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Welcome to 'SUN ON THE ROCKS', a summer read all year round. 'Sun on the Rocks' is an amusing Adventure Series of Fiction specializing in the trivial pursuit. These linked, pleasant stories with an undertone of humor, follow the adventures of seven women over twenty one years of age, as they seek to become a world-beating synchronised swimming team, 'Sun on the Rocks', led by the incombustible Stevenson Garden Products (SGP) teleoperator Clarity Nice, a woman of resourceful intuition, and acute observer of the laws of human mischief. In THE MALIBU CASE, Clarity and her friends, librarian Lanai Thomson, lifeguard Taimi Kendrick, and the well-to-do Malibu resident Cynthia Stevenson, daughter of the SGP Corporation owner, establish a state wide referendum in California on public and workplace nudity, outsmarting Malibu city police Officer Packwood, intent on arresting them for indecent exposure.

In THE ACAPULCO COCKTAIL, Clarity Nice is framed in Acapulco, Mexico, for the theft of an aphrodisiac cocktail recipe with a secret ingredient, and must fight to prove her innocence. The main character of 'Sun on the Rocks', Clarity Nice, likes to live a life of leisure, preferably with tropical waters and girlfriends in proximity. There’s a fresh, exciting, breezy, hip, sexy energy to these stories created to provide fun and a satisfying, playful read, which steers away from violence and the unpleasant in general. The writing is clear, focused, and professional, and each plot, setting, and situation, progress very briskly from incident to high beat scene. Style is concise, and a sense of atmosphere quickly established, without allowing the prose to pull focus away from the action.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the first two episodes of Sun on the Rocks, a summer light read, every day of the year.