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Hello, my name is Kevin D. Rolle , the author of this ebook, “Ode To The Fanatical Golfer”.

And I really want to thank you for your purchase. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! When you’re done, please check out my site at http://www.golf-humor-asylum.com/
(It’s still under construction, as I wanted to get at least a basic site going).

Well, I’m sure you hate drawn out introductions as much as I do, so dive in!


Wishing you the best of success, Kevin D. Rolle (The Golf Humor Artist)

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No part of this ebook may be copied, reproduced or disseminated in any way, shape or form, without the author’s express written consent. (Copyright 2007 by Kevin D. Rolle. All rights reserved). You may contact the author at kevindrolle@coralwave.com or kvn_rolle@yahoo.com