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Newbie Marketing Guidebook

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Legal Disclaimer


Please note the information contained within this document are for educational


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The information presented herein represents the views of the author as of the date


of publication. Because of the rapidly changing nature of the internet, the author


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This report is for informational purposes only and the author assumes no


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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction 4


Chapter 2: Creating Your New Business 7


Chapter 3: Finding Your Niche 10


Chapter 4: Keyword Research 101 19


Chapter 5: Setting Up Shop 30


Chapter 6: Affiliate Marketing Profits 46


Chapter 7: Quick Traffic Generation Tactics 52 Chapter 8: Conclusion 58

Chapter 1:
Introduction and Welcome From Angel Taylor

I want to start off by thanking you for getting a hold of this book. It has taken


me quite a while to gather all of the information that I share with you here, and I


only want to give you what works. I hope that you find it exceeds your


expectations and gives you all of the knowledge you need to get up and running




In case you don't already know who I am, let me give you a quick overview.


My name is Angel Taylor and I am 24 years old from Columbus, GA.


Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have become the sole supporter of my


family and the guardian for my younger brother who starts college this year. I am


so very proud of him and I have worked hard to give him every opportunity that I


can, however I only make so much working full time as an operator for the phone


company. So wanting to improve our situation I began to learn everything that I could


about internet marking and building an online business. There is simply so much


information out there that it's hard to pin down the best options, but for me I have


found that building a mlm business is a good way to go. However, getting to the


point of success is far from easy and there is somewhat of a learning curve. With


all of the information swirling around about how to build a list, drive traffic, or


find quality leads, there seems to be an abundance of different routes you can take.


Venturing into the world of Internet Marketing can be a confusing and frustrating


challenge, especially if you are brand new to online business, and aren’t quite sure


where to begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together. For many, they spend


countless hours in front of their computers, doing everything possible to


successfully crack the code, only to end up back at square one, no further ahead,


and no profit to show for their hard work.


This is why the Newbie Marketing Guidebook was written. To provide newcomers


with a clear-cut strategy for making money online by dissecting the most important aspects of Internet Marketing and breaking it down so that it is easy to


understand, and more importantly, put into action.


I’ve done my absolute best to present the information in the more comprehensive


format I could, and by the end of this guide, you will know exactly what you need


to do in order to set up your money making system and see your efforts pay off,


again and again. Whether you have been discouraged in the past because you


simply believed that Internet Marketing was just too difficult to break into, or too


saturated to make room for your own ideas, you really can make a full time


income in this industry.


From niche research to generating traffic, the Newbie Marketing Guidebook


guide covers the fundamental basics of getting started in Internet Marketing. I


leave nothing to guesswork, or trial & error. It’s all right here. Are you ready to


start your journey in the right direction? 00002.jpgLet’s get started!

Chapter 2
Creating Your New Business

When it comes to making money online, you need a solid strategy in place that


will guide you through the critical elements to ensuring that your business is a




You need:


A product that people will buy, and are currently buying within the market.


A focused, hungry crowd of buyers within your target niche.


A strategy for driving targeted traffic to your website and landing pages.


Additional products to offer as backend products or upsell offers.


Replication and Automation, so you can quickly set up your business on


auto pilot.


When it comes to choosing your niche market, you will need to spend some time


conducting keyword research as well as overall niche profitability.


Don’t skip out on this!


It’s a very important part of the process, and if you overlook it, you may end up


building a website around a niche that simply isn’t profitable.


This exact situation happened to me when I first started working online. I created a


website around my personal interests rather than evaluate whether there were


enough people out there who also shared the same interests as me, but more


importantly, where looking for information on the topic and willing to actually


buy it.


Failing to thoroughly research my niche prior to investing time and money into


building my website, I learned a very hard lesson.


If you do things in reverse, and you fail to examine every niche before you even


consider creating products for it, you are putting yourself at risk of building an


online business without an existing customer base.


While researching a niche market isn’t difficult, it will take a bit of time, as you’ll have to go through the steps manually.


Unfortunately there isn’t an automation tool that will dig into niche markets and


tell you everything you need to know about it in order to make an informed


decision, however by following my step by step guideline, you will be able to


dissect your niche markets and determine which one is likely to yield the best results.

