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Top Strategies to Get Quality Links to Your Website…Even if it's New

Ismael Tabije

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In the current scheme of things, a website that has links from other related websites merit high ranking in the major search engines for its main keywords. This is so because the search engines consider the external links as votes of confidence by the other websites.

It's relatively easy and a breeze to campaign for reciprocal links when you already have a website with a high google PR and alexa rating. (Google PR is a rank based on how many relevant websites link to yours and Alexa is a measure of rank with traffic volume as the basis for computation).

But what about when your site is just new with a PR0 and an alexa rating in the 7 digits? It is definitely more difficult to find people who will want to link back to you. But don't despair yet; there are excellent strategies that will make life easier for you even if your site is new. Here are some of the best today: 1. Allow people to create a website for free by allowing them to use some of your web space. Since it's free they won't mind if you require a link to your site or even an ad of your product to be placed in their site.

2. Write articles and offer them to other related web sites for free. Include a link to your site and plug-in a promotional of your products at the end of the article.

3. If you have an ezine, allow other people to publish it on their web site. Include a back link to your site.

4. Visit a web site related to yours and write a positive review of the site. Tell them they can publish it on their web site if they include a link to your web site.

5. Search for shareware, freeware and demo software. Allow people to download software at no charge from your web site, if they link to your web site. To push the benefit further, ask for their email address where you will send the free download information. This will build up your mailing list even more.
6. Invite other web sites to use your discussion board for their web site visitors. Just have them link directly to the discussion board.

7. When you purchase a product and you are happy with its benefits write a testimonial to the website owner. The testimonial should give ample details of the benefits you gained. Include a link to your site. Give them permission to publish it on their web site.

8. Create an affiliate program of your site. Then invite people to become your affiliate. Give generous commissions. People will love to put a link to your site with their affiliate code built in the link.
9. Create a polling and award site for other web sites. Give the winners a “trophy” in the form of a banner that contains and HTML linked to your site. This will also improve you traffic as normally the “candidate websites” will encourage their friends to visit your site to vote for them.

10. Create a specialized directory in your website where people can add their web site for free if they link to your site. The directory shall only accept websites related to your site content.

11. Create a free e-book that you can offer to your site visitors. The ebook shall contain a liberal sprinkling of your site URL. Offer the e-book as free giveaway to other websites if they create a link to your site.

12. Exchange articles. Write an article relevant to your content that contains a link to your site. Search other websites related to yours that also feature their own articles and offer to exchange articles - you feature one of their articles in your site and they feature yours in their site.

13. Join or create a web ring, a group of web sites on a similar subject agreeing to link with each other. Key in the keywords "web rings" into your search engine to find the web ring appropriate for your need.
Creating links with other websites is a long and tedious process. Patience is a virtue if you want to succeed. But in the long run, when the free traffic to your website starts rolling in regularly and continuously and you earn from your due, the effort will prove to be well worth it.

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