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Chapter Two Mission One

A few days later, he leaves Base. He reached the front door to his Home where his Wife and Son live. His Son is the first to hear a loud knock at the front door. He jumped up from the floor after he heard several hard knocks. After he remembered hearing that his Father would reach, home sometime today, smiles. He reached for the door- lock to unlock it. He unlocked it and pulled it open. All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning struck a street lamp outside their Home. A Soldier in a Military Green Uniform remained in the entrance. He held a lit lighter so he would not scare him. The Young Boy's Eyes open wide. They were as big as golf balls. He found himself staring back in disbelief or just surprised. The Soldier's Eyes were tinted in a thin layer of red light that came from both lightning and brake lights from a passing vehicle that drove by. Within a second his eyes were filled with a red blood color. A large Man almost 6 foot tall in a Military Uniform smiled back! Whispers, I'm Home, I hope I do not have to leave for some time. All of a sudden a flame from his lighter disappeared! It felt like a thrill that he waited for, lied in a touch of a lighter for a reason or the other. As if a lighter with a tiny flame that burned forever, did in his Mind. Yet in reality, it lasted only a few seconds. Then it simply vanished when he removed his thumb. He lowered his head he glanced down at his Son with a massive smile on his face. His eyes were, filled with nothing except shock. He raised his head again. He stared back like, he saw a Devil and his Father in Uniform for a split second. He realizes his eyes were no longer red nor filled with blood but natural the color they we're meant to be. His Father stood in the entrance in Uniform for a couple of seconds more. Finally, he removed a gold metal chain from the front door overhead. He swung the door open the rest of the way. He remained in the entrance. He stepped into a small hall in a blood red colored beret. The same color his eyes were before he finally opened the front door to allow him into the Home. After a minute or so he mumbled hi Dad! First, he had to confirm that the man in Uniform is his real Father! He remembered his Mom told him. He would be home early the following day. He heard voices afterward can I come in Alexander. Finally, he broke his concentration in a soft tone. It sounded more like he didn't want to scare him. His Son now 8 Years old remembered nothing except his red eyes in a door.

His Father's Hair is almost shoulder length. His chest is covered in War Medals. He wore a smile from ear to ear. He bent down he lifted him off the ground after he smiled back. He kissed him on the cheek. He placed his burgundy colored beret over his tiny head. Whispered, I miss you a whole bunch son. He placed his red beret down on top of his head. Kissed him on his cheek he whispered again. Do not forget, always on the right cheek for boys Alexander. Always, on the right cheek! It will be my way of telling you that it's me. No, matter where I am. No, matter where I go! If, you ever feel a kiss on the right cheek! It meant I am here!

Guess What, Tomorrow morning. I have a big surprise for you. We will be going to Church. I'm going to say a Prayer. I'm going to Thank God that everyone is Well and Alive. And for Soldiers still in action overseas that we had to leave behind. Do not tell me, yo u cannot go to Church. His Father and Son stare at each other then at his Wife Alexander's Mother. Dad always told me we we're going to Church. Last time we went. He Prayed his Prayer before he left Church. He told me that St Peter in Heaven will be there in Church. He is the Father to every American Soldier that fought in War and Battle. St Peter is the Saint. He belonged to the Military Soldier. He was there on the Day they we're Born. He will be there on the Day that they Die! He will claim their soul that Angels will take back with them to Heaven. Too fight alongside St Peter's Angels that Fight against Evil! God has an Army of Angels! He told me that so did Lucifer and the Devil. Angels in Heaven we're just like Soldiers on Earth. Everyone has a job to do both here and In Heaven. Angels in Heaven protect it from bad angels! Hell's Angels from armies of Demons. If they got to Earth before hell broke loose. They would be in trouble. Human Angels would save them from certain death! Dad never lies about The Bible or St Peter. He is up there somewhere in Heaven. He will always be up there! He will wait for Soldiers in Uniform until the day they die. Military Men often do in War! She remained in the hall she listened, watched and stared into his eyes to look for an answer.

You can remove your jacket and place your Medals away before you misplace them. I have dinner cooking on the stove in the kitchen. You have to clean up first. I think we're having Mexican food, one of your favorites. I just love Mexican food so much that I hate it. He reached down he lifted his Son off the floor with his arms. I can show you my Medals Alexander. I think you would like to see them. I would like to see them Dad. He is easily carried away into the home. To a staircase that led upstairs to the second floor where bedrooms remain. Hurry Alex, I do not want Mom to get mad before dinner, do you. No, he placed him down on the floor. He smiled at him with a red beret on his head. Follow me into the bedroom. I will show you my Medals.

He followed him inside he unbuttoned his jacket which is covered in rainwater. I want you to see my Medal of Courage. I got it saving another Soldier in the Military. Alex raised his head, he sees several War Medals with his name across the top, Longfellow. He removed his wet jacket. He hung it up on a hanger so it would properly dry and yells. I will beat you down the stairs. He stopped after he thinks that he could trip or fall '' he shouted. Do not run just walk, instead! I do not want you to fall down the stairs or hurt yourself. I will walk with you down the stairs instead, Alexander. We should hurry Dad. I think Mom could get upset if dinner got cold.

Within minutes, they finish Dinner. It almost sounded like they we're in Church it is so quiet. After dinner, he climbed to his feet. He released Alexander from his seat. He allowed him to run free while he removed several dirty plates on the kitchen table. Placed them in the sink where, he decided to leave them. Afterward, he moved toward his Wife. She sat down in her seat to eat dinner. He bent down he kissed her on the neck. Her left cheek followed before he whispers that it's nice to be Home. If you need me, I will be somewhere in the house.

He left the kitchen he stepped into the living room. He found Alexander sitting on the floor. He played and talked to someone '' he thought. Until, he looked around, he did not see anyone. Who from the sound of it, he had no idea. He realize he played with a mini toy soldier. He stepped into the living room, filled with pictures of Family. They're both surrounded by Family on both sides. On a wall in that same room. Finally, he realized that he's Home for now. For how long and when he had no idea. His Son sat on the floor he wore a military red beret. I ts rested on the top of his head with a toy soldier clutched tight in his right hand. He decides to sit down on the floor next to him to watch him play with his toys. He stopped to hand him back his toy after taking a quick glance at. Two space aliens played with each other like they were mortal enemies, made of harden plastic? His Wife washed dishes in the kitchen the entire time he sat on a thin beige carpet in the living room while he played with plastic toys.

He continues to play with toy figures while he kept both eyes on every move that he made. He stole several glances of pictures that hung on walls. Or sat across from him on a living room mantle. His Wife washed dishes in the kitchen. He started on the table than stove. Before long they we're both sitting on a living room carpet. He continued to play with his Son Alex. A clock on a wall told him that it's almost 9 PM in the Evening.

His Son remained awake, he lied down on the floor. With his hands held on two toys like he did not want to let go or to lose them in anyway. Maybe, he is thrilled that his Father's Home. Maybe, he just liked to stay up late or a little longer than usua l. Except, its bed time isn't it. He wanted to be alone with his Lonely Wife. She looked like she wanted the same thing so they had nothing but smiles for each other. She realized it's what Mike wanted. He rises from the sofa to take a better look around. He lifted his Son off the floor. He carried him to his bedroom because it's getting late. It's the same identical thing that she wanted after so long, alone! He knew the only way that would become a reality or even possible. He would have to place him in his own bed to sleep. I will be right back. She disappeared with her Son upstairs. He is led away by a gentle tug of his hand. They both move toward the staircase then up the stairs. Go to bed Alex. It's getting late and we have things to do tomorrow. I'm not tired yet Mom? After, he reached his bedroom, door. It lied to his left after he reached the stairs? I will place your favorite cartoon on to help you sleep. Then, his door to his bedroom slightly closed. I'm still not tired Mom he shouted. Then the doo r closed to his bedroom upstairs. She left him inside to watch Television in his room nice and quiet. She went over everything in her head for the last time. She left him in his bedroom with a remote control to his Television. It contained a power button to his choice of cartoons. She ordered him to watch Television until she came back to tuck him in, okay. He pressed an On button on the remote to the Television. He turned to face the door that led to the entrance.

