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                Maddy Rockx,                              


                    By Rex Johnson,


Kristy Stanford is a nineteen year old girl with plenty of sass.

On returning to her hometown of Rivers Landing, from College in Melbourne, she finds her father struggling to make ends meet doing occasional day trips, on his ageing Paddleboat Maddy. Not one to dwell Kristy decides to have a shot at kick starting the business. After convincing her father to renovate Maddy, she organizes an eight day Christmas/New Year’s, Rock n Roll cruise to three river towns along Australia’s Murray River.  

Little did Kristy realize that the upcoming voyage would surpass her wildest dreams and outdo anything she had hope.

Jordan Samuels & Mitchell Hyland are twenty year old youths with average singing ability, laidback attitudes and dreams of greatness. Since leaving school they’ve worked part time at a fast food outlet. To make extra cash and improve their vocal skills they enter singing competitions around Melbourne. One day while surfing the net they spot jobs for crew members on a Rock n Roll Paddleboat cruise beginning on the upcoming Christmas Eve.

What starts as a leisurely cruise with a few minor mishaps, quickly turns into action packed entertainment when Maddy reaches the first town.