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The Emotion Code

How to Release Your Trapped Emotions

for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness

The Emotion Code

How to Release Your Trapped Emotions

for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness

Dr. Bradley Nelson

Wellness Unmasked Publishing

Mesquite, Nevada

First Edition, June 2007

Copyright © 2007 Dr. Bradley B. Nelson

All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No portion of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. For information contact: Wellness Unmasked Publishing

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Nelson, B. (Bradley), 1957The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness / Dr. Bradley Nelson. p. cm.

Includes bibliographic references and index.

ISBN 978-0-9795537-0-7 (pbk.)


To the memory of Bruce A. Nelson, Sr. and Ruth Nelson, my wonderful parents, who always loved and believed in me. To the memory of Doctors Ida Glynn Harmon and Allen Baine, (Doc and Ida) who healed my body when I was a very sick boy and introduced me to the world of natural healing. To Dr. Stanley Flagg, my teacher and mentor.

Finally, to my wife Jean, whose ideas, insights, contributions, dreams and support made this work possible.

A Note to Readers

The Emotion Code is a self-help method that quite often produces marvelous results and wonderful benefits, both physical and emotional in nature. Nevertheless, it is a relatively new discovery and has not been thoroughly studied.

This book is based on the personal observations and experiences of Dr. Bradley Nelson. You, the reader, must take 100% responsibility for your own health, both physical and emotional. The Emotion Code should not be misconstrued or used to diagnose the presence or absence of any particular mental, physical or emotional ailment. Neither muscle-testing nor the Sway Test should be used to diagnose the presence or absence of disease.

This book is not intended to be a substitute for the services of any health care professional. Neither the author nor the publisher is responsible for any consequences incurred by those employing the remedies or treatments discussed or taught herein. Any application of the material set forth in the following pages is at the reader’s discretion and is his or her sole responsibility.

The stories in this book are all true, but the names have been changed in some circumstances to protect privacy.




Part I Trapped Emotions

1 Trapped Emotions: The Invisible Epidemic


What is a Trapped Emotion?—4

Your Future Held Hostage—7

The Damage Trapped Emotions Cause—11

Trapped Emotions and Physical Pain—13

Trapped Emotions and Disease—21

2 The Secret World of Trapped Emotions


Conscious versus Subconscious—28

Talking to the Body—32

The Sway Test—33

Do You Have a Trapped Emotion?—38

Energy Medicine—43

Trapped Emotions and Children—50

Trapped Emotions are Common—56

The Resonance of Trapped Emotions—57

The Dual Nature of Trapped Emotions—65

The Physical Effects of Trapped Emotions—70


Night Terrors—80

Can You Afford to Keep Them?—81

Part II The Energetic World

3 Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers 89

The Spirit and the Temple—91

Thoughts are Things—93

The Mysterious Quantum World—97

The Intelligent Universe—100


Walking on Air—104

Messages from Water—107

The Human Energy Field—109

4 Healing With Magnets


Your Magnetic Existence—124

My Introduction to Magnets—130

A New Healing Tool—132

Magnifying Your Intention—137

The Governing Meridian—139

Part III Using the Emotion Code

5 Getting Answers From The Inner Mind 149

Muscle Testing—149

Your Body Knows Best—154

Testing Other People—157

Testing Yourself—160

Nonverbal Communication—171


The Veil of Memory—185

6 Releasing Trapped Emotions


Step 1: Obtain Permission—192

Step 2: Establish a Baseline—193

Step 3: See if a Trapped Emotion Exists—195

Step 4: Determine Which Emotion It Is—196

Finding the Correct Emotion—199

Digging Deeper—203

Releasing an Emotion from Yourself—212

Releasing an Emotion from Another Person—213

Confirming the Release—214

Dealing With Specific Issues—215

Processing the Release —217

Prenatal Trapped Emotions—219

Inherited Trapped Emotions—220

Pre-Conception Trapped Emotions—223

The Emotion Code Flowchart—226


7 The Walls Around Our Hearts


The Heart-Brain—233

The Discovery of the Heart-Wall—236

Protecting the Core of You—239

How We Are Meant to Live—254

Children and Heart-Walls—259

Finding and Releasing the Heart-Wall—265

Determining the Heart-Wall Material—269

Anne Horne’s Story—272

Counting the Cost—278

8 Surrogates, Proxies & Distance Healing 287

Surrogate Testing—290

How to Do Surrogate Testing—292

Surrogate Testing Children—294

Julie’s Story—296

Surrogate Testing Animals—301

Getting Permission—303

Proxy Testing—304

How to Do Proxy Testing—307

9 The Emotion Code and Animals


A Horse is a Horse, of Course…—317

Working on Animals—320

Twiggs Gets Dognapped—322

Brandy’s Naughty Behavior—325

Boofy the Paranoid Cat—327

Abandoned Puppies—328

A Horse’s Sorrow—330

Amazing Horse Stories —332

More Amazing Horse Stories—336

Part IV A Brighter Future

10 Life Without Trapped Emotions


The Law of Attraction—348

You Choose Your Emotions—350

About Letting Go—353


About Pride—354

About Forgiveness—355

About Charity—359

About Integrity—361

The Refiner’s Fire of Life —363

About Prayer—365

About the Author



Nikken Magnets—371





My express thanks go out to those who have helped in the creation of this work.

To my patients, for allowing me to be their friend and doctor, and for allowing me to share their stories. To my brother Greg, for introducing me to magnetic healing and to a new way of seeing things.

To my brother Bruce, for teaching me about the power of intention and the power of charity.

To my sisters Michele and Noelle, for their positive encouragement and love.

To Donna Beech for listening to me for hours on end, and for organizing my material and helping me to get started. To Jean and Natalie Nelson and Ryan Muirhead for their excellent help with editing and photography.

To Kristi, Natalie, Jean, Rhett, Ian, Elisabeth, Angela, Noelle and Cierra for modeling, and to Drew and Joseph for their ideas and positive input.

To Joseph, for his artistic input and creativity, and to Drew for being so supportive and helpful.

To Isamu Masuda, for his dream of healing the world and for creating the magnetic tools to do just that. To my wife Jean, for sticking with me through thick and thin, for being my inspiration, my helper and my best friend. Finally, to God for answering my prayers, for blessing me with the gifts I would need to accomplish this work, for making me an instrument of healing, and for guiding my life all along the way.


Part I

Trapped Emotions

Truth is stranger than fiction, but this is

because fiction is obliged to stick to probability; truth is not.

- Mark Twain


Trapped Emotions:

The Invisible Epidemic

Where would you be without your emotions? If the sum total of all your experiences makes

up the tapestry of your life, it is the emotions you have experienced that give that tapestry its color.

Our emotions really do give color to our lives. Try to imagine for a moment a world where no emotions could occur. No joy would be possible. No feelings of happiness, bliss, charity or kindness. No love would be felt, no positive emotions of any kind.

On this imaginary emotionless planet, there would be no negative emotions either. No sorrow, no anger, no feelings of depression, and no grief. To live on such a planet would be to merely exist. With no ability to 1

The Emotion Code

feel emotions of any kind, life would be reduced to a gray, mechanical ritual from cradle to grave. Be grateful that you can feel emotions!

But are there emotions you have experienced that you would rather not have felt? If you are like most people, your life has had its darker times. You have probably experienced moments of anxiety, as well as other times of grief, anger, frustration, and fear. You may have experienced periods of sorrow, as well as depression, low self-esteem, hopelessness, or any of a wide variety of negative emotions.

What you may not realize is that some of the negative emotions you’ve experienced, even though you may have felt them long ago, may still be creating problems for you in subtle, yet very damaging ways. The Emotion Code is about finding those old emotions and releasing them forever.

Much of our suffering is due to negative emotional energies that have become ‘trapped’ within us. The Emotion Code is a simple and powerful method of finding and releasing these trapped energies. Many people have found that when they free themselves of their trapped emotions they are able to live healthier and happier lives. A single trapped emotion can create both physical and emotional problems.

The following real-life examples illustrate how releasing trapped emotional energy using the Emotion Code


The Invisible Epidemic

can result in astonishing and sudden improvements in physical and emotional wellness:

Allison’s debilitating hip pain left her instantly, and she was able to dance in her performance that night…

Linda’s constant feelings of suicidal depression went away…

Jennifer’s chronic anxiety was gone, and she now felt the total confidence she’d been longing for…

Laurie reported that for the first time in her life, she could feel God’s love for her...

Sheryl was finally able to shed her anger for her ex-husband, and create a wonderful, loving

relationship with a new man…

Julia aced her court reporting test, after failing several times…

Larry’s foot pain disappeared along with his limp…

Connie’s allergies disappeared…

Neil’s 2 year-long feeling of resentment for his boss vanished…

Yolaunda finally lost the weight she’d been struggling to lose for years…

Joan’s bulimia was gone within a week…

Tom’s vision improved…


The Emotion Code

Jim’s shoulder pain disappeared…

Mindy’s carpal tunnel syndrome went away…

Sandy’s knee pain, which she had seen three other doctors for, was gone in moments…

Carol’s night terrors, which had plagued her for over 30 years, were gone within a week, and did

not return…

I was present at each of these events and many others like them. In many years of practice and teaching, I have seen countless seemingly miraculous healings such as these, all as a result of simply releasing trapped emotions using the Emotion Code.

My purpose in writing this book is to teach you how to find and remove trapped emotions from yourself and from others.

Whether you are a doctor or a fisherman, a housewife or a teenager, you can learn the Emotion Code. It’s simple.

Anyone can learn how to be free from the very real and damaging effects of trapped emotions.

What is a Trapped Emotion?

As you live through the days and years of your life you are continually experiencing emotions of one sort or another. Life can be difficult and emotions can sometimes feel overwhelming. All of us experience 4

The Invisible Epidemic

negative emotional extremes at times. Most of us would rather forget some of these challenges, but unfortunately, the influence of these events can stay with us in the form of trapped emotions.

Sometimes, for reasons that we do not yet understand, emotions do not process completely. In these cases, instead of simply experiencing the emotion and then moving on, the energy of the emotion somehow becomes “trapped” within the physical body.

So instead of moving beyond your angry moment,

or a temporary bout with grief or depression, this negative emotional energy can remain within your body, potentially causing significant physical and emotional stress.

Most people are amazed to find out that their

“emotional baggage” is more literal than they had imagined. Trapped emotions actually consist of welldefined energies that have a shape and form. Although they are not visible, they are very real.

Neil’s Resentment

In this story, a Canadian teacher shares how a difficult situation resulted in a trapped emotion that stayed with him, impacting his life in a negative way.

A number of years ago when I was teaching school, the principal and I just did not get along well at all. We fought almost from day one over one topic or another. She was extremely vicious, vindictive, 5

The Emotion Code

and emasculating in every way, shape and form.

Finally, about January of the school year, I bailed out. I saw my doctor, and went on stress leave.

He said, ‘Take some time off and regroup and

recuperate.’ So I did that for about three months, and at the end of three months I went back to the school board with a clean bill of health, but with a proviso from the doctor that I was not to be put back into the same situation with this rather nasty principal.

Anyway, the feelings surrounding her and that

whole situation would never leave. They would well up often, and I would ruminate on the situation, thinking about it, and I would feel my blood pressure rising, and I would feel the anger and

resentment building up within me about the way

I had been treated, and the fact that she never

had any disciplinary measures even though she

had a history of being rather sinister, if you will, to teachers who disagreed with her approach to


Anyway, this went on for 2 years. I couldn’t sleep at night because I’d be so bent out of shape from all the negative feelings I was carrying. We were visiting Southern California and went and saw Dr. Brad Nelson and went to his clinic, and he rolled a magnet up and down my back, and released this

feeling of resentment, and when he did so, I felt, I actually felt, something leave me. And from that 6

The Invisible Epidemic

point forward, even though I still don’t like the woman, I don’t have the negative feelings and the rising blood pressure, the anger, the resentment, which had possessed me for several years. So, that’s the story of an emotional blockage gone, with these principles and the Emotion Code that Dr. Brad


Neil B., Alberta, Canada

Your Future Held Hostage

Do you ever feel that you are struggling under the weight of something that you can’t quite put your finger on? Perhaps your life is not turning out how you had hoped. Perhaps your attempts to form lasting relationships never seem to work out. You may wish that certain events in your past had never occurred but feel powerless to move beyond them. You may even have an uneasy feeling that your present is being held hostage by your past in some vague and indefinable way.

Jennifer ’s Self-Sabotage

Jennifer’s experience is a good example of how trapped emotions can get in your way. She was my daughter’s close friend, a fun-loving college student with a bright future. On her way home for the summer, she stopped by to visit our family. Her college life was going well, but she expressed concern that events from her past 7

The Emotion Code

still troubled her, and she wondered if she was suffering from trapped emotions.

She told me she’d been involved in a tumultuous relationship with a young man the year before. Jennifer said that since the failure of that stormy relationship, she felt the sting of insecurity every time she met someone new, and had an unfounded fear of commitment that she couldn’t overcome. She told me that she seemed to unintentionally sabotage every potential relationship that she began. I tested her and discovered that there was indeed, at least one trapped emotion that was contributing to her problem.