Chapter 3
Finding Your Niche

If you aren’t sure what a niche market is, here is a summary offered by Wikipedia:


“A niche market is a focused, targeted portion of a market. By definition, then, a


business that focuses on a niche market is addressing a need for a product or


service that is not being addressed by mainstream providers. A niche market may


be thought of as a narrowly defined group of potential customers”.


All this really means, is that a niche market is a sub market, or a smaller market.


Where a mainstream market is usually broad, a niche market is smaller, but still




Before you can even begin to explore how lucrative niche markets are, you need to


jot down some ideas that you have for potential products.


Even if you don’t intend on creating these products yourself, and instead purchase


private label rights or resell rights to existing products, you still need to go through this process, and ensure that the demand is there.


Think of potential niche markets that you would be interested in exploring.


While it isn’t always the best choice to focus on markets that you are personally


involved in, from a profit based standpoint, as you become more experienced in


marketing you will be able to expand your outreach and begin to cater to markets


in a variety of categories and industries.


It’s always best, when starting out, to focus on a topic that you believe you could


personally create content for, and be actively involved in.


Are you interested in the “money making” industry, such as affiliate marketing?


What “niche” within that market could you get involved with?


Are you interested in personal development, parenting, crafts, weight loss, pets,




Take notes of as many topics as possible that you are personally interested in or experienced with so that you can evaluate each topic closely.


In truth, there are an endless number of opportunities and niche markets that you


can penetrate and begin to make money in, that include everything from hobbies to




Within those markets are even smaller markets, called “micro niches”, that cater to


an even smaller group of people, but if this niche is untapped and competition is


limited, you can still make enough money to justify your time and effort.


Part of choosing a profitable niche market, involves evaluating the target audience


itself. What do these people currently purchase? What are they interested in?


What problems do they have that you could solve?


Understanding your market is as important as evaluating the profitability of it,


because once you have a solid understanding of what your niche wants, you will


be able to create products that are sure sellers, or choose third party products that


you can promote as an affiliate marketer. Think of yourself as the middleman in a niche where on one side you have an


active consumer base looking for specific products, and on the other side, you


have the ability to choose those exact products and hand them over to your




As an affiliate marketer, or even a product developer, that is exactly what you will


do. Analyzing what people want makes it exceptionally easy to make money by


simply giving it to them.


If you have a difficult time coming up with niche market ideas, here is a method


that a seasoned marketer shared with me a few years back that literally changed
the way I did niche market research
, and opened up the doors to an unlimited


number of profitable ideas.


Best of all? It takes less than 5 minutes of your time to generate a list of 10


potential niches to get involved in, based on existing demand.


Here is what you need to do:


Visit and review their existing categories. You will find


everything from Business categories to Computers, Recreation and even Science.


00003.jpgWithin these categories are sub categories and even smaller categories within




To show you how it works, click on one of the main categories as shown below:


00004.jpgAfter clicking on the Health topic, I find sub categories that include: Alternative,


Fitness, Mental Health and Medicine.


00005.jpgClicking on “Alternative” brings up yet even more results including “Chinese




00006.jpgWhat you want to pay attention to, is the number of listings contained within each


category. The higher number of listings, the more popular the niche is.


Clicking on “Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine” brings up some interesting




00007.jpgStarting off with the generic, broad category of “Fitness”, we have narrowed down


a handful of niche markets (and micro niche markets), in a matter of minutes!


Our niche “Fitness – Alternative – Acupuncture – Chinese Herbal Medicine”.


By writing an ebook or offering a report on this topic, we could easily build a list


and grow a following.


Spend some time going through the categories yourself, and in matter of minutes


you will have a highly targeted list of potential markets.


Better yet, you can then browse through the actual website listings featured at


dmoz, to explore potential affiliate programs, joint ventures and to simply get a


feel for what people are already selling successfully.


Once you have a good idea of what your niche will be, the next step is to explore


potential keyword phrases that you can use in your content. The reason why this is so


important is that search engines like Google will determine your niche and ranking


based on the keywords that its spiders find when exploring your website pages.


Furthermore, by using the same keyword phrases that people enter into the search


engines manually, you are able to generate highly targeted traffic, as these people are looking for the same information that is featured on your site.


Even before you set up a website or register a domain name, you should choose your


niche market and create a keyword swipe file of popular keyword phrases


that people are using when searching for relevant information in the search engines.

