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by Karon Thackston



Welcome to Marketing Made Easy - a compilation of some of the most popular Ezine

articles I have written and published over the last 2 years. I appreciate your interest

and sincerely hope you find this book to be of value.

This ebook is designed to address the primary setback most entrepreneurs have...

failure to know and understand their target audience in every aspect of marketing.

Through each of the articles contained within this ebook, you will find information

that will greatly expand the ways you think of your target audience and how you

apply that knowledge.

My company, KT & Associates, offers targeted copywriting, copy editing, ezine article

promotion and marketing assistance for small businesses. I encourage you to visit

the article archive of the Web site where I post all new articles as they are written.

You can find KT & Associates at

This ebook is intended for free distribution. Feel free to give it away as a bonus for

subscriptions to your ezine, a gift for a purchase made at your site or in any other

legal way you see fit. This book is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by KT &



Table of Contents

Chapter I: Getting Inside the Mind Of Your Customer

The Most Important Thing To Know About Advertising

So What?!

Customer Preferences In Online Advertising

o Part One - Information Rules Over Entertainment

o Part Two - The Annoyance Factor of Online Advertising

o Part Three - Look At Behavioral Traits Not Demographics

Chapter II: Develop A Plan of Action That Works

Putting Together the Pieces of the Marketing Puzzle

There's Free Advertising Money Out There

Fast, Good, Cheap