He walked out he left his Bedroom behind. She heard nothing except his Television downstairs. She continued to listen for Mike's voice somewhere in the House. Alex stopped everything that he did to listen, afterward. He sat down he listened for his Mother's Voice which came from somewhere in the house. He stared at a Television screen filled with cartoons. Cartoons that he did not want to watch or really want to see at the moment. He sat down like he was not interested. He had to be too exhausted after he played with several toy figures. His Father walked through the Home like a ghost in search of a place in a graveyard that is full. Much like a world that he came from where lions made rounds and roars.

After several minutes, he slipped off his bed to the floor. He decided to change his clothes into his pajamas. His Mom disappeared downstairs to look for his Father. She believed he walked into the garage or basement to look for something that he probably left behind. She screamed his name where are you? Then, the door to the basement opened. I'm right here? I wanted to look through my things. I forgot I had some stuff put away for you. I'm going to get them for you. Then, I will join you in the bedroom. Afterward, she stepped into his arms. She stared into his eyes the entire time he smiles. He kissed her on the lips before he broke away from her grip. He forces her closer than ever. He grabbed her in a forceful manner the second time around and pressed her lips against his. Again, he kissed her again and again while they stand together. I have missed you '' he whispered. He bent down he lifted her off the ground from behind both legs. He carried her 15 feet toward a staircase that ascent to their bedrooms. He carried her into her bedroom. He tossed her down on a queen size bed. He shoved a pillow filled with goose feathers underneath her head. He planted a kiss on her lips. Planted another on her mouth this time he took her breath away. He remembered he forgot something. So he left the bedroom door open. He climbed off the bed while his Wife remained on top. He realized he forgot to close the bedroom door so he moved toward it. He removed one piece of his clothes at a time like a male stripper strips. He closed the door he turned to face his bedroom and his Wife. Alex should be asleep he whispered. He slid one foot into the hall that connected bedrooms and waited for her to answer. I do not know so she moved both feet and her head to one side. We have plenty of time for that he whispered. He turned to face the room then his Wife. He stepped into the hall that led to the bathroom and other bedrooms. He moved toward his Son's Bedroom to check on him. He raised his right index finger. He turned to face his Wife. I will be right back. Do not say a word Dear, shh.

He stepped to his right down a hall and disappeared in the entrance. Mike moved toward his Son's Bedroom 25 to 45 feet from his. I better take a peek in on him. He remained outside his bedroom door to wait to listen to sounds that might come from inside his room. Before he reached for the doorknob. He hugged the hallway wall all the way to his bedroom door. It is followed by a thin beige colored carpet that is 3 feet wide. It ran down the same hall. It led to his Son's Bedroom. He barely touched the doorknob that looked like it would open by itself. Before he turned the knob to his right and opened it. He found him sitting on his bed where he played with toys and a soldier. He knew by the look on his face. He had to have heard the door open. His tiny head turned while he watched cartoons from his bed. He did not stare into the doorway or directly at his face. He remained sitting on his bed staring straight at a TV screen. His fingers lifted an alien toy that he played with. He slammed them together into the soldier. You're watching me he said. He peeked in through his room door. He sat down to play with his toys. He pulled the door closed. He stood outside the door to listen for a second. He pressed his back up against the wall. He felt he made it home. It is the only thing that really ma ttered now at the time. Another day, week, month or even year. No one knew what to expect from a Soldier's Life. He did listen for a minute before he finally walked back into the hall away from his Son's Bedroom Door. It led back to his Wife's Room. He reached his bedroom door. He climbed into bed rather slow. He has been on a greyhound bus for 24 hours straight. He is now exhausted and smelled very bad. They really were not as comfortable as they may look. He has been on bus ride for 24 hours. He is so tired of that seat that it stinks!

After sharing a fun evening her bedroom light finally went out in her room. They both lied down on a queen sized bed in the dark. They talked loud yet not to loud so they would wake Alex in the next room. He had to fall asleep while he watched cartoons. Or, he watched videos of cartoons on his bed until he passed out. He returned thinking things through on his way to his bedroom.

The Next Day in the Night. It got a lot quieter or they we're both too tired to ra ise their voice any longer while they laughed so hard and so much. They tell a few more jokes and reach for a glass of Wine that sat on an end-table, close. Mike reached to his left. He grabbed his Wife he lied her down on the bed. After, he took a long dr ink of Wine from his glass. He drank from it then laughs. A Bottle of Pink Chablis Wine sat in an ice bucket that waited for them.

Her long hair dripped down on both sides of her like a giant spider. A light lit the room up from a dimmer that Mike controlled on a button on a wall. He reached into his pants pockets. He removed a picture that he found in his front pocket. Here you go. I have a photo that I took while I was having fun dancing and drinking homemade hooch in the Congo. A photo of Myself, and my Men! We faced the dark. We danced and looked like we were drunk while we stared into the camera. She looked at a darkness that surrounded the photo. After, a closer look. It looks more like an army of zombies, creatures, or beasts with eyes. She wondered who is it? He stared at that same photo at what looked like eyes that glow in the Night. Maybe, they were hyenas. He had no idea. I do know I saw something in the dark that night. I am not the only one that sees things. He turned his head he looked into his Wife's Eyes. I better, get some sleep tonight dear. I have things to do tomorrow morning. He whispered back in her direction, goodnight. He turned to face a night light near an end table so he could turn it off to sleep, click!

Early the next morning his Wife rushed into the kitchen to make breakfast while Mike slept. He remained on top of his bed. His Wife walked into the room to surprise him with a tray of food. We have pancakes, scrambled eggs, and several strips of bacon. His bed started to bo unce when he opened his eyes half asleep. He found Alexander on top of his bed, jumping. His Mother stood close she held a tray of food. His Mom screamed stop jumping on the bed! She ordered him off the bed while his Dad ate breakfast.

He sat up he placed his back up against a headboard, flush with the wall behind him. Breakfast is sitting on a tray on his lap. He stared down at a hot cup of steaming coffee that slowly, rises into the nostrils. A large smile across his face from ear to ear. That he ret urned with a smile. He realized that she liked to play games from the moment that it started. So he continued to smile back. He raised his spoon to his mouth to eat. Scrambled eggs he uttered that it's the first time in 6 months, that I have had breakfast. We lived in a tiny Village deep in the Congo. He Fought against rebels and revolutionaries. Am I glad to be home. We have eaten monkey meat several times a week. Since, I lived in the Congo. I have not seen scrambled eggs or a chicken anywhere in the jungle. It sure is nice to be home. He shoved another spoon full of scrambled eggs into his mouth. His Wife's Facial Expression then his Son Alex says it all. What shall we do today '' he said. He shoved another spoon with scrambled eggs in his mouth. This time it followed by a strip of bacon.

He shoved a few more mouthfuls of scrambled eggs into his mouth. He was ready to leave his bed, empty his tray and brush his teeth. His Wife removed the tray and kissed him on the lips then forehead. We're going out today because tomorrow we're going to a Funeral. I have to bury a close friend of mine that died in the Congo. I think you know him. He used to be a Krypt Kreeper. His name is Christopher! His body should be here sometime today or tonight. They will not bury him until tomorrow after his Family is notified that he's here. Who is he '' she asked. She left the room with his empty tray. You will see him tomorrow during his Funeral. I have to say goodbye to his Son from his Father. He slid off the bed. He gave A lexander a hug. It is followed by a kiss on the cheek. I need to take a shower do you need a shower Alexander. No Dad, I took a shower yesterday during the early morning. I think before you came knocking at the front door.

He marched toward the bathroom then stops. He removed most of his clothes. He walked through the house unaware that he wore nothing except a pair of white boxer underwear. He walked straight into the bathroom from the hall where his bedroom lied 15 feet away. After taking 4 more steps into the bathroom. He realized he wore nothing except a pair of white boxer underwear. He remembered Alexander watched him.

His eyes move from his underwear to his Father's Face. Okay, I'm taking a shower. He walked into the hall after he forgot something. Alexander noticed a massive tattoo in navy blue letters written across his body that immediately grabbed his attention. He sees two outstanding words which we're written across his back that read ''Krypts'' on top. Beneath it another word '' Kreepers. What does it mean Dad? He noticed two words that we're written in English. He turned to face him. He stood in the bathroom entrance 15 feet away. It is a name of a Military Team of Marines! Both words were written in Olde English Letters in a ro yal dark blue color. He continued to stare for several seconds until his eyes glistened with a light shade of happiness. A serenade of cold chills spiral up his spine to his brain. It lasted only a few seconds. He felt an overwhelming sense of fear that had risen in him. That hovered over his tiny frame and sent him into a slight state of awe. It scared him away a few feet. It did not frighten him to a point where he shakes. Why, because his Father is always close.