Chapter 4
Keyword Research 101

Keyword research doesn’t have to be a difficult task, nor does it have to be time




Using a handful of free tools, you will be able to create a highly targeted listing of


relevant keywords for your niche.


Here is how to do it:


In the same manner that you began to generate ideas for your niche, you need to


start by writing down keywords and keyword phrases that you believe sum up the


niche market you are going to tackle, as well as phrases that people are likely to


enter into the search engines when searching for information in that niche.


For example, if I had a website showcasing products on photography, my keyword


list might look something like this:


Photography Enhancements
Photography Equipment
Photography Tutorials


I would also include question based keyword phrases that people might enter into


the search engines like:


How do I edit digital photos?


Then, when creating my article content on my website, I would feature these


keyword phrases throughout my pages.


You also want to consider possible synonyms for your niche topic. For example, if


you were catering to the “freelance” marketplace, you could also use words like:


Writer Telecommuter
Work At Home


Write down everything that you can think of that relates to your niche market.


Then, once you have a listing of potential keywords, run them through Google


Adwords Keyword tool to verify popularity, and break down your list so that all


you are left with, are active keyword terms.


Here is how to do this:


Visit: to begin.


00008.jpgStart by entering in one of your keyword phrases or primary keywords into the search box. Then, click “Get keyword ideas” to generate a listing of results.


Let’s start by entering in “Photography Equipment” per my earlier example.


You should see a page that looks similar to this:


00009.jpgUsing this tool, you will be able to verify your existing keyword phrases, to


determine profitability, but you will also be able to generate a quick listing of other keyword phrases relating to your market.


In this example, keyword phrases including:


“Photography Studio Equipment”


“Photography Lighting Equipment”


and “used photography equipment” are other keyword phrases that I hadn’t


thought of, but are being entered into the search engine consistently.


Scroll through the listing of keyword phrases and click “Add” with each keyword


phrase that you believe you could create content for and download the list to use


when you create your website pages.


When you are evaluating keyword phrases that are generated by Google’s


Keyword tool, note that the approximate search volume shown above the search


results is not an exact number of searches conducted for each keyword phrase, but


rather provides you with a general idea of how popular each of your keywords are.


Another great way to come up with ideas for content and products is by visiting Yahoo! Answers, and exploring the different questions that are being asked within


your niche.


You begin by searching for questions in your niche using the search bar on the


main page:


00010.jpgThis will generate a listing of recently asked questions from people interested in


this topic (you can also use the advanced search tool to review archived questions


as well, to determine any patterns). 00011.jpgBy reviewing the listing of questions above, I see that people are looking for


wholesale or discount equipment as well as what they need to start out.


You can also join Yahoo! Answers as a contributor and answer questions that are


being asked in your market. By doing this, once you have your website created


and ready to go, you can include a link back to your website in the “Source” box


of every question you answer. A great, free way of generating highly targeted


traffic to your website!


So far, you have chosen a niche market and have a keyword swipe file of popular


keyword phrases. You are over half way through the initial research process, and


will be able to create your website and start to make money very shortly.


Before you do that however, there is yet another step that you should complete,


and it only takes a few minutes.


If you are planning to offer your own products on your website, this is STILL an


important part of niche research because it will give you an idea of how many


competing products are available, in the event you wish to promote relevant


products and generate a profit from affiliate commissions.


To begin, visit and click on the Marketplace tab in the


navigation bar.


I start by entering in my primary keyword (if you enter in a keyword phrase, make


sure to wrap quotations around it so that the ClickBank search engine will pull up


relevant results, instead of every listing that includes one of your keywords). 00012.jpgSince “Photography” is my target niche, I enter in the keyword and press the “go”


button to bring up listings from merchants selling information in that niche.


00013.jpgWithin the search results, you will be able to explore merchant websites that are


already catering to the same niche that you are going to get involved in. This is an important aspect of niche research because it allows you to see the types


of products that are already successfully selling, as well as provides you with ideas


and information on the types of products YOU can create as well.


For your reference, here is what the different symbols and date below each


ClickBank product listing means:


$/sale: - This represents how much you will earn if someone buys the product


from your referral link.


%/sale – This represents the percentage that we would earn from the products


price. Some merchants offer a percentage rather than a flat fee.