I decided to help her learn to treat herself, so she could continue to release her own trapped emotions without my assistance, since she lived some distance away. She quickly and easily learned the Emotion Code and proceeded to find several trapped emotions in her body, most notably the emotion of creative insecurity. This particular emotion arises from a lack of confidence about creating things; from painting a picture, starting a new job, or entering into a new relationship, etc. Jennifer had experienced this emotion in her prior relationship, and it had become trapped within her. She was able to release the creative insecurity as well as a few other trapped emotions from her body within a few minutes, and then continue her drive home. A few days later she called, exclaiming that she felt an amazing difference. She said that she felt a noticeable improvement in her ability to articulate her thoughts 8

The Invisible Epidemic

and express herself in the company of a particular young man that she was dating. Previously she had felt intimidated and shy around him, but after releasing her trapped emotions she felt very at ease and confident. Months later, she continued to watch the relationship grow. She felt certain that she would have sabotaged it if she had not released her trapped emotions. Getting rid of your trapped emotions can help you to overcome the obstacles of your past and can bring new life to your marriage, family, and other personal relationships.

Freeing yourself from your trapped emotions can make you feel more secure and motivated, and can liberate you to create the relationships, career, and life that you always wanted.

People frequently sense that they are somehow burdened by their past emotions, but they don’t seem to know how to get over them. Some seek help through traditional psychotherapy, which does not directly address trapped emotions, but typically addresses their symptoms.

Many people fail to perform up to their ability and have difficulty making their life work as they should. Oftentimes, the underlying cause of their frustration is a trapped emotion from a past event that they may not realize is sabotaging their efforts. The next story is a perfect example of how this can happen.


The Emotion Code

Julia the Court Recorder

Julia was going to school to become a court recorder, and was excited about her future job prospects. Court recorders learn to type on a specialized phonetic machine, and have to type very rapidly and accurately to record everything said in the courtroom. Julia did fine in class, but whenever she had to take an examination where the pressure was really on, she would fail. She was very worried, as she had failed the test 3 times, and was afraid that this next examination would be her last chance to pass.

I tested her to see if there was a trapped emotion that might be influencing her behavior in the testing situation, and the answer her body gave was “Yes.” In her case, the trapped emotion was discouragement. When she was 15 years old she had gone through

a difficult time when her parents were divorcing. She had experienced overwhelming discouragement

which had become trapped in her body. In the testing situation, with the pressure on, the trapped emotion of discouragement would sabotage her performance. We released the trapped discouragement, and she sailed through her next test feeling relaxed and confident, and received a nearly perfect score.

Julia had no idea that her parents’ divorce and her old feelings about it could be affecting her negatively in the present.


The Invisible Epidemic

In the same way that the effects of the wind are felt rather than seen, trapped emotions are invisible, yet can exert a powerful influence upon you.

It is my experience that a significant percentage of physical illness, emotional difficulty and self- sabotage are actually caused by these unseen energies.

The Emotion Code will help you reclaim your life, enjoy better health, and finally be free from the insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions are exerting upon you.

The Damage Trapped Emotions Cause

Trapped emotions can cause you to make the wrong assumptions, overreact to innocent remarks, misinterpret behavior and short-circuit your relationships. Even worse, trapped emotions can create depression, anxiety and other unwanted feelings that you can’t seem to shake. They can interfere with proper function of your body’s organs and tissues, wreaking havoc with your physical health, causing pain, fatigue and illness. Yet, no matter how great your suffering may be, the invisible energy of trapped emotions will remain undiagnosed by conventional medicine, even though they may be a major causative factor in your physical and emotional difficulties.


The Emotion Code

To eliminate any kind of problem that has to do with your health or well-being, the underlying causes of the problem must be addressed. There are many powerful drugs that can relieve the symptoms of disease. But when the drug wears off, the symptoms often return, because the underlying causes of the disease have not been dealt with.

It is important for you to recognize and remove your own trapped emotions before they cause more damage. You can live a much better life by getting rid of them.

This book proclaims the truth, that trapped emotions are a significant yet hidden cause of much illness and suffering, both emotional and physical in nature. Times Heals All Wounds? Perhaps Not…

You’ve probably heard it said that time heals all wounds, but this is not necessarily true. You may think you have let go of all your emotional pain from prior relationships, and maybe you’ve had therapy to deal with it. It may seem like it’s all behind you now, but your body can literally be inhabited by the invisible energies of old emotions. These are wounds that time alone cannot and will not heal. They can cause you to act and feel differently in your current relationships and may even cause you to sabotage them.

When a trapped emotion is released, a burden is literally lifted. In fact, people often experience a feeling of lightness upon the release of a trapped emotion. 12

The Invisible Epidemic

Finding and releasing those trapped negative energies can literally make changes in how you feel and behave, in the choices that you make, and in the results that you get.

The Emotion Code is about clearing away the baggage, so that you can be who you really are inside. You are not your emotional baggage, but sometimes your trapped emotions can derail you, or cause you to travel on paths you’d rather not take. Trapped emotions can keep you from living the vibrant, healthy life you are meant to live.

Trapped Emotions and Physical Pain

In addition to obvious emotional pain, millions of people are suffering from physical aches and pains. Many times there are unseen trapped emotional energies that contribute to or create physical pain. The next example illustrates how trapped emotions can exert an astonishingly powerful influence over the physical body.

Debbie’s Broken Heart

Debbie had been a patient of mine for a year or so, when one day she came into my office complaining of what she thought might be a heart attack. She had chest pain and difficulty breathing; her left arm was completely numb, as was the left side of her face. She said it had been gradually getting worse for about 24


The Emotion Code

hours. I immediately had her lie down and put my staff on alert that we may need medical assistance. After checking her vital signs and finding them to be normal, I tested her body to see if these symptoms were being caused by a trapped emotion. The answer her body gave was “Yes.”

I continued to test Debbie, and quickly determined that the trapped emotion was heartache. A little more testing revealed that this emotion had become trapped in her body three years earlier. At this point she burst into tears and exclaimed, “I thought I’d dealt with all that in therapy! I can’t believe that is showing up now!”

I asked, “Can you share what happened?”

She replied that three years before, her husband had an affair. The news was devastating to her. It destroyed her marriage and wrecked her life for a while, but she gradually came to terms with it. She cried a lot of tears, spent a year in therapy, got remarried, and moved on-or so she thought. Debbie expressed surprise that her past heartache was still affecting her, and in such a dramatic way. How could this event be the source of her physical pain when she’d gone to such lengths to deal with it already? She had done all the things we’re told to do. She’d cried and expressed her feelings, sought the comfort of friends and the advice of therapists, opened up a dialogue with her husband and reconciled with her divorce. It had not been easy and she’d made a lot 14

The Invisible Epidemic

of important progress. In her mind she’d dealt with it and put it behind her.

What she didn’t see is what none of us can see. There was a physical effect from her experience that was silent and invisible until she began to manifest symptoms from it. She had dealt with her troubles in every way but this. She was suffering from a trapped emotion.

I released the trapped heartache from her body, and within seconds the feeling came back into her arm and into her face. Suddenly she could breathe freely and the chest pain and heaviness were gone. She left the office shortly after, feeling completely fine.

The overwhelming heartache that she had felt during those early days of her breakup had literally become trapped in her physical body. The instantaneous relief of her physical symptoms was astounding to me. I was left to ponder on the mechanism that was at work here. How could a single trapped emotion cause such extreme physical symptoms?

Debbie’s experience is a dramatic example of how trapped emotions can affect us physically, and how traditional therapy cannot and does not attempt to remove them, although traditional therapy certainly has its place. Typically trapped emotions will not cause symptoms as intense as the ones that Debbie experienced. Most are more subtle, yet exert an imbalancing influence on both mind and body.


The Emotion Code

Sharon’s Mother was a Pain

A patient named Sharon came to my office one day complaining of pain in her abdomen. She told me that the pain felt like it was coming from her right ovary. I tested her to see if the cause of her pain was due to a trapped emotion, and found that it was.

Further testing revealed that the exact emotion was frustration, that it had to do with her mother, and that it had become trapped in her body three days earlier. The moment I arrived at this determination, she became quite upset and angrily hissed, “Oh, my mother! She called me three days ago, and dumped all of this stuff on me! I wish she would just get out of my life, and leave me alone!”

I released the trapped frustration from her body and the pain instantly vanished. Sharon was amazed, and could hardly believe that the pain was entirely and suddenly gone. Even more amazing to Sharon was the fact that her intense frustration with her mother was the apparent cause of the physical pain she had been suffering from for the last three days.

Trapped emotions can even create muscular imbalances that lead to joint malfunction and eventual joint degeneration and arthritis. I have seen hundreds of cases where acute physical pain instantly left the body upon the release of a trapped emotion.


The Invisible Epidemic

Jim’s Bad Knees

Removing trapped emotions can often relieve pain and suffering, even in cases that would be considered hopeless by conventional medicine. This is a letter I received from a former patient whose case certainly fits this description.

I was your patient for a few years and know that I had many physical problems with my legs,

knees and back when I came to you. I was able to withstand the side effects of the various supplements you prescribed to cleanse my system and then through your abilities to release the resentments, anger and fear that I was hanging on to, we were able to achieve a physical position where my knees stopped hurting (I had been told by my doctor that replaced my hips that my knees needed replacing

because they were worn out also) and I was able to walk, climb stairs, etc. pain-free for the first time in years. To this day I am basically active and

pain-free. This is not to say that arthritis doesn’t come into play as I continue to grow older, but the worn-out knees are still working fine and for that I am grateful. I wish you the best with your book and pray that it can open the door for others to a healthy life.

Keep the faith, Jim H.

People often put up with their pain, and end up simply

“living with it”, especially when they cannot find a 17

The Emotion Code

solution or a reason for it. Pain is the body’s way of telling you there is a problem; it’s a warning sign. In my experience working with people in pain, I’ve observed that trapped emotions are actually creating the pain at least 50% of the time.

Pinned to the Past

I was teaching a workshop once in Las Vegas when I had an interesting experience. I asked for a volunteer, and a young woman in her early twenties came up out of the audience. I asked her if she had any particular physical complaints, and she said no, that she was healthy, and had no problems.

I muscle tested her to see if she had a trapped emotion, and she did. The emotion was unsupported, which is a feeling similar to being all alone, and without help when you really need it.

Through muscle testing I asked her body when this emotion had become trapped. I asked, “Did this emotion become trapped within the last five years?”

“No.” “Did this emotion become trapped between

ages ten and twenty?” “No.” “Did this emotion become trapped between ages birth to ten?” “Yes.” “Did this emotion become trapped in the first five years of your life?” “Yes.” “Did this emotion become trapped in the first year of your life?” “Yes.” “Did this emotion occur after one year of age?” “No.” I asked her if she had any 18

The Invisible Epidemic

idea what this might be about, and she shook her head no.

It just so happened that this young woman had arrived at the workshop with her mother and they had been sitting together in the audience. At this point, I looked out at the audience and noticed that her mother looked very uncomfortable.

Her hand was covering her mouth and she looked either frightened or very embarrassed, I couldn’t tell which. I asked her if she knew what might have happened, since her daughter was too young to remember.

In a very pained and embarrassed voice she explained,

“Well, when Jessica was a baby I used cloth diapers, which I would close with safety pins. There was one particular occasion where I’m ashamed to say that I accidently pinned her to her diaper. She cried and cried, but I didn’t realize that she was pinned to her diaper until I changed her again. I can’t believe this is showing up now and I felt so horrible about this and I still do.”

I turned to Jessica and asked, “Is that what this trapped emotion is about?” I pressed down on her arm and it was very strong, indicating that this was indeed the case. I released the trapped emotional energy by rolling three times down her back with a

‘MagCreator,’ a magnetic massage device made by the Nikken company , and she sat down again. About two weeks later I received the following e-mail:


The Emotion Code

Hi Dr. Brad,

When you were in Las Vegas, you cleared a trapped emotion for my daughter, Jessica, stemming from

infancy. Jessica has suffered from hip and knee pain since about the age of 12 has gotten worse as she got older. Since you worked on clearing her trapped emotion of feeling unsupported (about 1

1/2 weeks ago), she has had no pain or constriction in her hips and knees. She has never gone more

than a day or two without pain, and because it was worsening, it was beginning to affect her gait. She is ecstatic, and now is experiencing a “new” sense of inner joy. She sends her heartfelt thanks.

Jessica said feel free to share her story....she is certainly telling everyone in Las Vegas about it!

Thank you! - Maureen C.

Here is another example of a trapped emotion creating physical pain. The event that caused the trapped emotion happened when Jessica was a baby, and she had no conscious memory of it. Had we not released it, I believe that Jessica may have eventually become disabled, and the true cause of her disability

– her trapped emotion – would have remained undiscovered.

Of course, not all physical pain is caused by trapped emotions. But isn’t it interesting to contemplate that they can cause or contribute to physical pain?


