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Ride The eBooks Wave!

OVER 20,000,000 DIGITAL BOOKS have been downloaded by our over 4 million avid readers and the 3,800+ new members who join on a daily basis.

For over 7 years Paradise Publishers, via,has been a digital publisher and champion of independent writers, undiscovered stars and experienced authors alike. Our longevity and creative strategies online have repeatedly been tested and proven to deliver consistent double-digit growth.

Because we appreciate and value your patronage and participation as a Free-eBooks member, we didn’t want you to miss this. Recently, we opened up the doors for a select few to invest and join us in this golden age of the ebook industry. Now, for a limited time, another block of stock is available.

Paradise Publishers Inc. is growing significantly and we need your help to accelerate our market reach and implement our new revenue streams. Of course, investors recognizing this timely opportunity share in any and all possible profits!

Why Now Is The Time to Act

1. Revenues continue to increase allowing us to develop additional products, sites and services, in addition to expanding into new countries. V.I.P. Memberships and advertising fees combine to drive consistent, monthly income.

2. The popularity and growth of eBooks continues, as eBooks now outsell traditional paper-based books via online retailers. In 2013, eBooks accounted for nearly 25% of publisher revenue and eBook spending in the U.S. For 2014 this is estimated to be $2.45 Billion.

3. The flagship site has often been rated at #1 by Google for “free ebooks” for years and remains in the top 5 on a consistent basis today, despite regular changes in Google’s search algorithms.

4. Paradise Publishers benefits as a ‘supplier’ of content for big name brands in the space - Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, and SONY’s eReader. Also, expanding into Portuguese and Spanish markets.

5. The Management Team at Paradise has substantial experience and capabilities. It has already dramatically increased revenues, multiplied the subscriber base, and initiated Joint Venture projects. Strategic, sales & marketing activities have driven double-digit growth.

6. Continued Development - There are regular upgrades and releases of formats for eReading. This leverages the marketing and education provided by other players, i.e. Apple announcing new iPad or iPhones, which require our ePub format. More excitement and public awareness in the market place pumps up our site traffic and sales.

Highlights & Company
Track Record of Success

  • Profitable & Debt Free
  • Revenues Have Grown Every Year
  • Over 4 Million Members
  • 3,800 New Members Join Daily
  • 300,000 Facebook Fans
  • Top Search Engine Rankings
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
  • 2 Million Unique Monthly Visitors

Company at a Glance:

  • Parent Company: Paradise Publishers Inc.
  • Est. 2006
  • Staff: 16
  • Registered in Nevada

Web Properties Include:

  • (in development)
  • (in development)

Further company information and profiles available here

Common stock in Paradise Publishers Inc. is being offered at $0.20/share to accredited investors only. Minimum $5,000usd investment.

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* Available for “Accredited Investors” only. Each inquiry will need to submit supporting documentation for verification.