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By Dumitru Bordeianu



Dedicated to our Captain - Corneliu Zelea Codreanu1, to Mota and Marin, and to all martyrs and heroes in the Legion, killed in persecutions, interrogatories, in gulags and prisons, or killed in ..other cirumstances, within the Country or in Exile.


As a Preface

With fear of God I write these things to you, my faith in Him being endless, unlimited, and Only He knows that which I write here is true. I also write this testimony for our brothers still alive, who did not suffer as we suffered, students and workers, and for all those who will come after us.

I also write for the ones who truly believe in God, those honest and of good faith, for them to know and understand what communism is truly capable of : of how much hate and lies and bestial cruelty this ideology was, and is capable of - the communist ideology, which came not from God, but from the devil.

Indeed, its traits are opposite of Love, Truth, Light and Mercy  -hate, lies, darkness, and cruelty.

Communism represents Satan on Earth. The communists exalted their ideology - communism to the rank of Religion, which, in contrast to the Christian faith, is the religion of hate, the religion of lies, and of   murders, which are exalted to the rank of "virtues" in this religion. And it can only spread through lies, distrust, terror and fear.

 On the spiritual side, its role is to de-humanize man, on the material side its role is : to bring misery, hunger and the shortage of everything including base necessities.

How else can you explain so much hatred, cruelty, cynicism and sadistic pleasure in torturing and murdering your fellow man?

In communism, you must do as you are told, want it or not. You mustn't think, or discern, will and liberty (freedom) are gone. And if you don't conform to the rules, there are different methods for their consolidation of power : gulags, prisons, "camps", canals, deportations, home arrests and degradation, the raping of your conscience, the loss of human dignity, and in the end, the loss of all capacity of thought, the subject following whatever order given to him/her.

Thus, communism became as a god on earth. And whoever was caught in this satanic reign, lost all of their discerning   capabilities, their wills and their freedoms, remaining   hungry, cold, humiliated,  lonely, and gnashing their teeth in despair.

Thus, in Pitesti and Gherla, the men, who were receiving the communist re-education   treatments, being altered and de-graded, being tortured, and at the same time, being forced to torture their fellow men, lost their identities, because their souls, their minds were shaken so much. They lost their humanity.

In these special interrogations, you were forced to admit things you did not do, forced to say God doesn't exist, in other words betray God. These   interrogations served a purpose : perverting the mind of the individual subjected to them, or at least weakening their wills. Also, the perversion of the Christian concept regarding life and the world, and the   humiliation of the human being these are things which need to be told.

In these ordeals, the true nature of a man is brought to the surface. In these ordeals, he is either de-grading himself, or perfecting himself.

But the tribulations of the Movement in those times in Pitesti and Gherla 2are the harshest of all tribulations the Movement was subject to, to this day.

The Archangel Michael's Legion is unique in history, as is this case. We, the Legion's members, did not fight with our own weaknesses or people in these ordeals, but with devil possessed people, thrown upon us with all the hatred, the   cynicism and the cruelty they were capable of inflicting upon us.

1To better understand this book you need to learn about "The Legion of The Archangel Michael”

2 Communist prisons

The Pitesti-Gherla phenomenon is not only special, but mystical as well because a battle raged there : the battle between those who served God and those who served satan.

These testimonies don't pretend to be very literary. They are pieces from the souls of some young fighters, honest with themselves and honest with God; young men and women who put everything they had good in them in the fight for justice,  freedom and faith.

 Fully realizing their role to be played in history, they served the nation and Christ's Church against communism-the mortal enemy of Christianity - even to their deaths.

History doesn't show any records anywhere, of a similar case, as the one involving the young Legion members suffering horrors like those in Pitesti and Gherla.

In the persecutions and prisons suffered by legionnaires during the so-called Romanian   democracy, then by the ones under the dictatorship of Carol the second and Antonescu, the conscience of the one being persecuted did not suffer too, it wasn't raped. But in the tortures and horrors which took place in Pitesti and Gherla, they acted directly and   methodically upon the one being tortured, for his faith in God to be shattered first, then his ideas of the world and life as well as his political   convictions.

In these testimonies I won't accuse any political prisoner. I do not have the authority, the standing and the right to do so, as one who suffered all that I suffered myself, but I will testify to the events exactly as they took place with all the young men in the Legion in Pitesti and Gherla.

 I won't tell you about my heroic deeds, but others' heroic deeds. Those who will read these lines will ask themselves why didn't I talk about the people from the other political categories present in those prisons - it's because : I do not have the authority, standing or right to talk and write about others, because, if I would(like others did, who never even went through Pitesti and Gherla) I would have to accuse some, and excuse others. And then, my testimonies would not be written in the fear of God. The people from the other political parties who went through Pitesti and Gherla, have the right to talk about what happened to them too.

I will talk only of my brothers and myself, and each should talk about his own.

I talk about my own because I am a legionnaire and they were legionnaires too. The souls of the departed push me write, to write everything, as it happened  - who initiated, who was the leader, who are the guilty(who were convinced they will not suffer the consequences for their actions), who executed the plan, who were deceived and who were the victims of this never before seen drama.


 Dumitru Gh. Bordeianu


 Melbourne, 26 oct. 1989