The Invisible Epidemic

I have come to understand that trapped emotions seem to be involved, to one degree or another, in nearly every illness I have encountered. How is this possible?

Trapped Emotions and Disease

The most ancient idea in the art of healing is that disease is caused by imbalance in the body. Trapped emotions are perhaps the most common type of imbalance that human beings suffer from. I believe that trapped emotions can be implicated in nearly all diseases, either directly or indirectly.

Because trapped emotions are nearly universal, and because they always create distortion in the energy field of the body, and because they are completely invisible, they can cause an incredibly wide variety of physical problems without being unmasked.

Trapped emotions are truly epidemic, and are the insidious, invisible cause of much suffering and illness, both physical and emotional in nature. Trapped emotions lower immune function and make

the body more vulnerable to disease. They can distort body tissues, block the flow of energy, and prevent normal function of organs and glands.

On the following page is a list of conditions and diseases that my patients came to me with, where trapped emotions appeared as a contributing factor, and many times as the entire cause of the condition. 21

The Emotion Code

Acid Reflux


Learning Disabilities



Low Back Pain


Eye Pain


Abdominal Pain






Back Pain


Multiple Sclerosis

Bell’s Palsy

Heartburn (GERD)

Neck pain


Hip Pain

Night Terrors

Carpal Tunnel


Panic Attacks

Chest Pain


Parkinson’s disease

Chronic Fatigue



Chron’s Disease


Shoulder pain


Irritable Bowel (IBS)

Sinus problems


Joint Pain

Tennis Elbow


Knee Pain


I am not saying that releasing trapped emotions is a cure-all. The Emotion Code should not be used by itself in attempting to address any major disease or medical condition, but rather, it should be looked upon as an adjunctive therapy. When trapped emotions are contributing to physical illness, removing them can only help.

The Emotion Code is easy to use and precise. Sometimes the release of a trapped emotion will bring about an instantaneous and dramatic effect, but most of the time the effects are more subtle, yet they always seem to bring a greater sense of contentment and peace, whether they are immediate or gradual.


The Invisible Epidemic

If you are like many of the people who have come to my seminars over the years, using the Emotion Code will bring a new joy and freedom to your life.

It will give you a greater feeling of serenity because you will be freeing yourself from your old emotional baggage. The results can bring balance, a new inner calm and profound healing where nothing else has before.


The doctor of the future will give no medicine,

but will interest his patients in the care

of the human frame, in diet, and in

the cause and prevention of disease.

- Thomas A. Edison


The Secret World

of Trapped Emotions

By now, you are probably wondering whether you have any trapped emotions yourself, and what

they might be. Here is a list of circumstances that often result in trapped emotions:

• Loss of a loved one

• Divorce or relationship problems

• Financial hardship

• Home or work stress

• Miscarriage or Abortion

• Physical trauma

• Physical or Emotional Combat

• Physical, mental, verbal or sexual abuse

• Negative self-talk

• Negative beliefs about yourself or others


The Emotion Code

• Long-term stress

• Rejection

• Physical illness

• Feelings of inferiority

• Internalization of feelings

• Neglect or abandonment

This list is by no means all-inclusive. The only way to know whether you have trapped emotions is to ask the subconscious mind. This can be done quite easily, but first a little explanation is in order.

Conscious versus Subconscious

First, let’s discuss the difference between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Here is a simple way to look at it. It has been said many times that we humans use only about 10% of our brain. What is really meant by this is that the conscious mind needs about 10% of our brain’s resources. In other words, thinking, moving about, making choices, planning, seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling are all conscious activities, and take up 10%

of the processing power of our brain.

If this is true, what is the other 90% of the brain doing?

If the conscious mind takes up 10% of your brain, we can refer to the other 90% as the subconscious mind. This silent and unconscious majority of the brain is constantly busy storing information and keeping your 28

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

body systems running efficiently. It is also important to understand that the subconscious mind exerts an unseen, yet profound influence over the things we do, and how we behave and feel.

Most people give little thought to their subconscious minds. But imagine for a moment having to take over the functions that your subconscious mind performs. Imagine the difficulty of instructing your digestive system how to digest your lunch, or telling your cells how to create enzymes and proteins. Imagine if you had to worry about keeping your heart beating or keeping air moving in and out of your lungs every moment of every day. And you think you have a full schedule now!

Like a computer, your subconscious mind is capable of storing vast amounts of information.

Brain surgery is often done while the patient is conscious. The brain has no pain-sensing nerves, and surgeons take advantage of this fact to get feedback from their patients while their brains are being delicately probed during surgery.

Dr. Wilder Penfield discovered that under certain circumstances people who are undergoing brain surgery will have memories return to them when a certain area of the brain is stimulated. For example, the surgeon might touch an area of the brain with his electrode and the alert patient suddenly will remember 29

The Emotion Code

a scene, a smell, or a sound from a particular moment in their life.1

Often these flashes of memory are about events or scenes that would be unremembered under normal

circumstances. If the same area of the brain is touched again with an electrode in the same precise spot, the same memory will be reexperienced.

If you are like me, sometimes it seems difficult to remember what happened yesterday. I believe, however, that your subconscious mind is an amazing recording device.

I believe that everything you’ve ever done in your entire life has been logged in your subconscious mind.

Every face you’ve ever seen in a crowd, every smell, every voice, every song, every taste, every touch and every sensation you have ever experienced has been recorded by your subconscious.

Every virus, bacteria or fungus that has ever invaded your body, all your injuries, all your thoughts and feelings, and the entire history of every cell in your body has all been archived. Your subconscious is also aware of any trapped emotions that your body may be harboring, and it also knows exactly what effect these trapped emotions are having on your physical,

Jefferson Lewis, Something Hidden: A Biography of Wilder Penfield (Goodread Biographies), (Halifax, Nova Scotia: Formac Publishing Company Ltd., 1951), 198. 30

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

emotional and mental well-being. All of this and more is tucked away in the subconscious mind.

The Computer-Mi nd

Your subconscious is also aware of exactly what your body needs in order to get well. But how can you get to this information?

I began asking myself that same question when I was in chiropractic school. I learned that the brain is essentially a computer, the most powerful computer in the known universe. This made me wonder if healers would ever be able to tap into the immense power of the brain, to find critical information about what was wrong with their patients.

During my years of practice, I learned that it is actually possible to retrieve information from the subconscious, using a form of kinesiology, or muscle testing. First developed by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960s as a way to correct structural imbalance in the skeleton, muscle testing is now widely accepted. While many physicians world-wide use muscle testing procedures to correct spinal misalignments and other imbalances, the fact that muscle testing can be used to get information directly from the subconscious mind is less recognized.2

Robert Frost, Applied Kinesiology: A Training Manual and Reference Book of Basic Principles and Practice, (Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 00), 4. 31

The Emotion Code

Talking to the Body

The ability to open a line of communication with a patient’s subconscious mind through muscle testing became a powerful tool for me. It enabled me to know what a patient needed in order to get well, as quickly as possible. I came to trust the body’s wisdom implicitly and to have great faith in the body’s innate ability to communicate that wisdom to me, through muscle

testing. Many years of teaching seminars to both laypeople and doctors taught me that anyone can do it. Anyone can learn to get answers from the body, and anyone can take the necessary steps to help the body heal. You don’t have to be a doctor; you just have to be willing to learn.

I have been driven for many years to share this marvelous knowledge with the world. It took much prayer and effort to refine and simplify the Emotion Code, and now it is simple enough that anyone can learn it. You will soon have all the knowledge you need to begin using this method on yourself to remove trapped emotional energies from your body.

Negative versus Positive Stimuli

Before I can teach you how to get information from your subconscious mind, you must understand one

basic principle. This is that all organisms, no matter how primitive, will respond to positive or negative stimuli. For example, plants grow towards sunlight and away from darkness. An amoeba in an aquarium 32

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

will move towards light and away from darkness. If a drop of poison is placed into that same aquarium, the amoeba will move away from that poison and head

toward cleaner water.

On a subconscious level, the human body is no different.

Your body will normally be drawn toward positive things or thoughts and repelled by negative things or ideas.

In fact, this has been going on all your life, without your even being aware of it. If you will allow yourself to quiet your conscious mind and tune in to your body, you will learn that your subconscious is quite able to communicate with you.

Are you ready to let your subconscious mind speak to you?

The Sway Test

The simplest method I know of to get answers from your subconscious mind is called the Sway Test. You will learn other methods of muscle testing later on in this book, but the Sway Test is extremely simple to learn and does not require the assistance of anyone else, and so can be used when you are alone.

To try the Sway Test, assume a standing position and make sure you are comfortable. The room should be quiet and free of distractions, including music and 33



The Emotion Code

television. It will be easiest for you to learn if you are alone or with someone who is learning along with you.

Here’s what to do:

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart so that you are comfortably balanced.

Stand still, with your hands by your sides.

Let go of all your worries and relax your body completely. Close your eyes if you are comfortable doing so.

Within a few seconds you will notice that it is actually impossible to stand perfectly still.

Your body will continually shift its

position very slightly in different

directions as your muscles work to

maintain your standing posture. You

will notice that these movements are

very slight, and are not under your

conscious control.

When you make a positive, true or

congruent statement, your body

should begin to sway noticeably

forward, usually within less than

ten seconds. When you make an

incongruent or untrue statement

your body should sway backwards

within the same time frame.

Swaying Forward


The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

I believe this phenomenon occurs because of how

you are used to perceiving the world around you. In spite of the fact that your environment surrounds you completely at all times, on all sides, you are used to only dealing with what is directly in front of you at any given time. When you drive a car, when you walk, when you eat, when you work at your desk,

you are constantly dealing with the world in front of you, not the world behind you or to the sides of you. When you make any kind of a statement, your body perceives that thought as if it were like anything else it has to deal with, like a file on your desk or food on your plate. Essentially, you can think of the statement you make as being right in front of you, ready to be dealt with and processed.

When you are ready, simply state the words

“unconditional love.” Keep this phrase in your mind, and try to feel the feelings that are connected with this phrase. In a few moments, you should notice your body sway forward. Like a plant growing toward the light, your body will gently sway toward the positive energy of that thought. The movement of your body toward this thought may be more sudden than gradual in some cases, and may surprise you!

Now clear your mind, and say the word “hatred.” Try to feel the feelings that are connected with this thought. Just as any organism will automatically move away from a poisonous or harmful substance, your body should move away from the thought of “hatred.” You 35



The Emotion Code

should notice that your body, within ten seconds or so, will begin to sway backward. It is very important that you don’t try to force your body to sway either forward or backward. Simply allow your body to sway on its own. You are giving your subconscious mind its first opportunity to speak to you in this very direct way, and it must be done gently for the best result. Don’t force it. It will become easier with practice.

Now try making a statement that you know to be

true. State your name out loud, saying, “My name is _____.” If your name is Alex for

example, you would say, “My name

is Alex.” Your subconscious mind

knows what is congruent or true.

When you make a true statement,

you’ll feel your body begin to

gently sway forward, because your

body is drawn towards positivity,

congruency and truth.

Now you can try an untrue or

incongruent statement. If your

name is Alex for example, you

might say, “My name is Chris”, or

“My name is Kim.” As long as you

choose a name that is not your own,

your subconscious mind will know

that this statement is incongruent

or untrue. Once you have made this

statement, if you keep your mind

Swaying Backward


The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

clear of other thoughts, you should feel your body begin to sway backwards within a few seconds. This is because your body is not only repelled by negative thoughts such as “hatred”, but incongruence and falsity are also repulsive to the mind and body.

Keep Your Mind Clear

Make sure you keep your mind clear of other thoughts after making your statement. If your thoughts are wandering, it will be difficult for your subconscious mind to determine exactly what it is you are after. What if, for example, you make a positive or true statement, but then immediately begin thinking about the argument you had with your spouse last night? You will probably sway backwards, because the memory of that event is negative, and your body will naturally want to move away from it.

It is important to have patience with yourself. When you are first learning this method, it may take a little longer than expected for your body to sway. Don’t get discouraged if this happens.

Your body’s response time will shorten significantly the more you practice. The most challenging aspect of this form of testing for many people is that it requires them to give up control for a few moments, and allow their body to do what it wants to do. For some, giving up control is not easy. Nevertheless, this is a simple skill to learn, and it shouldn’t take you very long to become proficient.


The Emotion Code

The main thing is to stay focused on whatever statement or thought you are putting out. Just keep your mind calm and allow your subconscious to communicate

with you through the mechanism of your physical


If for any reason, you are not physically able to perform this test, don’t worry. There are several other options that I will outline for you in chapter five.

Do You Have a Trapped Emotion?

As soon as you think you have the hang of it, you are ready to put the Sway Test to good use. Make this statement, “I have a trapped emotion.” Your body will most likely sway forward, giving you an affirmative answer that you have at least one trapped emotion. If your body sways backward, don’t assume that you are free of trapped emotions just yet. This may mean that your trapped emotions are buried a bit deeper and might take a little more effort to uncover, but it’s not a problem. I will discuss how to find and release this type of trapped emotion later on.