The bathroom door closed the sound of water ran in the tub and sink. Then, he heard that humming again. Mommy, what does Krypts Kreepers mean? Two words that were written across Daddy's Back that start with a letter K. Dad told me they belong to a team of Soldiers that take Rebels. There like a baseball team with a name to a Team of men that ride, together. This is probably what it means '' she said. A group of Men. Military Soldiers that hung out together like a baseball team '' he thought.

He continued to shower in the bathroom. His Son dressed himself for a day out on the Town. His Mother rushed into his bedroom to help him dress. Alex found a green t-shirt with an orange pair of shorts. You can't wear that '' she said '' it doesn't match with anything that you're wearing. He screamed No over his choice of clothes. His Mom opened his dresser door to his clothes. She started to toss things aside to look for a different combination of colors that match together. She found a blue jean outfit that sat at the bottom of the door to her right. S he withdrew a suit of clothes a pair of clean socks with the name Alexander written in red thread around the top. She did not remember the socks or who bought them. She did remember one thing that his Father sent him a gift that he opened. The socks had to be a gift that his Father sent him when he was, stationed in Africa in the Congo. She decided to slip them on so her Husband could see them for himself probably for the first time.

She continued to search through his clothes door where she found a wristwatch with a picture of them together that sat at the bottom. Which is when he was Home for 3 days? She remembered it after she stared down at a picture of her Husband. He carried his Son Alexander in his arms. She lifted a watch from the droor that he carried in his right hand. IN the back of the watch it read '' Krypts Kreepers '' Daddy. She found an army green colored band. She looked at the dial of a figure in the center. It's a picture of a soldier that stood in the middle and stared back like he actually looked straight into her eyes. She did realize that he carried a weapon a gun of some kind. Since, she didn't know much about weapons, she gave it no more of her time! Do you want to wear this she asked or would you rather I put it back in the droor. I don't want to wear it he answered. Place it back underneath my military uniform. She found it to amusing that she laughed after she slid it back underneath his child like military uniform. He slipped into his clean clothes that his Mother helped him with. She also tied his shoelaces. She sat down she wondered if her Son is going to grow up to be a Soldier, someday. It bothered her so much that it brought tears to her eyes.

The bathroom door opened which broke her concentration. He calls up at the second floor where are you honey? He heard voices from Alex's Bedroom just down the hall. I want to know is everybody ready to go to kiddie land. It's an amusement park. A farm just for kids. He started to scream I do, I do. He ran through his bedroom screa ming. Me, I want to go. He started to run through his Home to look for his Father. He noticed his Dad wore a pair of Military Fatigues, white t-shirt and a smile. Where were we going '' he asked. He grabbed his Father's Pants Leg. We're going to toy land '' he said. Hurry, let Mommy get dressed so we can go together. I'm not going honey. Why don't you take Alexander to toy land by yourself. Are you sure you do not want to go. I had plans for both of us to have dinner, tonight. And, we will dear soon?

After, he waited a few minutes. He finally decided to leave for toy land. We will see you in 6 hours that should give him enough exercise for him to fall asleep on his own when we return. He moved toward the staircase which led downstairs while Alex kissed his Mother goodbye. When they reach the bottom step, Alexander ran toward the front door to a Vehicle parked outside their Home. He reached their parked SUV outside the front door. He stared into the glass at a reflection of himself. A Cherokee with gold trimming along both sides painted white waited. Like a chariot that awaited an Emperor, warrior or gladiator. Alex reached the door first. His Father stopped to laugh from a few yards away. Didn't your Mother take you anywhere when you were alone with her. I have not gone anywhere since you were here to take us anywhere he answered. Which felt like it's been a long, long, time?

They climb into their vehicle while Alex tried to buckle him into his seat but he couldn't. I will help you. Not before, he slid a key into the ignition. He reached over he buckled Alexander into his belt. He turned away from the dashboard. He sat down, he stared into his eyes. He remembered they were brown like his. He continued to stare for a second more. He shifted back into drive. He whispers for him to smile. Son, we will have some fun today. A cool breeze forced his hair to one side. A cool, cold, breeze felt like it followed them for a while!

He drove into the street from the driveway. It is not anything fancy just a basic half wood, half brick home with two floors and a one car garage. A concrete driveway that is large enough for one vehicle maybe two if they were parked one behind the another. Nothing more than two medium sized vehicles would fit at any given time. He made a left from his driveway down the street then drove toward toy land. He stared into his rear view mirror. Slowly his Home disappeared with every yard that he drove further and further away. Several windows appear then a sharp peak roof. It looked very old. He better check it out before it started to leak. He drove down another street before he realized it's a ways away. It's at least a 45 minute drive from where they live at the present moment. His Son played with his toys as usual while he drove down one street after another toward the expressway.

He sees a sign to another highway a ways up. He found a 7-11 the one place that sold ice cream or frosty. He remembered his Son Alexander loved them since the day he was born. He drove down to 7-11 for an ice cold frosty. How about you Alex would you like a frosty? He made a right hand turn into that parking lot from a main street. You know I do Dad. I like a lime fruit with sprinkles.

They pull into the lot and drive straight in through the entrance before stopping the SUV. I will beat you to the door. He unbuckled his seat belt and double checks for traffic. Finally, he brought his car to a complete stop. He did not find any traffic driving in or pulling away so he opened his car door and climbed do wn.

He climbed down on the sidewalk. He started to run toward two doors to a 7-11s entrance. After he reached the entrance. He pulled a handle forward that would not open. He remained in the entrance to wait for his Father to open the door since it is too heavy. Once, his Father reached the store door. He opened the front door. He allowed him to enter the convenient store from the parking lot, outside. Alex ran into the store toward a rear wall filled with machines that made frosty.

He wanted a banana frosty. New on the list but his favorite is still lemon lime. He moved toward his Son. He waited for his Father to make a banana frosty. A smile formed on his dark tanned face. His brown eyes turn to face him, he wore a smile. He made Alex a frosty first while the fast food store quickly looked like it started to pick up several customers the second that he entered. A wall of frozen ice cream in different colors grabbed his attention. After, he made both frosties. They move toward the front of the store where a register waits. He slid his hand into his front pocket. He withdrew three dollars from somewhere inside. He ordered a young girl behind the counter to keep the change that adds up to pennies. We better get going Alex. Kiddie land will not wait one more minute.

They move passed several bags of potato chips on the way to the entrance. Before he left he noticed a Hollywood Magazine that sat on a metal stand that faced the store. It had a very unusual name. It is named Spine Magazine by Maresman. It's for Movie Stars that face the most unusual if not troublesome times in their lives. This Magazine came in after the fish were done nibbling away at the nervous system. This Magazine claimed to eat you alive. Rip what remained of your flesh off your bones. It would drive you completely insane. It read at the very top that my name is Spine!

It recently just opened from what the cover claimed. He decided to buy a magazine. It is a 61 page Magazine filled with Pictures of Movie Stars, Musicians and Comics. Mike reached for that same magazine. He removed it from a steel shelf then paid for it like he did both ice creams. It cost him three dollars besides tax of course. Uncle Sam always receives his fair share of Tax from now on '' he replied. He followed his Son to the front door where, he waited for his Father. His Son continued to lick his frosty with a spoon that the store offered with a 16 ounce plastic cup. He pushed the door open, allowed his Son to walk into the parking lot. Down a long concrete patio outside 7-11 doors. We better get going '' he said. It will be crowded soon he added.

They move toward their vehicle parked 10 feet from 7-11 entrance. He followed him from behind in case someone drove to fast for conditions. Or moved to close to his Son or him. Finally, he reached the SUV passenger side door. He searched the area for moving cars that drove toward them. He unlocked both car doors after he pressed a button that allowed him inside the car.

