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Alexandra was a 6 years old girl who has a large imagination; she believes in magic and in the creatures of fairy tales, she was persuaded that she will meet them someday… One day when she went to a trip to Russia with her mother, she saw a very beautiful traditional Russian doll made with wood and they told her that the Russians used to call it “matryoshka”, then she bought it and came back home. There she heard some voices calling: “Help! Help!” she stepped closer to the matryoshka, then she opened it, she found a girl with a body which length does not exceed two centimeters. Alexandra took her and putted her in her hand, she looked at the girl strangely “my name is Kristina! I’ve heard that yours is Alexandra!” said the little creature “I’m the latest generation of this matryoshka!” Alexandra was surprised and she finally released that she met an elf “Oh! You’re an elf?! But where’s your wings? Tell how  you  got  inside?  When  I  bought  it  you  weren’t  there!”  said  Alexandra surprised “No, no! I’m not an elf! I told you I’m the latest generation of the matryoshka!”said  Kristina  “You  see  this  traditional  Russian  dolls  made  with wood, one day I’ll became like this, in few months I’ll be metamorphosed into a Russian doll made of wood! This is a magic matryoshka each piece of it has been,  someday,  like  me  right  now,  and  then  they  became  what  they  are that’s why there is one bigger than another… But you know they can hear us and  they  can  tell  you  by  their  faces  in  which  mood  the  people  you  are thinking of!” Alexandra was surprised and she couldn’t believe that what she waiting for finally happened and she met Kristina. By the days they became best  friends,  but  the countdown started  for  Kristina  and  she started  the metamorphose, her body got the shape of a matryoshka, her cheeks turned red and the last words she said “Alexandra, keep in mind that I’ll be always here  for  you  listening  to  you,  take  care  of  the  next  generation!”z