What Trapped Emotions Are Made Of

Everything in the universe is made of energy, whether that energy manifests in physical form or remains invisible. It is the particular arrangement of these energies, and their specific rates of vibration, that determine how they will appear to us. At the most basic level, everything that exists is made of the same 38

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

stuff – energy. Not only are you made of energy, but other forms of energy are passing through your body at this very moment. Energy that we cannot see is all around us in the form of radio waves, x-rays, infrared, thought waves and emotions.

We are like fish swimming in a sea of energy. Energy is the material from which all things are made; it is in all things and through all things, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

We can feel energy when it is in the form of emotions, and if negative emotional energies become trapped within us, they may adversely affect us. Trapped emotions are made of energy, just as energy makes up our bodies and everything else in the universe. Where Our Emotions Come From

Thousands of years ago, ancient physicians were astute observers of the human body. They found that people whose lives were dominated by a certain emotion would have corresponding physical ailments. For example, people whose lives were ruled by anger seemed to suffer from liver and gall bladder trouble. People who spent their lives feeling grief would often suffer from lung or colon trouble. Fearful people seemed to have kidney and bladder problems.

Eventually, a correlation was made between the emotions we experience and the various organs of 39

The Emotion Code

the body. It was believed that the organs themselves actually produced the emotions that people felt. In other words, if you are feeling the emotion of fear, your kidneys or bladder are creating that particular energy or vibration. If you are feeling grief, it is being produced by your lungs or your colon, and so on. Of course, we now know that certain areas of the brain are activated when we feel certain emotions. We also know that there is a biochemical component to the emotions that we feel. Dr. Candace Pert, in her book Molecules of Emotion clearly explains this biochemical side of our nature, which is perfectly valid.3

There is an energetic side to our nature as well, and there is an energetic component to our emotions that is only now beginning to be explored and correlated by modern science.

After much experience gained from clinical practice, I am convinced that the organs in the body really do produce the emotions we experience. The ancient physicians were right. If you’re feeling an emotion of anger, it’s not coming entirely from your brain; it’s actually emanating from your liver or gall bladder. If you are feeling the emotion of betrayal, the emotion is emanating from your heart or your small intestine. Remember that we used to think the body and the

mind were separate and distinct, but their dividing

Candace B. Pert, Molecules of Emotion: why you feel the way you feel, (New York: Touchstone Press, 997)


The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

line has now blurred to the point where we don’t know where the influence of one begins and the other ends.

Your entire body is intelligent, not just your brain. Your organs are separate intelligences within your body that perform certain functions and produce specific emotions or feelings.

People are usually surprised to learn that the various organs in our bodies produce the emotions that we feel. Yet there are correlations to this principle in life that are quite distinct, although they escape the attention of most physicians.

Did Trapped Emotions Kill Dana Reeve?

We all remember the tragic injury that rendered actor Christopher Reeve a quadriplegic. We were touched by the unfailing devotion of his wife, Dana, and were shocked and saddened when she died. It was only ten months after her husband’s death that she announced to the world that she had lung cancer, and seven months later she died at age 44.

Dana Reeve was a non-smoker who died of lung cancer, and although conventional wisdom holds that her death was due to second-hand smoke, I believe otherwise. The lungs produce the emotion we call grief, and an over-abundance of grief will certainly lead to the creation of trapped emotions, often affecting the parent organ. Dana certainly had reasons to grieve, and 41

The Emotion Code

I believe that trapped emotions, grief among others, were at least partly responsible for her death, and perhaps entirely responsible.

The Angr y Drunk

Another example can be found in the way that alcohol affects people. We all know that people who become alcoholics often die of liver disease. But we also know that many people who drink can become quite angry and violent when under the influence. Alcohol is broken down and processed by the liver, and too much alcohol over-stimulates the liver. When you overstimulate or overload an organ, it will produce more of the emotion that it is designed to produce. The liver produces feelings of anger. This is the mechanism that is often at work when drinking results in violence. If you have an organ that is diseased, overstimulated, or imbalanced in some way, the emotions related to that organ will often be heightened.

Trapped emotions are always found to have emanated from a particular organ, no matter where that trapped emotion lodges in the body. For example, a trapped emotion of anger may have originally emanated from your liver, but it may become lodged literally anywhere in your body.

Correlations between the organs and our emotions are both fascinating and important to understanding how our bodies really work. It all goes back to the ancient art of energy healing.


The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

Energy Medicine

Energy healing is one of the oldest practices known in the world today. Since 4000 B.C., healers have understood that our health greatly depends on the quality of energy that flows through and makes up our bodies. In Chinese medicine, that energy is called “Qi”

or “Chi.” In Ancient Indian or Ayurvedic medicine, this energy is called “Prana.” Imbalances of this part of our existence may deeply affect our physical and mental health.

We can compare this energy to electricity. We can’t see electricity, but we can feel it. Electricity is colorless and odorless. It’s invisible, yet it certainly is real. If you’ve ever stuck your finger in a light socket or been shocked getting the toast out of a toaster, then you’ll know what I mean. You may not be able to see it, but it’s definitely there!

As human beings, we are used to perceiving things in a way that conforms to our belief systems. We form our beliefs about the physical world at an early age. We learn that if we fall off the monkey bars at school, we will meet the ground with a painful thud, yet we could never imagine that both the ground and the monkey bars, as solid as they seem to us, are actually made of vibrating energies. We may like to think that the world around us is exactly as we are used to seeing it, but Einstein, Tesla and others have shown us that the universe is really much more complex and wonderful than we ever could possibly have imagined.


The Emotion Code

The Quantum World

You must remember that old saying, “I know it like the back of my hand…” But how well do you really know the back of your hand?

Take a look at it. Your eyes see the surface of your skin with its wrinkles, fingernails and little hairs. You know exactly how the back of your hand looks from that perspective. But if you magnify your hand under a microscope, you won’t see the same skin and creases you’ve become so familiar with. Instead, you might think you are looking at the surface of a strange planet, covered with hills and valleys.

Turn up the power on your microscope, magnifying your skin 20,000 times, and you’ll see a field of swarming cells. Magnify it a lot more and you’ll see molecules. Magnify those molecules and you’ll see the atoms that make up those molecules. Magnify those atoms and you’ll see the subatomic energy clouds that make up those atoms-the electrons, the protons, the neutrons and other subatomic particles. It’s still the back of your hand, but it looks nothing like the hand you know.

If you glance at it now, your hand looks solid. Slap it down on the table and it makes a nice, substantial thud. Your hand may seem solid, but there’s actually a lot of empty space there. At the subatomic level, there are vast distances between each spinning electron. Atoms are 99.99999999% empty space. Your hand is 44

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

99.99999999% empty space! If you could remove all the empty space from the atoms in your hand, it would become so small you would need a microscope to see it! It would virtually disappear, although it would still weigh the same and contain the same number of atoms.

It might take a moment to comprehend this idea. Your hand seems solid, but it is made of dynamic energy, in constant vibration. In fact, physicists now understand that the so-called “subatomic particles” which make up the atom are not really particles at all. They measure the contents of the atom in “energy units” instead, because it’s so much more accurate.4

Thoughts are Energy

Like everything else in the universe, the thoughts that you create are made of energy.

Thought-energy has no boundary. Your thoughts are not confined to a certain volume and location like your physical body.

While we like to think that all of our unspoken thoughts are private and that they are confined to our own heads, it’s not true.

Each of us is like a radio station, constantly broadcasting the energy of our thoughts, which emanate from us 4 Isaac Asimov, Atom: Journey across the subatomic cosmos (New York: Penguin Books USA Inc., 99), 56.


The Emotion Code

and fill the immensity of space, touching all those around us for good or ill.

This doesn’t mean that we can read other people’s minds, but the energy of other people’s thoughts are detected to some degree on a subconscious level. Try staring intently at the back of someone’s head in a crowd, and inevitably they will turn and look right at you before long. Lots of us have had this experience, and if you haven’t, try it. It works every time!

We are all Connected

The reality is, the entire human family is connected energetically. When people are suffering and dying on the other side of the earth, we feel their distant cries and anguish on a subconscious level and we are darkened by it. When something tragic happens in the world, the whole world feels it subconsciously, and is affected by it. On the other hand, when wonderful things happen in the world, we all are brightened together.

The connectedness that we all have will often manifest as subtle thoughts that float up from the subconscious level to our conscious minds.

This energy connection seems strongest between a mother and her children. Mothers often seem to be able to sense when one of their children is in trouble. We call this mother’s intuition, and my own mother was an expert at it. Our connection to our own mothers 46

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

is perhaps strongest because of the spiritual umbilical that binds us to them.

The most powerful example of this energetic connection occurred to one of my patients a number of years ago. She was sitting at home one night, watching television with her husband. Suddenly, she began experiencing severe, hammering pains throughout her body which inexplicably moved from one area to another. The violence of this sudden attack was terrifying, and when it was over she was greatly relieved, but exhausted and frightened. She had never experienced anything like this before, and had no idea what had suddenly gone wrong in her body. Her attempts to explain this bizarre and excruciating attack baffled everyone, including her doctors.

Three days later, she got a phone call from her son, who was working in the Philippines. He called her from his hospital bed and told her that he had been severely beaten by the local police a few days before. When they compared the time of his beating to the time of her experience, they were one and the same. Somehow, she was connected enough to her son to literally “feel his pain.” Talk about mother’s intuition!

Thoughts are Power ful

Your thoughts are immensely powerful. Whenever you say what you’re thinking or write something down, you’re using the energy of your thoughts to affect the 47

The Emotion Code

world around you. It is through thought, belief and intention that all things happen.

Reputable laboratory experiments have repeatedly shown that thoughts can directly influence the rate of growth in plants, fungi, and bacteria. William Tiller, a physicist at Stanford University, has shown that thoughts can affect electronic instruments.5

Studies have proven that when the energy of thought is directed intentionally, it can impact someone else, regardless of whether they are nearby or all the way around the world.

Depending on whether the person focusing the thought uses calming or activating imagery, for instance, they can create a greater sense of relaxation or anxiety in the targeted person. The effect is so distinctive that it can be measured in a laboratory by galvanic skin response, a highly sensitive method of measuring electrical changes in the skin.6

Imagine how your own thoughts affect you. Everyone has some kind of internal conversation at times. What do you say to yourself? Many people criticize themselves far more often than they praise themselves. Negative self-talk may be hurting you more than you realize.

5 William A. Tiller, Walter E. Dibble, Jr. and Michael J. Kohane, Conscious acts of creation: the emergence of a new physics (Walnut Creek, CA: Pavior Publishing,


6 William A. Tiller, Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intention- ality and Consciousness (Walnut Creek, CA: Pavior Publishing, 997), 4. 48

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

What about other people around you? Do you ever

wonder if others can sense how you feel about them?

Other people’s subconscious minds are continually detecting the vibrations of your thoughts. Have you ever had a moment with a friend, where he or she blurted out just what you were thinking? Have you ever instinctively known who was about to call you, before the phone even rang? These are not coincidences, they are evidences of the power of thought energy.

Finding trapped emotions using the Emotion Code

is along the same lines as detecting the vibration of another person’s thoughts or feelings. The difference is that you can ask the body, and actually get definitive answers, instead of guessing. Then you can release the trapped emotions for good, and know with certainty that they are permanently gone.

Serendipity vs Precision

Any alternative health care practitioner can tell you that almost everyone carries around old emotional energies from their past. Our physical bodies hold onto trapped emotions, and doctors and body workers are aware of this because often a simple touch can bring out a flood of emotions and memories in a patient. At one time or another, nearly every practitioner I know

– from chiropractors to energy workers to massage therapists – has had the experience of provoking an unexpected emotional release in a patient, as the body let go of the energy it had been holding on to. Releasing 49

The Emotion Code

those trapped emotions can result in profound and immediate healing. While any emotional release that occurs in this serendipitous way is welcome, this is usually not the intention of the therapist, and any emotional release that occurs is only accidental. The Emotion Code approach, however, is much more deliberate. I sometimes think of it as “emotional surgery”

because we are searching out the trapped emotions with a clear intention of removing them. Nothing is left to chance. Trapped emotions are potentially so destructive that you need to find them and get them out of your body, and then confirm that they have been released. The Emotion Code helps you do exactly that in a precise and simple way.

Trapped Emotions and Children

I have twin boys who are, at the time of this writing, eighteen years old. One of my early experiences with trapped emotions happened with my son, Rhett when he was a toddler. Rhett and Drew are fraternal twins, and are about as different as two boys can be. Drew was always very affectionate with both my wife and me. Rhett was very affectionate with my wife Jean, but developed some sort of hang-up about me around age three. When I would try to hug him or be close to him or snuggle with him he would push me away and say “Bad doctor! Away!” At first we thought he was just passing through some kind of stage. We assumed that he would grow out of it, but his negative feelings 50

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

toward me persisted for over a year. It was a source of heartache and frustration to me. I didn’t understand why my little boy felt this way about me.

