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Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

on earth, or how big their bank account was. Instead, they are very often asked “How much love were you able to develop for your fellow beings?” and “How much knowledge were you able to gain on earth?”

Life is about having joy. It’s about increasing our ability to give and receive love and it’s about gaining all the knowledge we can. It’s also about serving others, feeling grateful for all we have, and learning to create the life we want.

Trapped emotions make it more difficult for us to experience these joys and tend to short-circuit us both physically and emotionally.

The Human Energy Field

A few decades ago, scientific thought denied the existence of any sort of human energy field. Since that time, scientists have completely changed their minds. They now know with absolute certainty that an energy field exists. As new technology has come along, they’ve been able to test it and find out for certain. For example, one device, called the SQUID

magnetometer, can detect the tiny magnetic fields created by the biochemical and physiological activities of the body.

Using this device, scientists have learned that all of the tissues and organs in the body produce specific, magnetic vibrations. They call them biomagnetic 109

The Emotion Code

fields.9 This is fairly new information, not widespread knowledge yet.

Although not all medical doctors are aware of this, it has been determined that the biomagnetic fields in the space around the body give a more accurate reading of the patient’s health than traditional electrical measurements, like EEG’s and EKG’s. In fact, scientists now know that the heart’s electromagnetic field is so powerful that you can take an accurate EKG reading three feet away from the body.

The reading can be taken from any point on the body and any point in the electromagnetic field, because the field itself contains the information in a threedimensional, or holographic way.10

Today’s doctors know what they were taught by their professors, who learned from their professors before them, and so on. Western medicine is empirical. It’s based on observation. If something can’t be observed, it can’t be verified. If it can’t be verified, then it isn’t true.

Despite its drawbacks, doctors who follow the model of western medicine have often been behind some of the most brilliant medical advances in history. They 9 Walter Lubeck, Frank Petter, William Rand, The Spirit of Reiki, (Twin Lakes, WI, Lotus Press, 00), 7.

0 Doc Lew Childre, Howard Martin and Donna Beech, The HeartMath Solution, (New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers, Inc. 999) 60. 110

Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

excel at developing important methods of precision testing, breakthrough surgical procedures and advanced technology. This model has tremendous assets, but it has its disadvantages as well.

As far back as the 1940’s, Dr. Harold Saxon Burr, a distinguished medical researcher at Yale, insisted that pathology could be detected in the energy field of the body long before physical symptoms began to emerge. Although he didn’t have the skills or techniques to do it himself, Burr proposed that diseases could be prevented by adjusting or manipulating the energy field.11 His medical colleagues thought his ideas seemed unlikely and farfetched, probably because they were not taught that this could be a possibility when they were in medical school.

The importance of the energy field is still not taken into account in traditional Western medical practices, and thus, the patient often suffers needlessly due to lack of proper attention to the underlying causes of their illness.

Recently, however, many non-traditional healing practices have gone from being ridiculed to being respected. This is partially because technology has improved and scientists have been able to test more accurately, and partially because these alternative healing methods actually do work.

Robert C. Fulford, D.O., Touch of Life: Aligning Body, Mind, and Spirit to Honor the Healer Within (New York, NY: Pocket Books, 996) 5. 111

The Emotion Code

Now mainstream science is even beginning to acknowledge the existence of the energy meridians used by ancient Chinese medical doctors for thousands of years. Acupuncture in particular is being recognized for its energetic healing power, even if it is not fully understood by the medical community. Chiropractic adjustments, which remove nerve interference, are also being proven in clinical trials to have long-lasting and significant benefits, something that chiropractic doctors and patients have known for over 100 years. Abundant evidence exists to prove that the human body is an energetic, vibrant, emotional, and spiritual entity. The old mechanistic approach proves to be more and more limited and simplistic as we learn about the nature of energy and of the universe, and how everything is in constant communication with everything else. As Simon Mitchell points out in his book, Don’t Get Cancer:

A philosophy of medicine that is over-reliant on logic and limited mainly to drugs and surgery is fundamentally flawed. Acts of logic always rely on analysis, that is, breaking down a ‘whole’ into its constituent parts, and examining each minutely. Reductionist approaches fail to see the connectivity and relatedness of all things. As a result this philosophy is offering us ‘cures’ which are often as dangerous and destructive as the disease itself.