He hurried by licking his frosty before it melted on him. He held his frosty only seconds before his Son climbed into the front seat to lick his lips. He handed him back his ice cream. He reached down he buckled him into his seat-belt. He shifted into gear one more time. This time he drove toward the store exit 15 yards away. He slowed down he exited to his right. It led to another expressway that headed this time straight into kiddie-land. First, he made another right hand turn down the street toward the highway.

He made a right hand turn down the street and drove toward the expressway just a few miles away. He continued to drive several more miles until the entrance came into view. She slid into another lane. He looked for an entrance that would lead to a ramp that entered the expressway. He found no entry to the highway until it read there is an entrance on Troy Avenue. He made a left at the corner, another at the following, which led into another street named Blue. He found a ramp close by. So he pulled up to a red light further down then stopped.

His Son noticed a sign that read toy land 10 miles from here. He continued to read what he could until their vehicle left a red light where, he parked to wait for it to turn green. When he left the stop light, he headed straight for the expressway that would take him to kiddies land. Son were 15 minutes away from kiddies land, finish your frosty because will be there soon. He tried to hurry, he wanted to finish his ice cream first then it falls. He ordered him to leave it on the floor before we have a car accident. He leaned back as quick as possible the entire time their car climbed the ramp that led into the expressway. First he drove passed a street light to a ramp then down the expressway into traffic. A mini mall remained on both sides which kept Alex busy looking out though his passenger side window at stores. He noticed streets fly by one after another. His Father Mike continued to pass exit after exit on the way to kiddies land.

Finally, after he drove a few more minutes. He found an exit that led into kiddies land about 125 feet away. He drove to the right one lane after another before bringing his SUV to an off ramp. His Son listened to music on the radio on low. He listened to an old favorite song of his, which went like this. We're not going to take it. No, were not going to take it, anymore. He smiled at him after taking another glance at a small boy that sat next to him on a seat.

The vehicle began to rise up a ramp to the top where several streets wait. He sees several signs most of them led to different Cities and Towns along the expressway. Shoulders filled with signs that read Missouri this way or Indianapolis that.

He reached another street, which is covered in asphalt. He sees a stop sign up ahead. He continued to drive toward that sign where he found two cars parked that waited for traffic to subside. During those several seconds that passed one vehicle disappeared from the stop sign. The second vehicle pulled forward, he took the place of the first Car. Mike drove into second place. He stopped long enough to find traffic no longer moving. He sees his chance so he shot across the street to the left lane before he moves toward kiddies land. Several signs point to the left side of the highway, he yells. We're almost there Alex '' he shouted. The Vehicle continues to drive left on highway 99 toward kiddies land. He can see a Ferris wheel to his left down the street '' he shouted. Look Son kiddies land. He became overjoyed with the view of a Ferris wheel that he turned round and round. He dropped his toy soldier on the floor in the process. He sat back in his seat he faced the Ferris wheel the entire time his Dad drove there. He lowered his head he faced his toy soldier that lied on the floor inside the SUV. He cont inues to stare until a massive Ferris wheel came closer and closer. He can see it from the corner of his eye. It is only a block away if that. Another entrance further up grabbed his attention so he made a left down a small road ahead, yells. Are you ready for a day filled with fun. He completed a turn down the road. He noticed ten Vehicles behind him, which turned left down that same road that they drove on.

Several amusement rides fill the frontage road. A row of games just like they have in carnivals followed like they were video games. Alex could not wait to jump out. He could not wait to leave his seat, besides the vehicle. He wanted so much to play with other kids that he squirmed in his seat like a snake in a cage. He wanted his Father to pull over until he sees little girls that stood outside that eyed both him and the games.

Probably tried to figure out which one is best or much more exciting. He found a parking spot. He pulled into a slender area just big enough for his vehicle to fit. He removed a handful of car keys. Turn to face Alex in his seat with both eyes, shining. Are you ready Son? His dark brown eyes almost black turn to face him, widened yet gleamed. Yeah he answered we better go Dad before the other kids steal our rides. He laughed afterward he opened his car door. He stepped into kiddies land parking lot. He ran around to his Son's Door to unlock the lock then his seat belt. He walked around to the passenger side door. Several Cars pull up inside behind. They look for a place to park. He withdrew his Son from a seat belt while vehicles continue to pull into an almost empty parking lot with empty spots almost, everywhere. We better hurry before the other kids steal every good ride left. His eyes widened, his Father grabbed him by his hand and pulled him forward. We better get going '' he said. Hs Father pulled him gentle like into the entrance about 40 feet away. He smiled from ear to ear. He screamed were finally here! He searched the floor for his toy soldier that might have slid underneath his seat and hesitates awhile.

Finally, before he reached the entrance doorway. He slid his hand deep into his front pocket to look for money. He found a wad in his left pocket, which lied deep in his green fatigues. He removed 20 dollars from his army pants pocket. He slid the rest back into his other pockets. Finally, they reach the entrance a Tall Male Security Guard that stood near a gate ordered them toward a specified window. He noticed five windows just feet from one gate where they we're ordered to enter in through. They move toward window number three the one that a Security Guard sent him too. He slid him a $20 dollar bill beneath a plate glass window. Two tickets! A Male that sat behind a plate glass window pressed a button that forced two tickets up from a metal strip in the counter. He removed two tickets from the counter. He realized they had to be ripped in half, first. He ripped them apart gentle like before he turned to search for Alex's Whereabouts. Within seconds, he found him sitting on a 6- foot wooden bench right where he kept his eyes on about ten kids that rode on rides.

After, he removed both tickets from the counter. They move toward another gate that led into a massive playground for kids. Now don't forget, I do not want you to run off where you're not supposed too. He grabbed his hand one more time. He walked him behind another gate. Handed a Male both tickets. He easily passed him on the way in through both iron gates that led into kiddies land. Well let's go Alex. Let's go have some fun before it's all gone. How could it be gone? He raised his head he looked at his Father, smiling. He realized his Father made fun of him the entire time he walked into kiddies land 25 feet from a serenade of rides.

They find games on both sides of the entrance besides what look like a private road that led into the amusement park. One turn from both heads. They find basketballs, softballs several guns, rifles and a yellow duck that quacked when it got hit by a wooden cork.

He tried to run toward a rifle game that he finally discovered after he seen a weapon that slid into the open from one of the games. He tried to run except his Father told him you would have to wait. After he realized his Son could not wait. He followed him to a game just a few yards away.

They find a male sitting on a stool that appeared to be drunk or drinking some form of alcohol. He wanted to take him to Authorities yet decided there is still enough time to do that. How much for the game “ Mike asked. He started to dig into his front pocket for some money. He found a tall skinny man, walk away. He realized he was deaf a sign on his chest says so. He tried to wave both hands in the air. That male looked like he was deaf. Finally, he turned around. He raised three fingers into the air. He shouted out loud three dollars. He gave him a five dollar bill, instead. He waited for a male name Dick to give him a rifle so he could shoot at yellow ducks.

He moved toward the last seat to his right. He faced a serenade of ducks that sailed through a windmill from a slow current. Come on Alexander just move with him. Toward a male who loaded weapons with BBS. His Son tried to hurry. He tries to get his attention with hand movements.

He turned around, he ha nded him a rifle filled with BBS. First, to Mike then his Son followed. He lowered it so his Son. So he could aim at yellow ducks that sail by. He sat him down on a metal stool in front of a mini Ferris wheel with several ducks that floated and rolled quickly. He continued to aim straight at a mini Ferris wheel like contraption the entire time whispering. Shoot! Shoot! He hit several yellow ducks in the process. One by one, they flip upside down in a small pool of water. He continued to shoot several more until both hands started to feel a bit too tired from the pressure of the rifle. Instead, they leave the game behind. He started to enjoy kiddies' rides for kids.

After a few hours, they stop for hot dogs, ball of cotton candy, and a snow cone with cherry flavored syrup. They sit near the Ferris wheel to watch several restaurants, hot dog stands and soda fountains do business. He sat underneath to finish their snow cone before they prepare for a serenade of mechanical rides, afterward. They try a few more after that which carried them into the late afternoon. Then, they ride the Ferris wheel one more time. Mike slid a camera out to take pictures. He waited until he reached the very top.