One evening, Jean and I were sitting and talking together. Rhett was sitting on Jean’s lap. I opened my arms to him to give him a hug. He gave me the same reaction as before, pushing me away and saying “Bad doctor! Away!” This time I really felt the hurt. I could feel the heartache welling up within my chest, and I felt like I was going to cry. My wife said, “You know, maybe he has a trapped emotion.”

Up until this point we had only treated adults for trapped emotions. We decided to check him and see. Using the Emotion Code we found that he did have a trapped emotion. The emotion was grief. But it wasn’t his grief about me, it was actually my grief about him. In other words, at some point he perceived that I had grief about him. He felt that grief strongly enough that it created a trapped emotion in his body. Testing showed that this emotion became trapped when my

oldest daughter and I had an argument that Rhett was witness to. Even though I was not grieved about him, he perceived the grief I was experiencing about her, and applied it to himself.

We released the trapped grief, and to my amazement he walked right over to me and put his arms around me. As I cried and held my little boy, I was astonished and excited at the same time. If my son could be changed so instantaneously by simply removing a 51

The Emotion Code

trapped emotion, then how many other children could be helped?

The Pilot ’s Daughter

The next day in my clinic I was talking with a patient about what had happened with Rhett. She said, “You know, I think my little girl might have a trapped emotion. My husband is an airline pilot. Every week he’s gone for several days in a row, and when he comes back, our six-year-old daughter will run and hide from him. She just won’t have anything to do with him when he comes home from his trips, and it breaks his heart.”

She brought her daughter into the office the following day. I found that she did have a trapped emotion about her father. In this case, the trapped emotion was sorrow. It was her own sorrow about her father leaving and being gone for long periods of time. At some point, this sorrow was so strong that it imbalanced her body, and the emotion became trapped. This emotional energy was exerting a very strong subconscious affect and was influencing her behavior towards him. We released the emotion, and they went home.

The following week the mother returned to the office and said, “Doctor Nelson, your emotional treatment really works. My husband was gone when I came in and had my daughter treated. A few days ago my husband came home from overseas, and when he opened the

door our little girl ran and jumped into his arms. She 52

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

has never done that, ever! He is thrilled! Thank you so much.”

Drew and His Traumatic Deliver y

By the time our twin boys were four years old, Rhett was very articulate and talkative. Drew was just the opposite, so much so that my wife and I began to grow concerned. At four years old, Drew still wasn’t speaking in sentences. He rarely said a word and when he started to speak he’d often put his hand over his mouth, as though he were afraid to say anything. He seemed fearful in general. When we went to the neighborhood pool, Rhett jumped right in, but Drew stood at the edge, looking anxious. He was very cautious about trying new things. He was also claustrophobic. If he went outside to play and the door closed behind him, he would panic and scream.

Psychological testing showed that Drew had a high IQ, but was not developing at the same pace as the norm for other kids his age. Hearing tests showed that his hearing was normal. There seemed to be no explanation for what was going on with Drew.

After our experience with Rhett, we decided to see if Drew might have trapped emotions, not realizing that they were the actual cause of his troubles.

As we tested him, we quickly found a number of trapped emotions that were the result of traumatic 53

The Emotion Code

things that had happened on the day that he was born and shortly thereafter.

Jean’s labor and delivery had been very long, lasting twenty-two hours total. Rhett was born first. He looked beautiful and content and immediately went to sleep. Drew was born 14 minutes later and emerged blue and limp, looking really rough. A team of doctors circled around him immediately. They weren’t sure he would make it. His situation was critical.

He pulled through, but the next 10 days or so continued to be very traumatic. We had taken both of the boys home when they were a couple of days old but Drew had to be readmitted to the hospital for testing to see what was wrong. He was unable to keep any breast milk down and was rapidly loosing weight. We were told that he had picked up a life-threatening infection during his first few days. The doctors had to do a spinal tap on his tiny body, and administer antibiotics intravenously to save his life.

Against our wishes, Jean and I were ordered out of the room as this procedure was begun. We were unable to comfort him in any way, and could only listen helplessly as Drew screamed in terror while they repeatedly tried to insert the needles into his tiny veins and into his spine.

We didn’t dwell on Drew’s traumatic experiences ourselves, and we never discussed these events with him as a child. It was very upsetting for us to even 54

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

think about it. Four years later, as far as we knew, he had no memory of these events, but he did have a lot of fear, about a lot of things.

One by one, we found and released the trapped emotions that related to these traumatic events. We were amazed by what Drew had perceived as an infant, and how deeply it had scarred him emotionally. He probably expected that coming into the world would be wonderful. Instead he came into an incredibly painful situation that he could scarcely cope with. It was like being born into hell. As you might imagine, he had trapped emotions of fear, terror and abandonment. Undoubtedly, these were the exact feelings he’d had during the emergency room procedures that we all found so difficult to endure.

Drew had also developed a trapped emotion of panic while he was in the womb waiting in line behind his reluctant brother, who was in no hurry to emerge from his dark and comfortable home. This trapped emotion of panic proved to be the reason behind his claustrophobia.

In addition, he had a trapped emotion of anger that he had inherited from his grandfather. It was actually this inherited anger that was making him reluctant to talk. He was afraid that he would hurt someone with his words, which explained why he would always cover his mouth when he would speak. We released all of these trapped emotions and retired for the night. 55

The Emotion Code

The next morning at breakfast, we couldn’t believe the difference! Drew was like a little chatterbox. Suddenly and for the first time in his life, he was speaking in complete sentences. Without the trapped emotions keeping him attached to the traumas of the past, he was able to let go of his fears. His claustrophobia vanished, along with his fearful attitude. He was free to become bright, happy, and inquisitive.

Trapped Emotions are Common

It isn’t really possible to tell by looking at someone if they have trapped emotions, but nearly everyone does. During my years in practice, it was rare that I treated a patient who had no discernible trapped emotions. I remember one patient in particular who fell into this category. This man spent a lot of time in meditation, and struck me as being a calm, kind and unflappable sort of person who was very much in control of his emotions. Did I say “in control of his emotions?” We will talk more about that very subject in chapter ten, in terms of avoiding trapped emotions in the future. The vast majority of us do have trapped emotions, simply because of what we have been through and who we are at this point in our journey.

Often, when someone has been through a traumatic or intensely emotional event – such as a car accident, an argument or a divorce – they will have trapped emotional energy about it. However, not every 56

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

emotional event will create a trapped emotion. The body is designed to deal with emotional energy in the normal course of events. So when an emotion

becomes trapped, it’s partly because of extenuating circumstances – such as when we have lowered resistance or when we are overly tired or otherwise offbalance. When our bodies are not at their best we are more vulnerable to developing trapped emotions.

The Resonance of Trapped Emotions

Each trapped emotion resides in a specific location in the body, vibrating at its own particular frequency. Before long, that vibration will cause surrounding tissues to vibrate at that same frequency. We call this phenomenon resonance.

In my seminars, I use tuning forks to demonstrate how powerfully our universe responds to resonance. One of my tuning forks vibrates at 512 Hz. The sound it makes is very high-pitched. The tines of the other tuning fork are a different size. That fork vibrates at 128 HZ and makes a much lower sound.

If you were to place any number of different-sized tuning forks in a room, and strike one of them, all the other tuning forks of that particular frequency would start humming faintly. If you stop the sound coming from the tuning fork you struck, all the others will keep vibrating. It’s not because of some natural affinity between tuning forks. This is the way our universe works.




The Emotion Code

If you strike a tuning fork

and place it against a pane of

glass, the glass will begin to

vibrate at the same frequency.

That’s because the tuning fork

forces the energies that make

up the glass into motion – in

sync with its own vibration.

When you have a trapped

emotion it’s a bit like having a

tuning fork in your body that

is continually vibrating at the

Tuning Forks

specific frequency of a negative emotion. Unfortunately this may bring more of this particular emotion into your life.

Have you ever seen someone who’s agitated infect a roomful of people with that same emotion? Maybe

you’re calmly waiting in a doctor’s office with several other people who are quietly reading magazines, when an upset patient comes in. He paces around the room, picking up magazines, then putting them back down. He speaks to the receptionist in an irritated tone. His body language gives his mood away. But it’s the invisible effect that’s most powerful.

That patient is sending a strong, agitated vibration out into the room. Some of the cells in your body and those of the receptionist and the other patients will literally start vibrating at that frequency. Before long, everyone’s feeling a little agitated. It changes the 58

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

mood of the room. People start feeling differently and reacting differently. The agitated patient has not only attracted more agitation into his own life. He’s actually generated it in the people around him as well.

Negative Vibrations

If you have a trapped emotion, you will attract more of that emotion into your life. You will also tend to feel that emotion more readily and more often than you otherwise would.

You can think of a trapped emotion as being like a ball of energy, because that is exactly what it is. They have a size and a shape, even though they are invisible and are made only of energy. They usually seem to vary in size from that of an orange to that of a melon.

Trapped emotional energy will always lodge somewhere in the physical body, and the body tissues that lie within that sphere will tend to fall into resonance with the vibrational energy of the trapped emotion. In other words, those tissues will actually be experiencing that emotional vibration on a continual basis.

Suppose you have a trapped emotion of anger. You’ve carried it around for years, not even knowing it was there. As a result, whenever you come into a situation where you could become angry, it’s much more likely that you will become angry, because in a fascinating and literal way, part of you is already angry.


The Emotion Code

If part of your body is already vibrating at the frequency of anger due to a trapped emotion, it is much easier for your entire being to fall into resonance with anger when something happens that could elicit an angry response from you.

Sometimes people don’t understand why they get

ticked off so easily, or why they can’t shake certain emotions. It’s often because the very emotion they are struggling with is trapped within them, from a past experience they may scarcely remember.

This is why, when trapped emotions are released, the effect is incomparable to any other form of therapy. Often, the emotion and behavior that has been so difficult to shake, is simply gone.

It can seem almost too simple to believe, but once you experience it yourself, you will understand. Until you release your own trapped emotions, you will continue to labor under their weight.

Lori and the Cheerleader

I have seen this phenomenon on countless occasions, but one particular patient’s experience will help to illustrate this. Lori had a trapped emotion of resentment. When I traced the original occurrence of this emotion back in time, I found that it had become trapped in high school, and that it was actually her resentment for another female. At this point, Lori said,

“Well, of course. I know exactly what this is about.”

She explained that there was a particular girl on the 60

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

cheerleading squad that she just could not stand. For whatever reasons, she felt a lot of resentment for this girl during their high school years. The resentment never really went away, since it had become trapped in Lori’s body.

Lori said, “You know, I still have so much resentment for her. It’s kind of weird, I guess. I’m forty-three years old now. High school was a long time ago. You’d think I would have forgotten all about her, but it’s like I can’t let go of it. I haven’t even seen her since high school, but whenever I think of her, I can just feel this resentment welling up inside of me, and I feel all that resentment for her all over again.”

I explained to Lori how a trapped emotion can make it much harder for us to let go of things we would rather forget. Using a magnet, we released the trapped emotion in a few seconds, and she left the office. I saw Lori again a few days later, and she exclaimed, “Dr. Nelson, it worked! Last night I was talking with an old girlfriend, and that girl’s name came up. For the first time since high school, I felt nothing! Normally, I would have felt that resentment for her, but I felt nothing! That is so great. Thanks!”

Kirk ’s Life -long Anger Problem

Kirk was an angry man. He came to me when he was in his late seventies for treatment of his back pain. It quickly became obvious that there was something else bothering him. He snapped at my office staff, and 61

The Emotion Code

tended to be curt with me as well. He was dismissive with his wife, who was nothing but supportive and kind to him. At first I attributed his behavior to the fact that he was in pain. As his back began to improve, however, his behavior did not. I decided to check him for trapped emotions, and found anger, bitterness, anxiety, resentment, frustration and fear, many of which dated back to childhood.

The end result of releasing these emotions was that Kirk became a changed man. He is now a sweet and doting husband, more concerned about his wife than his own aches and pains.

He used to complain constantly about everything, and now he turns his interest to others, usually has a smile on his face and complains very little. The transformation has been remarkable to everyone that knows him. If only his trapped emotions could have been released early in his life, he might have had a different kind of life.

Kirk was always free to choose his emotional state, but his trapped emotions made it easier for him to fall into resonance with them than to go against the current. Parts of his body were angry, bitter, anxious, resentful, frustrated and fearful. That’s what he was up against every waking moment of his life, until we released those energies.


The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

The Ef fect of an Imbalance

It all comes back to the quantum nature of the body itself. When we get up every morning, we expect to see our bodies looking the same they did yesterday and the day before. They seem solid and predictable enough. We never glance in the mirror while we’re trying to get dressed only to see swirling clouds of energy where our arms and legs used to be. But that’s exactly what we are.

No matter how it may seem to you, your body is actually a collection of energies, flying in close formation.

When you introduce the negative vibration of a trapped emotion into that formation, you alter the normal vibrational rate of the whole.

You won’t necessarily feel it and you definitely can’t tell the difference by looking, but there are other ways to tell.

