Market Health


· Blog posts or articles related to each health product


· Forum posts with signature at health forums


7. Residual Sites


· Blog posts or articles about how to start a new website


· Forum posts with signature at webmaster forums


8. Nobel Dialing


The most effective method of promoting Nobel is to send out


an e-mail to friends or to do local promotion using posters and


leaflets. You can also locate long-distance relationship forums


or international business forums and participate at them with a


signature affiliate link with text such as "Nobel – International


telephone rates from 1c per minute and pinless dialing".


Nobel is one of the easiest programs to promote because of


their competitive service and free-trial period. Targeting groups


on forums or other sites that make international calls results in


a lot of leads.


9. Marketing Tips


· Blog posts or articles about how to market a website


· Forum posts with signature at webmaster forums


10.Treasure Trooper


Treasure Trooper can be promoted using all of the methods in


Chapter 3. The site is free to join and offers people cash for


completion surveys and taking up offers so the market for it is quite wide.

5 The rich concept

The concept of a passive income can be reinforced because


once a single blog or forum post is made it remains online


forever and is read again and again over and over with no


ending period.


Sometimes 1000 forum posts or 100 blog posts are required to


start getting just 2-3 leads, but those 2-3 leads will be per


month. This is not an active marketing task. Do the promotion


tasks once and the effect will last forever. For example, Site


Build It! offers at least $75 per month per lead. So 2-3 leads


after 12 months would accumulate to at least $1,800-$2,700
per month.
That is just for 2-3 leads. In 24 additional months


that would become $5,000-$10,000+ per month.


Business Promotion


Most of the products in this book are popular business tools.


Consider web hosting… newsletter managers… ad managers…


site builders and so forth. Targeting promotion at businesses is a great idea because their expenditure allowance is higher than


most individuals.


Information and Entertainment


People go online to search for information. The problem is that


most of that information is not monetized well. There is too


much advertising all over the place and not enough relevant


products and services.


Creating informative articles is therefore an excellent method


to get leads for the high-demand products offered through the


above programs. Creating entertaining YouTube clips is another


good idea for advertising them.


I selected the above 10 programs because their business has


been solid for almost a decade or longer and each of them get


thousands of top-testimonials from customers. However a lot of


people still do not know about them.


To fill this requirement in one simple process: 1. Use the 10 leading companies to sign up for free and get


affiliate links for their best products


2. Use the 10 free most powerful web promotion tools and


deliver details on those products to target audiences


Use this 2-step process to generate a passive income without spending a cent in investments.