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Dīwān Al-rajul Al-sarāb


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Published: 3 years ago

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Book Description

The first poetry collection in the Arab World that modernized the conventional poetry layouts into new, attractive, and unconventional layout, Dīwān Al-rajul Al-sarāb is a collection of Arabic and English standard poetry that is written by Abdul-Wasa Al-Saqqaf. It includes 47 Arabic and 5 English poems. Different types of poems such as romantic, narrative, and descriptive poetry, in addition to lyrics, laments, etc are available in this collection. Although, it has many symbolic hints & allusions, the poems are simple and easy to comprehend. In general, the collection is a contemporary work that deals with contemporary issues, thinking, and FADS of the young generation with reference to old concepts and values.


Abdul-Wasa Al-Saqqaf

Abdul-Wasa Taha Al-Saqqaf is a Yemeni writer, poet, researcher, analyst and translator who was born in Al-Hadharim village in Taiz - Republic of Yemen. Al-Saqqaf's writings are classical and focus on social issues; they also has some of the modern poetry features such as: breakdown of social norms and cultural sureties, dislocation of meaning and sense from its normal context, valorization of the despairing individual in the face of an unmanageable future disillusionment, rejection of history and the substitution of a mythical past, and stream of consciousness. His poetry also excels in creating vivid sense of humor. Al-Saqqaf excelled in the field of professional artificial translation specifically translating poetry into poetry and published most of his works online. He wrote also social, political and economical researches. Two of his collection poems were issued and published, the first is entitled Dīwān Madha Baadu Ya Alaa (Alaa What Next) and the other is Dīwān Al-rajul Al-sarāb (The Mirage Man).

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