Remember the tuning fork effect. When your body

is hosting a trapped emotion, it will attract other emotions that vibrate at the same frequency. If the emotion is fear, for instance, you will become more easily frightened. The longer that energy resides inside your body, the more you’ll get used to feeling it. Over time, you’ll start thinking you’re just a fearful person, because you seem to be afraid so much of the time. In reality, because part of your body actually exists within 63

The Emotion Code

this particular trapped emotional energy or literal

“ball of fear”, you are set up for failure. Part of your body is already feeling that emotion on a continual basis so you will much more readily fall into a state of fear when a fearful situation presents itself. In other words, since part of your body is already resonating at the frequency of fear, it’s a small step for your entire body to fall into resonance.

Where Trapped Emotions Lodge

People often ask me why an emotion gets trapped

in one area of the body and not another. I often find that trapped emotions lodge in an area that’s vulnerable because of a genetic susceptibility, an injury or nutritional deficiency that weakens or imbalances the energy of the body in that area.

Sometimes there’s a metaphor at work as well. This makes sense when you realize that our subconscious minds govern our bodies and our dreams.

Symbols and metaphors are the language of the subconscious mind, so it’s very natural for trapped emotions to lodge in an area that has symbolic significance.

For example, let’s say you’re experiencing grief for a friend who has had a miscarriage. Instead of experiencing the emotion and leaving it behind, the emotion becomes trapped. It wouldn’t be surprising for that trapped emotion to lodge in your womb or 64

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

breast – the nourishing organs of creation. Or suppose you’re experiencing one of those difficult periods in life where a series of things seem to go wrong. You feel frustrated and overwhelmed, as if you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. In that case, a trapped emotion may lodge in one of your shoulders. The reality is that any emotion can get stuck anywhere in the body.

If you don’t notice the imbalance, it can go on for years. Eventually, it may cause real problems with your health, both mental and physical.

The Dual Nature of Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions affect you in two distinct ways, mentally and physically. Let’s talk about how they affect you mentally first. They will cause you to feel an exaggerated emotional response. Let’s first examine some real-life situations where trapped emotions were exerting an obvious mental affect.

Marie and Her Trauma

One of the most dramatic examples of this occurred with Marie, a beautiful and kind-hearted patient in her fifties. A year before she came to me, her only son had been brutally murdered. As you might imagine, the death of her son was a horrible blow to Marie. To make matters worse, the trial of her son’s murderer kept getting delayed in the courts, so she couldn’t put it behind her.


The Emotion Code

She was having a difficult time dealing with life when she first came to see me. In the year since her son’s murder, she’d been completely caught up in her grief and loss. When we tested her for trapped emotions, we found one after another related to her son and his death. We released them. After that, Marie was free. She went back to being the well-balanced person she always was. Even though she misses her son and will always feel his absence, she’s one of the happiest, most well-balanced people I know.

Her trapped emotions were throwing her off-balance by sustaining a negative vibration. Once we eliminated them, she was able to deal with her loss in a healthier way.

Sarah and the JFK Assassination

I will never forget Sarah, a 71 year old woman who came to me for treatment. I began to ask her subconscious mind through muscle testing what she needed. We

found that she had a trapped emotion of sadness. While your conscious mind may not remember things very well, your subconscious mind remembers everything that has ever happened to you. Of course, it also knows about each trapped emotion in detail. It knows when the trapped emotion occurred, what the precise emotion was, who was involved, and more. As I questioned Sarah’s subconscious mind about this trapped emotion, I tried to determine when it had 66

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

occurred. It turned out that the emotion of sadness had become trapped in Sarah’s body in 1963.

On a hunch, I asked, “Is this sadness about the assassination of John F. Kennedy?” The answer her body gave through muscle testing was “Yes.” The moment we arrived at this, she burst into tears. As her tears flowed, she said, “Oh, yes, that affected me so deeply. And then when President Kennedy’s son, John, Jr., died in that plane crash a few years ago, it brought it all back to me. I couldn’t do anything but cry for days.”

If you’re old enough to remember that day in November 1963, you’ll recall how shocking and sad it was. On that day, Sarah’s whole being was filled with sadness. The emotion was overwhelming. It was too intense to be processed by her physical body, and as a result, it became trapped.

Trapped Emotions Af fect Us Emotionally

Trapped emotions generate a specific energetic vibration. They’re also associated in our minds with specific kinds of events. In Sarah’s case, the emotion of sadness – resonating at its own particular frequency

– was specifically connected in her mindbody to the sudden death of a Kennedy. When John Kennedy Jr. was tragically killed, her natural sadness for that event was amplified by the trapped emotion already stuck inside her. Part of her body, where the energy of this emotion was lodged, was already functioning as best 67

The Emotion Code

it could, immersed for nearly forty years in the sadness of JFK’s death.

When she got the news of John Kennedy Junior’s

death, her entire body fell into resonance with the emotion that was trapped. The result was that, instead of crying a little and moving on, Sarah cried for days, and the pain of that day in November 1963, came back to her full-force. In fact, that pain had never really left her at all. In a literal and fascinating way, part of her body had never stopped feeling that deep sadness. This is a perfect example of how a trapped emotion can persist for many years and cause you to experience similar emotions in an exaggerated way.

When trapped emotions are never released, you may feel that pain and heightened response for the rest of your life. It’s so unnecessary, because your trapped emotions can easily be gotten rid of. The Rest of the Stor y

Before I released her sadness, I decided to ask where this emotion had been residing in her body for almost four decades. What tissues in her body had been laboring within the sphere of this deep sadness all those years? What was the effect upon those tissues?

The subconscious mind knows these answers full well, and finding out is as easy as asking. The answer shocked both of us.


The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

Muscle testing showed that the trapped emotion of sadness was lodged in the area of her left breast. Sarah and I stared at each other for a moment in wonder. She was a survivor of breast cancer. Four years before, her left breast had been removed in a surgical mastectomy.

This trapped emotional energy had become lodged

in her left breast, where it remained. Why her left breast and not some other area of the body? Perhaps she had a greater vulnerability in her left breast due to a low-grade infection, a prior injury, or some other imbalance.

My own feeling is that it became trapped in these tissues – that lay so close to her heart – because of her love for President John F. Kennedy.

Whatever the reason for its location, the trapped emotion stayed in her body as the years went by. It caused a constant low-level irritation in her tissues, and this may have been a contributing factor to the cancer. The signs were not recognized soon enough, and ultimately her left breast had to be removed to save her life, but the sadness remained. Releasing that trapped sadness from her body helped her to heal emotionally. I only wish I could have discovered it years earlier, which might have helped her avoid a lot of pain and suffering, and might have even helped her avoid breast cancer.


The Emotion Code

The Physical Effects of Trapped Emotions

Tissues that are continually being distorted by a trapped emotion will eventually suffer the effects of it.

If you take a magnet and hold it close to an older tube-type television screen or computer monitor, you will see a very visible distortion of the picture. This is because the magnetic field is interfering with the normal flow of electrons within the screen. If you get the magnet too close, or if you leave the magnet there long enough, it will create a permanent distortion and even ruin the screen. Trapped emotions affect the body in a similar way. After all, the body is energy, and so are trapped emotions. But trapped emotions are a negative energy, and distort the body’s tissues, just as the magnet distorts the picture on the TV screen. Distort the body tissues long-term, and pain and malfunction will be the result. This is why the release of a trapped emotion will often cause immediate relief of discomfort and other symptoms, and possibly the reversal of some diseases.

I think that this is very fertile ground for further research, which could yield profound insight into the disease process.

It is my experience that trapped emotions can exert an astonishing influence over the tissues of the body. What happens when those tissues are continually

irritated over time? The first symptom is often pain 70

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

or subtle malfunction which can be difficult to detect. If tissues are irritated over a long period of time, the tissue may eventually enter into a state of metaplasia, or change. In other words, the specific type of cell begins to revert back to a more primitive cell. The next step is malignancy, or cancer.

While there are a variety of things that are thought to cause cancer, I believe firmly that trapped emotions are a contributing factor to the disease process, as I believe they are to many, if not most other diseases.

Every cancer patient I treated was found to have trapped emotions embedded in the malignant tissues.

It is possible that some of these energies may have been attracted to the area precisely because the tissues were in a severe state of imbalance. While this is possible and even likely as the disease progresses, trapped emotions are, in my opinion, an underlying cause of cancer. It is vital that these trapped emotions be removed. Even though they may have already contributed to the cancer, once removed, they cannot cause any further damage in the years to come.

Rochelle’s Lung Cancer

When Rochelle first came to me for treatment, she had a cancer the size of a baseball in her lung. She was going through chemotherapy when we met. I asked her 71

The Emotion Code

body if there were trapped emotions in this malignant lung tissue and the response was “Yes.”

The trapped emotions in Rochelle’s tumor dated back many years, to a time when she was a young

woman. She is Filipino, and had married an American sailor stationed in the Philippines. After they had a child together, Rochelle’s husband was away at sea for six months or more at a time. She’d expected his frequent absences and had come to terms with the separation in her conscious mind, but raising a child by herself was difficult and lonely. Consciously, Rochelle believed she was fine with his absence. But her body revealed that the emotions of resentment, frustration and abandonment had become trapped inside of her during this period.

“No, no,” Rochelle insisted. “I never felt that way. I knew Danny would be gone and it was fine with me. I was OK on my own.” And yet, after I’d run the magnet down her back, Rochelle sat up and shook her head.

“You know, it’s the funniest thing,” she said. “I feel so much lighter, like a weight has been lifted from my chest.”

Since she had to drive 90 minutes each way to my clinic, I only saw Rochelle three times, but it was enough for me to release all the trapped emotions that showed up in the area of her tumor. About five weeks later, she showed up at my office ecstatic over the good news. Her doctors had taken a new x-ray and the tumor was completely gone from her lung. 72

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

Could the trapped emotions have been a significant contributing factor in the creation of this cancer? I believe that the answer is yes.

Of course, I can’t prove that the release of the trapped emotions eliminated the tumor, since Rochelle was also undergoing chemotherapy. But by removing the emotions that were lodged in her chest, we may have made the chemotherapy more effective, and their removal may have given her body the edge it needed to heal. I hope to live long enough to see a day when all patients will be treated with the best of all methods like this.

Jean’s Painful Ovar y

One of the things about trapped emotions that surprised me the most was their ability to cause physical pain. The very first experience that I had with this phenomenon was quite dramatic. My wife, Jean suddenly began experiencing acute and severe pain in her left lower abdomen. Muscle testing showed that the pain was coming from her left ovary, and that the cause was emotional. As rapidly as I could, I began to identify the emotion responsible. To my surprise, I ended up finding not one but six different emotions. As you will learn later on, we release trapped emotions one at a time. Sometimes, more than one trapped

emotion will be found nested in the same area, such as in this case. With the exception of the last emotion, all of them had to do with tragic or upsetting events 73

The Emotion Code

that had occurred in the lives of women that were close to Jean. I released each trapped emotion as it was identified.

Amazingly, her pain level decreased instantly and noticeably with each trapped emotion that I released. After clearing five trapped emotions, her pain level was a fraction of what it had been only moments before.

Her body indicated that there was one more trapped emotion. Testing quickly revealed that an emotion of feeling worthless had become trapped when Jean was in kindergarten.

The year was 1960. It was an election year, and the contest was between Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy. Jean’s teacher informed her that a boy and a girl from the school had been chosen to be interviewed by the local newspaper about the upcoming presidential election, and that she was one of those chosen. She was told that she would be asked some questions about the candidates, particularly who she would vote for if she could.

She was excited, and the big day soon came. She was ushered into a room at the school that had been prepared for the interview. There were two chairs set up right in front, one for each child. The interviewer began asking questions of the little boy first, while flash bulbs popped as his picture was taken. Although her picture was taken, for some reason, no questions 74

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

were asked of Jean at all. She was ignored almost completely, with the exception of being told how to pose for the photo. Suddenly the interview was over. As she was ushered back to her classroom she felt confused. Gradually it began to dawn on her how

unimportant she must be.

She began to feel worthless, and she felt the emotion strongly enough that it became trapped in her physical body.

Emotions are energy, and the specific vibration of an emotion determines precisely which emotion it is. A trapped emotion is like a little ball of energy which will always “land” or become lodged somewhere in the physical body. For some reason, this trapped emotion of worthlessness lodged in Jean’s left ovary, where it remained for thirty years.

When we released this last trapped emotion, the remnants of her pain were instantaneously gone. She got up off the floor and we looked at each other in mutual amazement at what we had just experienced. Jean has never had a recurrence of pain in that area. I can’t help but wonder what the consequences to her health might have been if we had not released those energies from her ovary.

Jack ’s Tennis Elbow

Another example of how trapped emotions can cause physical pain came from a patient of mine named


The Emotion Code

Jack. He was 42 years old when he came to me for treatment of his excruciating tennis elbow, which he’d been suffering from for months. The discomfort in his right forearm had become so great that he could no longer even turn the key to start his car without terrible pain. I began treating him with a traditional chiropractic approach of spinal and extremity adjustments and physical therapy. After working on him for about a week, I didn’t see much improvement and that surprised me. Tennis elbow is an ailment that is normally treated very successfully with chiropractic care.