Today, we are at a turning point in medical history. With the discoveries of quantum physics and molecular 112

Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

biology proving that everything is energy and that it is all related, a door has been opened.

Scientific research is constantly being conducted, and continues to confirm over and over again that we are beings of energy, and that there is an intelligent force at work in the universe.

Research will continue to push back the boundaries on what we know about the human energy field. As it does so, I am convinced that the energetic basis of human thought will become more clearly understood, and that the phenomenon of trapped emotions will eventually be recognized by the scientific community for the damage they cause.

As technology continues to advance, scientists and doctors will inevitably realize how important it is to keep the body in a state of balance. The magnetic and energetic healing techniques that alternative practitioners already use will hopefully be integrated into conventional medicine to provide the best, most thorough, and most gentle healing. There is much to be learned by studying the energy of the human body, and we are the ones to gain from it. Remember that not so long ago, scientists didn’t recognize that the human body had an energy field, much less that our very health depended on it!

All methods of healing are valid and have their place. In the future, I see a world where the best of all possible approaches will combine to the benefit of mankind. 113

The Emotion Code

Quick Fixes

I saw first-hand during my years in practice that the body has a built-in ability to heal itself, another evidence of the body’s innate intelligence. The body sometimes needs help to restore itself to a state of balance. This help may consist of removing trapped emotions, detoxification, receiving chiropractic adjustments and proper nutrition, and more. Healing is a process, and it takes time.

But waiting for the body to heal itself naturally can try our patience. We usually want a quick fix. We don’t want to wait; we want it now. We are conditioned by endless advertising to think that if we take a pill our problem will be solved. While some prescription medications do address the cause of illness, most only cover up the symptoms. They usually do such a wonderful job at masking our symptoms that we may think our problem is gone, when it is merely being chemically suppressed.

Remember that symptoms are the body’s way of

telling you that something is wrong. They are a warning signal that you need to change something, or that your body needs some help.

Masking symptoms with medications can be a bit

like putting a piece of duct tape over that annoying oil light in your car that turned on recently. You may cover it up for awhile, but eventually your car will stop running.


Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

The pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that the best way to get well is to take their products. For example, heavy advertising in the media helped to create a tremendous market for anti-depressants. While they have helped some people, like all drugs, they have side-effects. In fact, read this excerpt from an official FDA press release, dated October 14, 2004:12

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today issued a Public Health Advisory announcing a multi-pronged strategy to warn the public about the increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior (“suicidality”) in children and adolescents being treated with antidepressant medications…

The release of trapped emotions have consistently helped patients to overcome depression. Read this testimonial from a former patient of mine who was suffering from severe depression.

I had gotten to the point where I was exceedingly suicidal. Everyday I would wake up and have to

decide, ‘Do I live or die today?’ I was stuck because part of my belief system was that my life was not mine to take. That had been a mantra already for several years, and yet I no longer wanted to live. And I happened to show up at one of Dr. Nelson’s seminars where he talks about emotions. And at

“FDA Launches a Multi-Pronged Strategy to Strengthen Safeguards for Children Treated With Antidepressant Medications,” Oct. 5, 004

<> 115

The Emotion Code

that time he didn’t talk about them a whole lot, and I spoke to him after he was finished speaking, and said ‘You mentioned the emotions but you didn’t

do anything or talk about it; I need help… I don’t want to live, yet I know that there are some people in this life who are happy, and there are people in this life who are functioning very well. I’m not, and I want to be. Can you do something?’ And in that moment he cleared something regarding my lack

of joy, and I could literally feel in the moment that he did that, all of this energy coming back to me. I actually did not sleep almost the whole night; I was so pumped and so energized after that. Since then, we have done a lot of work, mostly in the clearing of trapped emotions, and other work as well, but this emotional work is so powerful and so key. I am a different person than I was a year and a half ago. I no longer have the panic attacks; I no longer have the night terrors I used to have. I am a different person. I’m alive, I embrace life, and I love life. Thanks - Karen B.

If we have pain, we may need pain medication to be able to deal with it. I’m grateful we have it, and as I said before, all healing approaches are valid. Medications can be perfectly appropriate in the short-term, as they work to relieve symptoms, but they sometimes do

more harm than good.

Witness the following article from USA Today, dated December 20, 2006:


Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

Non-prescription pain relievers used by millions of U.S. consumers need stronger health warnings regarding liver or stomach risk, the Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday.

