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How Can I email an eBook directly to my Kindle?

V.I.P. Members can email eBooks directly to their Kindles using these steps (sorry it's a little complicated, but we are at the mercy of Amazon's system on this one):

  1. Ensure that your Kindle is WiFi wireless capable (i.e. Kindle 3rd generations and later) and you are connected through a WiFi network

  2. Download the book you want from, in Kindle format.

  3. Visit Amazon's Send to Kindle page and login to your account.

  4. Follow the instructions on the page and select the book you just downloaded.

  5. Connect your Kindle to your wireless network if not already connected

  6. Return to your Kindle's home screen and check your book listing to see if your title has arrived. If after 15 minutes, your title still has not arrived, select "Sync and check for new items" in the menu from your Kindle home screen to force a sync

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