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A New Stage of Awakening (Новый Этап Пробуждения)


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Published: 5 years ago

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Book Description

The non-fiction book “New Stage of Awakening” (Новый Этап Пробуждения) represents a “spiritual encyclopedia; it contains such texts, that provide the direction, bless and energy for human beings to comprehend itself, to know life, and, finally, to the Awakening, Awareness, eternal Truth, Happiness, Love, Grace, to the Creative and Life self-fulfillment. “New Stage of Awakening” is an Angel’s Revelation on what does go on in the world and on the meaning of human life – of an eternal creator, which is about to reveal its genius, happiness and an eternal source on a stream of spiritual Awakening. This Book is a Divine Song which, with its mind, heart and soul, does listen a man, heading for knowing its nature and the divine origin of its life.


Alex Listengort

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