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Hello, this is Webmaster David Harp with my brand new ebook which will explain in full detail How to Make Money on the Internet! If you are frustrated by all of the promises on how to make money on the Internet, but have not yet put together a money making system. Look no further, I know what you want, you want to know exactly what to do to get your Information products out there and on auto-pilot catching gobs of hard cash as it swims through the Internet River!

The Internet Money Making Frenzy launched in my life in November 2004, when I purchased “The ‘Insider Secrets’ to Marketing your Business on the Internet Part 1 and Part 2” by Corey Rudi. These are 2 huge three ring binders with over 1,000 pages and 2 CDs. But at that time I was still on stuck not knowing how to make money on the Internet!
Then about a year later I got my hands on “Millions at the Kitchen Table” by J R Isaksen. That short ebook opened my eyes to the reality of the lucrative business of Information Products!

Then, I knew how to make money on the Internet but was at a loss as to how to begin!

Even though the book cost almost $20 I had been given free resale rights. At that time I attempted to set up a website and resale the book. I didn’t know much about search engines at the time but I was determined to succeed!

I shared this information with two very good friends of mine. I said this is the way to go! I explained a little bit about the lucrative opportunity in the world of selling Information Products on the Internet.

That was about two years ago.

In the last few months I decided I wanted to start a Master Mind Group. I spoke with these two friends to see if they were interested. We all agreed to do it. It can be challenging sometimes to get three minds synergizing on the same thing.

Well, as it goes, that seed that was planted two years ago in my two friends has finally come to fruition! One of the Master Mind Group members, Will Jordan (not his real name), he chooses this alias because his real name is hard to pronounce.

He found himself going Balistic on the Internet soaking up all kinds of information while surfing the Internet waves. I don’t know how many months he spent doing this.

At the same time, there had been a long break between us, (I had thought that the Master Mind Group had completely dissolved), I tried to find other trusted friends of mine to form a similar group.

Finally, Will Jordan touched base with me and said “I’ve got something to tell you!”

We finally got together. I, Will Jordan and Troy Johnson his brother. To my amazement these guys had kept the fire going and were extremely stoked, even more than I thought I was!

Well, what happened was, these guys, Will Jordan especially, was just pouring out information like crazy to me.

I continually paused him to take notes. He and his brother had developed a product called: “100 money making reports.”

Shortly after that, they had a bundle of 40 resale rights ebooks that were and still are being sold for $8.95 on the Internet.

If you want gobs of resources with free resale


rights click


The site is all on auto pilot. The Master Mind Group was making money in their sleep!

Anyway, I brought a notebook with me and I spent days listening to almost everything Will Jordan learned. I asked questions and tried to comprehend as much as I could. The way money is being made on the Internet today is continually twisting and advancing, at least that’s what I think now, as opposed to a year or two ago.

So after I had received all this information, I digested it and regurgitated it and now I see how it all goes together, or at best, most of it.

It’s been less than a month and now I’m compelled to write an ebook. One that is different. One that is for the Newbie!

I had the job of reconciling; blogs, article directories, Press Releases, Free PLR ebooks, affiliate links, Adsense, autoresponders, one time offers, rebranding, Squidoo, Joint Venture givaways, Pay Pal, Pay Loadz, file mangers, etc.

I’ve put together a sure8 step system for

the “Newbie” that doesn’t know what to do RIGHT NOW!

Or anybody else for that matter! This course takes you step by step, so there is no question of what button to click next!

This is one of the very best ways to make money online and it’s simple. This I would say is a foundation to virtually all other ways to make money on the Internet and there are too many to name here.

This is one of the very best ways to make
money on the internet and it won’t cost you a dime!
Memorize this system and you will have a valuable skill.

It took me 3 long weeks to write this book and I will go into precise detail. I’ve printed it out and I look at it to help myself to follow the steps more smoothly and quickly, as I put my other digital products together.

“Dave, you’re telling me that if I download your free Start-Finish Making Money on the Internet Mini-Course, It won’t cost me a dime to make this money?”

“Friend, that’s right! I send you to the free links and sites to get this thing launched; there is nothing you have to buy!”

“Dave, how do you benefit by giving away this valuable information to me?”

“I’m glad you asked! I benefit by getting more traffic to my sites when you take advantage of the Viral Marketing traffic generator, which can literally drive a million visitors to your site!! And any backend products you decide to purchase.

I just want to be known for providing the freshest, cutting edge material available!

Just follow each step as I hold your hand while we navigate the sites together, to get your Internet business going and you making money! I am going through each step in full detail so that I don’t leave any important element out. All you then will need to do is duplicate the exact same steps over and over to make a Fortune in no time!!

Let’s Go!