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Take Happar out and you still have an incredibly powerful and scalable system, put Happar in and you have an unbeatable system in any market. We have a lot of ground to cover. Master, implement outsource this system and you will be miles ahead of 99.9% of webmasters and seo gurus.

It all about the Links

Internal Linking, The combination of how I set up my Wordpress blogs and Happar script will get you first page rankings for hundreds and eventually thousands of long tail terms. Off Page Linking is what really matters when it comes to ranking for your main keywords. But the fact that your Happar script is automatically creating INTERNAL links for long tail terms gives you the edge on those optimizing solely for the more competitive terms.

How many webmasters are doing off page link building for terms that are only getting 5 and 10 searches per month? Zero I’d imagine unless they are slightly nuts or have waaay too much time on their hands. This is exactly what Happar M.E capitalizes on.

Well every term you or your browsers enter into the search engine is converted to a complete web page. The link to that web page is simply the long tail term which you or the browser entered. On top of that Happar optimizes the page for that term and points to relevant videos and images.

Google will favor your page when this term or a very similar term is searched for since your page is nicely optimized for the term and there are very few or even no EXTERNAL links with this anchor text pointing to any pages in cyber-space. Multiply this by hundreds and thousands and you have all the traffic you can handle.

This great AUTOMATIC on page seo coupled with a powerful Off-site linking campaign turns your site into an authority site adored by google very quickly.

So in a nutshell, using the techniques in the above diagram, we are going to use off page promotion to secure your position in the search engines as a trusted and authority site. Then we are going to use happar to scoop up ranking on all the low competition keywords that your competitors haven’t time to fight for.