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By Spencer Coffman

Also By Spencer Coffman

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First edition. October 2016.

ISBN: 978-1-5480926-3-4 (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-3708983-6-7 (Digital)

ISBN: 978-1-6622127-8-9 (Audio)

Copyright © 2016 by Spencer Coffman.

Cover Design by Spencer Coffman

All Rights Reserved.

Written by Spencer Coffman.

Do you want to discover the proven secrets to get 1000's of Facebook

followers to FINALLY skyrocket your

earnings with your own Facebook Page?

Do you know that Facebook has over a BILLION users that could potentially become your customers?

You probably know the benefits of marketing with Facebook already....

Chances are you already have a Facebook page and are waiting to start making money with it...

Are you still waiting, but nothing is happening?

The reason why you are probably not making a lot of money with your Facebook Pages is –

You don't have enough targeted Facebook fans for your page!

It is nearly impossible for you to generate traffic or get exposure for your products, websites, or business if you don't have fans to whom you can promote...

In order to make real money using a Facebook fan page, you need fans - and A LOT of them!

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How can a Facebook Page with a HUGE number of targeted fans benefit YOU?

Position yourself as a leader in your market Gain HUGE exposure for yourself and your business Get more traffic to your websites and products Generate bigger profits and make more money online Luckily, you have stumbled across this page today, because More Facebook Everything is going to show you how you can finally drive more targeted fans to your page that will be interested in what you have to offer.

I will show that YOU can –

Get targeted Facebook fans quickly and easily to make more money with your own Facebook page.

I have created an excellent eBook on how to get more targeted Facebook fans.

After you have gone through this eBook, you will have no problem getting

more fans to your Facebook pages, and making money with Facebook will be A

LOT easier for you.

The best thing is - You can start implementing these techniques TODAY!

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More Facebook Everything

You Will Learn...

* How to harness Facebook Ads effectively for FLOODS of fans.

* How to use Social Media and Social networking sites for more targeted fans.

* How to use Viral Videos for huge amounts of fans.

* External websites that you should use to skyrocket your fans and profits.

* How to use plugins to increase your fans ten fold quickly and easily.

* How to use outsourcing sites to dramatically increase your fans for cheap.

* And many more that are too secret to disclose on this page...

You can see that More Facebook Everything is the complete package you have been waiting for.

Follow the simple step and you are almost guaranteed to increase your traffic and sales.

It's easy to see how this great eBook will benefit your business if you grab it today.

It time to make a decision my friend...

Do you want to continue looking for new ways to get more exposure for your business, trying to get more traffic and make bigger profits, OR do you want to QUICKLY get MORE targeted Facebook Fans that can earn you thousands of dollars?

" Yes! I really want to discover how to get more Facebook fans faster and get tips, hints, and secrets that will give me the edge in social marketing.

So please send me my copy of “More Facebook Everything” - so I can start getting more targeted Facebook fans and finally making bigger profits, starting today!

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Table of Contents


Why Facebook?

Creating Your Page

Using Facebook Ads

The Social Media Classification

Leveraging Social Media Sites

Promote With Article Marketing

Benefit From Information Hubs

Use An External Website

Utilize Facebook’s Free Social Plugins

Create A Product Giveaway Campaign

Create And Use Lead Magnets

Capitalize On Photo, Video, And Name Tagging

Purchase “Likes” From Freelancer Websites

Take Advantage Of Viral Videos

Create Your Own Shop Inside Facebook



*If at any time you wish to return to the table of contents. Click on the section heading.

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If you want to increase your business through social networking then there is really only one social network site that you need to join, and that is Facebook.

The reason is that Facebook has monopolized the social network market. It is a social network that nearly everyone has heard of, and billions of people use.

The fact that you are reading this eBook means that you are probably aware of the great marketing possibilities of this huge social site. Chances are that you have already created your own Facebook fan page, have experimented with marketing it, have joined other social networks and may have even started using, or considered using Facebook ads. It is also likely that you have done all of this without much success. After all, that is why you are reading this eBook.

As you very well know, the largest obstacle that you will face is getting more Facebook likes, shares, and followers. In reality, the bottom line is that it is impossible to make money on your Facebook page if you don't have people who follow and like your page. Therefore, a few of the great tactics you will learn in this eBook are…

How to get targeted fans that will like your page How to get people interested in your products or business How to convert fans to paying customers

How to keep fans, followers, and customers for life How to make money with your Facebook marketing

And Much More!

This eBook is written for people who already know how to set up a simple Facebook page or who already have a Facebook page. If you don’t know how to set up a Facebook page, then check out the Social Media How To Videos by

Spencer Coffman on YouTube. There, you can learn all about how to set up a Facebook page, as this eBook is not going to address that in full detail.

With that said, let's get on with the eBook so you can learn how to start getting lots of traffic to your Facebook page. Please read each section carefully so you will fully understand the content. Then, try to implement the techniques as soon as possible. That way, you will be able to get more high converting traffic to your Facebook page right away.

Best of luck!

Spencer Coffman

Why Facebook?

