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CPA Networks

These offers are typically managed through large CPA networks such as Neverblueads and Share-a-Sale. Typically, you are required to sign up first for these networks – and wait for approval. Knowing the best ways to get yourself legitimately approved is the first of our CPA “must-learns”.

These large networks have whole sets of criteria, often quite different from what Joe Lonely Marketer might be concerned with, when he’s considering you as an affiliate. (And yes – CPA networking could be seen as a form of affiliate marketing.)

You can, of course, market with CPA offers without going through a network

– but there are 5 major advantages to going the network route: 1. Advertisers feel secure and professionally handled with CPA networks.

They know they are less likely to be victims of CPA fraud 2. Advertisers don’t have to do any work: You capture them actual subscribers they can follow up with at their leisure – they reward you for that

3. The payout rate is usually higher with a CPA network than if you go with an individual advertiser

4. CPA networks often provide all the promotional material (and often tools) you need

5. CPA networks often tend to give extra rewards to good affiliates who generate results

Which Niche Markets Convert Especially Well – or Especially Poorly?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to that. You see, the markets that pay the best also generate the highest competition – but if you know what you’re doing, they can also pay the highest rewards.

Market research – not just keyword research – is a huge key to unlocking the jackpot… but you have to know the hallmarks that clue you in to CPA keywords and offers that will work for you and your website(s).

Some markets just traditionally pay a lot higher than others – for example:

Anti-Aging Skin Care