Grav – This represents what is known as “Gravity”, and simply depicts how


popular a product is. You should focus on promoting products that feature a high


gravity, so you know that they are currently hot sellers. If you look at the ads above, you will see two links below the statistics. One is


titled “View Pitch Page” and “Create Hoplink”. View Pitch Page will lead you to


the merchants website, while Create Hoplink will create an affiliate link that you


can use when promoting the product and earning commissions for each sale.


Niche marketing research is quick and easily, and by this time, you should have a good idea of the market that you are going to focus on.

Chapter 5
Setting Up Shop

In order to create your online presence, you will also need a domain name and a


hosting account.


While there are hundreds of domain registrars and hosting providers to choose


from, from a cost effective angle, I suggest going with for your


domain name and for your hosting account.


Since you are a reading this ebook, I'm going to give you your first month with Host


Gator for a penny (yes, you read that correctly, one cent for your first month). Just use


the coupon code: nmgpenny when you check out.


You're welcome :)


When it comes to choosing your domain name, you will want to make sure that it


is memorable and easy to spell. Here are a few things to consider:


Choose a top-level domain name (.com) whenever possible.


Make sure your domain has less than three words, so that it is easier to


remember for direct type-in’s.


Includes your primary keywords, based on your niche and website topic.


Contains no numbers or hyphens, for easier spelling.


Once you have registered your domain name and set up your hosting account,


there are a few other tools that you will need in order to maximize your income


and grow your business successfully.


The first is an autoresponder account. As an online marketer, you need to focus


on building a targeted list of subscribers, and buyers, that you can broadcast


promotional messages to on a regular basis.


By spending time building a list, you will have a built-in customer base that is


interested in your products (and the products you promote as an affiliate marketer),


making it even easier for you to jump-start your launches, and drive traffic to your websites.


There are many different autoresponder services available, including:




Personally, I use Aweber simply because it’s very easy to set up and customize.


All of these autoresponder services are affordable, so spend time evaluating each


one and determine which provider you’d prefer.


Here is how an autoresponder works:


You can set up what is called “campaigns”, where you can write a series of email


messages that are delivered to your subscribers after they confirm their request to


join your email list.


Each email can be assigned a specific date that it is released, meaning that you can


have your welcome email message delivered instantly, with follow up emails sent out, in sequence, throughout the upcoming weeks.


As an email marketer, you will want to work hard to establish a reputation with


your list, and build a relationship that shows them that you are someone they can


trust. You can do this by offering valuable, free content, as well as in


recommending only solid products that you have personally evaluated.


Building a targeted mailing list is CRITICAL if you want to be successful online,


so don’t overlook the power of having a responsive customer base at your




When it comes to finding your subscribers and building your list, it’s a very


straight forward process. To begin, you need to create a product of some kind that


you can give away, in exchange for their subscription.


Many marketers create a short report covering tips associated to their market with


an advertisement located within the report that links to a sales page for the full


product. Others use e-courses or email training, which offers your subscribers with the opportunity to subscribe to your list and receive weekly tutorials or


guides focusing on your topic.


Whatever you decide to create, you want to make sure that it represents you and


your brand in the best possible light. Don’t just throw something together and


assume that because you are giving it away for free, the quality isn’t as important.


It is. This is your introduction, your message, that can either reflect your focus on


providing high quality, or can give people the impression that if the report or


product you are offering free is of low quality, perhaps all of your other products


are of the same grade, so keep this in mind.


One problem that many new marketers encounter is that they simply don’t know


what to write about, or they don’t believe their writing skills are up to par.


A quick solution is to simply hire a freelancer who is experienced with your topic.


You can find them on freelance marketplaces as well as niche specific forums.


Here are a few freelance marketplaces to help you get started:


If you are interested in hiring someone from a community forum, you should


check out:


Remember, the report doesn’t have to be long, it just needs to be of high quality,


and provide solid information on your niche.


If you are planning to create an ebook product to sell on your website, the report


should serve as a primer, an introduction to your ebook, offering your subscribers


with a ‘taste test’ of your quality and your focus.


Once you have your giveaway product created and ready to add to your


autoresponder, you simply need to create a squeeze page.


Squeeze Pages are designed to showcase the benefits of your mailing list (what people are going to receive in exchange for subscribing) as well as the actual optin


box that asks for their name and email address. This code is generated from


within your autoresponder account, after you create your new campaign.


If you know a little about web design you can put together your own squeeze page,


or search Google for free templates.