I was frustrated with Jack’s lack of improvement. This was in the early days of my work with trapped emotions, and I hadn’t yet thought to ask his subconscious if emotions had anything to do with his problem. I was just beginning to understand how powerful

trapped emotions can be, and how they can cause

many different kinds of symptoms. I knew they could cause physical pain, but I also knew that tennis elbow was an inflammatory condition that I had treated successfully before. However, since I was having no results with the traditional approach, I decided to ask Jack’s subconscious if trapped emotions were an underlying cause of his tennis elbow. I was a bit surprised when his body answered, “Yes.”


The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

High School Girls

Using the Emotion Code, we identified the first emotion. According to his body, the trapped emotion was inferiority. It had become trapped in his body during high school, and had to do with a certain girl he’d liked. I released it, and Jack was surprised by the immediate effect this had on his arm. Suddenly his elbow pain had decreased noticeably. I asked again if there were any trapped emotions that we could release. His body answered “Yes”, so I began asking what the next emotion was, when it had become trapped, and if it had to do with anyone in particular. This trapped emotion was also from Jack’s high school days, and was the result of a less than satisfactory relationship

– with a different girl this time. The trapped emotion was nervousness. When we released it, Jack’s elbow pain lessened even more significantly. We continued this process until we had removed a total of five trapped emotions.

They were all from high school, and each emotion involved a different girl. His wife, who was there with him during his treatment seemed amused.

As we released each trapped emotion, the discomfort level in Jack’s forearm noticeably decreased. The moment we released the last emotion, his pain was completely gone! He turned his arm this way and that. He imitated turning the key in his car. There was no pain whatsoever.


The Emotion Code

He had suddenly regained his full range of motion in his elbow joint, and I could reproduce no pain by pressing my fingers into the muscles of his forearm, which previously had been very painful to the touch. This result was astounding to all of us that were witness to it.

Jack was a tennis player during high school, but hadn’t picked up a racket in years. Trapped emotions tend to gravitate toward weaker areas of the body, where there is extra stress, an injury or an infection, or some other imbalance. All of these particular trapped emotions lodged in the tissues of Jack’s forearm. I believe this is because during high school, his forearm was being repeatedly stressed and even injured to a degree. At the same time, he was experiencing emotional distress and picking up trapped emotions from his failing attempts at romance. Remember that a trapped emotion will always land somewhere, likely at the weakest link in the body’s chain.

I still think if I hadn’t been there and seen it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it.

Within a matter of a few minutes, Jack’s pain went from crippling to non-existent.

I was once again amazed that emotions could somehow directly cause such dramatic physical pain. Nevertheless, I had just seen it with my own eyes. As I continued to use the Emotion Code on my patients, I was amazed by how many conditions were actually 78

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

being caused in whole or in part by trapped emotions, and by how destructive they were to my patients’


Powerful healing occurs when trapped emotions are finally released. Who knows how much pain, unhappiness and chronic illness could be completely avoided by eliminating trapped emotions! I quickly learned that some of the feelings trapped within my patients’ bodies had been there for much longer than I would have thought possible. It made me sad to think that, at some level, these patients had been suffering constantly for all those years, from something that is so easy to get rid of.


A phobia is defined as an irrational, persistent fear of certain activities, persons, objects or situations. I have found that trapped emotions are a significant cause of phobias, perhaps the only cause. The subconscious mind knows what the underlying cause of the phobia is, and each phobia has one or more trapped emotions that are the cause.

The Airplane Picture Phobia

It is possible to have a phobia about literally anything. For example, I once treated a woman who had a rather odd phobia. She could not look upon a picture of an aircraft in a magazine or see one on television without having a severe panic attack. If a jet flew overhead, she 79

The Emotion Code

had to keep her eyes on the ground. If she looked up at the plane, she would have an attack.

I asked her subconscious mind through muscle testing if there was a trapped emotion that was causing her phobia. The answer was, “Yes.” Through further testing I was able to determine what had happened.

A number of years earlier she had been reading a magazine article about the crash of a passenger jet. The article was accompanied by a photograph of the jet taken just before impact.

As she read this article, she was overcome with emotion. She identified strongly with the terrified passengers, and a trapped emotion was created. I released the emotion, and the phobia was instantly gone. She was able to look at airplanes both in photographs and in the sky immediately without any trouble, and her phobia did not return.

Night Terrors

In another case, a 42 year-old patient named Carol had suffered from night terrors nearly all her life. Her screams of terror would awaken her husband and

children at least three nights every week! Night terrors differ from nightmares in that they don’t seem to be caused by a specific dream. Instead, a specific and very frightening emotion is felt while the victim is asleep. 80

The Secret World of Trapped Emotions

Her night terrors had been a major problem for most of her life. She had broken both collar bones, multiple ribs and had even sustained a skull fracture due to her flailing attempts to escape her terrorizing dreamstate. Her subconscious mind responded affirmatively to my simple question, “Is there a trapped emotion that is causing your night terrors?” A little further testing revealed that emotions of panic, terror and fear had become trapped in her body when she was five years old, during a short period when she was experiencing a recurring nightmare. The nightmare was long since gone, but the trapped emotions remained.

The result of releasing these trapped emotions was that within one week the night terrors were gone for good, and did not return.

Can You Afford to Keep Them?

I believe that removing trapped emotions is vital to your quality of life. Removing them may prevent many different problems from eventually occurring. Hopefully you are beginning to understand how releasing your trapped emotions can give you relief from mental and physical symptoms you may be suffering from now.

By releasing your trapped emotions, you will be removing the unwanted negative energy-clouds that are hampering the normal function of your tissues, 81

The Emotion Code

and you will be helping to re-establish the free flow of energy, thus helping your body to heal itself. Your mind will return to a more natural state as well, without the drama, pain and weight of your old emotions blocking you from progressing in your life. Next, I will share some amazing secrets that ancient physicians knew about the human energy field that have just recently been rediscovered.


The Secret World of Trapped Emotions


Part II

The Energetic World

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:

the soul that rises with us, our life’s star,

hath had elsewhere its setting,

and cometh from afar.

Not in entire forgetfulness,

and not in utter nakedness,

but trailing clouds of glory

do we come from God,

who is our home.

- William Wordsworth


Mysteries of the

Ancient Energy Healers

In 1939, a Russian electrical technician named Semyon Kirlian discovered what is now known

as Kirlian photography.1 Kirlian photography uses pulsed, high voltage frequencies to take pictures of the radiating energy fields that surround all living things. The technique is also referred to as Gas Discharge Visualization, or GDV.

Russian scientists have performed a significant amount of research using Kirlian photography over the last 65 years, and have found that all things exhibit the characteristics of an energy field, although living things have a much more vibrant energy field than

John Iovine, Kirlian photography: a hands-on guide (Victoria, Australia: Images Publishing, 000), 4.





The Emotion Code

inanimate objects.2 Perhaps the

most striking Kirlian images are

those of leaves which have been

cut in half, yet still show the

complete, intact energy fields of

the whole leaves.3 Is it possible

that these Kirlian images are

actually revealing the inner,

spiritual nature of things?

The existence of the “Human

Energy Field” has been a basic

tenet of the healing arts for a Kirlian Photo of Cut Leaf very long time. The Hindus understood the vital, lifegiving force which permeates and gives life to all things to be Prana, an understanding going back 5,000 years. The Chinese taught that this energy is called Chi, and understood that if the Chi is imbalanced within an individual, the result is poor health.

Throughout history, as many as 97 diverse and separate cultures had a belief in the human energy field.

Trapped emotions distort and block the flow of this energy, and the Emotion Code is one simple way to bring this energy back to a more balanced state.

Ioivine, 5

“Fotograferingsteknik som visar en aura runt föremålen. Uppfanns av ryssen Semyon Kirlian.” <> 90

Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

The Spirit and the Temple

I believe the human energy field is essentially the spirit that exists within each of us. I believe that if you could somehow magically pull your spirit out of your body and stand them alongside each other for comparison, the likeness would surprise you.

Many of the near-death experiences that have been recorded reveal that people who have “died” have actually just left their bodies for a time. Sometimes they don’t even realize that they have died until they look down and see their physical body lying there as they hover above it. Individuals such as these have come to know by their own experience that they are not their physical body. Instead, their body is more like a temple that houses their spirit-self.

I had an experience once that I will never forget, as it taught me the truth of this concept. When I was in practice I regularly saw many patients with difficult and chronic conditions. I was in the habit of saying a short and silent prayer to God for guidance before each treatment, and I came to appreciate His help on many occasions when my own knowledge proved


One day, after uttering a silent prayer for help, I turned my attention to the patient lying on the table before me. At that moment, I was given a gift of understanding from above. I perceived that I was standing in the presence of a sacred temple; the temple of the body. I 91

The Emotion Code

was filled with the deepest sense of awe and reverence. This inspired perception revealed the truth about the body on a much higher level of understanding than I’d ever had before.

This spiritual experience changed how I see people. I have always had a lot of love and respect for mankind, but now I realize that the truth of our existence is more profound and sacred than we imagine. We truly are spiritual beings, having a physical experience here on this earth.

How Your Thoughts Af fect Others

Your thoughts originate from your spirit intelligence and can have a profound effect on those around you. Your thoughts are energy, and are continually radiating from your body, without limits.

The energy of your thoughts and feelings exerts a subtle effect on other people as well as other forms of life. We are constantly making contact with others whether we realize it or not, since all energy is continuous and connected.

A patient named Linda came to me suffering from

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She expressed to me that the symptoms of her illness started after she began sharing a cubicle with a very negative woman at her office. This woman was constantly seething about one thing or another. Linda felt that this woman’s 92

Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

negative energy had triggered the downward spiral of her health.

Thoughts are Things

Ancient healers had a profound understanding of the power of thought. In my seminars I use a simple test to illustrate how thoughts can have a powerful effect on another person’s mind and body, even at a distance. I have a volunteer stand at the front of the room with his back to the audience. I perform a quick baseline muscle test to make sure he is testable, by having him say “love”, and then pressing down gently but firmly on his outstretched arm. This should give a strong muscle response, and he should be able to resist my downward pressure without any trouble. Then I have him say

“hate”, and again I press down on his arm, which now is weakened, making him unable to resist.

After making sure we are ready for the demonstration, I instruct the volunteer to keep his eyes closed and his mind clear. I make sure to keep my mind clear as well, so I won’t interfere with the demonstration. I then instruct the audience that when I give the thumbs-up signal behind his back, they are to silently send positive thoughts to the volunteer, such as “I love you”, or “You are wonderful.” I tell the audience that when I give the thumbs down signal behind his back, they are to think negative thoughts about the volunteer, such as

“I hate you”, or “You are disgusting.”


The Emotion Code

At my thumbs-up signal, the audience begins sending positive thoughts toward him, and I gently push down on his outstretched arm. I remain silent during the demonstration to illustrate to everyone in the audience that it is their thought energy alone that is creating the effect. Without exception, the subject’s arm is always strong.

Then I give the thumbs-down signal and the audience begins sending negative thoughts to the volunteer. I press down on his arm again, but instead of being strong, his arm is invariably weak. Remember that during this process, he is not consciously aware of what signals I am giving the audience. He not only has his back to them, but my communication with the audience is non-vocal, my hand signals to them are given behind his back, and his eyes are closed.

This simple test has given consistently reliable results during all my years of teaching seminars. It works because we are made of energy, and thoughts are energy, too. When thought energy from others passes through your energetic being, there must always be an effect, either positive or negative. In this case, the audience’s negative thoughts about the volunteer weaken him demonstrably. Their positive thoughts strengthen him. This fascinating, yet simple test has some rather profound implications.

Of course, your own thoughts will have the most

drastic and immediate effect on the state of your own energy field. Shifting your thinking from positive to 94

Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

negative will immediately shift your vibrational energy from positive to negative. This will inevitably produce negative results, the most obvious and immediate of which is a generalized weakening of the body. You might imagine how negative thoughts have a weakening affect on your body’s organs and tissues, and how continuing in this state might be dangerous to your health and well-being.

Your subconscious mind is aware of negative thoughts that might be harming you, whether they are your own thoughts or not. Often your conscious mind is slow to detect negative energies if you cannot see proof of them, like facial expressions, body language or verbal communication. This “proof ” is what you have been taught to look for since you were a little child. I think we have all been somewhat desensitized, and so most of us are unable to consciously detect energy that we cannot see.

We have been bombarded with information since the day we were born about what the world is supposed to be like.

We are fed perspectives, opinions, prejudices, traditions, theories, facts, and doctrines. We hope that what we have learned is based in truth. We go to school to learn the “facts” about nature, science and the history of the world. By the time we reach adulthood, our ideas about the world are essentially in place.


The Emotion Code

When new information comes along, it is only natural that our minds are slow to accept and understand things that don’t fit with previously learned information. It might be hard to accept if the new information requires us to make some changes in our thinking, especially if it goes against what we’ve been taught.