He waited until they we're at the very top before he pressed a b utton on the camera. He could see several kiddie rides beneath him. Right underneath his seat, he watches. He snapped twelve pictures, altogether. He realizes there is no more film in that camera left. Because, the button is not moving any longer. Dad, I think the camera broke. It isn't taking any more photos or pictures. He checked out the camera he realized it isn't offering anymore than twelve pictures so it's over. After we get down we will buy another camera, okay? He stared down at the rest of the Amusement Park from the top. A blinding white light came to life. It made his eyes squint? He tries to look he can't see anything except a bright white light beneath him! He looks down from the top. He sees a black cloud of dust force its way into the amuseme nt park. It looked like a horde of zombies that kicked a world of dust. Or rushed into the Amusement Park for an all you can eat buffet. Then, it moved toward the Ferris wheel not far from them. It made him think that an army moved toward him. A charcoal sand colored smoke followed. Then the Ferris wheel started to move slowly toward the bottom. Lieutenant Longfellow closed his eyes. A loud screech like a cannibal or zombie woke him. He knew it circled three more times. He removed a camera from his Son's Hand. He placed it in a side pocket. The Ferris wheel reached the bottom.

He held on dearly to both his Son and metal bar just in case. He slipped beneath that iron bar that protected him.

Once the Ferris wheel stopped? He removed that same metal bar t hat wrapped around his shoulders. Two iron bars were released from a switch at the bottom of the Ferris wheel. Immediately, he grabbed his Son in a split second to carry him off the ride still clutched tight in his arms. They leave the steel platform at the bottom of the Ferris wheel only after it stopped. He carried his Son to safety before he placed him back on the ground so he could walk by himself.

Alex, we should get home. Your Mom has to be wondering where in the hell we are about now. He started to fall asleep the second that he sat down in his seat. After he buckled him back into his seatbelt. He slipped a key into the ignition. He turned it to the right. It started the vehicle almost immediately before he even shifted into reverse?

He drove into the parking lot. He Drove as slow as possible in case there were any Children hiding behind cars in the lot. So, he shifted into drive afterward. He stepped down on the pedal. He drove toward the entrance while he stared down at his Son. He fell fast asleep but locked tight in his seat belt. He continued to smile for just a few more seconds. When he reached an exit that led them away from kiddie- land toward Home he entered. He rested his right hand on his Son's Left Leg to reassure him that everything will be alright. He continued to drive away. He realized he left kiddie- land behind in his rear view mirror. When he reached a busy intersection not far away that he used to drive there in the first place he stops. He made a right hand turn and drove back toward the expressway. First, he took multiple glances at his Son, which sat in the passenger side seat probably dreaming of kiddie-land He slowly slipped into a deep sleep. He held on to his figures with both hands until they finally fell on the floo r. Finally, the entrance came into view afterward then a ramp that entered the express. He made another right before he entered that expressway. He drove another 200 to 350 feet before he drove back into oncoming traffic. A clock on a dashboard read 6;57. I know I have to get where I'm headed before long. Damn it, it's getting late '' he thought. He decided to join moving traffic that drove to his left. He slowed down toward the last lane, which is almost empty. Since, there were several other lanes besides his. He had to crisscross over 4-lanes to get to that lane. He continued to drive until another car that raced down the highway almost slammed into his SUV. Immediately, he shot back into his lane. The automobile slightly hit him on the left side of his SUV. It forced him to yell in return. You son of a bitch! He remained in the 3rd lane until the car vanished somewhere, ahead. Finally, after taking several long stares in his rearview mirror. He decided to move toward the last lane. I would rather kill you from beneath his breath. After he realized his Son sat in a seat by his side. He decided to focus on his Son's Sleep. Since, he sat buckled up in his seatbelt. His Father decided to drive toward the Big City afterward back Home from the looks of it. He co ntinued to keep an eye on Alex the entire way home in case another butthead tried to cross lanes without using caution.

He drove another ten minutes down the expressway. He found several stores overhead or signs with lights. So he continued to drive further down. Thinking, he should get off and take the shoulder the rest of the way Home. Sightseeing, now that is a good idea. He sees an exit about a half a mile up from here. He believes it would be best to get off here before he passes the next exit. All he wanted to remember is what it's like to be home where shopping stores, restaurants and workout gyms were like.

He moved slowly to his right. Finally, he found an exit that would take him to a shopping mall. He began to rise from the ramp while he kept both eyes open for traffic that moved to fast from either side. When he reached the top of the ramp, he stops. He continued forward toward a stop sign. Several stores line up on both sides of the street. A small shopping mall was built since he's been gone. He did not remember seeing these Businesses before. He did find well known names like Subway, Burger King, McDonalds. Kreepers From the Krypt Books, Guillermo's Tacos and of course Toys R Us. I could not believe my eyes! It is nothing like I remember it to be.

He continues to drive for miles in search of telephones that remain right outside on street corners so people could call from them like restaurants, somewhere. I better call he thought. He pulled up as close as he possibly could to a telephone right outside to call his Wife. He pulled up so close that he ended up slightly scratching the side of the SUV. Not once, but twice. He tried to park it as close as possible. He left another scratch on the vehicle's paint, which would be terrible '' he thought.

He opened the car door he looked over at his Son. He is still asleep and walked out instead. I will be right back. Quickly, he started to walk a few yards toward a public phone outside near Guillermo's Tacos. Once he reached the phone. He raised the receiver to his right ear to make sure that it properly worked. He slipped his hand into his front pocket to look for change. He dropped almost 50 cents in the public telephone while he looked for another dime to add. He started to dial his Home number. First, he waited for a few rings. After, he heard her voice he calls into the receiver. Hello! It's me dear. I just wanted to say that Alex is asleep and were on our way Home. Okay see you soon because dinner is almost ready Mike. We're having your favorite dish today bucktooth stew. He started to laugh very loud, he wondered what in the hell is bucktooth stew. It must be one of her specialties, something new I hope it's delicious he mumbled. He hung up the phone. He remained in wonder. What in the hell is bucktooth stew. He continues to think about it on his way to his vehicle! After, he reached his Vehicle. He climbed inside he slammed the door, closed. Slid his key into the ignition after he realized Alex sat there. He stared up at him awake and in awe. Where's Mommy Dad? He reached for his toys, which remained on a seat next to his right leg. We're going Home right this minute. He shifted into drive them drives.

He started to drive back toward the entrance the one that he used before he entered the lot to use a phone. He remembered seeing a cell phone on the dresser that he forgot to ask for. Before he made another right hand turn this time. He found both streets completely empty. He stepped down on the gas. He braced him before he made sure that Alexander buckled him in his seat.

He continued to drive down a long, lonely road back toward Home just a few miles away from where they were. He sees a red light another only a few blocks up then one more, afterward.

Still, he continued to drive in that direction further. Finally, he reached the corner where they both live. He noticed their Home ten yards from where they presently were. He knew they would they Home soon. He brought his vehicle to a complete stop. Remove his only key from the ignition.

His Son sat in his seat. He waited to be unbuckled from his seat belt. We better go big guy before Mama wants to scold you for being late. He opened the car door. He stepped into the street before he slammed it closed behind him. He walked around to the passenger side door to release his Son from his seat belt. He noticed his address on a metal strip over the doorway that led into their Home besides a one car garage that they use for just about everything including storage. There is one thing about the House that he liked. It included people that live there? He should know before they went to Africa. He had the pleasure to talk to several People. He had plenty of good memories put away for a rainy day. If and when he should have to throw them back in their face.

He released his Son from his car seat. He helped him to the sidewalk. Pointed toward a House where they live a few yards away from where their car remained parked. He pressed a tiny button inward to an alarm that activated what was built into his keychain. He followed his Son toward the House. He noticed his Wife standing in the Home's Doorway. She wore a red and white checkerboard apron. It is lovely, tight, and very bright.

He began to smile from a distance at the apron. He walked just a few feet behind his Son. He caught another quick glance of that apron of hers. He realized she wore it just for him over a pair of skimpy shorts. He found a smile on her face the entire time. He walked in behind them both. Once he reached the hallwa y. He closed the door behind them. He continued into the Home through the front door. He watched her skimpy outfit besides long legs waddle from side to side. He locked the door after he's inside. He turned to find her still walking toward the kitchen. He followed her because he could not take his eyes off her model like figure. He did remember there is something that needed to be done. What? He could not quite remember?