The drugs include some of the most commonly taken in the USA — aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen

— and will affect such household brands as Motrin, Advil, Aleve and Tylenol.

The FDA proposes that:

Products with acetaminophen, such as Tylenol, include warnings for liver toxicity, particularly when used in high doses, with other acetaminophen products or with three or more drinks of alcohol a day.

Over-the-counter NSAIDs (short for non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs) include warnings for stomach bleeding in people over 60; those who have had ulcers, take a blood thinner or more than one NSAID; or those who take them with alcohol or longer than directed. Attention focused on their risks in 004 when prescription NSAID Vioxx was withdrawn because

of heart attack and stroke risk. Last year, the FDA sought a warning on prescription NSAID Celebrex for cardiovascular and stomach risks. An FDA advisory panel in 00 said over-the-counter NSAIDs should have stronger warnings about stomach bleeding.

Julie Schmit, Julie Appleby, “FDA calls for pain reliever warning”, USA Today 0

Dec. 006, national ed.: A..


The Emotion Code

Here is another testimonial from a former patient who suffered from chronic pain for four years after falling 2 stories onto a boulder and breaking her back:

I consulted Dr. Nelson because I had broken my

back a few years back and had never gotten over

the pain despite several types of physical therapy and exercise programs. During my first adjustment, I realized that Dr. Nelson was a true healer; I

could just feel it. Almost all of my adjustments included “emotional releases” from energy blockages in my body, (unresolved traumatic events live in the energy system of the body and cause blockages in the energy flow). At first I did not notice any change, but gradually my pain began to decrease! With Dr. Nelson’s help I discovered that emotions very deep within me were causing the majority of my pain... My body had so much pain stored inside from so

very long ago, and Dr. Nelson was able to “talk” to my body to help me release it. What a remarkable process to experience each appointment’s release and the corresponding decrease in pain. Today for the first time in 4 years I am able to work part-time, but most important of all, I feel a great healing in my physical and emotional body and have learned

the invaluable fact of how these two are so integrally related. Thank you, Dr. Nelson!!!

In love and light - Linda P.


Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

Getting to the Cause

If the essential cause of your illness is not dealt with, you will have the illness until your body is able to heal itself. I have seen many cases where the patient was on medication for their problem for years, and as soon as they went off the medication, their problem came back full swing because the underlying cause was still creating the illness. The underlying cause must be reversed or your problem will not go away and you must either remain in pain or on drugs forever.

Most of us never learned that we could access the energy of our bodies, to learn what is wrong and how to fix it. But we live in a remarkable time, when knowledge of all the ages is being poured out upon mankind beyond measure.

Ancient healing philosophies were full of truth and deep insights into our energetic nature, and the validity of these approaches is now being recognized once again.

Magnets are one of the most ancient healing modalities on earth, and are an integral part of the Emotion Code. Find out why in the next chapter.


A man who is swayed by negative emotions may

have good enough intentions, may be truthful

in word, but he will never find the Truth.

- Ghandi


Healing With Magnets

What is the most powerful healing tool in your home? Some vitamins? A prescription

medication? A healing herbal tea? Something in your fridge? How about something on your fridge? No,

not your shopping list, I’m talking about the magnet that’s holding your shopping list to your fridge. Believe it or not, the common refrigerator magnet can be one of the most powerful healing tools you’ll ever own, when it comes to removing trapped emotions, provided you know how to use it. I’ll explain why in this chapter.

How healthy you are is directly related to how balanced your energy field is. Energy healing works to restore and maintain the harmony of the energy field, so that the body can remain vitally healthy. But how do you 123

The Emotion Code

begin to heal the energy field of the body if you cannot see it? You already know you can find imbalances like trapped emotions by using the Sway Test to ask the subconscious mind what is wrong. What can you use as a tool to remove trapped emotions?

The answer is you must use some other form of energy. The easiest to use, the cheapest and the most widely available energy tool is the magnet. Magnets emit pure energy and are a powerful tool to fix energetic imbalances that you cannot see. I have used all kinds of magnets, from the most expensive and most powerful, to the least expensive and weakest. Some magnets are specifically designed for healing the body, and some are not. But I have found that virtually any magnet can be used to release trapped emotions using the Emotion Code.