The Nature of Things

Most of us never learned that everything around us is made of energy, vibrating at different levels, making things look different, taste different, smell different, and feel different. We live in what I like to call a “Lego”

universe. In case you have been living in a cave, (or perhaps have no experience with children) Legos are little plastic building blocks that come in various colors, shapes and sizes. Anyone who has been to a Legoland theme park can tell you that these little plastic building blocks can be used to build anything from elephants to skyscrapers.

Our universe is also made of little building blocks called subatomic particles. They are actually not particles at all, but you can think of them as infinitesimally small units of vibrating energy. If you put enough of these little energies together, you have an atom. Like Legos, differing arrangements of these little energies will produce atoms of different elements, such as hydrogen, carbon, titanium and so on. Again, like Legos, various atoms can be arranged to make molecules that we call proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and so on. Ultimately, all 96

Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

the things we see around us and literally everything that exists, whether plant, animal, mineral, gas, liquid, solid or anything else, is made of these little building blocks, and they are made of energy.

The Mysterious Quantum World

Subatomic particles are not really particles; they are instead a “quantum”, or a quantity of something that is quite indefinable. Quantum physics, or the study of these smallest units of energy, was started by Albert Einstein and his contemporaries. These brilliant scientists devised some very ingenious experiments in an attempt to discover more about the nature of these energies. One of the most startling aspects of quantum research reveals that these energies behave in different ways depending on what the observer is expecting to see. Many physicists believe that the only explanation for these mysterious behaviors is that the energies within the atom are themselves intel igent to some small degree.4

In one famous experiment, scientists split an atom, sending two of its particles (or energies) traveling in different directions at nearly the speed of light. After the particles had journeyed a certain distance in different directions, one of the particles passed through a powerful magnetic field which changed its direction of travel. At the same instant, its sister particle changed direction too-at precisely the same angle. Though a 4 Jerry D. Wheatley, The Nature of Consciousness, (Phoenix, AZ: Research Scientific Press), 668. 97

The Emotion Code

considerable distance separated them, the two particles were still mysteriously connected. What happened to one instantly affected the other, with no regard to distance or separation. How do you think this could be? How could these little energies perform such a feat of apparently instantaneous communication if they were so far apart?5

No one really knows for certain, at least not yet. However, quantum physics has shown this phenomenon over and over again. Making a change in one particle will cause an instantaneous and equivalent change in a connected particle, no matter how far away it is. It appears that distance is no barrier to the connectedness of their energy. Remember, everything is connected to everything else!6

Remembering the Kamikazes

This inexplicable phenomenon is not restricted to the behavior of individual subatomic particles, however. This strange connectedness has been shown to occur in the cells in the human body.

In one well-known study, white blood cells were taken from a subject and placed in a Petri dish. White blood cells are responsible for seeking out and destroying foreign bacteria, toxins, and other invaders. The subject was hooked up to electrodes to measure the electrical 5 Dr. Lee Warren, B.A., D.D., Connectedness Part 1,


6 P.C.W. Davies, Julian R. Brown, The Ghost in the Atom: A Discussion of the Mys- teries of Quantum Physics (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 999), . 98

Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

activity of his body. His white blood cells were also placed in a highly sensitive device that was able to measure their electrical activity. Exact measurements were taken of the electrical activity level of both the patient and his white cells.

One of the men in the study had served in the Navy during World War II on an aircraft carrier stationed in the Pacific. While he was there, Japanese kamikaze suicide pilots had attacked. The man was terrified, and more than once, he was sure he was going to die. After he was hooked up to the electrodes, he was shown newsreel footage of kamikaze pilots diving and attacking aircraft carriers during the war. While it was a long-ago event, his body had not forgotten it. The sudden acute anxiety that he felt showed immediately on the readout from the electrodes on his body.

This comes as no real surprise. But the researchers were amazed to see that his white blood cells on the other side of the room showed exactly the same burst on the readout. Both readouts were essentially identical. The electrical currents of the cells were suddenly just as erratic as the currents in his body. They turned off the projector, and the electrical activity in both the man and his blood cells across the room returned to normal.

The scientists could hardly believe it. They repeated the test a number of times, with similar results each time. Just to see what would happen, the test was repeated 99

The Emotion Code

again but the distance between the patient and his white blood cells was increased. In fact, the measuring device containing the still-living white blood cells was driven to another laboratory a number of miles away, and the test was repeated.

Keeping precise records of the times and electrical activities of the man in the room and his cells several miles away, they repeated the experiment again and again. The man was shown the kamikaze clips, then allowed to relax. Then he was shown the newsreels again and allowed to relax. The electrical activity on the man’s readouts and those of his living blood cells several miles away matched every time.

The results of this test went against everything these scientists had been taught. Ask anyone whether a man who gets upset watching a movie can make his blood cells act upset – many miles away – and you’ll probably be laughed at. It sounds impossible, yet it really happened.7

The Intelligent Universe

Other things even more amazing than this have happened as well. They seem absolutely miraculous because we don’t understand them. In fact, we are just now beginning to understand the mysterious nature of energy, how it works and how it can be harnessed. 7 Deepak Chopra televised lecture, April 004.


Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

I believe that one of the greatest secrets of the universe is just now beginning to be unveiled.

This great secret has to do with the modern discovery of the intelligent nature of subatomic particles, or the intelligent nature of energy. Imagine for a moment that what quantum physicists are saying is actually true. Imagine for a moment that the universe in which we live is entirely made of energies that are themselves somehow intelligent. Think about this. The chair you are sitting in right now is made of energy. That energy is intelligent. Your chair can’t “think”, but on some level, your chair is composed of countless little energies that are doing precisely what they are supposed to do to keep your chair in one piece, helping to make your experience in this world what it is.

Max Planck, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, considered the father of Quantum Theory, made the following statement when he was awarded the Nobel prize for physics:

As a man who has devoted his whole life to the

most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and

holds this most minute solar system of the atom


The Emotion Code

together. We must assume behind this force the

existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.

The Power of Intention

Your intention is really just another form of energy. I like to think of it as a directed form of thought energy.

Because energy is intelligent, it actually has the ability to obey, or cooperate with your intention. Ancient healers demonstrated an understanding of this concept, that the universe is filled with and made of intelligent energy, which is able to respond to intention.

Jesus Christ is still known as the greatest healer of all time, as he routinely healed the blind and crippled, and even raised the dead. His first miracle, though not about healing, dramatically demonstrates the concept of intelligent energy.

Jesus was with his disciples at a wedding where the host ran out of wine, a terrible faux pas in those days. Jesus directed the servants to fill some large vessels with water, which he then turned to wine to the astonishment of all those present. I believe that Jesus simply told the water to become wine, and it simply obeyed his word. But I believe it worked because the water itself was intelligent, and therefore able to obey Christ’s command ( John 2:1-11, KJV).


Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

Feel Like Walking on Water?

Another example from the Bible is a story involving the apostle Peter. Jesus had sent his apostles to cross the sea while he went up on a mountain to pray. The apostles were on their ship, in the midst of a stormy sea, when in the early hours of the morning they saw a figure walking toward them on the water. The apostles were terrified, and thought it was a ghost. When they realized it was their master, Peter cried out to Him,

“Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.” Jesus said, “Come.” Peter got out of the boat and began walking on the water toward Jesus. He was walking on water! But when he looked around and

realized how unnatural it was to be doing what he was doing, and how bad the storm was, he began to fear, and immediately started to sink. Peter cried out, “Lord save me!” Jesus reached out and caught him. Jesus said,

“Oh thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?”

(Matt 14:22-31, KJV).

Peter started out with faith, the belief that he could walk on water. His faith and intention were so powerful that he was actually able to do it. The intelligences of the water simply responded to his belief, to his intention, in a very immediate way, and the normal state of things instantly changed to support his intention. The moment Peter began to fear, his clear intention and faith in his own ability to walk on water began to diminish. As his faith diminished, his clear intention 103

The Emotion Code

vanished, and he began to sink, because the universe had to respond to his new state of mind.

You see, Peter began to sink because he began to doubt, to fear. Doubt and fear are the opposites of faith, and they cannot coexist.

The universe supports your beliefs about yourself, too. If you think you can’t, the universe will support that belief, and you will not succeed.

On the other hand, if you think you can, the universe will support that belief, and you will be empowered. Walking on Air

About two months after the death of my father, I had a very unusual dream. It was profound to me, and I took it as a message from God. I dreamed that I was walking down a hallway in a university or a college. The hallway was filled with busy people on their own errands. There were people all around me, but there was something very unusual happening to me. I was literally walking on air, about an inch off the floor. The feeling was absolutely incredible. I tried walking faster, then slower, to see if it would change my altitude. It didn’t change, I was still walking about an inch off the floor, and the feeling was indescribable!

No one around me seemed to notice this, as they

were intent on what they were doing. I thought to myself, “If I can walk an inch off the ground, I’ll bet I 104

Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

can walk a foot off the ground.” As soon as I thought this, it was done! I was walking a foot off the ground!

I looked behind me at that point, and saw a group of small children, whose eyes were fastened upon me. They were also walking a foot off the ground, just like me, although no one else seemed to notice what was happening.

I continued walking, and found I could gain altitude as I desired, and before long, my head was nearly touching the ceiling.

At this point, I noticed that everyone had stopped what they were doing and had turned their faces up toward me. They were questioning me, saying, “How are you doing that? How can you possibly be doing what you’re doing?”

The answer I gave them was a message from God to me, and now is a message from God to you.

I said to them, “It’s easy! All you have to do is believe you can do it, and be grateful to God that you are doing it!”

Then I looked further down the hallway, and saw

several large glass doors that led outside. There were beautiful green rolling hills, more campus buildings, and a vast open sky. I thought to myself, “When I get beyond those doors, I will be able to fly!”

It was at that moment I awakened. Still in a dreamlike state, I realized clearly what the dream meant. The fact that I could walk on air meant that I could do 105

The Emotion Code

whatever I believed I could do, as long as I was grateful to God that I was doing it. The children symbolized the simple, pure faith of minds unfettered by a lifetime of learned limitations. The doors had a dual meaning. They symbolized the limits that we place on ourselves in this mortal life, and they also symbolized death. Part of the message was that my father was beyond those doors, and that he could fly, with no earthly limits to his abilities.

If we express this dream in the form of a mathematical equation, it would look like this:

Your Belief That You Can Do It

+ Your Gratitude To God That You Are Doing It

= The Results You Want To Obtain

Would we ever begin anything if we did not believe we could do it? No. Belief is essential to all we do, and is the necessary first step.

Gratitude is an essential part of this equation, and I can’t overemphasize the importance of the word doing. In other words, your gratitude to God that you are doing it is significant, because it is to God that we owe everything that we have and are, and it is to Him that we owe every opportunity that lies is in our path. If you have a goal that you want to achieve, imagine how grateful you would feel if you had already achieved it; if you can feel it and expect that it will be, it will be. 106

Mysteries of the Ancient Energy Healers

As you learn to cultivate gratitude to God for what you already have, your faith and belief will increase, for you will draw yourself closer to that very source of power from which all things flow.

You will soon find yourself doing the very thing that was once only a dream.

When your heart is full of gratitude, do you think it is possible to feel doubt or fear? I don’t think so. To be a healer, you must not entertain thoughts of doubt; you must leave your fears behind. Your heart must be filled with love and gratitude.

Try this with the Emotion Code; it’s easy. All you have to do is believe and be grateful, and you will be able to do it. I mean this very literally!

Messages from Water

A Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, has made a wonderful contribution to our understanding of the energetic world around us. His book, entitled The Hidden Messages in Water, details Mr. Emoto’s research into the crystalline structure of water. Mr. Emoto and his colleagues found that water droplets would form widely different crystalline patterns or

“snowflakes” after being exposed to different kinds of music and then frozen. Exposure to acid rock music, for example, would result in a very disrupted crystal, 107

The Emotion Code

while a Mozart symphony would result in a beautifully formed crystal.

Taking their research further showed that by writing different words or phrases onto a piece of paper, and then taping the paper to a vial of water and leaving it overnight, different crystalline structures would result.

The phrase “I love you” would invariably result in a symmetrical, well-shaped and beautiful ice crystal, while the phrase “I hate you” would result in a very asymmetrical and disrupted crystal.

The most intensely beautiful ice crystals of all were formed when water was exposed overnight to the phrase “Love and Gratitude.”8

Remember that your body is over 70% water. Can

you see how important it is to maintain thoughts of positivity instead of negativity? Imagine how your life would be if you filled yourself with thoughts of love and gratitude on a continual basis. Imagine how people would be drawn to you. Imagine what your life could be like. I believe this is how our lives are actually intended to be!

I have read many experiences written by people who died and went to the “other side”, temporarily. I have noticed that in their near-death experiences, these people were never asked what kind of car they drove 8 Masaru Emoto, David A. Thayne, The Hidden Messages in Water, (Hillsboro, OR: Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., 00) 64.