He needed his clothes cleaned for tomorrow because there would be a Funeral. A Farewell to an Old Friend of Mine Name, Christopher. He is one of Mine! He Belonged to a Team Named Krypts Kreepers. There were only 23 of us left. Still, only Eleven remain alive today. They're considered a special bunch. A Team of Specialized Soldiers that brought down Rebel Groups. On the 26th and 27th another Krypts Kreeper was killed on Duty then again on the 28th. This is why only 11 of us remain alive, Today? He followed them into the kitchen where they both sit down to a well cooked meal. The entire time he remembered what he wanted to remember in life! That, a soldier does not have anything except what he left behind to Family and Friends!

Mike Longfellow would always find a chair closest to an entrance. Why? Because he liked it like that. Maybe, he liked to see everything that walked in and out of the House. He would face a doorway from the seat which faced the entrance that led back into the kitchen. Where, he sat yesterday after he knew his Son, Alexander. This would be his Favorite Seat. This is where he would always sit to eat.

After dinner, I will take Alex downstairs into the basement for a quick look at my military things. Only after dinner honey. Right now he's eating as fast as he can so he could beat me down the stairs to the basement.

He finished dinner in a hurry. He sat down he waited for him to finish his food so he could show him what kind of stuff he brought back with him from the Congo? Alexander heard his Father's Bright idea. So he started to push his plate forward one inch at a time toward the center of the table. He tries to climb off his seat after he realized that his Father already realizes this is what he's trying to do. He helped him down from his seat before he stood there and smiles up at him. You just can't wait can you kid. He sees a smile the size of a watermelon on his face. We better get going then '' he said. It's getting late! Your Mom could be looking to put you to bed in a hurry.

He noticed his Wife still eating dinner. He told her where or why they were going into the basement to look at some items that he brought back from the Congo. They walk away rather slow. Then the front door bell rings. It's only my Mother. She wanted her peach casserole bowl back because she needed it tomorrow.

They reach the basement door in seconds. He opened it they disappear into a hallway that led into the basement in their House. Mike closed the basement door before he descended 25 to 35 wood steps to the bottom step. First, he grabbed his Son on his way down the stairs to the basement concrete floor which is painted a light gray. His Son's Feet touch the ground afterward. He ran off to play.

He noticed they had a washer and a dryer in the basement. He searched for his military duffel bag hidden somewhere in the dark. She must have dragged it away. It was probably in the way so he searched underneath the stairs. He found something dark green that suddenly appeared. He started to move toward a bag underneath the staircase that look like someone or something tried to hide it.

He reached down he lifted a bag which lied on its side. He searched for dust or dirt on the floor. He lifted it into his arms. He found a table near the back basement door after he realized his Son Alex is having fun just looking for spiders. It's funny being 6 years old especially when the world is so big and so wide. He carried his duffel bag to a wood table. Lift it upward once he got there and placed it on top. First, he had to loosen a knot that he placed on it before he reached Home. He kept a close eye on Alex. He walked around touched things like spider webs and webs. He untied a knot he started to pull things out of a duffel bag. Like two monkey heads which were shrunken by a medicine man. A man that practiced voodoo, he was told. He remo ved them from his duffel bag. He turned his head to search for Alex. He slid his hand back inside his bag. He reached for a box about the size of a crayon container. He placed it on the side. He slid his hand deep into the bag for other stuff, which lied hidden at the bottom. Alexander noticed a shrunken monkey head. He started to walk toward the table where they would sit to wash clothes. Alex walked to the table eyed a monkey head and wondered what in the hell is it. He reached for the table, told himself that they we're the devil's helpers or demon worshipers, he whispers. Dad, the monkey heads look like they're real. Why do they look so small. A voodoo priest killed them before he made them really small because they crapped on his Floors in his Home. They pissed him off one day. He grabbed them by the neck and killed them. He boiled their head and body in hot scolding water to shrink their skull and bones.

He reached his left hand outward to touch the darkest monkey head of the two. There were two monkey heads one black the other dark brown. He touched the black head, first. It's mouth somehow opened then clicked together like a scared rabbit. Its mouth piece moved up and down like Pinocchio a puppet made of wood. It scared the crap out of him, since he dropped the head the second that its mouth opened. It bounced back on the table then rolled a few inches with its eyes staring directly at his. He noticed two black pearl like eyes the size of marbles. They stared back with a cold yet distant stare, which really scared him? Are you sure their dead he asked. It looked like it appeared to move a little. The voodoo priests cut their mouth open then he glued the jawbone back together so it can move like Pinocchio. Believe me kid!

He lied it back down he reached for the dark brown monkey head that had to be dyed this color he thought. Before he began to look deep into its eyes. He realized it did not have any just two empty sockets for eyes. They both have long stringy hair down passed its mouth and ears. Then he touched the second monkey. He placed the first one down on a table yells Dad! Can I keep this one? He stared into its face with no eyes. His Father smiled back he knew his Son would really like the shrunken monkey heads. He told him sure keep it underneath your pillow at night. If you like you can still hear him scream before that witch doctor chopped off his little head. He raised his face rather quick. He stared back at his Father. You could not be my Father. My Dad would not tell me to do something like that. He grabbed the monkey head. He stepped back a few feet while his dad emptied his duffel bag down on the table. He had two wooden soldiers. Both about 6 inches tall. Both of them were perfectly carved of wood. There is something unusual about them. They were in perfect condition. They were standing with a rifle aimed up at the sky. Do not forget Son. Tomorrow we have to say goodbye to an old friend of mine? He will not be with us anymore. God will take him Home to Heaven with Him. I have a picture of him. I want you to take a good look at him. You might have liked him. Alex lifted a photo of a man in a Military Uniform that held an AK 47 with his right hand. He looked like a man about 26 years old in a short black beard. A pair of cold callous dark eyes. Both Males wore long hair for some reason or another. He realized after he took a good look at 11 Soldiers in a photo told him, what? Then, he noticed another male who is he? His tiny finger pointed to a tall thin man that looked more like a mode l. He is one of ours. He does not talk much since a band of thieves broke into his house. They killed his Parents. He Belonged to our Team no matter what? Even after that band of thieves were merciless. He remained behind to protect his Country like a good boy like a soldier should?

Several minutes pass after talking to one another. He pulled out another small box the same size for cigars. He had two cigar boxes that sat on a table where Alex sat. He kept a close eye on both monkey heads. He wondered what is inside. When Will Dad open them he thought. His Father found a shelf on a wall where he placed both cigar boxes on top. He slid them into a hole that hid them from plain sight thinking no one fewer than 6 feet would see them from that height. Alex watched him he knew his Dad made sure no one could see them. He turned to face him. Do you like your monkey head or not Alex? Is that all you wanted to show me? We could have bought one at the 5 and 10 cent store. Slowly, he moved a few feet forward. He tried to get out of his Father's way so he could finish what he did.

Are these mine '' he asked. He reaches for a toy soldier made of solid wood. Who made these soldiers? After he touched one he raised their bodies to the ceiling. The same person who made the monkey head a voodoo priest about 100 years old. He is as black as coal from the Sun. I have pictures of him in my duffel bag somewhere. It probably lied at the bottom, if anywhere. It is the first thing that I slipped into my bag. It was someone that I wanted to remember.

He continued to talk for a few minutes more until Alex started talking. That he wanted to see that photo of a witch doctor that he brought back with him from Africa. He tried to slip some clothing out but they fell on the floor, instead. Finally, a handful of pictures fell to the floor when he pulled out pair of old green smelly fatigues. He bent down he lifted them but his Son beat him to a handful of pictures. When he did lift them before he did he laughed like he won. Here you go dad your pictures. He stood close about 3 to 4 feet tall. He tried to catch a glimpse of a real life witch doctor. He's going through photos one by one until he found what he looked for in the first place. Here you go Son take a long look. This guy says he can talk to the devil. He can see the afterlife too. He knew when someone or a something is going to die at least this is what he told us. His name is Zeemba. He is a witch doctor. He is really good at what he does? He told me one day that I would see my Men on a battlefield. It would not be any day soon or today! The next battlefield, he told me NO. I do not see you next time, neither. He stared into the black jungles with two cold lost black eyes like he talked to a demon that stood close or that took orders or gave them! Or listened to us tell him what to say. He walked away he felt it is okay at least for now. I have another day to see what the world has to offer. He left me this, he reached down into a t-shirt for a necklace that the witch doctor gave him made of a lion's mane. Which is tightly woven into a necklace, weaved together like an old garment as thin as a shoe string? It had an alligator tooth that hung from the center where it supposedly died trying to kill a lion. They found the lion trapped in its mouth after the king of the jungle ripped a piece of the alligators jaw off. The alligator also died that day after it found itself without any teeth to eat its prey with, from the lions bite. It lost its head in the gators mouth?

