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Tanhaai - An Accolade and a Homage to Saroj by Dr Ram Lakhan Prasad - HTML preview

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Unke aane se ham bhi geet gaate the kyunki

ek nayi aawaaz mil gayi thi,

Kuchh saaj bhi baja leta tha kyunki dil ko

chaman mil gayi thi,

Jab Sahjahaan ne apne Mumtaaj ke liye Taj

Mahal banaayi thi,

Hamne is Tanhaai ki rachna ki kyunki mere

jigar mein meri Saroj thi.


It is a gift to her and an epitome of my

healing from acute loneliness.


This homage (Shradhaanjali) is a gift

(Nazraanaa) to a loving and devoted wife

from the grieving husband.