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How to Decrease/Increase Font Size?

There are several ways to increase the text size depending on the format you choose:

1) HTML Format: when you access a book in the HTML format, on the top right of the page there will be a 'Tools' section - in there, there is a button to increase/decrease the font to a certain degree

2) PDF Format: most PDF readers, like the Adobe PDF reader will allow you to increase/decrease the font size. In the Adobe Reader, click the minus (-) or plus (+) icon in the top toolbar of the reader to adjust the size. This may produce scroll bars when increasing the fonts.

3) TXT Format: is you use a program like Notepad to open/read a TXT file, click on 'edit' in the top menu, then 'select all' from the submenu. This will highlight all the text. With all the text highlighted click 'Format' from the top menu, then 'font'. From there you can select the font size you desire.

4) ePUB: if you are a VIP Member you can download ePub files. You can then use the free Adobe Digital Editions to read ePub files on your computer. Click the small or large 'A' in the top toolbar of Adobe Editions to decrease/increase the font.

5) eBook Readers: all eReaders (Kindle, SONY, Nook, etc) have the capacity to adjust the font size. Please consult your device's instruction manual in order to learn how to do so.

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