The Second Internet


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"The First Internet (which I now call the Legacy Internet) is 27 years old. Think about what kind of CPUs," "amount of RAM, and which Operating System you were using in 1983. Probably a Z80 8-bit CPU with 64" "Kilobytes of RAM and CPM/80, or if you were a businessman, an 8088 “16-bit” CPU and DOS 1.0. If you were really lucky, you might have had an expensive Hard Disk Drive with a massive TEN megabytes of storage. What, many of you reading this weren’t even alive then? Ask your father what personal computing was like in 1983. I’ve been building, programming and applying personal computers since my Altair 8800 in 1975. Hard to realize that is 35 years ago. Since 1983, network speeds have increased" "from 10 Mbit/sec to 100 Gbit/sec (10,000 fold increase). But we are still using e...

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