Your Magnetic Existence

Your existence stretches farther than you can see or feel, precisely because you are an energetic being, even though you are also physical. It makes sense to say that if part of your existence is invisible to you, then perhaps some of the underlying causes of your health problems might be invisible to you as well.

Most people assume that they exist only inside the limits of their own skin. Your skin represents the outer layer of what you can see, and you have been 124

Healing with Magnets

taught that what you see is what is real. Now we have scientific proof that there is more to you than meets the eye.

For instance, we now know that you generate an electromagnetic field, created by the electrical activity in your body. It is created by electrical currents in your nervous system as well as the electrochemical processes that are constantly occurring in all of your cells. Scientists now know that the electromagnetic field of your heart extends 8 to 12 feet from your body in all directions, behind you, above you, below you, in front of you and to your sides.1

In 1956, Japanese scientists did the groundbreaking research that proved beyond a doubt that there were both electric and magnetic forces in the body. By exposing the body to pulsing electromagnetic fields, they created electrical changes on a cellular level and altered cell metabolism. This phenomenon is known in medical science as the piezoelectric effect.

Western medicine acknowledges and accepts the existence of this electromagnetic field without reservation, but for many years has only measured the electrical component of it. Scientists and doctors have measured the body’s electrical activity under clinical conditions for many years. The EKG, or electrocardiogram, which measures the electrical

Doc Lew Childre, Howard Martin and Donna Beech, The HeartMath Solution, (New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers, Inc. 999) 4.. 125

The Emotion Code

impulses of the heart, was first put to practical use in 1895. The EEG, or electroencephalogram, which measures the electrical activity of the brain, has been used since 1913.

A basic law of physics states that whenever electrical activity is generated, a corresponding magnetic field will always occur. Scientists can measure this magnetic field using magnetoencephalographs and magnetocardiograms. These machines represent a leap ahead over the old technology, which was limited to measuring only the electrical fields of the heart and brain. Scientists are coming to recognize how powerful and important

these magnetic interactions are.

The brain’s pineal gland, which secretes hormones that affect your whole body, is surrounded by magnetite clusters that are carefully tuned to perceive and interact with magnetic fields. These are the same kinds of magnetic clusters that allow homing pigeons, butterflies and bees to navigate using the earth’s magnetic field. It appears that these magnetite formations in our own pineal glands have a lot to do with our own sense of direction. A study published in the respected British Medical Journal found that people who were suffering from calcification, or hardening of the pineal gland were significantly more likely to get lost!2

British Medical Journal (Clin Res Ed). 985 Dec. -8;9(65):758-9. 126

Healing with Magnets

Floating Frogs With Magnetic Energy

Scientists attempting to understand why magnetism has such a profound affect on physiology have performed a fascinating experiment using an extremely powerful magnet and a frog. This is somewhat whimsical, but I include it because it illustrates the fact that magnets do have a physical effect.

April 12, 1997

“Scientists Make a Frog Levitate”

LONDON (AP) - British and Dutch scientists

say they have succeeded in floating a frog in air

--using a magnetic field a million times stronger than that of the Earth.

And, they say, there is no reason why larger creatures, even humans shouldn’t perform the same gravity defying feat.

‘It’s perfectly feasible if you have a large enough magnetic field,’ said Peter Main, professor of physics at Nottingham University, one of the British scientists who collaborated with colleagues at the University of Nijmegen to create the first levitating amphibian.

Their endeavors are reported briefly in the current issue of the British magazine New Scientist.

To hold up the frog, the field had to be a million times that of the Earth, the scientists said, only 127

The Emotion Code

then was it strong enough to distort the orbits of electrons in the frog’s atoms.

‘If the magnetic field pushes the frog away with sufficient force, you will overcome gravity and the frog will float,’ Main said. The trick doesn’t only work on frogs. Scientists say they have made plants, grasshoppers and fish float in the same way. ‘Every ordinary object, whether it be a frog, a grasshopper or a sandwich, is magnetic, but it’s very rare to see such a spectacular demonstration of this,’ said Main.

The scientists said their frog showed no signs of distress after floating in the air inside a magnetic cylinder.3

Magnets and Healing

When the human body is exposed to a magnetic field, even more interesting and often surprising things happen. People’s illnesses and imbalances have completely disappeared. Pain has diminished, vertigo has vanished, and fatigue has been reversed. There have been thousands of people who have had their health restored by the healing powers of magnets. Even though the proof is there, modern allopathic medicine is still currently in the experimental phase with magnets as healing tools. Many vitalistic healers already know that magnets work wonders, but medicine cannot scientifically explain the discoveries that their experiments have revealed.

