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“Affiliate Money Machine”

By Ewen Chia

Brought To You By Secret Affiliate Weapon Member: Mohamad Hafeez Jeniri


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What You’re About To Learn…

My name is Ewen Chia and I want to thank you for downloading this special report. Here’s why this report was written…

I've often received tremendous amount of emails asking for a proven quick way to make money online, and one of the best ways to start as a complete beginner is through Affiliate Marketing.

Here’s why: simply by promoting a unique affiliate link given by the merchant, you can start making cash online immediately without your own website and product, in fact it's probably the fastest and easiest way to start.

But being an affiliate is not enough, the true vital element for long-term success (online or offline) is by building an opt-in list of interested prospects you can keep in regular contact with.

If you've heard the phrase, 'money is in your list', it's only half true. The real money is in the relationship you've with your subscribers, no matter how big or small your list is.


It's fine to have a small list but it must be responsive if you want to profit from it.


So what you'll find here is a complete system to succeed as an affiliate, while building your own list at the same time. I call this the “Affiliate Money Machine” system.

With The 7-Step “Affiliate Money Machine” System, I Dare Say You Can Start From Scratch And Begin To Bank In Affiliate Commissions In As Little As 7 Days From Now!

And you can do this in whichever niche you desire because affiliate marketing is not reserved solely for Internet marketing.

The techniques you learn here will turn you into a super affiliate in any niche – once you understand and apply the basic principles involved. This simple system will help you to do one thing extremely well…

Creating Simple Money-Making Direct Response Web Sites That Make You Huge Affiliate Paychecks Quickly And Easily.


The beauty is in its simplicity.


Each day you will devote your focus on one step of the system - there are 7 steps in all and each is developed to maximize efficiency and speed.


The 'heart' of the system resides in these 3 fundamental elements:


Element #1: A simple but captivating direct response lead generation page.


Element #2: An autoresponder pre-loaded with quality content.


Element #3: A “Thank You” page which redirects to the affiliate product sales letter.

Don't worry if it all sounds strange to you now, you'll be learning a lot once you get through this report. Now as I’ve mentioned, if you want to maximize your online income, you must build a list of targeted subscribers to market to on a repeat basis.

Many marketers, especially affiliate marketers, make the mistake of bypassing this step. You’re leaving a lot of money on the table and wasting a lot of traffic when you don’t capture leads.

If your main objection is that you don’t have the time or energy to create content, this system will also offer a quick solution. You can create content on any subject in a day. Your follow up messages represent the “bait” which helps to pre-sell and, eventually, convert captured visitors into customers. It’s a one-two punch…

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Click Here To Start Immediately!


After your visitor opts-in to your list, they are redirected to the main sales page. This is their first exposure to the offer. They may or may not purchase at that time, but this is OK because anyone who sees the offer is, by default, is now subscribed to your list.

You can continue to educate them, prod them, poke them, enlighten them and sell them on the product until they buy. In short, this system creates a flow for lead capture and repeat product exposure using a very simple path:

Traffic to Lead Capture Page --> Leads Opt-In to List --> Leads are re-directed to the affiliate product sales page --> Leads receives further information from you via your autoresponder --> Build your own lists while making huge affiliate sales!

Why is this so powerful?

Because It Compresses The Fundamentals Of Online Marketing Into A Business Model Which Is Both Easily Learned And Instantly Duplicable.

Once you learn how to create a direct response website following this, you can do it over and over again. The process becomes second nature and your time from concept to market becomes much shorter. Remember…

The Ultimate Benefit Of The “Affiliate Money Machine” System Is The Speed With Which You Can Target And Penetrate ANY Niche Affiliate Products…

There is no need to waste any time setting up a complicated process. You simply follow the steps and, in one week or more, you’ll have a simple website set up with sound marketing principles in mind.

You’ll see profit sooner rather than later, and for a lot less work. In a nutshell, here’s the 7-step system you’re about to learn:

Ewen Chia’s "Affiliate Money Machine” System

Step #1: Targeting A Profitable Affiliate Niche Market
Step #2: Setting Up Your “Affiliate Leads Capture” Page
Step #3: Following Up With Your Leads
Step #4: Getting Ready To Promote Your Lead Capture Page
Step #5: Generating Quick Traffic To Your Lead Capture Page
Step #6: Back End Affiliate Marketing
Step #7: Leveraging On Your Success


Simple enough? It IS simple. What you have here cuts through all the fluff and hype and go straight for what matters – making YOU the commissions. Let us begin… To Your Affiliate Success! 00015.jpg

Step #1:Targeting A Profitable Affiliate Niche Market

This is frankly the most important step you need to perform. It is the foundation for the success of everything that follows, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing.


The keyword of the day is “profitable”.


Remember That Some Markets Remain Underserved For A Good Reason: There’s No Money In Them.


So your goal is to learn how to do two things quickly:


• Locate potential niche markets to market affiliate products to


• Determine the profit potential of that market before diving in


Locating The Affiliate Niche Market:


You may want to begin by thinking about the topics you’re already interested in. This could be, for example:


Sports -> Specifically: Soccer
Cooking Indian Cuisine -> Curry recipes

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