Sports Scandals and Crimes in the United States (selected cases)


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Baseball has been cracking down on steroid use with more frequent and random testing, but that hasn’t stopped the problem. After all, A-Rod’s suspension comes on the heels of former National League MVP Ryan Braun’s. Why do the big stars keep risking their careers and reputations for drugs? They are all smart enough to know that a short-term gain in strength is likely to be offset by some potentially disastrous long-term health effects, which is why these drugs are banned in the first place. Part of the problem is that steroid abuse is part of baseball’s culture. As in cycling, so many players are taking PEDs that teammates may feel they have to illegally up their game as well. This and many more scandals and crimes in sports!

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Michael Erbschloe

Michael Erbschloe worked for over 30 years performing analysis of the economics of information technology, public policy relating to technology, and utilizing technology in reengineering organization processes. He has authored several books on social and

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