“Scientists Make a Frog Levitate,” New Scientist Magazine, April 997, . 128

Healing with Magnets

In March of 2005, Time magazine ran a story about doctors at Columbia University who accidentally discovered a surprising way to cure depression – by using magnetic energy.

A Connecticut woman named Martha had been

depressed for almost twenty years. She had gone through all of the recognized traditional treatments –

seeing psychiatrists and psychologists, consuming any medication they gave her. But none of the treatments helped her depression. Martha decided to participate in the experimental treatment procedure at Columbia. Doctors applied a series of magnetic pulses to the top of her head. They called the treatment repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS).

After undergoing the hour-long procedure five times a week for six weeks, Martha said, “I started to see signs of change by about the third week. By September, I was on top again. I could take pleasure in things like food and sunshine.” At the time the article came out, Martha had been returning to the institute for repeat sessions on a periodic basis, and had been depressionfree for six months. These doctors cannot explain exactly why magnetic stimulation works to cure depression and other disorders. According to Dr. George Wittenberg, a neurologist at Wake Forest University, “Magnetic stimulation is a clever way to induce current without actually having an electrical connection.” The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) agrees that there 129

The Emotion Code

is no denying the effectiveness of the technique, and they are sponsoring a study at Columbia and three other institutions to further test the healing effects of magnetic stimulation.4

In a study published in 2002 in the respected Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, seventyfive percent of patients suffering from depression experienced significant improvement after undergoing this same type of magnetic treatment.5

My Introduction to Magnets

My own exposure to the power of magnetic therapy came many years ago through my brother Greg, who had been using magnetic treatments in his chiropractic office. Greg was so enthusiastic about the effectiveness of the magnets made by a Japanese wellness company called Nikken, that he finally persuaded me to give them a try in my own clinic.

The moment after I received my new Nikken

“MagBoy” magnet in the mail I found a patient that would present a real challenge. Laura had come to me for treatment of her Fibromyalgia, a debilitating condition characterized by widespread muscular pain of unknown origin. Most of Laura’s pain was in her upper body. Her overall range of motion with both of her arms was very limited and she could barely raise 4 Psychiatry Res. 004 Apr. 0;6():-.

5 Rosenberg P.B., et al. “Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment of comorbid post traumatic stress disorder and major depression.” Journal of Neuro- psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 00 Summer;4():70-6. 130

Healing with Magnets

them to a horizontal position without being stopped by the pain.

I explained to Laura that I’d like to try a new treatment to see what effect, if any, it might have on her condition. She agreed, and we chatted while I rolled the magnet continuously back and forth on her left arm between her shoulder and her elbow.

After a few minutes of this, I tested the range of motion in her arms again. I had her raise her right arm first, the arm we did not apply the magnet to. Laura raised her arm until it was almost horizontal to the floor. I could see that she was in pain, so I had her stop. This was what I had expected.

Then I asked her to raise her left arm, the one we had used the magnet on. To our mutual surprise, Laura raised her left arm easily and smoothly up along the side of her head without any discomfort.

Her eyes widened and she exclaimed, “I don’t have any pain at all where you used that! What is that thing? Can I buy it from you?”

I put Laura through more range-of-motion tests, and to my amazement, she now had full range of motion in her left arm, and no pain. I looked down at the little silver and blue magnet in my hand with eyes as wide as Laura’s. These sudden and dramatic results were quite unexpected. I told Laura all I knew, that it was 131

The Emotion Code

a Nikken magnet designed for reducing discomfort in the body.

It took Laura very little effort to remove the cause of her symptoms. My hunch is that in her case, the biggest underlying cause of her Fibromyalgia was something that the Japanese call “MFDS”, or magnetic field deficiency syndrome. Proponents of MFDS believe

that you can become “deficient” in magnetic energy, just as you can become deficient in a vitamin or a mineral. Adding a little more magnetic energy to her body was all that Laura seemed to need to get rid of her pain. The relief of Laura’s Fibromyalgia was just the first miracle I saw with magnets.

I believe that MFDS is a component of many illne