In case you don't know, a squeeze page is a very basic web page that features your


opt-in box and autoresponder code. This is where potential subscribers enter in


their name and email address to be added to your list.


You want to focus on keeping your squeezes pages simple, and avoid posting any


external links or complicated navigation bars, in fact, squeeze pages should consist


of ONE page that prompts your visitor into subscribing to your list, eliminating


any distractions or chance of your visitor being distracted by internal pages.


If you are an experienced designer, you can create your own customized landing


pages, however regardless whether you decide there are important aspects to your landing page that you will want to keep in mind, including:


Powerful Headline


Just like a headline to a sales page, you need your squeeze page to capture your


visitor’s attention and prompt them into action (subscribing to your list).


Your headline should be written so that you are able to keep them on the page long


enough to subscribe, while your secondary headline should feature one of your


major points of interest (or main benefit).


You want to really spend some time crafting your squeeze page’s headline,


because it’s ultimately the most important part of your page. Consider what your


target audience is looking for, and speak to them directly.


If your niche will focus on losing weight, create a report titled “Ten Tips To Ten


Pounds Lighter”, and use emotion response headlines such as:


“Free Report Reveals Exactly How To Shed 10 Pounds In 10 Days! Limited
Time Only. Download Now!”


Body - Summary


With squeeze or landing pages, you should typically keep the body text to a


minimum, describing only the highlights and benefits of subscribing to your list as


well as a brief overview of what your subscriber can expect to receive once a


confirmed member.


You need your headline to meld with your body text to create a sense of urgency,


and motivate them to sign up quickly, before your offer is gone.


The body text of your squeeze page should be brief but descriptive. What this means


is that you need to cut down the amount of text featured on this page, yet still




what it is that you are offering and what your subscribers will receive.


You will also want to ensure that your summary creates a sense of urgency and prompts your visitor to sign up before your free offer is pulled from your website.


When it comes to setting up your autoresponder account, here is exactly how I


create my campaigns (using Aweber in my example below):


First, log into your Aweber account.


Click on the “Lists” top tab then click “Create a New List” on the right.


00014.jpgThis will setup your new list and it will then walk you step by step on how to fill


in all of the information.


00015.jpgOnce you have your campaign set up, it’s time to enter in a series of emails. The


first one should consist of a brief thank you or welcome email, that is sent out


automatically after a new subscriber confirms their request to join your list.


You could include information on what your subscriber can expect to receive from


you, and should also include a download link to the free report or giveaway that


you are offering on your squeeze page.


In order to create the follow up emails that are sent out each week, you will need


to determine your objective:


Are you promoting your own product?


Are you planning to promote affiliate products?


Do you wish to promote both?


I highly recommend both if you are in the position to create your own info product


(or outsource it to an experienced freelancer), but when just getting started it is


often easier to cut your teeth on email marketing by promoting third party




To do this, you simply go back to the ClickBank marketplace and explore


categories relevant to your topic.


You can create a ClickBank account at no cost, and generate customized affiliate


links instantly.


Simply include these within your email broadcasts and each time someone


purchases the product using your affiliate link, you will earn a commission.


One thing to keep in mind however, is that you should balance both free content that feature absolutely no advertisements, with promotional based material, so that


your list is able to receive useful information, without feeling as if they are being


spammed with continuous offers.


Remember, you want to build a relationship with your list so that each time you


recommend a product, they trust your judgment and purchase from your affiliate


links. You also want to develop a reputation as someone who is honest,


straightforward and interested in helping your subscribers.


That means that each time you promote a product, you need to make sure that you


have personally evaluated it, and feel it is beneficial to your list.


Do NOT abuse your list by spamming them with offers that you have never even


looked at yourself. If you do this, you will lose all trust with your subscriber base,


and end up starting back at square one, all over again.


One way of being able to evaluate potential products to promote without having to


purchase a copy of every one, is by joining visiting JVNotifypro, which will notify you of new product launches, and offer joint venture opportunities to




You can go to


If you are at a complete lost as to what to write, check your email for messages


you have receive from others about their products. See how they have written


them and once you find some that you find are effective copy them into a file and


call it your “swipe file”. While you don’t want to copy these emails word for


word, it is completely acceptable to use them as a starting point for your own


emails. Find what works and copy it!