Facebook has over one billion users every month. Therefore, it is very important for any online business to be able to establish a strong presence on this popular social networking site. Think about it, even if you promote your business and only reach a fraction of the one billion-plus active users, you will still be sitting very well. Take a look at the math for a second.

Facebook has over one billion users every month. Let’s say you were somehow able to reach ten percent of those users in one month. Ten percent! That would be a whopping one hundred million people!!! How about if you only reached one percent of the active Facebook users? That would be ten million people, in only one month! In order for your page, site, product, blog, or whatever, to go viral you need to have about ten thousand views a day for at least five to seven days in a row. Ten thousand is one thousandth of a percent of one billion.

Therefore, if your ad only reaches one thousandth of a percent of the active Facebook users, then you will have reached ten thousand people.

If you promote your business through Facebook and reach only a fraction of the one billion active users, there is no denying that the impact to your business will be huge. Creating a Facebook fan page is arguably the best way to promote your business through Facebook and getting lots of likes from Facebook fans is undeniably the only way for your Facebook page to be successful.

In order for your Facebook page campaign to be successful, you must be able to get lots of likes from Facebook users. A Facebook user who likes your page officially becomes your fan, which is also the equivalent to having them subscribe to your page. Once subscribed as a fan, these users can view all the updates, offers, services, and any other information coming to-and-from your page. The posts to your page will show up directly in their Facebook home feed. They will also be given a notification that there is a new post on your page.

These two features alone make informing people about your products much easier. Now, instead of sending out a mass email, or some other form of expensive communication, all you have to is post an update on your page and all of your followers will immediately be notified. In addition, anyone who likes your page can share any of the posted content to their own timeline. This makes your post visible to all of their friends. It also means that when they share your post, all of their friends will now see that post in their Facebook home feed. Are you beginning to understand the power of Facebook marketing?

You have a page with one hundred followers. You create a post and that post will show up in the home feeds of one hundred people. Then, one of those people shares your post to their timeline. Now your post will show up in all of their friend’s home feeds. If they have one hundred friends, then your post is now visible in one hundred more people’s home feeds. And the reality is that most people have more than one hundred friends. Therefore, take advantage of Facebook and all it has to offer. Start creating, and perfecting, your Facebook page right away!

Creating Your Page

In the world of Internet marketing, building your presence on a popular social networking site such as Facebook is one of the most crucial decisions that you can make for your online business. Facebook has more than 1.1 billion active users that exchange trillions of objects such as web links, stories, blog posts, photographs, and videos each and every month. If you are able to build a strong web presence on Facebook through the use of a Facebook page, your business will skyrocket. Guaranteed. Think about it, 1.1 billion people on Facebook every month. Where else do you have the opportunity to expose your page to that many people in one place? Nowhere.

Learning how to leverage Facebook to increase your exposure and generate traffic to your business is essential. In fact, it is so crucial that the amount of traffic that you generate from Facebook alone could mean the difference between your failure and your success. In order to promote yourself, your business, your products, or whatever, you need to have a Facebook page.

Creating a Facebook fan page is easy. Hopefully, you already have a page created, but in case you don’t, here is a very brief tutorial. Remember, that there are excellent how-to videos in the How To Social Media Playlist by

Spencer Coffman on YouTube. Watch the videos and you will learn how you can set up all the social media accounts you need. There you will see how you can create a Facebook page. The following paragraph will provide you with an overview. However, if you don’t have a page, then you should watch the video because it will really help you to see how it is done, rather than reading how it is done.

The first thing you need to do is log into your Facebook account. Then you will use the “create a page” link either on the sidebar of the home screen or by using the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner by your name, privacy, settings, et cetera. You can then create a personal or business fan page as long as you agree to the Facebook Terms of Use. (Click here if you don’t have a fan

page yet and you want to create one). Once you have chosen your page category, you can proceed with entering all of the details about your page.

Creating your page and entering in all of the details is the easy part. The tricky thing is how you can get people to like your page after you create it. You see, a Facebook page is useless unless you have fans. The main purpose of a page is to reach out to the Facebook users, so it is very important that you build a strong following of Facebook fans if you want to succeed. One of the ways that you can do this, and hopefully it is already done, is by making sure to fill out ALL

of the details about your page.

This means that you need to have paragraphs of written information describing what your page is about. Make sure you have links, names, contact information, and anything else that Facebook suggests. This will greatly help to promote your page. Facebook will take all of those settings, details, and any other information and use it to suggest your page to other people who match your interest description. Therefore, it is essential that you have all of the information filled out. That way, Facebook will promote your page for you, for FREE.

So, if you don’t already have all of the details filled out for your page, or pages, take a break from reading this eBook and complete that task right away. You must fill out ALL of the information to the best of your ability. Take the time and do it right. Get it filled out and Facebook will index your page and begin suggesting it to potential likers right away.

Visit to continue reading this eBook.

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Everything today!

About The Author

Spencer Coffman manages several growing Facebook pages and has helped other people successfully grow their Facebook accounts. He knows you want to use Facebook to increase your fan base and that’s why he wrote More Facebook Everything. Use it to grow your fan base today! To read more about Spencer, visit his website

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