The witch doctor removed pieces that constructed this necklace made of lion hair and an alligator tooth. He continued to look directly at the tooth, besides that, the hair remained tightly woven into a necklace. It sure looked weird Alexander thought. He has never seen an alligator tooth or lion hair like that. It was made together to form a chain that linked around his neck.

He noticed that smile on his face that stare that he gave with the necklace in his hand. He remembered in an instant what that necklace d id. It protected him from stray bullets that would eventually kill him one day. He knew if he gave the necklace to his Son. If, it had any magic in it in the first place. He would be protected from a stray bullet. He passed it down to him. Before, he did he wrapped it gently around his neck. Then, he tied a tiny knot than another before it finally hung around his neck by itself.

After, he slipped his clothing back into his bag. He found his Son playing with his wooden soldiers. He noticed one thing one soldier looked like it moved at least its what he believed! He had to stare directly at a soldier. He realized after a minute or so that wooden toy did not really move did it he thought.

We better get out of here. He shoved the last piece of clothing back into his duffel bag. He started to walk toward the staircase that led up the stairs where his Father remembered that smile on his face. He noticed that both wooden soldiers walked up the stairs with him to the top step. His Father followed him upstairs from behind in case, he fell down the steps. Once he reached the top step right behind his Son. He closed the basement door whispers goodnight witch doctor, Zeemba. Alex stopped walking after he heard his Father whisper something about Zeemba the witch doctor. Dad why do you do that! I need to know why you have to whisper to Zeemba the witch doctor. You know that really bothers me when you whisper into the darkness. I think you're really trying to scare me with this witch doctor stuff and 2 shrunken monkey heads that look like they're still alive. You almost forgot about both wooden soldiers that look like they followed you up the stairs behind like two guardian angels or shadows of protection that always watch your back kid. Maybe! Maybe not!

He left the basement than kitchen area. He headed for the rest of the House. His eyes scale the living room where he found Alex. His Mother is somewhere in the house probably upstairs. She vanished into the house somewhere '' he thought. He started to scream not loud but loud enough. Honey, where are you? He heard her voice coming from the top of the stairs. I'm up here Mike! I'm going to take a shower. Do you want too?

He remembered both cigar boxes in the basement he told himself that they should be safe for now. He headed up the stairs but thinks only of Alex besides his new toys. He really liked wooden soldiers. He reached the top step to the second floor. He heard his Wife's Voice, which came from the bathroom. Finally, the door closed, shut.

Mike remained on the top step. He stared in at the second floor at the floor, walls, ceilings, rugs, and paint colors. And wondered if he should shower with his Wife or should he visit with his Son in his room. He continued to stare to imagine what he thinks until his Son's Face formed a smile on his lips. He heard a sound that came from his Son's Bedroom about ten feet away. He turned his head to the left to face both bedrooms. They were both against one wall in the House. He could always shower '' he thought. He to ld himself he should visit his Son. He could always shower after he spent enough time visiting with his Son Alex. If I should never see him again or make it back from my next Mission. For, one reason or the other.

He turned to face Alex's Bedroom. He s tarted to walk toward his bedroom door. He stopped after he noticed a tiny crack in between the door and hallway. He slid it open one inch, still another and peeked inside. He sees him he sat on his bed. He played with his toys one alien creature than both wooden soldiers. Now, he had two more toys to add to his collection '' he thought. He smiles he remembered seeing him on the living room couch just a second ago at least that he believes.

He took three steps toward his bedroom. A curtain that hung on the only window inside blew toward his head. It flew right passed his shoulders. He sat in front of the curtain that continued to blow inward toward him. He stood still he stared into a cloud of dust for a few seconds before he walked into the room toward his bed. He continued to watch that curtain float like a ghost made its way back into a graveyard, somewhere. Before it finally fell back in place and settled down.

Another step forward, he bent down over his Son's Bed to sit himself down on the edge. Well, how do you like your new toys? He reached for an alien figure that lied on top, alone. He lifted it from the bed he stared directly into its red eyes which looked almost like they stared back! He noticed green colored scales that ran up and down its body like an alligator. It had a weapon that sat on its hip like a laser gun of some kind. Two sharp fingers, besides that, it had sharp toes almost like daggers to be honest! He found himself smiling at the imagination of the creature's creator. How hideous or lonely he must be he thought.

He sees his Son, he is almost having the time of his life laughing and making loud sounds like real soldiers that scream at each other or yell that we should leave men. He remained in his room, his Wife took her time to shower, bathe do what women do in a bathroom, alone. The bathroom door opened, his Wife screamed that she is done showering. Who would is next? Alex screamed take Daddy. He can be next! I'm not done playing with my toys yet. They both begin to laugh very loud. They think whatever toys he had made him delirious with fun. He is too busy bathing. Mike left the bedroom. He stepped into the hall to find his Wife. She is wrapped up in a white towel and nothing else. After taking several steps forward toward his Wife. She continued to tease him with her fluffy white towel and smiles.

He reached the edge of their bed. He climbed on top to look for a white towel underneath a sheet. Mike continued to repeat the same words into her ear. They kiss while s heets slowly slid down off the bed on the floor. Alex remained in his bedroom. He sat down to play with his new found toys. He continued to play with his soldiers even after he heard laughter in the next room. Then, everything just went dead. He found both toys on a dresser, besides his soldier still on top of his bed near his pillow. He noticed a clock on a wall that told him that it is time to go to bed.

Early the next day after Lynn brought them both breakfast. Mike decided to shower, instead. Come on Alex you will come with me he said. We will take a shower together before we go to the Cemetery. He sees Alex sitting on the edge of his bed. He stared at them like they we're awake. Okay Dad let's go take a shower! He slid off the bed down on the floor. He started to walk toward the bathroom real slow while he wondered what took his Father so long. He reached the entrance. He turned around he found them, kissing. We should go Daddy before I change my mind about taking a bath. He continued to move straight into the hall before his Dad's Feet Touch the floor. He heard footsteps coming toward him. He walked slowly toward the bathroom to shower. I still feel lazy. After he realized he did not really sleep well last night not at all. I tossed, I turned, I wondered what in the hell am I dreaming about. Why Zeemba why creatures “I thought ”why?

Dad, I had a bad dream last night. There is a black beast that attacked you. He wore solid black like it is made of metal. He continued to speak loud until his Father started to speak to him that there were no such things as monsters in black. It's just a bad dream! They enter the bathroom his dad closes the door once they're inside. He turned on both faucets, checked the water temperature before he removed his hand. Alex is still in his clothes from last night. Both his soldiers besides his one alien figure remained clutch tight in his hands. Are you taking them with you! His Son placed them down on the toilet seat before he undressed. You know I am '' he said '' because they go with me wherever I go. He began to laugh at his Father. His Son continued to undress, himself. Once, his clothes fell to the floor. He lifted his soldiers his alien then smiles I'm ready he shouted. They both climb into the shower stall. Start to shower together with three toys in both hands.

