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Printing: Check the Duplex (double sided) print option in the Properties tab of your printer. If you print the cover separately, (recommended) use the borderless printing option under Properties and then start your print of the rest of the document from page three. The cover will look much better printed on photo glossy paper with your highest quality settings.

Binding: A one half inch ring notebook with a clear front for the cover will work the best. If you already have, a notebook you would like to put the document into that will work also.

Tab Set: You will need an eight tab set. Simply put the tab before each Step of the program. This will allow you to quickly reference any section.

Step 7 Audio: “The Trance-Formation” Step 7 Audio is available at Simply make an account and click on Step 7.

The Trance-Formation is the most powerful guided meditation you will ever experience and is based on the first six steps of program process of Subconscious Restructuring®. The greatest influence you will have on the subconscious is when you are in a subconscious state. This is why it is imperative to meditate every day and within a structure which you have determined to work the best for you.