Here are 5 steps you can take in order to build up a responsive list.


1. Personalize Your Emails


One of the easiest ways to help increase your emails effectiveness is to use


personalization. Your prospect will be more inclined to open it if they feel it is


directed to them. Plus it makes them feel as if you really connected by simply calling them by name.


2. Brand Your Emails


Just as it is important to use your prospect's name, it is equally important to use


your name as the sender. You want to get your prospect used to seeing your name


and to be able to recognize your emails on sight. This is all part of branding




3. Stay in Contact With Your List


The whole point of building your list is to build a relationship with your prospects


so it is important to stay in contact with them. Some will say to send them


everyday, but I know that the idea of writing that many emails is daunting. So try


and have about 30 emails planned out and send them every 3 or 4 days. This way


they will be used to getting your emails and they will be looking for them.


4. Give Great Free Content


One of the best ways to build trust is to give your readers great free content. You


should be giving your prospects tips and tricks on whatever your subject may be. The more free content you give away, the more your prospects will look to you for


answers. Thereby making it easier for them to buy from you when you make




5. Share special promotions or offers


A great way to show your prospects you are there for them is to offer them some


kind of special discount or promotions strictly for them. Give them a reason to


want to stay on your list. Show them that they benefit by being on your list, and that they get special treatment because of it. It's not quite a bribe but it's close!

Chapter 6
Affiliate Marketing Profits

Now that you have your domain name, squeeze page, have chosen your niche


market and have your keyword swipe files ready to use in all of your content and


autoresponders, it’s time to take a closer look at the tactics used by the top affiliate


marketers to generate insane amounts of money every single week.


Whether or not you intend to become a full time affiliate marketer or you are


interested in using affiliate marketing as a ‘doorway’ into the world of online


business, it’s a very profitable industry to be a part of, in fact, many of the Internet


Marketing’s top gurus got their start by first becoming a skilled affiliate and then


going on to create their own products.


Affiliate marketing is by far, one of the easiest industry’s to get involved in as


well, and you can use these strategies to not only make money without having to


create your own products, but as a way of learning the ropes to online business,


including traffic generation, pre-selling, exploring markets, and of course, building your email marketing list.


In order to become a successful affiliate marketer, you need to find a hungry


crowd of buyers and connect them with relevant products available by established


merchants. You want to focus on promoting products from those who have


already developed a brand, because it will be easier to pre-sell the product, and


convince potential prospects that the product is of high quality and contains


valuable information.


Consider earning $50.00 for every product you sell, without ever having to deal


with customer support, create your own products or build websites.


All you have to do is find customers, pre-sell customers and guide them to the


merchants website. It’s no wonder affiliate marketing is such a popular market for


both newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.


Here is a quick start method to helping you find hot products, and begin promoting


these offers.


ClickBank –


We’ve already discussed how Clickbank works, and as an affiliate marketer, you


will quickly become very familiar with the marketplace, and categories featured


within it. ClickBank is the largest network of affiliate marketers and products,


containing over 200,000 products spanning over a dozen categories.


Once you create an account at ClickBank as an affiliate, you will be given a


unique referral ID that will look something like this:


Affiliate will be replaced with your ClickBank username, while Publisher is the


username of the merchant who owns the product that you are promoting.


Whenever you preview products from within the marketplace itself, you can simply


click on “generate hoplink” to have the ClickBank marketplace script


create a custom affiliate link attached to your account. ClickBank isn’t the only network that you will be focused on as an affiliate


marketer, however it is the largest and easiest to get involved with.


Another marketplace worth considering is, which stands for


“Commission Junction”.


Commission Junction is the second largest affiliate network online and contains


both digital products as well as physical products, that typically sell at a higher


value, than the products featured at ClickBank.


When you begin to select the products that you intend to promote, you want to


make sure that you choose ones that are likely to convert well.


After all, you will be spending your time generating traffic and pre-selling


customers, and you need the merchant to take care of things on their end, both


with the structure of their website and sales copy, and in the actual product itself.


As an affiliate marketer, whenever a customer receives a refund, websites like will remove your commission from your account, so you want to


do your best to focus on products that are solid, and less likely to generate a lot of


refund requests (another reason why you should personally evaluate products that


you intend to promote).


To start, you should choose between 8-12 products to promote to your list. These


products should be highly focused on your niche market and recent releases (anything


that has been on the market too long is difficult to sell because it’s likely


that your subscribers may have already seen it).