Once he began to lather up. He used both hands on a bar of soap then shampoos. He decides to be bathed first before he decides that he should go before Alex. He started to bathe right away after he poured shampoo on both their heads at the same time and scrubbed their scalps. They finish showering minutes after. His Dad washed his body with a washrag and used soap. He helped him up from the tub then to the floor gentle like. He remained in the tub while his Son grabbed a towel from a wooden rack. Afterward, he reached for a towel and together they step in front of a 2 X 2 foot mirror. He grabbed another towel after that to toss on the floor to dry their feet while his son dried his tiny frame of a body in a hurry like he is going, somewhere. He left the bathroom still wrapped in a towel to look for Mommy. Alex tried to scream several times. He held on both soldiers besides his alien. He loses his towel in the process. He continued to scream until his Mother finally walked into the Bathroom. Mike remained in the bathroom a minute longer after he heard a voice call his name. He turned around he followed several whispers that came from where he believes a mirror. It sounded like someone uttered the names of his Team. One by one in a whisper. He remembered what the witch doctor told him that second before he left the Congo. They will watch and wait for you, Lieutenant. I promise you! Who will wait Zeemba? Who he repeated? The darkness that will wait for everyone to die, Lieutenant. They will wait for you too. They cannot be seen by the naked eye until it is time to meet the Maker!

He raised his head he stared up at the ceiling since he did not see anything in a mirror except his reflection. I will wait instead. He turned away from a mirror so he could think of something else. Since, he did not feel comfortable with himself, anymore. He mumbled They're watching you from in the dark. He remembered they cannot be touched like humans. It isn't human this thing that followed you around. How do you know so much about death Zeemba? I talk to the dead that walk among us and in my sleep. I keep in touch with those that have vanished in the dark like we will one day, Lieutenant? I see the dead and the dead can see me? They know who I am? I have been here before? I am comfortable with it. It is everywhere around us. For those that do not dwell on the living. There is always, if not almost a life after death.

Alex stood there, he shook until her voice calmed him down wit h the words, come here. I will dry you off! He followed her into her bedroom. He realized he is standing there frozen like he left meat freezer. His Mother began to dry him off in a hurry. Her Husband Mike rushed back into the bathroom so he could dress after he found himself some clean clothes. When he did step out he yells at Family. We have to leave soon so dress. Hurry, Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a Funeral to go too. He slipped into his clean underclothes. He left the bathroom for the hall. He took a few steps into the hall. He slipped on his white t-shirt that he wore underneath his shirt. He carried a pressed Military Uniform into the bathroom to change. He wore a red beret on top, his hair still uncut hung down under it all. He shaved everything off his beard to his mustache. All, he had now is his long hair which is worn underneath his red beret. He left the bathroom after he spent enough time, after he shaved the hair off his face. Honey, is everybody ready to go he shouted. He brushed his hair be fore he left the bathroom for the hall. She stepped into the hall from a bedroom where he waited. You will have to take Alex, yourself. I do not feel up to it right now. He started to stare from a few yards away. He nodded his head fine. We will go together without you. He grabbed Alex by the hand he led him to the staircase that led to the first floor.

He noticed a stream of carpet on the ground. A three foot wide thin strip that led to a wooden banister. Before he noticed a set of mufti colored stripes on a carpet on the floor.

He remembered his wife told him that it is a runner. He did not pay any mind anymore. He just walked away with that on his mind that it is a carpet runner.

He reached the staircase that led downstairs. He turned to face his Wife. I Hope, you're feeling better. He then turned to face the staircase that led downstairs to the main floor than his Son, Alex. They march down the stairs where his son waited with a mini uniform of a military soldier. He smiled at the idea that one day his Son would become a soldier like, himself. After all, his Son looked a lot like him when he was young that would do him good one day. After, he reached the bottom step to the staircase. He reached out his little hand, whispers. Are you ready Son? Let's say our goodbyes to an old friend of ours. Are you sure your man enough. We must say goodbye because he's a Krypts Kreeper. He smiled back, I knew he had no idea what I myself talked about. Much less what I really meant.

They continue to move to ward the entrance before he reached for the knob. Mike opened the door. He allowed Alex outside the house before he followed him. He closed the door, he walked down on a piece of concrete that lied on the other side. Once outside he made sure that the door remained locked. He followed him to his Mother's Vehicle parked outside.

We better get going Son. He waited for us to say goodbye so we should hurry. Once he reached the vehicle. He reached for his car keys in his pocket. He turned to face his Son. How do I look. He gave him a smile. You look like a real soldier Dad. He turned to his reflection on the car side mirror to look at himself.

He unlocked the lock he used an alarm button on the key chain. He opened his car door first. Then the car door on the passenger side for Alex. Come on Son we should go. Several Cars drove down the street fast. It Made him buckle his Son, in his seatbelt. He pulled on his belt to make sure it is snug. He looked down the street in both directions. He slammed the door gentle like, closed. He ran back to his car door since he left it wide open. He climbed into his seat. He reached forward he grabbed the door. He heard something in multiple whispers that sounded like someone or something named his Team's Names. Not from a nywhere eye level. Maybe, from the skies or clouds overhead somewhere! Maybe St Peter Returned for each Dead Krypt Kreeper. I know they we're here to tell me. My Soldiers were Remembered. I Pressed another button inward to lock the door. He turned to stare down at his Son, Alex. He reached forward he turned on the radio the first words that he heard were Make the Sign of the Cross. He reached forward this time to change a radio Station from Church to soft rock. He gave Alex another glance then smiles. We better get going before we miss his Funeral. Mike turned to face the windshield. He slid the key into the ignition this time he turned it to his right. There vehicle started on the first try. He allowed the car to warm up a bit before he whispers. We better get going because Mom will not go with us, Alex. He shifted into drive he drove into the street from the driveway. He reached for the radio button with a built- in clock that told him what time it is besides what second. He started to surf the radio in sea rch of something other than a bunch of talk on a station that claimed to play nothing but soft rock. He knew what station he wanted to listen to not only soft rock. He could not find it at the moment. It is talk except for a song every now and then. He remembered the name of the station, which is rock haven the one and only that will make you groove. One of his favorite tunes played on the radio. There is no mountain high enough. They both bop their head to the beat in the song every time they raise their voice. They both begin to sing along except Alex did not know the words. He did know the melody. You like this song his Father asks. He continued to listen to Music on the radio than asks. He continues to sing along. They reach one corner than a stop sign before a red light. He made another stop, he finally came to a place named Blessed Angels Cemetery. You will feel close to Heaven Here! A place like no other here on Earth, When You Die! We are only a few minutes away. We can finally say goodbye to my good friend and Comrade?

He found a black raw iron fence that is completely rusty. It surrounded the entire cemetery. Finally, he reached an entrance that led into an almost desolate parking lot. We're here Son. It is time to say goodbye. He will not be coming back anymore. St Peter will wait for him in Heaven. Alex pointed to the ceiling in the vehicle more like the sky for a second. He lowered his hand down on his lap. Do your Men kill people Dad “ he asked. The Bible Told Us. Do Not Kill or you will never enter The Kingdom of God. We only kill bad people because if they were any good. God would have them when they Died. I do not know Dad. When, I would go to Church. Sister Rodrigo Told Class that we should not break any Of God's Commandments. He decided to leave that question in the air. He continued to drive in between two black iron gates that led into the Cemetery.

Within minutes, he started to search for people that gathered, together. They stand around surrounded in a pile of black dirt. He made a right where two lanes separated one to the left the other to the right. He continued to drive slowly. Until he seen a gathering of people, together. There were not many People just a handful maybe ten to twelve but no more than that. His Wife stood in the wide open. He can see her clearly from the entrance that led into the Cemetery. It looked like she stared at the ground in the Cemetery at what she had no idea. She probably imagined every kind of bad thing like maggots that ate half-rotted bodies or worms that crawl over corpses everywhere in graveyards. She could not take her mind off what went on in there. Her Husband is dead. She could not come to grips. Not with the notion that her Husband named Christopher would no longer come Home with that big smi le on his face, h- m- m.

It appeared that she would say her good bye in a different way. She held on to her Son's Hand. They both appeared to cry more his Wife than the little boy. He probably did not know or understand that he is dead. Maybe, he did not know what really happened because he is only seven years old. We came back together around the same time. He left a little later his kids were slightly older by a few months.

He continued to reminisce about the days when they would hang out like Young Kreepers. He pulled up in a cemetery seconds later. A few car lengths behind the others. He removed his car keys from the ignition. He climbed into a pile of tall, lean, green, grass. Then, he rushed around to release his Son from his car seat. He would be upset, if he should be left behind. He hurried around to Alex's Car Door. He reached for the door handle. He pulled the door open. He reached inside to unbuckle his belt to release him. He realized it is very warm, outside? He removed him from his seat, placed him down on the ground next to the SUV.