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Deep analytics does not only mean statistics or data mining or big data analytics, it is a complex multi-dimensional analysis through ‘7-S’ model based on rational, logical and analytical reasoning from different perspectives such as scope, system, structure, security, strategy staff-resources and skill-style-support. This book presents an analytical model through a consistent and systematic approach and highlights its utility and application for reasoning the complexity of a set of emerging technology innovations today: (a) Technology for humanity, (b) Deep analytics - ‘7-S’ model, (c) Solar computing and self-healing mechanism, (d) Adaptive security for SCADA & Industrial Control System, (e) Secure Multi-party Quantum Computing, (f) Secure adaptive filter in adversarial environment, (g) Solar power electronics & Nanotechnology, (h) Electrical and hybrid vehicles : smart batteries, (i) RailTech security: Driver advice system & real-time fault diagnistics, (j) Cancer prediction and prevention: deep learning, (k) Biomedical technology for cancer care, (l) Natural disaster : epidemic and pandemic outbreak control, (m) Artificial rainfall, laser and cloud physics, (n) Real-time moving target search for astronomical hazards, (o) smart agriculture and nanhousing technology for smart cities and smart villages and (p) Emerging digital technologes for social, financial and education security. All the characters, sessions, plot and storyline of the technologies for humanity summit mentioned in this book are imaginative. Kusumita Chakraborty has contributed on education and social security and Suryashis Chakraborty has contributed on social and financial security.

The reality is that every stakeholder is impacted by the challenges and opportunities of innovation ecosystems today. The concept of technology for humanity and deep analytics is still relatively new; it has now emerged as a powerful tool for business analytics and a real world theme in the modern global economy. The target audience of this book includes academic and research community, corporate leaders, policy makers, administrators and governments, entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, producers and directors interested in production of documentary films, news and TV serials. We are excited to share the ideas of deep analytics with you. We hope that you will find them really value adding and useful and will share with your communities. It is a rational and interesting option to teach deep analytics in various academic programmes of various Business Management programmes (e.g. Technology Management, Human Resources Management, Information Technology, Information Systems, Management Information Systems (MIS), Strategic Management and Analytics for BBA, MBA, PGDM, PGDBM) and also Electrical and Electronics Engineering (e.g. B.Tech, M.Tech, B.E.E., M.E., Ph.D.). It is also interesting to produce TV serials, webseries and moviesand organize global summit on technologies for humanities based on the plot of this book. This e-book is the electronic version of 1st edition; Price: ($250 per copy). This book contains information obtained from authentic sources; sincere efforts have been made to publish reliable data and information. Thanks and regards.

Sumit Chakraborty, Fellow (IIM Cacutta), BEE (Jadavpur University), India.

Suryashis Chakraborty, BBA.

Kusumita Chakraborty, BA (Honours, Education), MA, Ph.D., CU, India

Business Analytics Research Lab, India. 1.1.2021