You can use tools such as to evaluate products as well as


stay on top of new releases across the ClickBank marketplace.


Another useful site is featured at that provides information


on product performance, overall statistics as well as what other products specific


merchants are promoting.


When selecting products, keep the price point in mind as well. You should include both products on the higher spectrum as well as lower priced products, to ensure


that you cater to your entire list.


You also want to make sure that you will earn a decent profit from your


promotions, so pay attention to the percentage that is being offered per sale and focus on products offering at least 40% commissions or higher.

Chapter 7
Quick Traffic Generation

Regardless whether you are focused on affiliate marketing campaigns or in


promoting your own products, your website needs traffic, preferably highly


targeted traffic.


Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be cost you a lot of time and money, in fact, you


can use a handful of free resources to set up an automated traffic generation


system that will send traffic to your landing pages, websites and blogs within days.


Here are my top traffic generation strategies:


Social Networking


With websites like Twitter (follow me on twitter) and Facebook (add me on facebook)


it’s very easy to quickly establish an online presence and attract new


visitors and subscribers.


With social marketing, the more active you are, the more your brand will be seen, creating an opportunity to consistently generate traffic to your website.


I suggest spending an hour a day, going through the various social communities,


posting updates and communicating with other users in your niche.


Here are a few social communities to help you get started:




Blogging is a great way to not only generate traffic but become an authority in


your market, by posting relevant, high quality content and communicating with


your website visitors who will leave comments and messages on your website.


Search engines absolutely love blogs, and it only takes a few minutes to register a


domain name and install a copy of on your hosting account, and


using the built in installation options with Fantastico, you can have a full featured blog


set up and running within minutes. Apart from using your own blogs to generate traffic, you can also build a list using


blogs, and since they are so quick and easy to set up, you can create blogs


covering multiple niche markets.


This is, by far, the easiest way to create a large network of websites without ever


having to hire a designer, mess around with code, or learn HTML.


You should also take your blog marketing one step further by joining blog


networks, which are social communities designed for bloggers.


The ones that have produced the best results for me, have been:


By far, the easiest way of generating quick traffic to your website.


Creates and broadcasts RSS feeds.


A blog based search engine (has been responsible for generating a TON of traffic


to my websites).


Blog Catalog is essentially, a blog directory that offers the option to join relevant


groups, create lists of contacts, and interact with other bloggers in your niche


market. Very worthwhile community to be a part of.


Other Resources:


Here are some other ideas to drive traffic to your sites, all of which are free!


-Write Articles


The biggest way you can create and distribute content on the web is to write articles on a subject related to your product or service. Offer up information on


how to do something or maybe write a review of certain products your are


offering. Then submit them to article directories. There are a number of directories


out there but you need to stick with those that have high page rankings or else it is


a waste of time. You are after all trying to build traffic so you need to submit to a


directory that actually has traffic to give you. You can check rankings by visiting


Some Article Directories:


-Participate in forums


This is a great way to build traffic and you can meet some great people while


doing it. However when posting on forums you don’t want to actually push your


product, this is a no no. You will want to find forums that you are interested in and


then become involved. Post messages, answer others posts, make yourself visible. Then you want to make sure that every one of your posts have a signature file at


the end. It just needs to be a quick 1 or 2 sentence description or ad for your


product and a link to your site. You’ll be amazed how effective this can be.


Some of my favorite forums:




Last but definitely not least is posting videos on This has become


one of the greatest free ways to market your business online. YouTube videos are


completely viral and you could be receiving traffic for a year from posting only 1


video. Think about how this could explode if you posting a couple of videos a month or a week even.

Chapter 8

The Newbie Marketing Guidebook is a comprehensive primer into the world of


Internet Marketing.


While you know have the knowledge you need to begin to create your websites,


generate profit from affiliate campaigns, and create a traffic funnel that will draw


in targeted prospects to your websites, you should dedicate yourself to


continuously expanding your library of knowledge, and exploring other markets


and methods of making a living online.


Even after several years of doing business online, I am still constantly learning


new things that help maximize my outreach and my bottom line.


It’s truly an industry where you should never stop growing and evolving, so that


you are able to effectively cover more ground, and in turn, make more money. I wish you the very best with all of your future endeavors! -Angel Taylor