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“Good morning, Stevenson Garden Products, how may I help you?” said Clarity. She adjusted her microphone and earphones and answered customer number seventy three politely, genuinely, and nicely, as usual.

“Hello, I´d like to buy a nice hose to give a thorough birthday shower to a teleoperator I know.”

“Lanai! It´s you, thanks for calling, listen, I know what we´re going to do for the rest of our lives, it´s absolutely smashing like the British say, it came during a nap as a flash of sudden light without the associated music, absolutely spiritual connection, haven´t felt this ever. I need to tell you in person, come on over, I´ll meet you in ten minutes in our office garden downstairs by the showroom.”

“Ok, I´m done with Library duty in five, will be right over.”

Ten minutes later, Clarity walked down the stairs of the elegant glass building of Stevenson Garden Products overlooking the sea on Malibu Colony Road and crossed the main entrance door after swiping her security card through a ready-made thin slot. A pretty Hawaiian girl in her early twenties with shoulder length black hair and large dark brown eyes, was smiling a few hundred feet from her. Clarity hugged her and they walked out of the sun to a table with comfortable chairs and a sunshade made of canvas.

“You want to do what?” asked Lanai.

“Form a synchronized swimming team, qualify for the world championships, and if possible, win the event.”

“If possible win the event, please explain how exactly we´re going to qualify when we don´t even know how…”

Clarity saw the face of Lanai suddenly change expression when she noticed an attractive woman walk towards them naked, cell phone in one hand, security card in the other, wearing only the latest sports sandals.

“Who is that?” said Lanai, lifting her eyebrows.

“Oh! that´s our legal counsel, new corporate policy…”

“What policy?”

“Clothing optional policy, today is the first day. All the women are talking about the prospect of seeing Johnny Panzelli without clothes.”

“Who´s Johnny Panzelli?”

“A local jock, he looks good but he´s a bit too sure of himself. He tried going out with me a few times. Anyway, that´s our legal counsel, Ms. Lareya Marquez, I know her well, very inspiring woman, she´s on page fifty three of my diary. She does look a bit hasty today.”

Clarity guessed correctly that Ms. Marquez would stop in front of them, and she did, cell phone tagged to her ear, as if awaiting an important message.

“Clarity, I need your assistance, can you drive me home, I forgot my pen drive with an important presentation for today, and my new car comes in next week.”

“Sure, Ms. Marquez, my next shift starts at eleven and…” She heard Ms. Marquez cut her off, speaking to her phone.

“He´s here already, my God, thanks Susan.” She threw a quick glance at Clarity. “We need to leave Clarity, I think I´m the only one naked here today.” Clarity felt Ms. Marquez´ hand pull her arm, lift her body, and push her firmly towards the entrance of the building. Clarity turned her head towards Lanai and spoke to her briefly, as the glass doors of the terrace entrance opened before her.

“Meet me at the pool in half an hour, we need to tell Cynthia about all this…and, oh yes, think about a name, we need a name for our new team…”

“I can´t, I have to work until nine tonight.”

“Let´s meet at nine thirty at the entrance then.”


Clarity delved a hand inside her pocket and reached for her security card. She sensed that Ms. Marquez was apprehensive. When she saw the imposing six foot two silhouette of Officer Packwood turn the corner of the building towards the terrace, she realized why.

“Miss, sorry Miss, please stop and come over here, you can´t come to work naked. Hold it right there, I can see where you are.”

Clarity let Ms. Marquez swipe her card first hastily, while she stopped a few feet from the security area, turning her head. She saw Packwood point at them furiously. With his black uniform, sheriff emblem, cap and shining gun inside his leather holster, Officer Cannister Packwood did seem to be and act like the quintessential Law enforcement agent. Rumor had it that he had applied to be a Navy Seal, a Marine, a CIA agent and an FBI agent more than twenty five years earlier, and only after being rejected by all of those military and investigative bodies, did he become a police officer. Maybe to prove his worth as an agent, he tended to be overzealous in his duty. And he let everybody in the city know that was determined not to let a group of naturists disturb Law and Order in Malibu.

“Big problem?” asked Clarity, swiping her own card.

“It´s a case of our private property rights against the Law of the State, my presentation will explain everything.”

“It could be a good idea to bring some clothing as well, I think.” Ms. Marquez threw Clarity a ferocious looks.

“I mean, just in case.”

Clarity led Ms. Marquez to the parking lot and found her twenty one year old pink chevette. They rushed inside and rolled past Packwood´s police car hearing him scream behind them less than a hundred feet away.

“Stop right now, Miss…Miss…naked, I´m going after you.”

They drove through Malibu as frantically as a pink chevette could in fourth gear, all the way to Ms. Marquez´ beach house less than three miles away, followed by the siren of Packwood´s car. Clarity saw Miss Marquez storm into her home, pick up a pen drive, and follow her advice, donning a pair of pants and a blouse.

“Let´s go back to the office now,” said Ms. Marquez confidently.