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Make $50 - $100 an HOUR! This Works!

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This is the On line Chatting Sales job where you can realistically make $50-$100 an hour. YES $50-100 AN HOUR! This is a REAL work at home job with no startup fees or any fees of any kind ever. We currently have about a hundred affiliates who usually average $200 a day working for us from home. You can do it too! ANYONE can work for us. The only requirement is a little hard work :)
We show you how to do everything. We will NEVER ask you for a dollar and theres NO "investments" or "startup fees" or anything. If you work you will be paid, if you do not work you will not be paid. It is that simple. You will be promoting our Web cam website (which is the best one on the Internet) by postings ads for our models in chat rooms, websites, classifieds, or anywhere else you can think of.
Get guys to join for FREE! and for every join you get paid $20. (The reason its a free join is because they have to enter their credit card number and most customers stay customers so everyone makes money). We show you exactly where to post AND what to post and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. We walk you through it and don't EVER ask for a cent from you! We only make money if you get a sale!! INDUSTRY LEADING SUPPORT STAFF!!!
You will never have to talk on the phone or anything. Its done completely over email and instant message. You can work from anywhere in the world and work any hours you want at any time of the day. We have NO minimums or anything like that. You are paid $20 per sale. Read this training manual and you can make a consistent $50-100 (USD) an hour. Pay period is Sunday morning - Saturday night. Checks are processed Sunday and sent out Monday. We are U.S Based and checks are sent from Chicago, IL. This is a GREAT job for EVERYONE AND ANYONE. You really can make money from home with NO FEES EVER GUARANTEED. Let me show you how! This is how you sign up.

HOW TO Get Started:
1. Go to CamkingCash.com and Click "Sign Up" at the top.
2. Enter all of your information and click "Submit Application". (Note: Your address is so we know where to send your checks. You do NOT have to enter your ssn until you receive your first check. It is used for tax purposes. If you earn more than $600 then we send you a 1099 tax form at the end of the year with the amount you earned so you can claim your earnings on your tax return.)
3. When you are done signing up, continue reading this manual to get started earning right away. If after signing up, and reading this manual, you have any questions; email Support@CamKingsCash.com or AIM(AOL Instant Messenger) me at "Camkingscash" for immediate attention and I will personally respond to help. Do not respond to this e-mail address or you will be given this same exact message again.
Start Instantly Now!.
I cannot stress this enough. If you actually put in the time and effort into this and learn it. You can become VERY good and make thousands of dollars a week.

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First off I would like to state the advantages of using CamKings.